William H. Justras - War Hero


William H. Jutras, first lieutenant, 103d Infantry. For extraordinary heroism in action near Riaville, France, September 26, 1918. When the platoon on the right flank of his company was threatened by an enfilading movement of the enemy machine guns, he carried a message to the commander of that platoon through deadly machine gun and minenwerfer bombardment.

It then being necessary to establish liaison with the company on the right, in order to save his platoon from annihilation, and knowing that he faced almost certain death, this gallant officer unhesitatingly volunteered for this mission and crossed a terrain swept by converging machine gun fire. Mortally wounded, he delivered his message in time to save his platoon.

Emergency address: Mrs. Matthe Jutras, mother, 185 Beech Street, Manchester, N.H.

Residence at appointment: Waterloo, Iowa

Source: Official Register, State of Iowa 1921-1922, Twenty-Ninth Number, Military Decorations of Iowans in the World War, pg. 366

-transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall
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Date: 8/2/2004 at 04:48:31