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Right Reverend Monsignor William J. Cremer

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William J. Cremer, 1875-1969
Born: August 6, 1875, Festina, Iowa.

Parents: William Cremer and Pauline Hennecke

Elementary: Parish School, Festina, Iowa
College: Classics, salesianum, St. Francis [Milwaukee], Wisconsin
College: Philosophy: K. K. University [location not identified]
Theology: The Canisianum, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck,
      Austria, from which he recieved a doctorate in moral theology.

Ordained to the priesthood, July 26, 1901, Innsbruck, Austria, by
      Right Reverend Simon Aichner.

1902-1904  Assistant, Saint John Parish, Independence
1904-1912  Assistant, Saint Mary Parish, Dubuque
1912-1918  Pastor, Saint Aloysius Parish, Calmar (1912-Aug 10, 1918)
1918-1924  Pastor, Saint Mary Parish, Dorchester  (Aug. 10, 1918 -
           Sep. 15, 1924)
1924-1928  Administrator, Saint Joseph Parish, Bellevue [Msgr. N. J.
           Bies remained as pastor] (Sep. 15, 1924-Oct. 1928)
1928-1965  Pastor, Immaculate Conception Parish, Gilbertville
           (Oct. 1928-June 1965)
1965-1969  Retired  (Jul. 1, 1965 - Jul 27, 1969)

He was a faithful promoter of retreats for the laity, first at the
Baptist Bible Camp and, after it opened, at American Martyrs Retreat
House.  He promoted the water system in the town of Gilbertville
and installed the service in the parish buildings.  He began
constructing the Sacret Heart Grotto in 1945 and finished it in 1948.

Golden Jubilee of Ordination, Gilbertville, 1951
Made Domestic Prelate with title Monsignor, June 27, 1952
Upon retirement, he lived in Dubuque until May 1968, when he
entered Ossian Senior Hospice, Ossian, Iowa.

Died Sunday morning, July 27, 1969, in the Ossian Senior Hospice,
Ossian, Iowa.

Family Survivors:
Funeral: July 41, 1969, Immaculate Conception Church, Gilbertville,

Burial: Saint Mary Cemetery, Gilbertville, Iowa.

Prepared by Msgr. Edgar Kurt, The Archives, January 24, 1995.

All information regarding William Cremer was contributed to IAGenWeb/Black Hawk county by Linus Cremer,, April 2016