Fred H. Becker - War Hero


Fred H. Becker, second lieutenant, infantry, attached to 5th Regiment, United States Marine Corps. For extraordinary heroism in acton near Vierzy, France, July 18, 1918. Lieut. Becker went forward in advance of his platoon and destroyed a machine gun nest, thereby preventing the death of injury of many men of his command. His self-sacrificing courage permitted his platoon to advance, but, as he completed the performance of this noble work, he himself was killed.

Emergency address: Mrs. J.B. Becker, mother, 228 Newell Street, Waterloo, Iowa. Residence at appointment: 232 Newell Street, Waterloo, Iowa.

Source: Official Register, State of Iowa 1921-1922, Twenty-Ninth Number, Military Decorations of Iowans in the World War, pg. 361

Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall
Posted By: S. Ferrall
Date: 7/18/2004