NAME: Brad Lacy SURNAMES: GREENLEE, GUIN, HUSTED DATE: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 QRYTEXT:I am looking for burial information on William Talbot GREENLEE born 2 Mar 1851 died 29 Apr. 1931 in Farnam Nebraska. It is believed that his son, Frank E GREENLEE who had a farm near Jesup, brought him back to Belle Plaine for burial. I would also like information on "WT"'s Wife, Effie L (HUSTED) GREENLEE. It is believed that she died in 1947 and was also buried in the Belle Plaine area. I did find WT's parents Francis Marion GREENLEE and Alpha M (GUIN) GREENLEE in the Beal cemetery. ------- NAME: Danella Laes EMAIL:DANELLAL@JUNO.COM SURNAMES: ERICKSON, NISSER, PALMER DATE: Wednesday, September 3, 1997 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on my gg uncle Elmer Maurice PALMER, b. 23 Aug. 1878, Deep River, Poweshiek Co. IA; d. 15 Mar. 1938, Vinton, Benton Co. IA; m. Dorthea or Dora ERICKSON PALMER, 5 Jan. 1910, Deep River, Poweshiek Co. IA; b. 1890, Keystone, Benton Co., IA (parents:John & Dora NISSER ERICKSON); d. Vinton IA, date unknown. Children: William E.; Rollo; & Marvin. Marvin b. 16 Dec. 1909; d. 24 Sept. 1978, Fort Meade SD. I would appreciate any information on this family! My e-mail address is ------- NAME: Ray LaFever NOTE:22 Old Route 9, Staatsburg, NY 12580 SURNAMES: COULTER, SCOTT DATE: Saturday, August 23, 1997 QRYTEXT:Nancy COULTER (b 1847) married James SCOTT (1841-1904)in Delhi, Delaware County, NY in 1870. James died in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Not sure when they moved to Belle Plaine, but they were recorded as living there in an 1889 will for Nancy's aunt. Seeking information on any children they may have had. ------- NAME: Debra LaFontaine SURNAMES: BOKHOLT, DODD, HAUSER, MOELLER, ROLFS, SCHOENING, STAMMER DATE: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 QRYTEXT:John and Christina (ROLFS) STAMMER Am looking for descendants of John STAMMER (1830-1900) and his wife Christina ROLFS (1830-1905) who farmed in the Iowa Township area of Benton County, Iowa and had the following children: Herman Christian, who married Katherine HAUSER; Ernst August, who married Emma Katherine MOELLER; Frederick (died in infancy); Lillie Louise, who married Harlson Haywood DODD; Jennie Augusta, who married Peter BOKHOLT; and Julius Ferdinand, who married Katherine SCHOENING. ------- NAME: Carol Lamb SURNAMES: KUMMER, MUNCH DATE: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 QRYTEXT:Researching the following people from Benton, Iowa. William MUNCH and his wife Emma KUMMER (1875 - 1962) and their two children. Alfred Frederick MUNCH born November 30, 1905 and Henry born May 7, 1907. Thank you for any help. ------- NAME: Jan LaMotte SURNAMES: MORRIS DATE: Sunday, May 28, 2000 QRYTEXT:MORRIS, Joseph: Born Feb 3, 1818 in Monmouth NJ, died Oct 22, 1886 in Osborne County KS. He married Anne Maria Hoyt in Findlay, Hancock Co OH where they had 5 children: Allan D., Elmer Yocum, Wilbur F, David C, and Anna. They moved to Big Grove twp in Benton Co abt 1855. Joseph was a pioneer farmer. He and Anna had 4 more children in Benton County: Regina, Charley, Martha and Eva. In 1875 they migrated to Osborne Co, Kansas. Would like any information about the Joseph Morris family in while they lived in Benton County. ------- NAME: Sharon Landingham SURNAMES: HILL, SIMMONS DATE: Friday, July 27, 2001 QRYTEXT:Looking for any information on Philander Peter SIMMONS family of Bruce Twp,Benton Cty. His son Henry Leander married Sarah Delilah HILL of Mooreville. This was around the 1880's early. ------- NAME: Rhonda Lawrence SURNAMES: DOBBS, JACKSON, SHARP DATE: Wednesday, July 8, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for J.W. DOBBS and Judy SHARP DOBBS. If they are on an 1870 census in Iowa, with a 2 year old and an infant, there could be a connection. Possibly they are the parents of my great-grandfather, Frank JACKSON, who changed his name and moved to Texas. ------- NAME: Don Lawse SURNAMES: WPA DATE: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 QRYTEXT:I am wondering if Benton county had the cemeteries walked in the 1930's by the WPA. Do you know if they were done by the WPA? I know there are over 70 counties in Iowa which DID have them walked by the WPA. If it has been done, do you know where a copy of the records can be found? Any info and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Don Lawse; Mason City, IA 50401 ------- NAME: Dona Lawson SURNAMES: GAASCH DATE: Friday, November 1, 2013 QRYTEXT:I am the great-great granddaughter of John and Catherine (Schauber) GAASCH. I am trying to gather any information concerning my great-great grandparents or their children. Information that I collected from my father was that his ancestors came from Luxembourg and settled in Benton County, Iowa. ------- NAME: Tracy McMullen League SURNAMES: MCMULLEN, SMOTHERS DATE: Monday, January 31, 2000 QRYTEXT:Looking for any information on Hattie (MCMULLEN)SMOTHERS. She was living in Belle Plaine, IA in 1923 according to her brother's obituary. ------- NAME: Bobbie Redden Leamer SURNAMES: SCHULT, WATERSTRADT DATE: Saturday, June 19, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am researching the family of Henry WATERSTRADT and Mary SCHULT WATERSTRADT, who emigrated from Germany to Illinois, and settled on a farm near Vinton circa 1879. ------- NAME: Darrell Leamy SURNAMES: BENDA, CRAWFORD DATE: Saturday, December 15, 2007 QRYTEXT:Seeking information on Mattie CRAWFORD born in Benton County, Iowa in 1886. She married James C. BENDA and they had two children, one named James H. Benda, my father. I have no info whatever on Mattie CRAWFORD and would appreciate anything that anyone may know. Thanks ------- NAME: Mike Leaven SURNAMES: LEAVEN, ZIESER DATE: Monday, August 31, 1998 QRYTEXT:I would like to get some information on the names LEAVEN and ZIESER both were common names back in the early part of the century such as John LEAVEN, Corniel LEAVEN, William LEAVEN, Herm ZIESER, John ZIESER. any articals or obituaries would be helpful and interesting. thank you ------- NAME: Anna LeBlanc SURNAMES: GRIFFIN DATE: Thursday, July 16, 1998 QRYTEXT:GRIFFIN, Bryant Vinton, Benton County IA 1865 - 1901 b. July 22, 1847, family returned to Ontario about 1852. He went to Iowa from Ontario about 1865; may have farmed, as he wrote his brother about opportunity with fertile soil, etc. (His brother, Zebina F. Griffin, my GGrandfather, took advice and went to Vinton area 1866 for a couple of years. He sold wood to school for the blind.) In 1901 obituary for his father, Jacob Griffin, Wisconsin, Bryant Griffin had died “in active manhood” and had been a lawyer in Vinton IA. One uncorroborated source says he died 1/1876. Seeking any information regarding marriages, children, work, death. Thanks ------- NAME: Anna LeBlanc SURNAMES: DETWILER DATE: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 QRYTEXT:Searching information about John Q DETWILER, in Vinton area from about 1856 - 1870. Wife Nancy Wade, first son Zenas, who fought in Civil War. John usually identified as temperance lecturer. I would like to know what connection there is to another family, headed by Elijah Detwiler, also born PA, and also living in IL prior to Benton County, IA. ------- NAME: Penny Lemons SURNAMES: NEWTON, PEDIGO, STURTZ DATE: Monday, June 30, 2003 QRYTEXT:I am doing research for a friend who is not able to travel or has an internet. She was adopted when she was about 4 by a family named NEWTON. She is about 60 years old now and has just found out her real mothers name. It was STURTZ. Nadine is her mothers first name. Floyd STURTZ was Nadines fathers name. I am trying to help her find as much info as I can. Thanks for any help anyone can give us in trying to find Nadine STURTZ. We know she married Carl PEDIGO and we know he wasn't the child she gave aways father. We assume they divorced. Do not know if she remarried. Thanks again. Penny ------- NAME: Leslie EMAIL:LLLUMLEY4@AOL.COM SURNAMES: DATE: Saturday, September 27, 1997 QRYTEXT:I would like the address and phone number for Gnagy Cemetery if possible. Would like to know if anyone does cemetery look-ups. ------- NAME: Leslie EMAIL:LLLUMLEY4@AOL.COM SURNAMES: DATE: Thursday, February 4, 1999 QRYTEXT:Benton County I am looking for address of Garrison Cemetery. Thank you Leslie ------- NAME: Cheryl Lewis SURNAMES: MAHAN DATE: Thursday, September 27, 2001 QRYTEXT:Searching for the family of Harry MAHAN. He lived in Benton Co. IA and died there around 1853. His daughters were Julia, Josephene,and Julette. HIs wife died in Jones Co. IA in 1848. Juliette married Francis Webb. ------- NAME: Diana Brownell Lewiston SURNAMES: BROWNELL DATE: Monday, January 4, 2010 QRYTEXT:How do I find an official record for divorce of Mary Ann BROWNELL and Charles S(Samuel) BROWNELL between 1873 when their second son was born in Florence, Benton, Iowa and 1885 when M(Mary) A(Ann) BROWNELL listed herself as divorced in the 1885 census. ------- NAME: Diana Brownell Lewiston SURNAMES: BROWN, BROWNELL DATE: Sunday, October 17, 2010 QRYTEXT:Charles BROWNELL, wife Mary Ann BROWNELL, and her brothers, John BROWN and Thomas BROWN who lived in Florence twp., Benton county from about 1869 to 1887 or 1888. Looking for any evidence, other that stated on 1885 census that Mary Ann BROWNELL divorced Charles BROWNELL before 1885 census and that Charles BROWNELL died before 1887 in Benton county and was nursed by Mary Ann after she divorced him. She belonged to a church and was presented with a bible, probably Baptist or Methodist denomination about 1880 or '81. Was Charles BROWNELL buried locally? Thank you for your help. ------- NAME: Linda Lillis SURNAMES: HILDENBRAND, JOHNSON, LILLIS DATE: Wednesday, September 19, 2007 QRYTEXT:LILLIS,JOHNSON,HILDENBRAND...Iam starting a geneology on my dad's family. His parent's name's were Ival "Ike" Lillis & Ila Johnson- Lillis. Ival's parents I believe were Edward George Lillis & Lillian Hildenbrand-Lillis. If anyone has any information about them and their family's I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! ------- NAME: Barbara Lindelof SURNAMES: MCCALLISTER, PEPPER DATE: Wednesday, September 24, 1997 QRYTEXT:MCCALLISTER, Flora Belle; b. 8 Oct 1864, in Iowa, Father, Joe McCallister, b. Pennsylvania; mother, Lisa PEPPER, b. Iowa; I have come to Benton Co. because my grandfather worked for an Irishman in Benton Co. when he came to America so thought maybe he met my grandmother then. My grandmother Flora was baptised Catholic. If anyone can help me find her and her parents or where to send for information I would be greatful. ------- NAME: Linnea SURNAMES: ADAMS, MILLER, WAKEFIELD DATE: Wednesday, January 21, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for other people connected with the family of Charles MILLER and children Ira, Edward, Ruger, Lucinda, Josie, Dollie, and Catherine. This family was living in Polk township for the 1880 Federal census. Catherine was living with her husband MV WAKEFIELD. Charles' wife Martha Jane ADAMS may have had family in the area as well. Rumor is that her father, Tarlton ADAMS died in Benton county about 1876. Any help would be appreciated ------- NAME: Martha Long SURNAMES: LEMONS, NEWTON DATE: Monday, August 6, 2007 QRYTEXT:Would Penny LEMONS please contact me about the woman who was adopted by the NEWTON family when she was 4 years old. (June 2003 query) I have information for her. Martha ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: GULICK, LOVELESS, POLLICK DATE: Tuesday, September 1, 1998 QRYTEXT:GULICK, Albert Abraham married Sarah POLLICK. 2 surviving daughters: Esther married Robert Henry LOVELESS 1930, passed away Dec. 29, 1965 and Alice Gulick ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: SHEELY DATE: Sunday, March 12, 2000 QRYTEXT:Do you have any information on a J. SHEELY farmer S7 PO Shellsburg (like a wife, children, parents, origins?) ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: PARKER DATE: Sunday, March 12, 2000 QRYTEXT:I am looking for any information on an Albert PARKER. He had a daughter Sara that married a S. Gulick in about 1877. ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: MATHER DATE: Sunday, March 12, 2000 QRYTEXT:Do you have any information on U.S. MATHER or Samuel B. MATHER ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: SHEELY DATE: Sunday, March 12, 2000 QRYTEXT:Do you have any information on Rachel SHEELY who married Samuel B. Mather ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: OAKGROVE CHURCH DATE: Sunday, September 10, 2000 QRYTEXT:Would anybody know if the OAKGROVE_CHURCH is still having services and where the early records may be located: baptism, christenings and deaths? ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: ALBERT, LOVELESS DATE: Wednesday, April 25, 2001 QRYTEXT:ALBERT LOVELESS: John Albert m Cora E. Loveless 7/12/1902. They had 6-8 kids with one daughter named Edna Mae Albert. I am looking for any information and any member of this family! ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: LAMBERT, MATHER, SHEELY DATE: Wednesday, April 25, 2001 QRYTEXT:LAMBERT, SHEELY, MATHER I am trying to locate platt maps for Canton Twp and Benton Twp. I checked with the Shellsburg library: they only have as early as about 1920. I have checked with several places in Vinton and there is nothing available in the really early time frame. About a year ago I posted a query for Paul Hoeck and a gentlemen sent me Fremont Twp in 1872. That is what I am looking for for Canton and Benton Twp. Thanks for anything. ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: EGANS DATE: Thursday, May 24, 2001 QRYTEXT:The following EGANS show in the 1880 census Leroy Township/Benton County. Dennis - age 52, born in Ireland, parents both born in Ireland Mary - age 50, born in Ireland, parents both born in Ireland Mary - age 12, born in Iowa Anna - age 11, born in Minnesota John - age 9, born in Iowa Dennis, Ellen and John are also listed in the 1880 In am looking for any information of what became of them. ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: LITTLE EGYPT DATE: Monday, August 13, 2001 QRYTEXT:LITTLE_EGYPT: I am looking for the geographical location of this "neighborhood." It has quite a rich history of stories when you read both the early histories of Linn and Benton Twp. East from Oak Grove Church will eventually lead you into Pleasant Creek Park. At one time there was a Turkey farm, Evens and Pickerills farming and living in this particular area. There was a stage coach route through here in the 1800's and the old Lewis Bottom Double Decker School House. The next rd East (now 59th st Trail leads you into a trailer court. This area has an old church/school that was burned and now is part of a home. Traveling just a tad farther towards Linn County is the McBoom Cemetery. What I would like to know is where is Little Egypt and what is the name of this trailer area. The Lower Stone School House sets on the next "trail" # farther east. ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: GULICK, PARKER DATE: Sunday, November 11, 2001 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Sara Jane "Jane" PARKER who married Steward GULICK on Dec 27, 1877. She was born in Illinois in 1858. Her fathers name was Albert. Would anyone know anything about her (siblings) family? She produced 6 sons and 1 daughter. Died in 1938. ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: RAILROAD DATE: Saturday, August 24, 2002 QRYTEXT:1800's RAILROAD question: Late in the 1800's there was a railroad called the Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Minnesota. It's tracks did go through Mt. Auburn. Would anyone know what the route of this railroad was: beginning to end? And how long it existed? ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: SHIELD HOUSE DATE: Tuesday, November 5, 2002 QRYTEXT:"SHIELD HOUSE" In the 1860 census of Taylor Township, there was a reference made to "Shield House" Does anyone have an idea to what this may refer? ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: FISH, MILLS, MILLS CREEK DATE: Sunday, November 16, 2003 QRYTEXT:MILLS, FISH: I am looking for the location of MILLS CREEK (geographically. I believe it is in Benton Twp., what family was it named after and where does it empty into the Cedar River. Also, I have seen references to Fish's crossing and Fish's landing. I would like to know where this is geographically located in comparison to the old road bed between Shellsburg and Urbana. The old bridge supports are still there and am curious if Fish's crossing was down stream from there. Thanks ------- NAME: Kelly Loveless SURNAMES: CEDAR RIVER BRIDGE DATE: Thursday, February 26, 2004 QRYTEXT:I am looking for the date/year that the bridge over the Cedar River between Shellsburg and Urbana was built. In the 1870 census of Vinton, it shows a lot of "bridge builders" listed. Also, what was the year of the flood that washed away Benton City? ------- NAME: Jerry Lowell SURNAMES: DODDS, MCCARTNEY DATE: Thursday, October 30, 2003 QRYTEXT:Looking for biographical information on John MCCARTNEY, born 18 Apr 1823 in Indiana, Pennsylvania; relocated to Vinton, Iowa in mid 1850s, lawyer and judge, headed to California in late 1800s. First wife: Cynthia Ann DODDS; children: George A., Ella, and S. C. Any information greatly appreciated.--Jerry Lowell ------- NAME: Leslie Williamson Lowell SURNAMES: WILLIAMSON, YERKES DATE: Saturday, May 5, 2012 QRYTEXT:I am researching the family tree for the WILLIAMSON family. Beginning with Paul Raymond WILLIAMSON (1904-1968) Seattle, WA, his father Leroy WILLIAMSON (1873-1954)Seattle, WA, then Daniel WILLIAMSON (1825-1911)Benton IA. I am having problems with Daniel WILLIAMSON and finding information on his parents. Info I have found on seems incorrect as Daniel's dob is 1825 on the grave marker photo I found and his wife Priscilla Jane YERKES WILLIAMSON dob is 1834 and the parents listed for Daniel have dob's of 1823 and 1826 which is not possible. There is also another Daniel WILLIAMSON with a dob of 1845 which does fit in with the other relatives a cousin of mine had added to her family tree (the Elisha WILLIAMSON's) but this family does not match up with the Daniel, father of Leroy WILLIAMSON. I would appreciate any information that may help me sort this out. ------- NAME: Tim Lowrey SURNAMES: ROBINSON, WIDDIS DATE: Monday, April 21, 2003 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on a contributor to "The Vinton Cook Book", Mrs. Tacie WIDDIS (nee ROBINSON). I believe this person was Tacie Elizabeth Robinson, wife of Albert L. WIDDIS, formerly a Circuit Court Judge of Michigan. Couple later settled in Long Beach, California. Any other researchers into these names? ------- NAME: Lucille SURNAMES: BRICKER, EALY DATE: Sunday, September 5, 1999 QRYTEXT:EALY BRICKER Pleasant Layfette Ealy was born 1861 in Greeneville, or Greenfield, Tenn. and died 1933 in Polk Co., Mo. and buried in The Oak Grove Cemetery at Adonis, Mo. As a small child he moved with his family in a covered wagon, to Belle Plaine, Iowa, in Benton co. He married Minnie Olive Bricker born 1867 in Belle Plaine, Ia., Benton Co. and died 1949 in Polk Co., Mo. and also is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Adonis, Mo. They moved to Casper, Wyoming and later moved back to Belle Plaine, IA. Later they moved to Adonis, Mo. in Polk Co. and that is where they lived until they passed away. I have been told that there are Ealy's that still lives around Belle Plaine, IA. If anyone has any info on these families, I would appreciate very much hearing from you. These are my adopted grandparents, but I never got to meet either one, because they were both deceased when I was adopted by Arthur Pleasant & Eunice Bager-Ealy in 1951. They were truly God given parents to me. They are both deceased also. My EMail address is: Thank You, Lucille ------- NAME: Perry Lund SURNAMES: HOLBERG, SCHROEDER DATE: Saturday, July 5, 2008 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information regarding William SCHROEDER and his wife Sophia HOLBERG SCHROEDER who lived near Luzerne, Iowa (just east of Belle Plaine) ------- NAME: Lynn SURNAMES: TOBIASON DATE: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 QRYTEXT:TOBIASON, Helen b. 1894, Lived in Benton County app. 1915. ------- NAME: Mary Kaye Lyon SURNAMES: JOHNSON, MOORE, POTTER, REMINGTON DATE: Thursday, July 18, 2002 QRYTEXT:REMINGTON, POTTER, MOORE I am looking for ancestors of Jacob REMINGTONwho married Sarah Jane JOHNSON ------- NAME: Marc M SURNAMES: STEVENS, TUCKER, WILLIAM DATE: Friday, August 23, 2013 QRYTEXT:Isaac Loomis STEVENS I would like to know when he resided in Benton County between 1860 and 1868. He came for the construction of the railraod which became the C & NW. His wife was Harriet Elizabeth TUCKER. They had 4 children: Frances Stevens, m. Chas. Cox Caroline (=Carrie = Cary) m. Chas. Lane WILLIAM died in Belle Plaine around the age of 8 John Loomis STEVENS, judge and candidate for governor ------- NAME: M.Feeney SURNAMES: HANDLEY, KINNEY DATE: Sunday, September 13, 1998 QRYTEXT:HANDLEY, KINNEY: Hoping to find sources for research early 1870s, Blairstown Twp, Benton Co., Iowa. My ggmother Johanna/Hannah KINNEY and her sister Catherine KINNEY moved to Iowa from New York between 1868-1870. Catherine KINNEY married William HANDLEY, their daughter Mary Agnes was born in Blairstown in July 1873. Will appreciate knowing name/address of Catholic parish serving the Blairstown/Benton Co. area in early 1870s and where County records of 1870-1880 birth are maintained. ------- NAME: M.Feeney SURNAMES: HAAS, HAASE DATE: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 QRYTEXT:HAASE, HAAS: Would appreciate any info about Ms. HAASE/HAAS who was living in Belle Plain, Iowa, in 1892. She may have been the daughter of Frederick/Fritz HAASE/HAAS, a pianist and music teacher in Davenport, Iowa. Thank you in advance. ------- NAME: Helen MacKain SURNAMES: MEANS, SLATTERY DATE: Friday, February 5, 2010 QRYTEXT:Searching for information for Sophronia MEANS. She was married to William Wirt MEANS and she died in 1913. She was the daughter of John SLATTERY. ------- NAME: Brenda Magee SURNAMES: BAIRD, MULLAN, MURPHY DATE: Friday, October 4, 2002 QRYTEXT:BAIRD , MURPHY : Am looking for more information on Bernard & Luella ( BAIRD ) MURPHY & their descendants. I know 2 of their children ( Louise & Edward ) moved to Oak Park , IL around 1920. And Helen moved to Waterloo, IA & was married to Alfred MULLAN. ------- NAME: Cindy Maher SURNAMES: LANE, STANDIGE DATE: Thursday, September 9, 1999 QRYTEXT:Isaac LANE and his mother, Charity (STANDIGE) LANE moved to Benton County in 1864 and supposedly Charity is buried there. Am looking for more info on this Lane family. ------- NAME: Terri Malinowski SURNAMES: NOVAK DATE: Monday, September 21, 1998 QRYTEXT:NOVAK Looking for links with Joseph and Margaret Novak who came to Belle Plaine in the mid-1800s from Czech. Their children were Kathryn, George, Albert, twins James and Joseph, Rose and Emma. ------- NAME: Terri Malinowski SURNAMES: HANOUSEK DATE: Monday, September 21, 1998 QRYTEXT:HANOUSEK Looking for links to Joseph and Margaret Hanousek who came to Belle Plaine in the mid-1800s from Tabor, Czech. Their children were Charles, John, Anna, Frank and Emil. The latter three remained in the Midwest, the first two moved on to Wash. state. ------- NAME: Terri Malinowski SURNAMES: HANOUSEK DATE: Sunday, May 28, 2006 QRYTEXT:I am seeking information about the Joseph HANOUSEK family, who immigrated from Bohemia and lived in Belle Plaine 1881-1905. The children were Frank, John, Charles, Emil and Anna. ------- NAME: Cindy Mally SURNAMES: NEAL DATE: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 QRYTEXT:I would like to get the obituary for Fred NEAL. He died March 16, 1987 in Shellsburg, Iowa. ------- NAME: Marcheta SURNAMES: STEVENS, TUCKER DATE: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 QRYTEXT:STEVENS, Isaac, Harriet (TUCKER), John Loomis, Caroline, Frances, and William. Isaac came to the area with a railroad project. Son, John Loomis STEVENS took bar examination in Vinton according to family lore. Looking for any additional information on any family member. Happy to share what I have on descendants. ------- NAME: Carolyn Mark SURNAMES: DE LONG, HUNGERFORD DATE: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 QRYTEXT:Looking for Helen HUNGERFORD DE_LONG of Vinton, IA late 1800s or early 1900s. ------- NAME: Cheryl Maroney SURNAMES: HELLWIG DATE: Saturday, December 5, 2009 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Carl Johan Fredrick HELLWIG and his wife Willamina (Minna) and their 4 children (ages 7,4,3,9mo) they came from Mecklenberg Germany around 1883/1885. I know they were living in Freeman,SD by 1888 as that is where my grandmother was born. They may have come to the Benton County (Keystone ???) area to stay with relatives before moving on to SD. They eventually ended up in Faulk County, SD. Carl is listed as age 44 and Minna 32 on ship records. He is listed as a farmer...He may have worked as a blacksmith also, according to old family lore!! Any help would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Karen Marrall SURNAMES: MARRALL DATE: Sunday, March 21, 2004 QRYTEXT:MARRALL Any info on Marrall prior to 1925. Searching for parents of Charles Marrall, buried in Hot Springs Arkansas. ------- NAME: Stewart Marshall SURNAMES: MARSHALL DATE: Sunday, September 28, 2008 QRYTEXT:I'm searching for the grave of a Great Uncle Raymond Clyde MARSHALL. His wife is buried in the Raetz Cemetery and I think he is buried beside her. He died in 1938 and she died in 1967. ------- NAME: Lynn Marti SURNAMES: DITCH, KELLAR, SMYERS DATE: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 QRYTEXT:Samuel DITCH born 1793 PA left Pennsylvania with his wife Catherine (Katarina) SMYERS born 1796 PA about the fall of 1855 and family including son Daniel born 1822 and second wife Mary (KELLAR) Goodwin. They located in Benton City, Benton County, IA. Catherine Smyers died August 1859 in Benton City, IA. Am interested in locating where Catherine and Samuel are buried. Benton City Cemetery no longer exists and I would like to locate their graves. Samuel filed for his son Henry's Civil War pension (Henry died on September 19, 1862 in Iuka, MS) and Samuel was still alive in 1878, at the age of 85, but I did not find him in the Benton County death records starting year 1880, so I assume he died before that. I am also greatly interested in the parents of Samuel DITCH and Catherine SMYERS. Any help on this family would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Lynn Marti SURNAMES: DITCH, SMOUSE DATE: Sunday, September 9, 2001 QRYTEXT:DITCH / SMOUSE Am interested in David DITCH born 1830 in PA and Margaret(SMOUSE)DITCH who are in the 1860 Benton County census. They had children John Adam DITCH, Isaac DITCH, Catherine DITCH, Vianna DITCH, Delphinia DITCH. Wife Margaret did not show up in the 1870 census with her family. ------- NAME: Lynn Marti SURNAMES: DITCH, FITCH DATE: Thursday, October 11, 2001 QRYTEXT:I am interested in any information regarding David DITCH who married Sarah FITCH in Vinton, Benton County, Iowa. The license was dated November 12, 1870. The notice was put in the newspaper December 7, 1870. ------- NAME: Lynn Marti SURNAMES: BENTON CITY CEMETERY DATE: Sunday, January 6, 2002 QRYTEXT:Does anyone know when the Benton City Cemetery was destroyed? Also in what year was the last person interred in the cemetery? ------- NAME: Becky Martin SURNAMES: JACKSON, WHEATLY DATE: Saturday, October 10, 2009 QRYTEXT:I found the following for sale at an antique mall in Nebraska: Framed Marriage Certificate for James Samuel JACKSON and Georgia May WHEATLY of Benton Co., Iowa on April 14, 1917. If anyone is interested I recommend that you contact the Brass Armadillo at 402-896-9600. It was in Booth 85 vendor 628 for $57. Hope this finds a home with family again. ------- NAME: Jack Martin SURNAMES: BOER, CULVER, DEN DATE: Tuesday, December 30, 1997 QRYTEXT:Looking for ancestors of the CULVER, and DENBOER families that migrated through Benton County in the 1850's. Stephen CULVER, a son of Benjamin CULVER, was born in 1858 at Urbana. ------- NAME: Sherry MARTIN SURNAMES: BEMIS, SIEPMANN DATE: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 QRYTEXT:Looking for a marriage date for Bernadine C. SIEPMANN and Beryl Abner BEMIS--probably June 1930 or 1931. Married in Vinton. Many thanks! ------- NAME: Sherry Martin SURNAMES: ABERNATHY, BALDWIN, FOSSETT DATE: Friday, June 8, 2012 QRYTEXT:Addie Elizabeth BALDWIN FOSSETT married March 5, 1900 to Richard Thomas FOSSETT. He died 9-10-1946 buried Oakwood Cemetery Benton Co Iowa Shellsburg. Wondering if Addie died later if there is a date of birth or death? Onnolee FOSSETT ABERNATHY is my grandmother. I am great granddaughter thanks ------- NAME: Shirley Bruhn Martys SURNAMES: BRUHN DATE: Saturday, May 20, 2006 QRYTEXT:I am search for my gggrandfather's burial site. His name is Peter Fredrick BRUHN. He was born in Germany on March 12, 1825 and died on March 21, 1892. Some records show his last living in Benton County, Iowa. If anyone should happen to come across information on his burial site or know any information about him, please contact me. ------- NAME: Shirley Bruhn Martys SURNAMES: BRUHN DATE: Sunday, February 28, 2010 QRYTEXT:Looking for newspaper articles or any information in relation to the BRUHN families located in Benton County in the late 1800's and early 1900's. ------- NAME: Mary SURNAMES: ARMSTRONG, LORD DATE: Saturday, September 16, 2000 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Thomas Jefferson LORD. I know he was in Benton Co. Iowa In 1870 he married Celia Brainard ARMSTRONG about 1870. Do Not have much more info on him. ------- NAME: Regina Mathews SURNAMES: AURACHER, GIPPLE DATE: Thursday, August 1, 2002 QRYTEXT:Searching for Christian AURACHER d 23 Sep 1879 married to Mary Buzzard b poss Mahoning Twp Armstrong Co Pa in 1861-7. known dau Elizabeth b. Northampton Co Pa married Thomas Jefferson GIPPLE b.15 July 1859 in Louisa IA ------- NAME: Don Matson SURNAMES: GRIFFIN, REDDINGTON, RICE DATE: Friday, March 14, 2003 QRYTEXT:Looking for any or all descendants of Daniel REDDINGTON & wife Catherine GRIFFIN who came from Decatur Co.,In. to Benton Co.,Ia. in mid 1800's. Daniel d. bef. 1869 & Catherine remarried Freeman RICE in 1869 & had 2 daus. Etta J. & Sarah A.O. Rice. Catherine & Sarah both died bef. 1885. ------- NAME: Ann Maxson SURNAMES: LEONARD DATE: Wednesday, June 28, 2000 QRYTEXT:I am researching Noah (1802-1869) and Anna (1802-1881) LEONARD who died in Benton Co., IA. They are said to have been buried in Linwood Cemetery northeast of Watkins, IA. Does that cemetery still exist? I'm thinking of passing through the area and would like to see if I can find Noah and Anna graves. Thank you for your help. Ann Maxson Houston, TX ------- NAME: Mazie EMAIL:RAMA1923@AOL.COM SURNAMES: DESESSARTS, HOEFER, JOLLY, KRUG, LORENZEN, MATHIS, ZETTLMAIER DATE: Saturday, June 7, 2003 QRYTEXT:KRUG HOEFER JOLLY LORENZEN DESESSARTS Looking for information on Adam and Mary KRUG. I have much information on KRUG family from 1824 to now. Adam KRUG {1824- 1888} was married 3 times. First wife was Mary Cornelia Hoefer. Second wife was Henrietta {aka.Christina Henrica Hoeffer{HOEFER} MATHIS}KRUG, formerly married to James MATHIS. Third wife was Barbara ZETTLMAIER from Indiana. Will share any information. ------- NAME: Roy McAllister SURNAMES: BLOW, JOHNSON DATE: Monday, January 1, 2007 QRYTEXT:Looking for any information about parents, siblings of Emma Elizabeth JOHNSON born about 1881 in Newhall. Married Charles Howard BLOW in Minnehana Co. SD in 1907. Died 1955 in SD. ------- NAME: Linda McClure SURNAMES: LICHTY, WEAVER DATE: Monday, January 6, 2014 QRYTEXT:Is there any information available to document a divorce between Charles Frederick WEAVER and Leah LICHTY WEAVER? There were married in Vinton March 21, 1872 and later moved to Nebraska but am not sure if the divorce happened while they were in Benton County. Thanks! ------- NAME: MaryLu McClure SURNAMES: KERN DATE: Sunday, December 5, 1999 QRYTEXT:Would like information on the parents and siblings of Jacob KERN born August 3, 1842 in Wuerttemberg (Germany). Came to New York 1878. Settled in Benton County, Iowa. ------- NAME: Timothy E. McCorkle SURNAMES: MCCORKLE DATE: Monday, June 22, 1998 QRYTEXT:MCCORKLE, Willard Homer Would anyone have any info on the above mentioned person? Born 1901 in Benton Co.(Shellsburg?). Had one sister: Marie (schoolteacher). He died in 1976. Lived for a time in Ames, IA. Wife's name was Alta (Gayle) MCCORKLE. 3 children Jerry, Winell, Alice-Kathryn. I am trying to find out gen roots before him that would possibly tie back to Scotland. Any help is appreciated! ------- NAME: Robert E. McCoy SURNAMES: ECCLES, ECKLES, MCCOY DATE: Friday, January 22, 1999 QRYTEXT:My grandfather, Fred L. MCCOY, was born in Vinton, IA on 12/6/1856. His father, Thomas Franklin , migrated there from Mansfield, OH and shortly thereafter moved on to Algona, IA. T.F. was a doctor. It is possible that this family was associated in some way with James ECCLES/ECKLES. Dr. McCoy may also have owned a land grant in Keokuk Co IA. ------- NAME: Theresa McCoy SURNAMES: MCCOY DATE: Thursday, August 30, 2001 QRYTEXT:I am looking for an obituary on my aunt Florina MCCOY who died Dec. 31, 1999 in Benton Iowa, I would appreciate any help. ------- NAME: Kathy McCray SURNAMES: EMCKE, EMKE, EMPKE, HASCH DATE: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Heinrich "Henry" HASCH. Henry is my g-grandfather who immgrated from Heide, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in 1869 and came to Benton CO., IA after a short time in Chicago and Davenport. In Nov., 1873 he married Anna Helena "Lena" EMKE/EMCKE/EMPKE in Blairstown, Benton Co. Lena had immigrated from S-H in 1871. I believe Henry was a farmer altough I understand he had also worked as a mason. I would appreciate any information on either Henry or Lena (EMKE/EMCKE/EMPKE) HASCH. Thanks for your help. Kathy ------- NAME: Kathy McCray SURNAMES: EMCKE, EMKE, EMPKE, HASCH DATE: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Anna Helena "Lena" EMKE/EMCKE/EMPKE and her brother Wilhelm "Will". Lena is my g- grandmother who immigrated from Schleswig-Holstein in 1871. She married Henry HASCH in Blairstown, Benton Co.,IA in Nov., 1873. Am also looking for infornation on her parents, Hans and Gretje EMKE/EMCKE/EMPKE, who I recently learned are suppose to have immigrated from S-H in the early 1800's and are also suppose to have come to Benton Co. Any information and help would be appreciated. Thanks, Kathy ------- NAME: J. D. McDonald SURNAMES: REESE DATE: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 QRYTEXT:REESE, Catharine, died after 1898 and before 1900. She is buried at Norway Cemetery, near her husband, Osborne REESE who died 1876 Norway IA. I am searching for a record of her death and an obituary for her. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you from Alaska. ------- NAME: J. D. McDonald SURNAMES: REESE DATE: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 QRYTEXT:REESE, James Henry died 13 Jun 1882 Humboldt Co., and was buried in Norway Cemetery, where his father, Osborne Reese was buried in 1876 and his mother Catherine was buried c1899. At time of his death he was married to Lydia M. Tucker and they had 2 young boys, Enos and James. Lydia Reese brought a lawsuit against the RR for the accident that killed her husband, it looks like this was done in Benton Co., as there is an entry for Estate of James Henry REESE in the County Records. I am searching for an obituary for James Henry Reese and any information on the lawsuit. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you from Alaska. ------- NAME: Jo-Anne McDonald SURNAMES: KREGER DATE: Sunday, November 10, 2002 QRYTEXT:KREGER I am interested in any information regarding this family who lived in Iowa township from 1860 - 1880 or so. Father William, mother Catherine, sons William, Fred, Henry and Levi. They owned land in section 22 and 23 of this township.Lose track of them after about 1880.Any information appreciated. Would really like to find a burial site for some. ------- NAME: Lea McDonald SURNAMES: HAMILTON, MOREY DATE: Sunday, June 17, 2001 QRYTEXT:Looking for info about Oscar HAMILTON whose wife was Elizabeth. They married in Henry county Ill. Moved to Blairstown,Ia. They had a son Lon Frank HAMILTON who married Ida M.MOREY. They lived in Blairstown and Norway and then in Marshalltown. ------- NAME: J. Ackerson McFerran SURNAMES: ACKERSON, PERRY, WRIGHT DATE: Saturday, February 5, 2005 QRYTEXT:Looking for: PERRY, WRIGHT, ACKERSON ------- NAME: Dee McHenry SURNAMES: BELL, DUGAN, DUGIN DATE: Sunday, July 4, 2010 QRYTEXT:BELL, Peter and Ellen. Peter born in Ireland ca 1826-7, Ellen DUGAN/DUGIN born 1834 in N. Y. Peter died in 1903 in VanHorne. Buried in Mt. Calvary in Cedar Rapids. Looking for an obit and info on 11 or 12 children. Appreciate any help. Dee McHenry ------- NAME: Bob McIlrath SURNAMES: BARKDOLL, MARIETTA, WENNER DATE: Monday, May 31, 2004 QRYTEXT:I am searching for any & all information on the family of George BARKDOLL Sr., & Elizabeth WENNER. From the Benton Co., 1878 biographies I can identify 9 children but any further details I have not found. Also cannot find any details on children of George E. BARKDOLL Jr. & Anna MARIETTA. They are my maternal grandparents & farmed between Vinton & Garrison for many years then lived in Vinton for the rest of their lives. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Bob McIlrath ------- NAME: Jean McKenney SURNAMES: MCKINNEY DATE: Sunday, May 30, 2010 QRYTEXT:Josh MCKINNEY he was a minister there in 1900 in Benton Co he was there with His wife Prudie and two Children any other information would help Thank You ------- NAME: Charles McKeown SURNAMES: DOUGHTY, KENNEDY DATE: Monday, February 2, 2009 QRYTEXT:DOUGHTY/KENNEDY Looking for death information on Eli M. DOUGHTY, b. 11 Feb 1798 who farmed in Section 3 of Jefferson Township, Poweshiek County from 1854. Sometime before 1880 and at least through 1885 (State Census), he was living with the Daniel A. Kennedy family (daughter Margaret's husband). I assume that he died in Belle Plaine. Thank you ------- NAME: Chuck McKeown SURNAMES: KENNEDY, SWAFFORD DATE: Sunday, January 4, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am attempting to research the history of the KENNEDY / SWAFFORD family that lived in Belle Plaine, Benton County, IA from at least the 1860's. Benjimin Swafford, born in 1842/3 in Mercer County after serving in the Illinois 27th Regiment/G Company in the Civil War returned to Mercer County to farm, married Jane Teeman, probably in Mercer County in 1864, then moved in 1866 to Poweshiek County, IA and became a farmer and stock-raiser in section 13, Belle Plaine. Their daughter, Carrie was born on Dec 23, 1876 and married James Edgar Kennedy, also of Belle Plaine on February 28, 1894. James' father was Benjimin Kennedy and that is all that is known about the Kennedys. James Edgar died on Feb 18, 1903 and Carrie re-married, dying in 1967 in Belle Plaine. James and Carrie had a son, Earl Eugene Kennedy b. Sep 5, 1896 in Belle Plaine. Thank you in advance. ------- NAME: Eleaner McKnight SURNAMES: COX, HILAND, HYLAND, MILLER DATE: Saturday, March 13, 1999 QRYTEXT:HILAND, Robert and COX, Matilda. Appreciate any info on Robert HILAND, m Matilda COX in Benton, County, IA. Could be spelled HYLAND. c 1850. These are parents of Anna Hiland, m Elsworth Freemont MILLER. Will gladly share what we have. Thanks in advance. Eleaner ------- NAME: Lynnette McMahon SURNAMES: ELLIOTT, PAGE, RAMPTON, SWITZER DATE: Friday, September 22, 2000 QRYTEXT:RAMPTON/PAGE/ELLIOTT: Dysart, Benton Township, IA; 1850-1905. I'm looking for information about my grandfather, Charles Henry RAMPTON. He was born 30 Sep 1868 in Dysart, Iowa to Edmund and Mary Jane(ELLIOTT) RAMPTON. Edmund's father was Anthony (or Antony) RAMPTON. Charles married Blanche Annette PAGE (b.1867 - Nevada, MO). Blanche's parents: Martin Van Buren PAGE and Sarah Elizabeth SWITZER. Charles, Blanche and children moved to California before 1915. Siblings include: Frank W. RAMPTON and Mary L. Rampton (who married a man named George). Mary & George also moved to California. ------- NAME: Judy McMichael SURNAMES: GRAHAM, PALMER DATE: Sunday, November 29, 1998 QRYTEXT:Clara GRAHAM was born 1861 in Harrison Co, OH. In 1880 she married Aurelius Hawthorne. On the 1910/20 census of Vinton, Benton, IA she was married to John PALMER and they had children Helen (1893), Donald (1895) and Dorothy (1896). Looking for other researchers of this family. ------- NAME: James E McNeal SURNAMES: MCNEAL DATE: Friday, December 17, 1999 QRYTEXT:Seeking information on James S MCNEAL lived in Garrison Ia 1860-1919.1st wife Mary Gilmore had 3 children, 2d wife Emma Bennett had 13 children. I have some information on Arl McNEAL a son from the second marriage, Arl lived in Vinton was married to Sadie Grimm. Any help would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Ardelle Meyer McPherson SURNAMES: HASS, KAHL DATE: Saturday, August 7, 2004 QRYTEXT:John KAHL Born in Germany; Married Catherine HASS in 1863 Had 7 children: Mary was my grandmother. ------- NAME: Marian McQuaid SURNAMES: GALE, JOYCE DATE: Thursday, July 8, 2004 QRYTEXT:JOYCE, GALE searching for Todd Joyce ------- NAME: Marian McQuaid SURNAMES: DURFEE, GALE, KING, MICKEY, SLASON DATE: Saturday, August 27, 2005 QRYTEXT:MICKEY, SLASON,KING,DURFEE,GALE Members of these families moved to Plainville, Kansas in 1878 from Vinton, Iowa. I am curious as to the motivation for the move. The families soon established a Methodist Episcopal Church. ------- NAME: Connie Kimmich Meier SURNAMES: KITHCART, VANDIVIER DATE: Sunday, January 15, 2012 QRYTEXT:Looking for photos of descendants of William Henry VANDIVIER (1847-1927) family who lived in Belle Plaine area. Children were Willis E., Otis, Margaret, Matilda. I am a descendant of Otis and Ida May KITHCART VANDIVIER. Their daughter Margaret was my mother's mother but died following her birth. Anything would be appreciated! ------- NAME: Joan Meister SURNAMES: KING, THOMPSON DATE: Monday, December 16, 2002 QRYTEXT:Beriah KING and his wife Lydia Malvina (THOMPSON) KING and four of their six children, George W., Willie, Nellie and Eva King, were living in Homer Twp., Benton Co., IA, according to the 1880 census. I am looking for Beriah's burial place or any other information on this family. ------- NAME: E. Melby SURNAMES: DECKEROW, DECKROW DATE: Friday, December 3, 1999 QRYTEXT:DECKEROW or DECKROW looking for information from Canton township, Shellsberg, 1861 to 1884. Information, and or all most appreciated. ------- NAME: E. Melby SURNAMES: STRAWHECKER DATE: Friday, December 3, 1999 QRYTEXT:STRAWHECKER, Mrs. Elizabeth Heitchew, from Shellsberg, 1856- 1892. Any and all information most apppreciated. ------- NAME: Barb Melin SURNAMES: FRY, PAUTSCH DATE: Saturday, April 12, 2003 QRYTEXT:William & Henrietta PAUTSCH came to Union twsp Benton Co in 1870 with 3 sons (Henry, Carl, William)They settled near Van Horn and had 3 more kids (Amelia, Herman and Julius)They left for South Dakota spring 1882.I Have copy of 1880 census with them on it(Sdvisors Dist 2 Enumeration Dist 40 Page 2 Household 13)Any Church records or Land record info woud be helpful. They are listed near the FRY Brothers so may have sharecropped. Help ------- NAME: Melissa SURNAMES: CLARK DATE: Friday, February 18, 2011 QRYTEXT:Searching for any information re: my GGGG grandmother Courtney CLARK who purchased 80 acres in Monroe Township in 1854 (with her deceased husband's War 1812 pension). The 1870 Land/Plat map shows a school on her property. What was the name of the school? Does it still stand? ------- NAME: Kathy Mello SURNAMES: STEPHENSON DATE: Thursday, March 29, 2012 QRYTEXT:Charles Sloan STEPHENSON Died approx 1895 Benton Co ------- NAME: Leila Menzies SURNAMES: ROOP, ROUPP, RUPP, WERT, WIRT DATE: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 QRYTEXT:RUPP, ROUPP, or ROOP Christian D. RUPP born circa 1831-33 in PA to John and Nancy RUPP came to first Richland Co, then Crawford Co, Ohio where he wed Mary Jane WERT (WIRT), daughter of John and Sarah WIRT of PA. She was born in Ohio. Christian D. RUPP is found on the 1856 Benton Co Name Index on-line with possible sister Saraj J. Rupp and his wife Mary J. Rupp and children: Colymore J.W., Eustatia S.A., Mary A. His parents John and Nancy D. RUPP are also there. The 1860 census lists the family surname as ROUPP and they are in Taylor Twp. Apparantly his father, John, has died aas his mother Nancy is living with Christian (in the census as C.D. Roupp) The 1870 census lists the family surname as RUPP and "Christopher" RUPP and is now in Cedar Township. The 1872 Atlas of Benton County lists a C.D. Rupp on Section 21 of Harrison Township. Seeking to find Christian's siblings, records of his siblings and children's births/marriages/deaths. Record of his father John RUPP's death and burial place. ------- NAME: Connie Merrick SURNAMES: HOLLOWAY DATE: Monday, March 15, 1999 QRYTEXT:Joseph HOLLOWAY, b 1852, Ind, was in the 1880 Benton Co Iowa census. Please contact: Connie Merrick/PO Box 2129/ Mt. Pleasant, Tx 75456-2129/ ------- NAME: Richard Metteer SURNAMES: MILLS, SAWTELL DATE: Friday, June 30, 2006 QRYTEXT:Mary A. MILLS SAWTELL lived in Belle Plain, Benton County in late 1800's and early 1900's. Her mother Lucinda Bixby MILLS is believed to be buried in Belle Plain area since she was living with her daughter. Is Lucinda buried there? ------- NAME: Danny Metz SURNAMES: METZ DATE: Saturday, August 12, 2000 QRYTEXT:METZ, Lester,, Vinton, Benton Co. Iowa. My Grandfather, Lester Metz lived in Vinton, Ia. at the time of his death in 1977. I am trying to gather any information I can about his family history. He was born Oct. 1901 and died Dec. 1977. ------- NAME: Fred Meyer SURNAMES: MYERS DATE: Monday, June 16, 2003 QRYTEXT:MYERS Family, Looking for anyone that may have family records back to 1919-1923. My father Fred, Mother Hattie worked and lived on a farm in Benton County, Monroe Twp. had a daughter born on the farm. They had a boy and twin girls also. No known relatives in Iowa that we know of. ------- NAME: Mary Meyerink SURNAMES: ALFRED, CARL, HOFFMAN DATE: Wednesday, December 16, 1998 QRYTEXT:HOFFMAN, ALFRED, CARL ------- NAME: Nancy Clay Meyers SURNAMES: OLMSTED, SEEBOLD, WHITSON DATE: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 QRYTEXT:Seek date & place of death 7 burial for my direct ancestor, Jane OLMSTED, wife of Harvey. She was came to Benton Co. 1859/1860, last found 1885 in state census in Vinton, Benton Co. IA. She was born about 1802 in NC, she wed Harvey 1857 in JoDaviess IL; Maiden name SEEBOLD and 1st husband Zachariah WHITSON 1801-1856. ------- NAME: Brian Michael SURNAMES: ASHOFF, MICHAEL, STRANG, THILL, WENGERT DATE: Friday, February 16, 2001 QRYTEXT:MICHAEL, Nicholas; Polk Twp., Benton County, Iowa; b. April 1836 d. 10/19/1919 in Independence, Iowa. Wife Margaret ASHOFF (b. 2/11/1842 in PA.). Children: Peter, Philip, Nicholas, John, George, Martin, and three daughters (last names THILL, STRANG, WENGERT).Lived in Benton county in 1880-1900. I am looking for information on his (and her) parents and ancestors. I am his g-g-grandson. ------- NAME: John l Michael SURNAMES: MCNAMARA, MICHAEL DATE: Wednesday, February 7, 2001 QRYTEXT:I'm looking for information about my grandfather Nicholas A MICHAEL.he was born May19 1872 died April 7,1948 in Iowa .he was married to Bridiget MCNAMARA.they had 3 children Clarence ,Mary,an my dad William my dad died in 1968. iam interested any information dad was born in Benton co.i think Nicholas was to. ------- NAME: Michael SURNAMES: ARIHOOD, ARROHOVE, ARROWHOOD, ARROWWOOD, DAUGHERTY, DOCKERTY DATE: Thursday, September 9, 2004 QRYTEXT:Looking for the Elijah and Lucy ARROHOVE (ARROWHOOD) family. They are in the 1850 census in Benton, but in the 1860 census Elijah is missing. Lucy (ARIHOOD) is still there, but is gone by 1870. Did they die in Benton county? If so, when and where? Also, the DAUGHERTY, DOCKERTY children living with them, where did they go? Is this the Lucy (DAUGHERTY) ARROWWOOD from Coles county, Illinois? ------- NAME: Richard Michael SURNAMES: MICHAEL DATE: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 QRYTEXT:My father, Clarence MICHAEL, bought a used John Deere A tractor fromt he Vinton John Deere dealer sometine around 1940. Would there be any record of the transaction? ------- NAME: Cathy Milbach SURNAMES: BIRCH, KERN, OLIVA DATE: Saturday, June 5, 2004 QRYTEXT:Joseph KERN married Mary OLIVA. Their children are Christopher, Bertha, Ed and Edna. Would like more info on all the above as well as Joseph's siblings (know of Fred, should be two more) and who their parents, grandparents were. Bertha b. 10-25-1895 Benton, Co., d. 4-1982 Keystone, Ia. Bertha was married to Eldo Raymond BIRCH; they lived in Blairstown, IA. Would like dates/places of birth, death, marriages etc. of all the above. Joseph KERN is my great-grandfather. Bertha (KERN) & Eldo Raymond BIRCH are my grandparents. Thanks for your help. ------- NAME: Dale E Miller Jr SURNAMES: BARKER, BUC, LUSK DATE: Tuesday, January 27, 1998 QRYTEXT:John T.BARKER bORN 1803 N.Y married Ester BUC born 1800 Mass.They had four sons born in N.Y. John born 1836; Archibald born 1838; Ruel born 1840; James born 1840 married Mary LUSK 29 Nov 1871 in Vinton, Benton Co Iowa. Mary's father, Charles D. LUSK was known to be a County Doc For Benton. The LUSK name is said to be traced to the Arm & Hammer folk of baking soda fame ? The family was in Benton County 1855-1900. Ruel & his brother James served in the Civil War and served with Benton County soldiers. They family came from Essex or Oneida or Tioga Counties N.Y? would like more info. James is the only one who I know left Benton County. Went to Marshall County, Marsalltown Iowa 1900.There has to be some records of them in Benton County. I found the family in1860 Census. ------- NAME: Lucille Miller SURNAMES: CULLEN, KANEALY, NOLAN DATE: Monday, September 1, 1997 QRYTEXT:John NOLAN born March 1865 in Benton, son of Irish emigrants James NOLAN and ??. John married in Benton County Mary CULLEN daughter of Patrick CULLEN and Mary KANEALY also Irish emigrants. Mary was born on March 18, 1865 and died on March 1947. Have been unable to find death certificates, etc. Any information would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Shem R. Miller Jr. SURNAMES: HATCH, MILLER, SHAFFER DATE: Wednesday, February 3, 1999 QRYTEXT:MILLER,Nathan was born September 17, 1824 in Rockbridge Co. VA. He died September 01, 1895 in Benton, IA. He was married to Sarah Margaret SHAFFER, who was also born in VA. They had at least one son by the name of Erskine Mackelwe MILLER, who married Sarah Jane HATCH from Mount Ayr, Iowa. This is the only information that I have been able to retrieve on my GGGGrand Father Nathan Miller, any information would be very helpful. Thank You ------- NAME: Stephanie Miller SURNAMES: AKE, DAVIES, DAVIS, FRY, MORNINGSTAR, ONSTOTT DATE: Sunday, January 26, 2003 QRYTEXT:Would like to exchange information on the following families: ONSTOTT, from PA to Benton County about 1842, AKE from PA to Benton County about 1851, Daniel Ake's mother in law Anna or Maria FRY lives with them, Maria's son is William FRY. A child named Maria MORNINGSTAR lives with this family. Also interested in the name DAVIS, DAVIES in this area. ------- NAME: Kathleen Buescher Milligan SURNAMES: PIRIE DATE: Monday, April 10, 2006 QRYTEXT:George Lewis PIRIE, b. 4 Nov 1865, Norway, Benton Co., IA. I am seeking some method by which to document PIRIE's birth - newspaper account, church record, etc. I don't know for certain which church he attended, although his brother William PIRIE was said to have attended the Presbyterian Church. (which one??) Any idea which church this might have been, or what local newspaper(s) was printed at that time? ------- NAME: Chris Milner SURNAMES: DYRLAND, JOHNSON DATE: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 QRYTEXT:Looking for any information about Govert G and Martha DYRLAND from Skudesnes Rogaland County, Norway settled in Norway, Benton County, Iowa, USA 1866. Want particularly any information about adopting Johanna JOHNSON. ------- NAME: Chris Milner SURNAMES: JOHNSEN DATE: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 QRYTEXT:Looking for any information about Jacob and Sigrid JOHNSEN who had daughters Sigrid 3 Apr 1874, Johanna 23 Jul 1875, Juliane 23 Jul 1875, and Oline Lisbeth 1 Aug 1877, all christened at Benton Lutheran Church. ------- NAME: Maria Minear SURNAMES: FLOESHINGER DATE: Sunday, November 11, 2001 QRYTEXT:Today at an Antique Sale, I found a 16" x 20" picture of a lady. On the back of the picture was written Anna FLOESHINGER Watkins, IA. Any one with connections to this surname can e-mail me @ ------- NAME: Patricia Mongan SURNAMES: MCQUIN, MONTAGUE DATE: Monday, October 5, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for any information on the MCQUIN(N) and MONTAGUE families of Benton County, Iowa. Bernard McQuin, son of James, married Nell Montague, daughter of Alexander. Bernard and Nell moved to Aurelia, Iowa from Benton County. This is my husband's great grandparents on his father's side. He was raised by his mother and has no info on his father's family. All help appreciated. ------- NAME: Peter Mooney SURNAMES: BEDELL DATE: Thursday, January 26, 2006 QRYTEXT:Hello. I am searching for Edmund/Edward BEDELL, a Civil War veteran who served in Co. K,55th Pa. Inf. as a Lieutenant. Lived in Vinton,Benton Co., Iowa. May have died there in 1917. Any help in locating information about him,or his family truly appreciated. Pete. ------- NAME: Dahrl E. Moore SURNAMES: MCDOWELL, STEPPHENS DATE: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 QRYTEXT:I am interested in any information on the nurder of Henry STEPPHENS on 26 Dec. 1876. This would include any cornor's inquest, newspaper article or death certificate if at all possible. Supposedly he sold horses in Vinton and was murdered on the way home, this being the family story. His wife's name was Margaret MCDOWELL, children, Harrison, James, Joseph, Mary Jane who was my husband's ggrandmother. Any and all help greatly appreciated. Dahrl E. Moore ------- NAME: Fred J. Moore SURNAMES: MOORE DATE: Friday, January 8, 1999 QRYTEXT:I'm searching for info. on Alfred MOORE who apparently lived in Benton Co. during the 1840's. Alfred was my great great grandfather. I have traced his son (my great granddad DOB 1842) Simon MOORE to Monterey, CA. Simon's death cetificate states that he was born in Cedar Rapids which is Linn Co., not Benton Co. Unfortunately, the info. on the death certificate may or may not be correct. I have no info. on Alfred's wife or their other children. Does anyone have any info. on my ancestors? ------- NAME: Harry Moore EMAIL:HARRYJMOORE@HOTMAIL.COM SURNAMES: CANTONWINE, MESKIMEN, MOODY, SUMMERS, WHITE DATE: Wednesday, March 17, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am looking for the descendents of John WHITE of Shellsburg. He was born in Virginia (1801) and moved to Carrol County Ohio with is father, William, and his siblings. John moved to Benton County about 1849. Associated surnames are MOODY, SUMMERS, MESKIMEN (various spellings), CANTONWINE and others. ------- NAME: Bruce D Morey EMAIL:BRUCEDMOREY@GMAIL.COM SURNAMES: MOREY, STEVENSON DATE: Thursday, September 8, 2011 QRYTEXT:Seeking any info on greatgreat grandfather: Austin S. MOREY, whose wife, Ellen (Ella) gave birth to my great grandfather gEorge Franklin MOREY in Blairstown in 1880. Austin (A.S.) and Ella (nee Ellen STEVENSON)were married in Blairstown in 1878. ------- NAME: Bob Morgan SURNAMES: SCHOETTMER, STARK DATE: Monday, July 8, 2002 QRYTEXT:SCHOETTMER Looking for information on Louis B. SCHOETTMER born 1895 die July 8, 1978 Newhall, Ia. His wife was Catherine STARK and his children were Gerald SCHOETTMER, Joanne SCHOETTMER, and Louis John SCHOETTMER who was born on Jan. 18, 1942. If you would happen to have any information, please E- mail me. ------- NAME: James Moriarty SURNAMES: COOK DATE: Monday, May 21, 2001 QRYTEXT:I am interested in the death of Myrtle COOK that took place in September of 1925. Her home was in Vinton, Benton County, Iowa. Was anyone accused of her murder? ------- NAME: Deb Morr SURNAMES: ABBE, BRAMMER, BUNTIN, DENNISON, FERGUSON, HOWARD, JEWELL, LEDGER, LYTLE, OYLER, POWERS, WYMAN, YERKES DATE: Thursday, June 5, 1997 QRYTEXT:FERGUSON, John Henry and Thomas John. These men among first settlers in Benton Co. Thomas John md. Elizabeth FERGUSON the sister of John Henry. John H. md. (2) Nancy BUNTIN. Others who md. into these families were; JEWELL, BRAMMER, ABBE, LEDGER, DENNISON, WYMAN, OYLER, YERKES, HOWARD, LYTLE, POWERS, only to name a few.Looking for others to share info with. ------- NAME: Deb Morr SURNAMES: BRIEHOLZ, CARSTENS, DITTLEMUTH, HOLST, KNOKE, NIEMAN, NISSEN, WARNER DATE: Friday, June 6, 1997 QRYTEXT:Researching HOLST, KNOKE, WARNER, CARSTENS, DITTLEMUTH, NISSEN, BRIEHOLZ, and NIEMAN, all from Germany and settled in the Keystone area. ------- NAME: A Morris SURNAMES: BOWEN DATE: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 QRYTEXT:BOWEN Patrick and Catherine. I am looking for information on the BOWEN family. They had a family of 10 children. Some of their children were; Margaret BOWEN McGuire-born August 8, 1866 in Benton County, Iowa. She also had a sister Agnes who married a Murphy. Frank BOWEN was also the son of Patrick and Catherine BOWEN. He was born in Benton County February 7,1865. He married Kate E. Smith of Benton County on December 23, 1889 ------- NAME: Barb Morthland SURNAMES: JENSEN, JOHNSON DATE: Thursday, November 2, 2000 QRYTEXT:Searching for any information on Louis JOHNSON/JENSEN who lived or farmed in Blairstown, Benton County. He was the brother of my grandfather, Jens Peter JOHNSON/JENSEN. Jens & Louis were born in Denmark. Jens arrived in U.S. in 1882..not sure about Louis. Jens settled in Clinton, Iowa. In his obituary it mentions his brother Louis attending from out of town. We have found a couple of post cards from Louis, but can't tell where he mailed them from. At one time my father mentioned having owned a farm in Blairstown and am wondering if this had something to do with Louis. Will share any JOHNSON/JENSEN information that I have. ------- NAME: Richard Moses SURNAMES: TRAER DATE: Thursday, April 7, 2005 QRYTEXT:TRAER I am looking for information on Alla D TRAER wife of J.W. TRAER. I 1860 census for Taylor twp of Benton Co. When Died? Where Buried? ------- NAME: Kathleen Mullin SURNAMES: BANGE, PICKERT DATE: Friday, November 26, 2010 QRYTEXT:Ida A. BANGE (maiden name is PICKERT) Looking for an obit for Ida. She died May 5, 1972 in Norway, IA, and is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery of Benton County, IA. Born to Henry and Rose Pickert on 24 Sept 1890. Thank you for your help. ------- NAME: Marc Munoz SURNAMES: EDSON, STEVENS DATE: Saturday, September 20, 2008 QRYTEXT:Looking for land, school or address information about Isaac Loomis STEVENS, or Oliver Stewart EDSON. They lived in Belle Plaine and Blairstown, respectively, between 1860 and 1900. Isaac worked for the C&NW. Oliver was a farmer. ------- NAME: Carl Murdock SURNAMES: BRAMMER, PORTER DATE: Sunday, December 12, 2004 QRYTEXT:Seeking information on A. PORTER who was listed as head of household in Cedar Twp Benton County Iowa year 1900 He was listed as having been born Dec 1857 in Ohio. His wife was Rose Porter born Sept 1863 in Iowa. Is it possible that A. PORTER be Andrew Jefferson PORTER who was born abt 1858 in Lawrence County Ohio? Could he have been the son of John H. and Cynthia BRAMMER PORTER? Any information would be helpful. ------- NAME: Randy Murdock SURNAMES: WILHELM DATE: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 QRYTEXT:WILHELM, Claywell Clement Death: 19 SEP 1991; Atkins, Benton County, Iowa I am looking for the cemetery where Claywell C. WILHELM was buried. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ------- NAME: Judith Sandage Murphy SURNAMES: BENNETT, DAVIS, FULLMER, RAABE, ROBERTS, SMITH, WILSON DATE: Saturday, June 7, 1997 QRYTEXT:Seeking information on parents (especially the mother's surname) of Charlotte and William BENNETT. They were born in Indiana (Jefferson or Scott Co) and they both died in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Charlotte married #1 Ben ROBERTS, and #2 Fred FULLMER. The name of William's wife may have been Myrtle. They had a daughter, LoVerne who married Paul RAABE and had a son, Richard. I believe all of Charlotte's and Bill's siblings and possibly the parents, moved to the Belle Plaine area. I would like to find out the grandparents' names and birth/marriage info of siblings. I've been told that Charlotte and Bill's mother's name was Kate and her surname was either DAVIS, SMITH, or WILSON. Kate was possibly born in Indiana and married in Scott or Jefferson Co, IN. Thank you ------- NAME: Carolyn Murray SURNAMES: BLACK, DULIN, JOHNSON DATE: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 QRYTEXT:DULIN,Frank - child of Hiram DULIN and Margaret JOHNSON. twin of Frances Lydie DULIN who married Charles F. BLACK., in Benton County on March 20, 1873. birth date - January 28, 1853 in Ohio. Also looking for Sarah DULIN, daughter of Hiram and Margaret DULIN. ------- NAME: Carolyn Murray SURNAMES: DULIN, RANSOR DATE: Sunday, August 28, 2005 QRYTEXT:RANSOR Looking for T.L., Margaret RANSOR. They had four children Ella, Mary L., Josephine and George. Margaret had children by previous marriage to Hiram DULIN and they are Frank, Frances and Sarah. In 1870 US Census they were in St.Clair Township of Benton Co. Any info on the above would be appreciated. thanks ------- NAME: Frank D. Myers SURNAMES: MYERS, SLATTERY DATE: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 QRYTEXT:MYERS,SLATTERY Looking for some trace of Fremont W. Slattery, son of Joseph L. and Adalaide (Myers) Slattery, born 22 February 1891 at Lead, S.D. Joseph L. Slattery, son of John and Elmira Slattery of Vinton, Benton County, Iowa, died 15 June 1894 at Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa, where he is buried. Adalaide married (2nd) Harry T. Scovel. Freemont's last know address (1949) was Lakewood, Colo. ------- NAME: Linda Myers (Highlen) SURNAMES: HIGHLEN DATE: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on a Gilmer HIGHLEN that lived in Benton county.Born 3-14-1913 d.12-1982.Lived in Vinton. ------- NAME: Gordon C. Nagle Sr SURNAMES: BALLIETT, BLISS, HAINES, PAULEY, PHILLIPS, ROBBINS, WILCOX, WILKINSON DATE: Sunday, February 15, 1998 QRYTEXT:BALLIETT, BLISS, HAINES, PAULEY, PHILLIPS, ROBBINS, WILCOX My gg-grandfather Nathan Purse (middle name possibly Pierce or Purce) BLISS, was born either 4 March or 4 June 1812, in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, or Genesee County, New York. About 1829, he moved to Indiana. I first find him in 1843 when he married Aberillah HAINES 16 Apr 1843, at LaPorte County, Indiana. Children: Marion Elisha BLISS (my g-grandfather), born 22 Mar 1844, at LaPorte, married 1st to Lucinda D ROBBINS, 19 Apr 1871 at Benton County, married 2nd Josephine Louise WILCOX, 18 Oct 1885 at Buchanan County, Nebraska; George W BLISS, born 10 Nov 1846 at LaPorte, possibly married around 1865-1871 in Benton County, he died 23 Sep 1876 at Antelope County, Nebraska; Amanda Claranada BLISS BALLIETT, born 9 Oct 1848 at LaPorte, married 1st Peter S BALLIETT 20 Aug 1871 at Benton County, 2nd David M WILKINSON 15 Sept 1878 at Antelope County; Alice G BLISS, born abt 1854 at LaPorte; Thomas BLISS, born 2 Jan 1858 at LaPorte, died abt 1859/1860 in either LaPorte County or Benton County; James Joseph BLISS, born 19 Feb 1859 at LaPorte; Josephine Mary BLISS (twin of James); Alta Jane BLISS, born 21 Jul 1862 at Benton County. The family moved from LaPorte County to Taylor Township, Benton County in late 1859 or early 1860. 6 Sep 1862, at the age of 50 yrs, Nathan enlisted in the 37th Regiment, Company A, Iowa Volunteers (Graybeards). He was mustered 6 Nov 1862, promoted to 8th Corporal 24 Oct 1863, 7th Corporal 29 Dec 1863, 6th Corporal 28 Feb 1864, and 3rd Corporal 29 Nov 1864. He was mustered out 24 May 1865 at Davenport, Iowa. Aberilla's parents were James HAINES and Mary Polly PHILLIPS. James at the age of 64 yrs, also enlisted with the 37th Regiment, Company A, he died of disease 24 Jan 1864 at St Louis, Missouri. He is buried in the National Cemetery, Jefferson Barracks (St Louis). Mary PHILLIPS HAINES, married 2nd to Zachariah PAULEY, 19 June 1865 at Benton County. Nathan moved to Antelope County, Nebraska in early 1872. He died at Antelope County, 5 Dec 1886. 1. I am looking for any record in Benton County of the birth of Alta Jane (Jane Alta) BLISS (b 21 July 1862). 2. Any information of the parents or siblings of Nathan. 3. Any record of a marriage of George W BLISS in Benton County between 1865-1871. Any other information on the above names would be greatly appreciated. Sue: ------- NAME: Katherine H. Nakamura SURNAMES: HILL, WOODARD DATE: Friday, October 22, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on Frances Esther HILL WOODARD, born March 12, 1841 in Ohio, married Anson WOODARD October 26, 1858, died 1879 in Iowa. She left behind seven children, the youngest was one year old. My grandfather was six. Any information would be deeply appreciated. ------- NAME: Lisa Nalean SURNAMES: PHELPS DATE: Tuesday, June 9, 1998 QRYTEXT:PHELPS, Lewis L born Feb 29, 1868 in Benton county. His siblings that may have been born in Benton county include: George Homer born Jan 9, 1870 and Edward born Dec 7, 1871 and Mina born May 16, 1874 and Ida born March 22, 1880. If you know anything about these individuals please contact me! Thanks and good luck in your research! ------- NAME: LeRoy Nassif SURNAMES: HAPIP, HUALET DATE: Saturday, August 14, 2010 QRYTEXT:HAPIP,Frank married a Pauline HUALET in 1914. They resided in Urbana, Iowa. Frank died on January 19,1921 in Urbana. I am trying to find out if they had any children and what the names of the children were. I cannot find the HUALET family listed. Does any one know what happend to the HUALET family ------- NAME: Sharon Combs Natoli SURNAMES: COMBS, CUNNINGHAM, HOFF, LISTON DATE: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 QRYTEXT:LISTON, HOFF, CUNNINGHAM, COMBS Searching for birth family of Josephine Liston (Hoff) Cunningham Combs Besse. Josephine born to Liston family, given to Hoff family ( Josephine's aunt and uncle ) to raise, adopted by the Cunningham family. Josephine possibly has a twin sister, raised by the Listons, now deceased. Josephine's granddaughter wishes more information about the Liston family's health. ------- NAME: Arlene Becker Neher SURNAMES: BECKER, MATHES, STOUT, VAUGHN DATE: Monday, July 16, 2007 QRYTEXT:Dear Friends, I am trying to find information re my paternal grandmother whom I knew as Ethel BECKER. Ethel Neola VAUGHN b. 1888 in Vinton, Benton Co Iowa . I have her mother as Eva Leona MATHES when she died in California in 1939. But I also have the name Eva Leona Stout b 1866 in Iowa or Missouri. Ethel's father may have been William Vaughn. Eva Leona STOUT's parents may have been George and Harriet Stout. Ethel was an only child and raised by her(single/divorced?) mother Eva in Eastern Iowa. Ethel married John BECKER in Cedar Rapids Oct 1909. I would appreciate any information regarding this family. Thank you ------- NAME: Arlene Neher SURNAMES: BECKER, STOUT, VAUGHN DATE: Sunday, March 29, 2009 QRYTEXT:I am looking birth records for a grandmother Ethel Neola BECKER born 1888 in Vinton. Her Mother was Eva Leona STOUT and her father William VAUGHN ------- NAME: Bob Brown and Cathie Nelson SURNAMES: BROWN, HUSTON DATE: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 QRYTEXT:BROWN, HUSTON -- Looking for descendents of Huston BROWN. Also looking for anyone who may have knowledge of who Huston BROWN's parents were. Huston was born in 1832 in Kentucky but it is believed that sometime prior to the 1850 census, the BROWN family moved to Iowa. I have much information on Huston himself from 1863 until his death in 1880 (Benton County). I am looking for information on Huston BROWN from his 1832 birth until 1863 when Huston enlisted into the Civil War. ------- NAME: Bob Brown and Cathie Nelson SURNAMES: LONG, WHIPPLE DATE: Sunday, November 18, 2001 QRYTEXT:We would appreciate any information that you have to share in regards to Henry G. WHIPPLE who married Nancy Jane (nee LONG) Brown on July 6, 1881. Henry and Nancy had two children together. They are: Iva WHIPPLE (b. 5/1882) and Guy WHIPPLE (b. 12/1883. If you live in Benton County or know of these folks, please contact us at your earliest convenience. ------- NAME: Norman Nelson SURNAMES: NELSON DATE: Wednesday, June 17, 1998 QRYTEXT:Earl Fred NELSON ------- NAME: Sharon Nelson SURNAMES: HARBS, HERPSE, LOHSE DATE: Sunday, March 15, 1998 QRYTEXT:John LOHSE, son of Jacob LOHSE and Wilke HARBS was born June 19, 1847. John died November 18, 1917. He married Weibke HERPSE about 1875. Weibke was born in Holstein, Germany December 13, 1849. Weibke died May 8, 1923 in Heron Lake, MN. Between 1880-1883, they moved from Benton County, Belle Plain, Iowa to Atkinson Twp, Holte County, Nebraska (approximately 430 miles today). After ten years they moved to Southbrook Twp, Clay County, Everly, IA. In 1902, they came to Cottonwood County and lived on their farm southeast of Westbrook. John LOHSE and Weibke HERPSE had the following children: Marcus Lohse was born in Belle Plain, IA January 24, 1880. Henry D. Lohse was born near Atkinson, NE January 17, 1883. Anna LOHSE was born near Atkinson, NE November 21, 1884. John Lohse Jr. was born near Atkinson, NE November 2, 1886. August Lohse was born near Atkinson, NE November 4, 1888. Chris Joseph Lohse was near Atkinson, NE born March 5, 1891. Child? ------- NAME: Marjorie A. Nemitz SURNAMES: BELT, CROW, DUDGEON, HARRISON, KINCAID, MCMANNES, SIMMONS, STARKS, TRYON, WHEATON DATE: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 QRYTEXT:CROW, John A., b. c1804, VA & d. c.1894, IA? marr. BELT, Milcah c1830 in prob. Licking Co., OH. Children:Mary b. c1831-1832 OH, marr. Jesse TRYON, Meredith Zuriel b. 1835 OH, David James, b. 1837, marr. Arabella KINCAID & Mary DUDGEON, Aquila Belt, b. 1838, marr. Susanna HARRISON, Elizabeth A., b. 1839/1840, marr. Charles SIMMONS, Hannah Jane, b. 1842, marr. J. T. MCMANNES, Eunice, b. 1844, marr. Lyman H. STARKS, Rose Ann, b. 1847 marr. Charles Lester WHEATON - the last 6 children born in Kosciusko Co., IN. Abt. 1852-1853 came to IA. Settled in Benton Co. Need parentage and siblings of John A. CROW and contact with descendants of above persons to add to our family history. John A. Crow & wife being my late grandmother's grandparents. Thank you for any help - appreciated, Marjorie A. Nemitz ------- NAME: Gerry Pringle Neveaux SURNAMES: SHEELEY, WILCOX DATE: Thursday, May 8, 1997 QRYTEXT:Morgan and Mary Jane (Jennie WILCOX) SHEELEY were living near Shellsburg, Iowa on 1870 census. Mary Jane died soon after, need to know when and where buried. I have not found who the parents of Morgan and Mary Jane were. Some of their older children were born in Brooklyn previous to Shellsburg. Morgan's second wife was Alice Casky, don't know her burial location either. Morgan died in Shellsburg in 1925 leaving a third wife, Lillian. I would appreciate any help, thank you ------- NAME: Sharon Neveux SURNAMES: BENCE, BROWN, FICHES, FICKS, FISHER, KOLB DATE: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 QRYTEXT:I am looking for descendants of Michael BENCE and Rosanna KOLB. Michael was born c. 1830 and died 1918. He had a daughter Henrietta aka Etta b. 1869, m. a FICHES or possibly FICKS. By 1918 she was living in Marshalltown. A second daughter, Mary, 1872, married John C. FISHER was living near Blairstown, IA in 1918. Third daughter, Jenny, 1874, married John BROWN, living in Montgomery IA in 1918. One son, Emanuel BENCE. Emanuel had one son, Roy W. BENCE. I have information on ancestors of Michael that I am willing to share. ------- NAME: Alistair Nichols SURNAMES: RIGAUD DATE: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 QRYTEXT:Does anyone have further information about Francis James RIGAUD (first school master, County Surveyor and a JP)- other than that contained in the 1878 History of the County? I am particularly interested in his nationality and previous history. ------- NAME: Norma Jean Nichols SURNAMES: DENISON, GRISWOLD, JEWELL DATE: Sunday, April 5, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for Rachel GRISWOLD burial place. She died before 1845. Married name JEWELL, M to David> Burr Oak.Ia Trying to find her parents also. Searching for wife of Johnathan DENISON, died in 03Dec 1853, #2 wife Nancy?, #1 I think Margaret. So I need to varify that Margaret was his first wife. ------- NAME: Norma Jean Nichols SURNAMES: DENNISON, MARAGERET DATE: Monday, August 13, 2012 QRYTEXT:Looking for old court records on Jonathan DENNISON born 1783 died in Ia 1853. Married to Nancy Bon. MARAGERET first wife any more I don't know of. Does anyone have marriage records for Benton Co. Any information would be appreciated. Regards. Norma Jean Nichols ------- NAME: Norma Jean Nichols SURNAMES: GRISWOLD, JEWELL DATE: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 QRYTEXT:Need death information on Rachel GRISWOLD JEWELL died 1842-44.Married to David JEWELL NY 1823. ------- NAME: Norma Nichols SURNAMES: DENISON, GRIWOLD, JEWELL DATE: Thursday, October 22, 2009 QRYTEXT:DENISON, JEWELL, GRIWOLD in Benton and linn co. ------- NAME: Colleen Nickerson SURNAMES: RAUCH, STEINAGLE DATE: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 QRYTEXT:STEINAGLE Looking for info on the family of Andrew and Anna Mary (RAUCH) STEINAGLE. Children- Lizzie, Letitia & Louis. Parents rumored to be buried at Belle Plaine, Benton co.,IA. They were in the 1860 Linn co., census. ------- NAME: Betsy Norris SURNAMES: KERNS DATE: Thursday, January 23, 2014 QRYTEXT:Looking for information about Hattie KERNS (b. 1811 in Ireland) and her sons Patrick, John, James, and Thomas. Thomas is my great great grandfather. They arrived approximately 1857, possibly from Cork. Patrick was a naturalized citizen in Benton County as of 1872. ------- NAME: Bjarne Jormeland, Stavanger, Norway SURNAMES: CUE DATE: Monday, October 18, 1999 QRYTEXT:The "CUE Township" is named in the 1860 Benton Census. But it,s not listed in your Benton County township map ! Did Cue twp. change name -perhaps to Florence Twp. - or an another twp? When ? Hope somebody knows!! Several people from Hjelmeland, Rogaland, Norway are listed in this 1860 census. ------- NAME: Bjarne Jormeland, Tananger, Norway SURNAMES: BREVICK, HEGLAND, JARED, SIGMOND, SIGMUNDSTAD, TUTTLE DATE: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 QRYTEXT:TUTTLE/JARED/BREVICK/SIGMUNDSTAD/SIGMOND Osmund Tuttle arrived in Florence twp., Benton Co. in 1854 - from Mission Twp.,LaSalle Co. Illinois - and bought land in section 17. Perhaps this land owned by same family up to 1977? Osmund (Osmund Endreson Totland, b. January 1798 at Totland farm, Hjelmeland, Rogaland, Norway) and wife Malena and one child arrived in New York in 1836 with sailship "Norden". They had 9 children, only Bergit (Betsey), b. 1837, Osmund jr. b. 1840 and Anna, b. 1842 - grown up. Malene died in 1851 or1852 and Osmund went to Norway and in oct. 1855 m. Helene Sofie Larsdtr. Eike (In US perhaps use name Egge?). Osmund died 1879 and probably burried in a lutheran Cem. near his home? Helene died in 1911 (Where living then?, where burried?) Bergit first married Daniel Larson Tysvaer, from Tysvaer, Rogaland, Norway. Second m. Oscar BREVICK, b. ca, 1842 in Norway. Their children:Daniel, b. 1867, Elisabeth, b. 1869, Obed, b. 1871 and gerhard, b. 1875 (ca. dates) In 1880 this family lived in Sheridan twp., LaSalle County, Illinois. Oscar was running a restaurant. Osmund Tuttle jr. m. Magdalina, b. in Pennsylvenia ? They probably lived in Benton Co.? Anna Tuttle m.1: Jonas Rasmusson SIGMUNDSTAD (SIGMOND), b. May 6. 1820 in Fister, Rogaland, Norway. Their children was: Anna Christina, Melina Elisabeth and Roseana. Anna m. 2: Jakob JARED (Jakob Jakobson Gjerde) b. 1833 at the Einervoll farm, Hjelmeland - no children. Jakobs children in his 1. marriage: Mary, b. 1860, Carie, b. 1862, Henry, b. 1864, Elsie, b. 1866 (all b. in Illinois, probably LaSalle) and Secilia, b. 1868, Anna, b. 1870, Martin, b. 1873 and Noah, b. 1877 (all b. in Iowa, probably in Benton Co) Anna and Jacob Jared lived in Benton Co. Anna Tuttle m. 3: John HEGLAND, lived in Kendall Co. Illinois ? Osmund Tuttle sr. had Lewis Edward b. 1856 and Henry Tuttle, b. 1858 - with second wife. Henry m. Martha B. Thompson. They lived in Benton County. Their farm in Florence sold in 1977? Henrys children: Clara (m. Tow), Otis, Royal, Ruby, Howard and Chester Tuttle. I,m register emigrants from Hjelmeland, Rogaland, Norway - and would like any information about this family (ies) - and is too of course interested to hear from descendants. ------- NAME: Dennis Novak SURNAMES: NOVAK DATE: Sunday, July 3, 2011 QRYTEXT:I am trying to find the grave of my great grandmother Anna NOVAK. She was buried at the Oakhill cemetery in Belle Plaine, Iowa according to her funeral card in May, 1959. Her husband Frank was buried there in 1950 as well. Any help would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Robert Noyes SURNAMES: DUMMETT DATE: Thursday, February 23, 2006 QRYTEXT:I would like to know if there are any death/cemetery/funeral records for my 3great-grandfather Henry James DUMMETT who died in Big Grove Township in 1889. I would appreciate any help. ------- NAME: Ronnie Nygaard SURNAMES: ANDERSEN, JORGENSEN, NILSEN, SIMONSDATTER, SIMONSEN DATE: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 QRYTEXT:NILSEN,Samuel Berdines,Anna Helena, SIMONSEN, SIMONSDATTER,Anna Helena, Karen Marie, ANDERSEN,Jorgen JORGENSEN, Selma Regina ------- NAME: Ronnie Nygaard SURNAMES: NIELSEN, SIMONSDATTER DATE: Sunday, July 8, 2012 QRYTEXT:SIMONSDATTER, NIELSEN, Ana Helena died in 1887 and was buried in the Benton City Cemetary. But your record says "destroyed". What does this mean? Plowed over, built over? Are there any remaining records? ------- NAME: Ronnie Nygaard SURNAMES: ANDERSEN, JORGENSEN, JORGENSON, NILSEN, OSTHUS, SAMUELSDATTER, SIMONSDATTER, SIMONSEN DATE: Sunday, August 5, 2012 QRYTEXT:ANDERSEN, JORGENSEN, JORGENSON, SIMONSEN, SIMONSDATTER, SAMUELSDATTER, NILSEN, OSTHUS ------- NAME: M. Jean Ober SURNAMES: HENDERSON DATE: Saturday, April 30, 2005 QRYTEXT:Death for Alexander HENDERSON in Benton County ------- NAME: Teresa Bramhall Oberholtzer SURNAMES: BRAMHALL, GILLIC, WILSON DATE: Thursday, November 29, 2001 QRYTEXT:Joy GILLIC, Benton county Iwowa. Joy posted in 1998 information about her father William Henry BRAMHALL born Feb 17, 1880 and mother Josephine WILSON. I am your relative, and have alot of information about the family. I am the the great grand daughter of Henry and my grand-father is George born 10-31-1896 in Alma Nebraska. I visit my great great grand parents grave John and Sarah in Alma every year. Please contact me ASAP. Email Teresa ------- NAME: John Oberreuter SURNAMES: OBERREUTER DATE: Thursday, February 26, 1998 QRYTEXT:OBERREUTER ------- NAME: Eric Oettel SURNAMES: MUNDS DATE: Monday, April 11, 2011 QRYTEXT:My GGGrandfather was born in Fremont September 11, 1864. His name was Darres Wilburn MUNDS. Is there anyway to get a birth certificate that shows who his family was? Much Thanks, ------- NAME: Sharon Ohrt SURNAMES: CONNERLEY, HINKLE, OHRT DATE: Monday, August 23, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on Faye CONNERLEY married to Rosella HINKLE. Their daughter Rachel dob. 22SEP1912 in my husband's mother. Rachel married Rohland OHRT dob. 10MAR1907. They married in 1932. Rachel lived for some time in Benton county and had relatives there while my husband was growing up. He believes she lived in Garrison for a while. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Lynn DeRider Olivier NOTE:Lynn Olivier 1613 Hewitt Av St Paul MN 55104-1221. SURNAMES: ALLEN, BURDITT, COCHRAN, JEWELL, MCCLURG, STEBLER, STEGGE DATE: Wednesday, September 17, 1997 QRYTEXT:Seeking information on the family of Lucille (McCLURG) BURDITT b 14 Feb 1903 d Mar 1986, Newell, Buena Vista Co IA, daughter of Mary (STEBLER) MCCLURG. Siblings of Pocahontas Co, IA: Lloyd McCLURG 1909-1995, Mae JEWELL 1907-1974, Grace ALLEN (nfi), Ella STEGGE 1893- 1987, Millie COCHRAN (nfi), and Wilber McCLURG (nfi). S.S.D.I. indicates that there was a Harriet McCLURG B 13 Sep 1917 d Nov 1983, Newell, IA. ------- NAME: Carolyn Olson SURNAMES: CLIFTON, DAVIS, HITE, REED, RICHEY, SANDERS DATE: Friday, January 9, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for any information on the family of David P. DAVIS and Levina nee CLIFTON, or related families in Benton County c.1848 - c.1870. Their children: John Alexander [m. SANDERS]; Mary [m. REED]; Jane [m. RICHEY]; Andrew [m. Christina_]; Samuel [m. Elizabeth Ann RICHEY]; William [m. Mary]; Susan J.; James; Rebecca [m. HITE]; Sarah; Catherine [m. HITE]. ------- NAME: Judy Olson SURNAMES: CARTER, SCHUCHERT DATE: Sunday, April 27, 1997 QRYTEXT:I'm looking for information on the family of Harrison CARTER, born in Athens County, Ohio, 9-5-1861, died Belle Plaine, Iowa 2-25, 1894. I am particularly interested in someone who could possibly identify photos of his children. I have photos that I suspect are Rachel, Emma, Ella, Eva and Silas CARTER. Photos were taken at Keysers in Belle Plaine. Any information about family members still living in the area would be appreciated. Silas married Louisa SCHUCHERT 1-19-1884 in Marengo, Iowa. They are my Great Grandparents. Thanks. ------- NAME: Wilma Perry Olson EMAIL:KNWLOLSON@AOL.COM SURNAMES: DOLE, PERRY DATE: Friday, November 11, 2011 QRYTEXT:Mason Singleton PERRY Elizabeth DOLE PERRY Daniel PERRY ------- NAME: Cindy Overhauser SURNAMES: OVERHAUSER DATE: Thursday, June 3, 1999 QRYTEXT:OVERHAUSER ------- NAME: Cindy Wills Overhauser SURNAMES: OVERHAUSER DATE: Thursday, May 6, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for the obit of William Lewis OVERHAUSER who died about 1900 as a result of a fall from a bike. ------- NAME: Terry Owenby SURNAMES: DELANEY, LABREE, MAY, QUIGLEY DATE: Saturday, September 12, 1998 QRYTEXT:DELANEY, 1896-?, IA>MT>ND>CA>MT Searching for information on Eddie (Jack) DELANEY born 1896 in Garrison, Benton Co., Iowa. Parents were James Edward (Edward/James C.?) DELANEY and Lottie QUIGLEY (Mary L.?). Eddie may have had a stepmother named Eva Florence MAY, born 1898 in Belle Plaine, Iowa, and halfbrothers, Lester MAY and Leo Cedrick. On 4 Aug 1943 Eddie married Elouise Grace LABREE in Scobey, MT. They had the following children: Gail Dean, Richard Eddie, and Sally Ione. Any information would certainly be appreciated. Thank you. ------- NAME: Glen Oyler SURNAMES: BRODY, HANNA, OYLER, SLATTERY, YEOMAN DATE: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 QRYTEXT:Seeking information on the following surnames - OYLER, HANNA,SLATTERY, YEOMAN, BRODY. I have quite a bit of info on all but BRODY, Specifically looking for info on Ferdinand R. OYLER and his wife, name unknown. ------- NAME: Steven Page SURNAMES: LIVINGSTON DATE: Monday, December 3, 2001 QRYTEXT:Seeking help to locate obituaries for Vern(on) LIVINGSTON (died August 1969) and his wife Elizabeth (died November 18, 1992). The SSDI said they were from Blairstown, Benton Co., IA. ------- NAME: Pam SURNAMES: HUGHES, PERRY DATE: Saturday, December 10, 2005 QRYTEXT:PERRY family consisting of Mason & Elizabeth PERRY and also Monroe (George) PERRY & Carrie(HUGHES)his first wife. They lived in Shellsburg area in 1880. I believe Mason & Elizabeth PERRY are buried in the area, and would like to find where. ------- NAME: Glen W. Pardun SURNAMES: HARRISON DATE: Sunday, April 25, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am seeking information on decendants of John B. & Lucinda HARRISON or any information or connections to this family. John B. HARRISON, b. 1832, Iowa. d. 1915, buried in the Cox Cemetery, Benton Co. IA. His other siblings were: James, b.1828; Charlott, b. 1831; John W., b.1832; Sarah, b.1833; Harvey, b. 1834; Emmy, b.1838; Mary, b. 1846. Anyone knowing of this family and/or having family connections, please contact me at my e-mail address. Thankyou. Glen W. Pardun, Homosassa, FL ------- NAME: Earl Park SURNAMES: TRAIN TIME TABLES DATE: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 QRYTEXT:Hello, I am looking for old TRAIN_TIME_TABLES for the Railroad lines that passed through Belle Plaine in 1904. I have a diary that refers to trains by number and I would like to know what time they would arrive or depart Belle Plaine and where they were from and where they were going. If anyone can help please e-mail me at>> Thank you for your help, Earl Park ------- NAME: Earl Park SURNAMES: COUFAL DATE: Monday, March 23, 2009 QRYTEXT:COUFAL Aloha, Below is a copy of a search from It refers to a Hale Cemetery in Walford, Iowa. Google says Hale Cemetery is in Jones County. Which is correct? Thanks
Earl Park
U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
Name : Joseph M Coufal
Birth Date : 3 Apr 1909
Death Date : 31 Mar 1998
Cemetery: Hale Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Walford, IA 52351
Source Information:
National Cemetery Administration. U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006. Original data: National Cemetery Administration. Nationwide Gravesite Locator ------- NAME: Earl Park SURNAMES: KELLY DATE: Friday, April 4, 2014 QRYTEXT:KELLY from page 257 of "The History of Benton County, Iowa" 1988, I find under the heading "The Kellers" the following: "John W. {KELLY} (1832), Justice of the Peace, Irving, (1859) married Melinda who died May 16, 1865, buried Goulding Cemetery, Luzerne." My question is where is the "Goulding" Cemetery around Luzerne? Is it called something else? Thanks ------- NAME: Linda Park-Fuller SURNAMES: PARK DATE: Saturday, March 8, 2008 QRYTEXT:Request information about birth place of Ary John PARK, my grandfather. Have some information indicating possibly Luzerne, Benton, Iowa. Parents were Jay Pierce PARK and Hannah Petitt PARK. ------- NAME: Darrell Parker SURNAMES: MCCONNELL, PARKER DATE: Monday, April 18, 2005 QRYTEXT:I am looking for a contact for my Family history. I have ansestor buried in Oak Wood Cemetary. Their names are; Thomas PARKER Died Sept. 15, 1862 Age: 81y 16d Susanah C. PARKER Died Feb. 26, 1876 Age 84y 8m 14d (Parents of William, Thomas and John) John PARKER Died Mar 22, 1885 Age 68y 2m son of Thomas (1) Harriett PARKER Thomas PARKER son of Thomas (1) James PARKER ? Mary PARKER ? William H. PARKER Died Sept. 26, 1883 Age 70y 2m, 26d son on Thomas (1) Nancy (MCCONNELL) PARKER Died Apr 20, 1867 Age 47y 8d Nancy Ann A PARKER Died Jun 15,1867 Age 12y Daughter of William & Nancy John T. PARKER Died Oct. 12, 1867 Age 10y 6m Son of William & Nancy Thank you ------- NAME: Patti Parker SURNAMES: DUPRAY, WEBB DATE: Wednesday, September 10, 1997 QRYTEXT:DUPRAY, Frederick and Nancy. Married in 1859 or 1860 Frederick Miller Dupray and Nancy Keziah WEBB. Cora Elnora Dupray b. 14 Oct 1860 Big Grove, Iowa Emma Colista Dupray b. 28 Feb 1862 Big Grove, Iowa I would like census, Marriage and birth information for this family. ------- NAME: Jerry Parsons SURNAMES: JEWELL, PARSONS DATE: Monday, March 5, 2001 QRYTEXT:JEWELL I'm looking for information about Dallas JEWELL and his wife Emma. My second mother was their daughter Ruby who married Elmer PARSONS and later my father Edward PARSONS (brothers) There is a son Dallas and another daughter. Any information would be helpful. ------- NAME: Stuart Paterson SURNAMES: MARTIN DATE: Friday, December 7, 2012 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information about Stuart Cameron MARTIN although I am not certain that is his last name. He was referred to as Uncle Stuart in a family photo album that belonged to my grandmother Martha Simpson MARTIN of Vinton Iowa. It is wonderful that you are willing to take the time to respond to these requests and it is sincerely appreciated. Stuart Paterson ------- NAME: Monica Patten SURNAMES: ATORF, PICKART DATE: Thursday, September 19, 2013 QRYTEXT:How was Theodore ATORF B:1822 D:8-21-1885 related to John PICKART B:1826 D:1885. Their names are on the same stone in Norway's St Michaels Cemetery. ------- NAME: Sara Patterson SURNAMES: GATES DATE: Saturday, April 6, 2002 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Cora Belle GATES for my daughter's scholarship application. ------- NAME: Barbara Patton SURNAMES: BEAR, HULL, PATTON DATE: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 QRYTEXT:Surnames: HULL and PATTON. I would like to share information with Randall A. HULL. He had a query submitted on April 25, 1998, but the email is not valid anymore. I have lots of information on Thomas & Anne (HULL) PATTON and Elijah and Betsey (BEAR) HULL; they lived in Benton County. Originally, they were from Mercer Co., PA and Trumbull Co., Ohio. After Benton, Pattons and Hulls moved to Cherokee Co., and later to Lyon Co., Iowa. ------- NAME: Paul SURNAMES: GUNN DATE: Sunday, August 7, 2011 QRYTEXT:I thought that I had located Joseph GUNN thru findagrave and Nancy Boyd GUNN A volunteer went to the Urbana grave yard, but could not locate the grave for Joseph and Nancy. I'm for someone that may have a complete directory/index for Urbana Cemetery that can verify whether Joseph and Nancy GUNN are indeed buried in Urbana Cemetery. Once the grave is located, I'm looking for a picture of the gravestone. ------- NAME: Donald Paulsen SURNAMES: PAULSEN DATE: Tuesday, February 3, 2009 QRYTEXT:I am interested in finding the Declaration of Intent of my grandfather,John Nicolaus PAULSEN.He came to this country in Aril 1885 to Davenport. It is believed that he spent some time at Keystone,Iowa before going to Sioux County by 1889.Please me know the esppence before you give me the results of your find. Mit freundlichen grussen...d ------- NAME: Phyllis Paulsen EMAIL:PHYL@NETINS.NET SURNAMES: IRONS DATE: Sunday, November 9, 1997 QRYTEXT:Charles Franklin IRONS ------- NAME: Theresa Postel Payne SURNAMES: BOGER, GIPE DATE: Sunday, May 16, 2004 QRYTEXT:Was wondering if someone would be able to go to the Vinton Courthouse to see if they can find a death date for a Magdalena "Lena" Hilda BOGER GIPE. One brother died in 1952 and listed her as living in Vinton at that time. Another brother died in 1982, with no siblings listed as surviving him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ------- NAME: Janis Peacock SURNAMES: JOHNSON, PEACOCK DATE: Thursday, April 21, 2011 QRYTEXT:Raymond PEACOCK b. March 08, 1885 to Edward and Augusta Hall PEACOCK in Iowa County but lived with family in Benton County. He was married to Winnie JOHNSON 1910. By 1913 Winnie PEACOCK claimed she was Raymond's widow. No one can find any death of Raymond PEACOCK at that time or any other nor can we find him in any other state. ------- NAME: Janis Peacock SURNAMES: PEACOCK, RAYMOND DATE: Sunday, January 20, 2013 QRYTEXT:PEACOCK, RAYMOND ------- NAME: Jim Pearson SURNAMES: BERRY, SIMONTON DATE: Friday, March 3, 2000 QRYTEXT:Elizabeth P. (SIMONTON) BERRY's 1898? obit was written from Vinton where she and her husband Frank M. BERRY has lived since 1883 after coming to Iowa from Boston that year. Her father, Benjamin SIMONTON died in Atlantic, Cass County in January 1883. Looking for information on the BERRY's in Vinton ------- NAME: Jim Pearson SURNAMES: BERRY, SIMONTON DATE: Friday, March 10, 2000 QRYTEXT:Lizzie Parker SIMONTON was born July the 19, 1830 in Portland ME. She was married to Mr. Frank M. BERRY at Lawrence, Mass., June 3, 1852. She with her husband came to Vinton in July 1883 where she died in 1898?. She united with the Baptist church with her husband in July of last year (1897?). ------- NAME: Kathryn I. Pearson SURNAMES: HOEFLING DATE: Sunday, March 12, 2000 QRYTEXT:Magdalena HOEFLING wife of John HOEFLING died 1878 near Dysart Iowa in Benton County. Where is she buried? What is the date and month of her death? ------- NAME: Kathryn I. Pearson SURNAMES: ENGEL, HOEFLING, JOHN DATE: Monday, April 24, 2000 QRYTEXT:Magdalena ENGEL HOEFLING wife of JOHN HOEFLING SR.died 1878 near Dysart in Benton County Iowa. We can not find her grave. Her in- laws, John and Gertrude HOEFLING, are buried in Rampton Cemetery, Bruce Township, Benton County, Iowa. They had 3 children, Katherine, Conrad and John. They along with their father moved to Sac County Iowa. I would like to know where she is buried and something about her family. ------- NAME: John Penman SURNAMES: HALSTEAD, HERTZ, LLOYD, STEFFY DATE: Thursday, July 2, 1998 QRYTEXT:HERTZ, John Ephraim born about 1800 in Berks Co., PA. I need birth dates of John and/or his children to verify family. I quote an 1918 article. "Israel of Blairstown, Iowa. Mathias died May 1917 buried Yale, Iowa; George and Solomon deceased both buried at Blairstown, Iowa. Susan married to a HALSTEAD died Feb. 1917 buried at Blairstown, Iowa. Elizabeth married to a STEFFY of Belle Plaine, Iowa Kinda married to a LLOYD of Guthrie, Oklahoma; Hiram and Augustus both of Marengo, Iowa." Any help would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Robert C. Peper SURNAMES: PEPER, WOLLESEN DATE: Tuesday, July 4, 2000 QRYTEXT:PEPER, Claus came to Luzerne about 1865-7, from Hollingstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, married Catharina WOLLESEN on 08 Feb 1870 in Vinton, became a citezen in 1871 in Vinton, and they had 4 children at Luzerne, before moving to Linn County, MO in 1876. I cannot fine them on the 1870 census. Looking for any insight as to where they might have lived. ------- NAME: Denise Pera SURNAMES: BUCK, HELDENBRAND DATE: Thursday, July 8, 1999 QRYTEXT:HELP!!! I am looking for information on my Great, Great, Great Grandparents who where born in Belle Plain, Benton, IA. My Grandfather John HELDENBRAND was born in 1836, and my Grandmother Rachael Ellen BUCK was born in Belle Plain, Benton, IA in 1840. They lived there for a while and their daughter Catherine Helen HELDENBRAND was born in Belle Plain in 1862. Thank You ------- NAME: Dorothy Perkins EMAIL:dottyperkinS@WEbtv.NET SURNAMES: SANDERS, VERPLANK DATE: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 QRYTEXT:Clara Eliza VERPLANK was bornin Vinton, Benton co, iowa in 1880 daughter of Charles VERPLANK her mother was Nancy SANDERS would like to find some one working on this line ------- NAME: Will Perry SURNAMES: MILLER, PERRY DATE: Wednesday, August 25, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on my grandfather, Will Harrison (possibly Henry) PERRY and his family. He was born on August 3, 1882 in Shellsberg, Benton County, Iowa. His father was Nicholas Ernest PERRY, II (b. Sept 27, 1849, Cherning, McHenery County, Illinois). His mother was Emma Marie MILLER (b. July 24, 1857, Shellsberg, Benton County, Iowa; d. October 29, 1941). Nicholas and Emma were married Dec 25, 1877 in Shellsberg. They had 9 children: Myrtle Irene Perry b. Nov. 10, 1878 Sioux County, IA d. May 9, 1961 Paul Clifford Perry b. Aug. 9, 1880 Sioux County, IA d. Feb. 18, 1926 William Harrison Perry -- see above James Miller Perry b. Apr. 25, 1884 Sioux County, IA Mable Barbara Perry b. March 24, 1886 Sioux County, IA Nicholas Ernest Perry, III b. July 23, 1888 Sioux County, IA Joseph Raymond Perry b. Feb 6, 1891 Sioux County, IA d. July 7, 1942 Lillian Emma Perry b. July 11, 1893 Sioux County, IA Mildred Evangeline Perry b. March 20, 1898 I have some more limited information on Nicholas's and Emma's forefathers. I would appreciate any information about any of the above as we have lost touch with the other branches of the Perry family. Regards, Will Perry Phone: (615) 872-1877 Fax: (615) 882-1877 E-mail: ------- NAME: Sally Seward Pesta SURNAMES: SEWARD DATE: Friday, June 24, 2016 QRYTEXT:SEWARD I am researching family history and have information that my great great grandfather Reuben Hazlet SEWARD built a Grist Mill in Vinton Iowa. Supposedly around mid 1850' was washed away within a couple years by a flash flood. Pres Franklin Pierce granted acreage to Reuben

Name: Reuben Seward
Issue Date: 15 Oct 1855
Acres: 160
Meridian: 5th PM
State: Iowa
County: Benton
Township: 85-N
Range: 12-W
Section: 19
Accession Number: IA1610__.157
Metes and Bounds: No
Land Office: Dubuque ------- NAME: Audrey Petersen SURNAMES: SWICK DATE: Sunday, February 24, 2008 QRYTEXT:Looking for an obituary look-up for Ivan Lester SWICK b. 23 Sep 1908 in Watkins, Iowa and died 31 Jul 1978 in Blairstown, Benton, Iowa. His wife's name was Anna Beatric Geiger. Any help would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Bev (Trew) Petersen SURNAMES: FRANKLIN, STCLAIR DATE: Sunday, September 28, 1997 QRYTEXT:FRANKLIN / STCLAIR - I would like to communicate with anyone with either surname in Benton Co. at any time. I have lots of information. ------- NAME: Carolyn Peterson EMAIL:PEPT905@AOL.COM SURNAMES: BRIEN, PAULSEN, SELKEM DATE: Thursday, July 30, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on the following names. PAULSEN, Peter Nichlos; PAULSEN, Hans; SELKEM, Clara; PAULSEN O'BRIEN, Mary Elizabeth; O'BRIEN, Jason Daniel. ------- NAME: Helen Peterson SURNAMES: WILLIAMS DATE: Wednesday, November 4, 1998 QRYTEXT:WILLIAMS, Stephen Would like any info/obit on Stephen Williams who died in Vinton, Feb. 17, 1886. Also, where do I write for his probate records if available. Thanks in advance. ------- NAME: Helen Peterson SURNAMES: MARINE DATE: Wednesday, November 4, 1998 QRYTEXT:MARINE family in Vinton wanted! Mid-to late 1800's from Indiana. Thanks in advance. ------- NAME: Marti Peterson SURNAMES: DUNNING DATE: Friday, January 30, 2004 QRYTEXT:Looking for info on DUNNING family possibly died or buried in the late 1800's or early 1900's. ------- NAME: Norilee Peterson SURNAMES: TILFORD DATE: Monday, July 3, 2000 QRYTEXT:I'm inquiring about John St. Clair TILFORD. He was responsible for the Tilford Middle School. I would like to know more about his family. I believe I'm a descendant of his. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Norilee (TILFORD) Peterson ------- NAME: Vicki Phoenix EMAIL:PHOE@XMISSION.COM SURNAMES: DODGE DATE: Thursday, March 24, 2005 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Elijah DODGE who lived in Benton County in 1880 per census. Any information that you can give I would be thankful for also any information on a Perry DODGE. Thank you Vicki ------- NAME: Phyllis SURNAMES: RICE DATE: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on the following: Mary E. or J. RICE b. 1848 in Ohio James RICE b. 1851 in Ohio Father is Edmund Andrew Rice (1824-1902) Mother is Electa Goodrich Step-mother is Esther Swab Lived in Benton Co, from abt. 1860-1880. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. ------- NAME: Phyllis SURNAMES: RICE, RILEY DATE: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 QRYTEXT:Am looking for William RILEY that married Mary Isabella RICE on 22 Sep. 1864. They had a child, William Lyman RILEY, on 8 Aug. 1869. Does anyone have information on William RILEY? His birthdate, place, etc. Thank you for any information that you can provide. ------- NAME: Sharon Pickrell SURNAMES: CASSILL, KENDALL, MILES, SHIVELY DATE: Sunday, March 14, 1999 QRYTEXT:Samuel S. PICKRELl b. 6 July 1848 in Elkhart County, Indiana. Married Elizabeth S. MILES (Lizzie) b. 3 Nov 1855 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana, on 11 June 1971. They moved to Belle Plaine, Benton County, Iowa. Date not known. They had 4 sons born there: Jack, Will (Bill), Nelson, died at birth, buried in Oakhill Cem, we think. And Charles Seth, b.1878 in Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Iowa. Jack married Hester Jane White on 22 Nov 1899 in Belle Plaine. Will (Bill) never married. Charles S. married Nellie Mae SHIVELY on 5 Dec 1905 in Belle Plaine. Have been in contact with Charles S. Pickrells family in Oklahoma. They have nothing on Samuel other then his name and Elizabeths name. Supposedly Samuel S. hung himself in the corn crib about 1878/79 in Belle Plaine. Our Samuel S. shows up in the 1880 census of Wapello County, Iowa. Age 31 and born in Indiana. He marries Mary Ann KENDALL CASSILL (b. 2 July 1856 in Ormanville, Wapello County, Iowa) on 13 Oct 1880 in Ottumwa, Wapello Co., Iowa. They have one child a son, Ellis Jacob Pickrell b. 13 Mar 1882. Then our Samuel supposedly dies in a minning accident. For both Samuel S. Pickrell's there is no death record, no grave or cemetary records, nothing in the local papers of either town. So we think both Samuel's are the same one and he skipped town on both families. Am interested in any information on the Samuels and thier families. ------- NAME: Sharon Pickrell SURNAMES: MILES, PICKRELL, SHIVELY, WHITE DATE: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 QRYTEXT:PICKRELL, MILES, WHITE, SHIVELY Looking for anything on the above familes. They lived in Benton Co, Iowa from the middle to late 1870's to about 1926. Samuel S. Pickrell, b. July 6, 1848 in Elkhart Co, Indiana. Elizabeth S. Miles (Lizzie) b. Nov 3, 1855 in Plymouth Co, Indiana. They were married June 11, 1871 in Elkhart Co., IN. Had 4 sons of whom 3 lived: John Franklin (Jack), b. July 1, 1870 in Elkhart., Will (Bill), Nelson, died as an infant. Supposedly buried in Benton Co., IA. and Charles Seth, b. 1878 in Cedar Rapids, IA. "Jack" married Hester Jane White on Nov 22, 1899 in Belle Plaine. They had 2 known sons: Wilbur Jr., b. June 4, 190s in Belle Plaine. He married Edith ??? and Ralph Pickrell,b Jan 11, 1916 in Amber, OK. "Bill" never married. Charles Seth Pickell married Nellie Mae Shively on Dec 9, 1905. Their marriage information was in the Belle Plaine newspaper. Have very little on Nellie, she was born in Evans, Iowa and was living with her sister in Belle Plaine when she got married. Would appreciate anything on these families. Willing to share. Sharon ------- NAME: Sue Pilbeam SURNAMES: PILBEAM DATE: Sunday, December 4, 2011 QRYTEXT:I have discovered that the Rev. Henry PILBEAM is distantly related to my family. I wonder if anyone has any further information on him. His parents come from Sussex in England. I also know that he had 13 other brothers and sisters most of whom were born in the U.S.A. I can provide all the names along with the dates of birth that I have found so far. Thanks. The Pilbeam family ------- NAME: Karen Pitchford SURNAMES: BERRY DATE: Sunday, January 18, 1998 QRYTEXT:BERRY,Clayton ------- NAME: Karen Pitchford SURNAMES: BERRY DATE: Friday, January 30, 1998 QRYTEXT:BERRY, John Wesley ------- NAME: Howard Pohlman SURNAMES: CAINE, ERNSPERGER, MYER DATE: Thursday, April 19, 2018 QRYTEXT:Would like info on John MYER who married Annie ERNSPERGER, child Hepsibah MYER married John CAINE. Think some are buried in Athey Cemetery on the hill. ------- NAME: Craig Poole SURNAMES: HILL, LOSEY DATE: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 QRYTEXT:Looking for any info on William LOSEY & family. William married Elizabeth HILL, had Mary E, Count Pulaski and Albert. They were in Benton in the 1880's. Don't know if they are buried there? Help. Many Thanks Craig Omaha, Ne ------- NAME: Julie Porter SURNAMES: ALBERT, BIEBESHEIMER, HAUCK, KROELE DATE: Wednesday, February 14, 2001 QRYTEXT:Looking on any information on my Great-great-Grandfather's family. George Adam BIEBESHEIMER was born 1 May 1851 in New York, New York. Sometime later either he or his family (father: Heihnric BIEBESHEIMER mother: Caroline KROELE) moved to Vinton, Iowa (Benson, County). According to family record George Adam was a cement contractor. He married Margaret ALBERT (father Mike ALBERT mother Margaret HAUCK of Brandon, Iowa). She was born 1 April 1853 and died in 1903 in Vinton. Among their children: George Allen, Goldie, and Carrie (Catherine). I am particually interested in birth/death records and gravesites. Please feel free to email me. ------- NAME: Byron Potts SURNAMES: FRENCH, PIERCE DATE: Monday, November 4, 2013 QRYTEXT:Looking for a marriage certificate for Griffith R. PIERCE and Elizabeth FRENCH. They were married 7 Feb 1877 in Blairstown, Benton County, Iowa. ------- NAME: Gary Pratt SURNAMES: BROWN, CRONBAUGH DATE: Saturday, September 5, 1998 QRYTEXT:Any information on John R. BROWN (1858-1928) His daughter Delfa Brown(1884-???) Delfa married George A. CRONBAUGH also of Benton County, Iowa ------- NAME: Gary Pratt SURNAMES: BROWN, COATS, CRONBAUGH, HELLER DATE: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 QRYTEXT:CRONBAUGH, BROWN, HELLER,COATS, All are related to my wife and are from the Belle Plaine, Tama, ETc are. Any information Appreciated ------- NAME: Bob Price SURNAMES: LIEGHTY, PRICE, WHITWORTH, WRIGHT DATE: Wednesday, September 9, 1998 QRYTEXT:I'm seeking information concerning a PRICE family connection in Belle Plaine. My g - g grandfather was from there and raised a bunch of kids there. My query is 2 fold: any information would be appreciated, and trying to find information regards his father / family. what I have is: Abraham Price (g-g-g grandfather) b? d 1852 Iowa City, Johnson cnty, Iowa. His offspring: Seth Reed Price (g-g grandfather) b29 Dec 1826, d 1908 Pierre, SD. His offspring (all born in Belle Plaine) Charles Mason Price, b:19 Dec 1854; Frank Price, b:4 Sept 1856; Abraham L. Price, b:25 Apr 1859 ; James Price, b:19 Nov 1861, m:1 June 1897 to: Madge WHITWORTH at Moscow, Id, d:14 Aug 1949 at San Bernardino, Ca; Pearle Price, b:18 Aug 1867, m: to Charles W WRIGHT; Clara Carul Price, b:18 May 1873, m: to William Henry LIEGHTY (?); Seth Reed Price b: 16 Dec 1869, d:13 Apr 1873 at Belle Plaine. thank you for any information ------- NAME: Bob Price SURNAMES: LIEGHTY, MASON, PRICE, WHITWORTH, WRIGHT DATE: Monday, March 15, 1999 QRYTEXT:the 1874 Benton County map for: Township 82 W, Range 12 N Sec 21 (Iowa Township) shows an S. R. PRICE This is Seth Reed PRICE from the Book of Iowa Patrons. Seth was the son of Abraham PRICE who died in Iowa City, Johnson Co Iowa abt 1850. Seth was born in Aberdean Brown Co Ohio, moved to Iowa in 1841 and married Marth Jane MASON 1853. They had 7 childern all born in Belle Plaine Benton Co Iowa. The childern were: Charles Mason b:19 Oct 1854 Frank b:4 Sept 1856 Abraham L. b:25 Apr 1859 James M. b:19 Nov 1861 m:1 June 1897 Madge WHITWORTH Moscow Idaho d:14 Aug 1949 San Bernadino Ca Pearle b:18 Aug 1867 m: Charles W WRIGHT Seth Reed Jr. b:16 Dec 1869 d:12 Apr 1873 Clara Carul? b:18 May 1873 m: William Henry? LIEGHTY My question is, does any one have any information on this family? Thanks Bob ------- NAME: Nora Probasco SURNAMES: PROBASCO DATE: Tuesday, February 10, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am interested in PROBASCO surname info, family trees and research. I am starting a central PROBASCO database to direct researchers to others who are researching their line. The PROBASCO's have been in Benton County since the 1880's. ------- NAME: Karen Prokop SURNAMES: SMITH, WRIGHT DATE: Saturday, June 3, 2006 QRYTEXT:Jesse WRIGHT died in Benton County on Oct 20, 1858. I am looking for his place of burial. Would also like information on the family. Jesse WRIGHT married Lydia SMITH in Marion County, Ohio. They moved to Benton County in 1854. They had six sons, George, Augustus, Elisha, Enos, William & Henry. I think Henry was born in Benton County. George is my great, great, grandfather. Any information is appreciated. Thank You. ------- NAME: Donna-Rae Prong SURNAMES: WILSON DATE: Friday, October 8, 2004 QRYTEXT:WILSON I am looking for the death date and burial site of Nancy, wife of William Riley WILSON. She was born c. 1832 in Ontario, and died between 1870 and 1880 in Canton Twp., Benton Co., IA. Perhaps the Oakwood cemetery, west of Shellsburg, would have been the closest to their farm. Her husband and some of their family returned to Ontario, but some young children may also be buried in Nancy's plot. It would be most appreciated if someone could check cemetery listings for Canton Twp. ------- NAME: Loraine K. Prutzman SURNAMES: RANSOM DATE: Tuesday, February 23, 1999 QRYTEXT:Seeking info in Benton Co about James Harvey RANSOM b. 10 Nov. 1868, Perry Hall Maryland. Moved to Lanark IL, between 1877 and 1880. with parents- Jameson Harvey and Mary Eliz.(Winchester) RANSOM. He had 7 brothers: Samuel C. ; Harley S; William W.; George E.; Nathan C.; Harry E.; and a sister, Margaretta May Ransom b Lanark 21 Nov 1880 Also interested in death dates of parents and any of the above, etc. as well as their descendants. Thank you for any info you might be able to provide. WE have a common Pennsylvania ancestor and lost track of this family after 1882. ------- NAME: Loraine K. Prutzman SURNAMES: RANSOM DATE: Tuesday, February 23, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on James Harley RANSOM ,b. 10 Nov. 1868 in Perry Hall, Maryland. Raised in Lanark, Ill but later resided in or near Vinton or Blairstown, Benton Co.,IA May have had a daughter , Ruth RANSOM who played on the 1914 Girls basketball team and graduated from Blairstown H.S. in 1914 Any help will be deeply appreciated. Would like to contact descendants. ------- NAME: Karen Puckett SURNAMES: GAMBLE, GUNTER, HOKE DATE: Sunday, September 19, 1999 QRYTEXT:HOKE, Elsie Mae; dob: 26 Aug 1881, Vinton, Iowa, USA. Married James W. GUNTER of Ewing, Nebraska, USA. Father: William HOKE dob: 3 Mar 1856, Mother: Lettie GAMBLE. I'm looking for information on when and where Lettie GAMBLE was born, as well as her parents. I'm also looking for where William HOKE was born, as well as his parents. I would also like to find out when Elsie and her parents moved to Ewing, Nebraska, USA. ------- NAME: Sarah Puglia SURNAMES: KLOPPENBURG, SCHUETT, SCHUTT, SHUTT DATE: Saturday, June 7, 2003 QRYTEXT:KLOPPENBURG, SCHUETT (alt SCHUTT, SHUTT). I'm researching the female line of my family, specifically looking for relatives (parents, siblings) of Henrietta (alt Etta, Ada, Addie) KLOPPENBURG SCHUETT whom I believe is buried in the International Cemetery in Luzerne (?). Her husband was Joachim SCHUETT. Their daughter Jessie Mabel SCHUETT was born in Luzerne around 1881. ANY info greatly appreciated! ------- NAME: David L. Putman SURNAMES: PUTMAN DATE: Monday, January 11, 1999 QRYTEXT:PUTMAN ------- NAME: Donn Quackenbush SURNAMES: JORDAN, QUACKENBUSH DATE: Sunday, January 24, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on Sarah JORDAN QUACKENBUSH, died in Vinton in 1897, and her son Amos QUACKENBUSH, who died in Vinton in 1915. Any help would be much appreciated. ------- NAME: James Quigley SURNAMES: POHLMAN, WILL DATE: Saturday, March 4, 2000 QRYTEXT:POHLMAN; arrived in Iowa in the 1850s from Eldenor, Mecklenberg-Schwerin, Germany. I'm looking for information about my gggrandmother, Louisa POHLMAN. She married Heinrich Carl WILL in 1858 and moved with him to Leroy Township. They moved to Holstein, Iowa, about 1885. I'm interested in any locally available information about her or her husband during their stay in Benton County. All I have is the Holstein 1982 Centennial book and the 1870 Federal Census data. ------- NAME: James Quigley SURNAMES: WILL DATE: Saturday, March 4, 2000 QRYTEXT:WILL; arrived in Iowa in the 1850s from Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. I'm looking for information about my gggrandfather, Heinrich Carl WILL (went by Henry in the 1870 Federal Census) and his parents, Casper and Anna WILL. They lived in Leroy Township. Heinrich moved to Holstein, Iowa, about 1885, and he died there in 1912. I'm interested in any locally available information about him and his parents during their stay in Benton County. All I have is the Holstein 1982 Centennial book and the Federal Census data. ------- NAME: Jan Rachuy SURNAMES: JAHNKE, WINTERFELD DATE: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Anna Catharina Dorothea WINTERFELD. She married Friedrick (Fred) JAHNKE. She died 1898 in Benton County. I hope that someone can help me with information on her or her family. I would appreciate any help. Thank you Jan ------- NAME: Jeannette Rainey SURNAMES: BENNETT, FISCHER DATE: Friday, April 2, 2010 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on Jacob BENNETT, married Anna FISCHER. Lived in Vinton from about 1880 until death in 1943. I would love to know anything about the couple that anyone has. Thanks Jeannette ------- NAME: Jeannette Rainey SURNAMES: FISHER DATE: Thursday, May 13, 2010 QRYTEXT:Looking for James FISHER and Ellen FISHER, James is on the 1920 census. His children, Albert and Marvilla have head stones in the Evergreen Cemetery in 1924. Any clues about James would be appreciated. Ellen seems to have disappeared after 1900 ------- NAME: Ramona SURNAMES: FENGERSON, HALVERSON, OLE, RAYMAKER DATE: Monday, March 19, 2001 QRYTEXT:Swenson OLE , lived in Norway , Ohio 1881 . Searching his family . A daughter Gertrude was born in Norway , Iowa April 24 ,1881 (6 girls & 2 boys) In Gertrudes O'Bit in 1946 it listd the 2 boys as Spencer (deceased), Chris living in Aberdeen S.D. Sister's Josie (deceased) Mrs RAYMAKER of Minn. Mrs. HALVERSON of S.D. Mrs. FENGERSON of Wa. Mrs. Hill of N.D. Any information is appreciated . Thank You, Ramona Please E- mail me direct ------- NAME: Michael Rankin SURNAMES: KIMLEY, KNAPP DATE: Sunday, July 18, 2010 QRYTEXT:Looking for John KNAPP married to Hanna KIMLEY. Sons Howard Monroe KNAPP and George Redmon KNAPP. Howard born in Iowa 1859 and George Redmon born in 1854 and died in Iowa 1945. ------- NAME: Marilyn Rasmussen SURNAMES: DEMPEWOLF, SMITH, WIEDITZ DATE: Saturday, February 6, 1999 QRYTEXT:J. D. SMITH, Frederick DEMPEWOLF, William WIEDITZ ------- NAME: Tierney Lynch Ratti SURNAMES: CRAGER DATE: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 QRYTEXT:I have always been told that my great aunt, Grace M. CRAGER from Garrison,IA, was a WWI Army Nurse; however, I have not been able to find any records to verify this. Where should I be looking for such information? ------- NAME: Sharon Ray SURNAMES: BUNTEN, RAY, TAGUE DATE: Tuesday, June 1, 1999 QRYTEXT:TAGUE, Orlena, born 12/31/1878 Benton County IA Father: David TAGUE, Mother Amazette BUNTEN. Orlena (Lena) was my husband's grandmother. Would like to know more about her parents. Orlena (Lena) moved to Colorado, married Hugh RAY. I have more info to share. Thank you Sharon ------- NAME: Toni Reed SURNAMES: ELSON, JOHNSON, WILLIAMS DATE: Monday, April 19, 1999 QRYTEXT:JOHNSON, ELSON, WILLIAMS Seeking information on the descendents of Thomas P. JOHNSON and Hannah (ELSON) Johnson. They were both born in Coshocton Co., Ohio. Married in 1842, moved to Iowa sometime after that. Where they lived in Benton Co. since. After Thomas P. died Hannah remarried Isaac Zane WILLIAMS. The 1860 census has the following children listed for Thomas P. and Hannah. John W.,Sarah C., Amanda, Archibald, Robison (Robert Elson), Nina and Thomas (Jr. or J.) . Any help would be appreciated. Will share info. Thank You, ------- NAME: Toni Reed SURNAMES: MEEK, MOULDS, MUSSEN DATE: Tuesday, March 7, 2000 QRYTEXT:MOULDS>MEEK Looking for anyone that might have some information on the MOULDS family. Joseph MOULDS married Flora Belle MEEK. They are buried in the Shellsburg cemetery. Joseph's father is John MOULDS and mother Sarah MUSSEN. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You ! Toni Reed ------- NAME: Toni Reed SURNAMES: KIRKPATRICK, PARKER DATE: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 QRYTEXT:KIRKPATRICK>PARKER I'm looking for information on Harriet Kirkpatrick b. 5 Apr. 1833, in Ohio d. 30 May 1903 buried at Oakwood cemetery in Shellsburg Iowa. Harriet married John Parker 1854, I think in Ohio. They came to Iowa in 1849 and had 5 children, I'm looking for relatives or someone who may know something on this family. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You! ------- NAME: Toni Reed SURNAMES: JOHNSON, WILT DATE: Friday, April 14, 2000 QRYTEXT:WILT>JOHNSON I'm looking for information on the WILT family. George and Christina WILT came to Benton Co., and were buried at Mt. Pleasant cemetery. Their children were Catherine, John, Deborah, Molly and Thomas. Deborah married Robert E. JOHNSON and they are buried at the Oakwood cemetery. Any information on the family would be appericated. Thank You! ------- NAME: Toni Reed SURNAMES: ELSON, HOPPER, JOHNSON DATE: Monday, October 23, 2000 QRYTEXT:HOPPER and JOHNSON I'm looking for anyone that could be connected with the HOPPER I'm looking for. I have that a HOPPER boy (maybe Fred) married a JOHNSON girl her name I'm unsure of heres what it could be or you may have something else. Mima,Nina,Maude. She was the daughter of Thomas P. and Hannah (ELSON) JOHNSON. She was born around 1857 I found her listed in a 1860 Benton Co., census and in that her name looked like Mima so not for sure what it was or could be. I'm told they possibly moved to Ohio. The names Bert and Glada from Lexington,OH. come up and they are suppose to be related to my JOHNSON relative. Any help any one could give me would be greatly appreicated. Sincerely, Toni ------- NAME: Toni Reed SURNAMES: DUBOIS, HOPPER, JOHNSON, PARKER, SHROPSHIRE, WILLIAMS, WILT DATE: Friday, November 3, 2000 QRYTEXT:DUBOIS>HOPPER>JOHNSON>PARKER>SHROPSHIRE>WILLIAMS> WILT I'm looking for information on the JOHNSON family that lived in Benton Co. in the late 1840's early 1850's. Thomas P. and Hannah JOHNSON had the following children. John W. b.1845, Sarah C.or K(Kate (Ferdinand) DUBOIS) b.1847, Amanda C. (Thomas J.SHROPSHIRE) b.1849, Archibald 11-7-1851, Robison (Robert Elson -m- Debbie WILT) b. 1853, Nina (Athriel HOPPER) b. 1-31-1857, Thomas James b. 1858/59. I'm looking for family members of any of these people and hopefully someone that can put pieces to the puzzle together. I have found some information and I'm willing to share whatever I have so we can find the answers to alot of questions. If anyone can help please contact me. Thank You, Toni ------- NAME: Christina Rehs SURNAMES: JONDLE DATE: Monday, April 9, 2001 QRYTEXT:Seeking Obituary: Charles JONDLE; b. abt. March 1, 1918 and died abt. May 5, 1994 In Benton County, Shellsburg, IA. ------- NAME: Christina Rehs SURNAMES: PAVELKA DATE: Monday, April 18, 2005 QRYTEXT:PAVELKA, Mrs. Magdelene (Frank), deceased September 22, 1973, burial in Benton Co., Belle Plaine, IA; funeral home was Hrabak in Belle Plaine. Obit does not state name of cemetery. Any clues where I may find her and her husband Frank? ------- NAME: K Mauk Reid SURNAMES: MATTER, MAUK DATE: Monday, April 26, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on Samuel Thomas MAUK b. 2 March 1872, father: George A. MAUK, Mother: Susannah MATTER MAUK. ------- NAME: Sue Trout Reisdorph SURNAMES: GEDDES DATE: Tuesday, May 2, 2000 QRYTEXT:GEDDES, Andrew J., born Aug. 27, 1844 in St. Thomas, Canada, lived in Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa, later in Washington, DC, where he died in Nov. 1921. He's buried at Arlington, as is his wife, Florence. It's believed they had four children, three of whom may have died young. Andrew served in the 8th IA Inf. during the Civil War, and continued in the Regular Army after the war's end. Would appreciate any information on Andrew or other members of the family, such as his surviving children or his siblings. Known siblings include William, James Loraine, Charles, John C., and Hannah. ------- NAME: Sue Trout Reisdorph SURNAMES: ACHUFF, GEDDES DATE: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 QRYTEXT:ACHUFF: I'm trying to locate information on the ACHUFF family that lived in Vinton at least from the late 1850s into the 1880s. Elizabeth ACHUFF married General James L. GEDDES in 1876, and at least one of her brothers was an actor (Ed or Ned). Any information would be greatly appreciated. ------- NAME: Ruby C Rempe SURNAMES: REMPE DATE: Friday, May 2, 2003 QRYTEXT:Benton County Iowa 1854 state census lists a William REMPE, head of household, with three males, and three females, one in militia, one in voter column. Does anyone know if this William Rempe was connected to Frederich Wilhelm REMPE,aka William REMPE of Fort Madison, Lee County Ia? Or does anyone have information about the Benton County REMPE or his family. Thanks! ------- NAME: B. Repta SURNAMES: VINTON PEARL BUTTON DATE: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 QRYTEXT:Looking for information of the VINTON_PEARL_BUTTON Company, of Vinton, Benton Co. Iowa, last letter received from there 1903. Any information greatly appreciated. ------- NAME: Kathy De Los Reyes SURNAMES: HUSTON, RICKEL DATE: Sunday, September 6, 1998 QRYTEXT:RICKEL: Looking for information on Isaiah H. Rickel and especially his wife, Ella HUSTON, married March 3, 1875 in Vinton, IA. My grandfather, Roe Rickel was one of I. H. Rickel's sons. Especially interested in information going back in time rather than forward. Will answer any queries. Thank you. ------- NAME: Kathy De Los Reyes SURNAMES: HUSTON, RICKEL DATE: Sunday, October 4, 1998 QRYTEXT:Seeking Any Information On Isaiah H. Rickel And Ella Huston married in Vinton,Iowa on March 3, 1875. I.H. RICKEL b Sep 7, 1847 in West Salem Ohio, d Sep 7, 1932 in Juniata Nebraska. Especially interested in any information regarding Ella HUSTON and family as nothing is known about them. Ella HUSTON's father served in Civil War possibly in a Iowa unit. Will respond to all queries. Thanks ------- NAME: Kathy De Los Reyes SURNAMES: HUSTON, RICKEL DATE: Monday, June 28, 1999 QRYTEXT:RICKEL/HUSTON, Seeking information on Isaiah H. RICKEL and Ella HUSTON married 3 March 1875 in Vinton Iowa. Especially intersted in Ella HUSTON's family. ------- NAME: Sheryl Reynolds SURNAMES: MASON, SANDERS DATE: Sunday, February 14, 1999 QRYTEXT:Interested in a Oscar MASON married a Bessie Edna SANDERS from Vinton. Oscar MASON was from Shellsburg, Iowa ------- NAME: Sheryl Reynolds SURNAMES: CRESS, FOSSEN, HOPPER, MASON, SANDERS, VAN DATE: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 QRYTEXT:MASON CRESS VAN FOSSEN HOPPER SANDERS and connections to Shellsburg families in Shellsburg, Iowa Benton County I have tons of families in that area... ------- NAME: Sheryl Reynolds EMAIL:DENEREN@AOL.COM SURNAMES: BOLTON, BRUMWELL, HISCOCK, JACKSON, KIME, MASON, SANDERS DATE: Monday, February 2, 2009 QRYTEXT:Good morning I am a decendant of Myrtle E BOLTON who married Earl Norman SANDERS. I am wondering if??? Sarah and Myrtle were sisters and George my fathers great grandfther? Thanks for checking... I am also related to the Hargers I believe you have Julias wedding and her death as the same date. This is great to see information on the internet. I am Sheryl Mason Reynolds I submit to the Benton county web and fidagrave site. I am looking for Mason pictures of Albert and George MASON of Shellsburg Iowa and Nebraska is where they ended up living the rest of there life out. I have found them from being on these sites and it is Great. I called dad this morning his name is Clyde MASON and he remembers the Brumwells said they didn't live far from them when on the farm thanks for you help. Sheyl Reynolds

Jacob BRUMWELL Born: August 03,1831 Smith Township, Peterborough County, Canada
Married: July 17,1851 Smith Township, Peterborough County, Canada
Died: January 28,1892 "Red Brush" Benton Township, Benton County, Iowa
1st Buried: 1892 Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Canton Township, Benton County, Iowa
2nd Buried: January 22, 1917 Evergreen Cemetery, Vinton, Iowa
Parents; Jacob BRUMWELL and Mary JACKSON
Note; When Jacobs wife Sarah died, his children had his body removed to Evergreen Cemetery in Vinton. They left his original head stone at Mt Pleasant Cemetery,as the wanted a newer one. The reason they removed his body is because hogs from the neighboring farm kept getting into Mt Pleasant Cemetery, eating the flowers and rooting around. This story about the hogs was told to me by my Grandmother, Freda Williams Rasley KIME, Jacob and Sarah's Granddaughter. My Grandmother's sister and Brother, plus my Dad who was told about the hogs by his Grandmother Fannie Brumwell Williams, a daughter of Jacob and Sarah Brumwell.

Jacob's Wife: Sarah Bolton Born: August 12,1832 Smithfield, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada
Died: January 20,1917 Vinton, Iowa
Buried: January 22,1917 Evergreen Cemetery, Vinton Iowa
Parents: George Bolton and Elizabeth HISCOCK
Jacob and Sarah came to Benton City, Benton County, Iowa in 1859. They moved to 160 acre farm in Eden Township in 1860. They later moved back to Benton City in 1870 and operated a mill there for about ten years.

A)1860 Benton County Census
B)1870 Benton County Census
C)1880 Benton County Census
D)Purchase of 160 on September 19,1855, from William Joshua Barney, on file at the Vinton Courthouse.
E)Ontario Canada Marriage, Birth and census records.
F)Sarah's sister accompanied the Brumwell's on the treck from Canada to Benton County. She told the story of this trip in the September 20,1931 addition of the Cedar Valley Times. The occasion was five days before her 89 Birthday. She was the scond oldest resident of Benton County at the time.
G)Pioneer Recollections compiled by Harley Ransom Published by the historical Publishing Company Vinton, Iowa 1941 page 214 says Jim Brumwell's parents came to Benton City when he was 18 months old.
G)Info by Jon Kime of Cedar Rapids, a Great Great Grandson of Jacob and Sarah. ------- NAME: Dee Rhodes SURNAMES: FOWLER, HUTTON DATE: Saturday, September 11, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am looking any information on the marriage of Stephen FOWLER to Mary Frances HUTTON about 1851 in Belle plains, Benton, Iowa. Stephen Fowler was born Aril 4. 1824 in Randolph, Indiana. I have no information on Mary Frances Hutton. ------- NAME: Dee Rhodes SURNAMES: FOWLER DATE: Monday, March 15, 2004 QRYTEXT:FOWLER ------- NAME: John M Rhodes SURNAMES: KUHN, LOHR DATE: Monday, January 24, 2005 QRYTEXT:LOHR Margaret KUHN Lohr (b. 1874 Centre Co. PA, married x LOHR in PA?). Appears in Belle Plaine, IA in 1930 census with son Paul LOHR ( 1892 PA) and two daughters, Flora (b. 1915 IA) and Fern (b. 1917 IA). She is listed in September 1944 in a brother's California obituary as still living in Belle Plaine, IA. Can anyone supply information about this family? ------- NAME: Marlys McGrath Rice SURNAMES: COATS, LOVELL, MINER, RICE DATE: Thursday, May 6, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am researching all family lines relating to COATS, MINER, LOVELL, RICE of the Benton county, Ia. area. Will gladly share. ------- NAME: Marlys McGrath Rice SURNAMES: ANDERSON, COATS, KELLOGG, MINER, RICE, VOSBOURGH DATE: Tuesday, November 7, 2000 QRYTEXT:Would like to exchange data on the following Benton county families: RICE, MINER, COATS, VOSBOURGH, KELLOGG, and ANDERSON. After Benton county, many of the family settled here in Dixon county, NE. Can provide update from 1870 to present on many of the family members. ------- NAME: Sue Rich SURNAMES: COFFLAND, STEPHENSON DATE: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 QRYTEXT:I'm looking for any information about my grandparents:
John COFFLAND b. 1885 IA d. 1961 TX
Hattie STEPHENSON b. 1992 TX d. 1964 CA
Thank you, Sue Rich ------- NAME: Anne Richardson SURNAMES: COATS, EDWARDS DATE: Monday, August 14, 2006 QRYTEXT:Elizabeth Adair COATS was living with her daughter, Ollie COATS EDWARDS (Mrs. Hamilton EDWARDS)in Belle Plaine when she died after 1896. She died before 1904. Any info on death date appreciated. Where is she buried? ------- NAME: James Ricketts SURNAMES: RICKETTS DATE: Sunday, June 8, 1997 QRYTEXT:Looking for RICKETTS of Benton County, Iowa ------- NAME: Floyd RIGGLE SURNAMES: RIGGLE DATE: Sunday, May 1, 2005 QRYTEXT:Re: RIGGLE - Am trying to find the father of George J. RIGGLE (b. 1824 in Ohio)and determine if David, Daniel, Obadiah and George J. have a common ancestor or if they are all separate lines. ------- NAME: Ernie Rimrodt SURNAMES: HALSTAD, HOWARD, MILLER, MUELLER, PARKER, PRIMROSE, ROGERS, SCOFIELD DATE: Wednesday, January 5, 2000 QRYTEXT:PRIMROSE Family Tree includes the following names by marriage: MILLER,Dora dau of Norman,son of Moses,son of Jacob Frederick MUELLER of Wittenburg, Germany SCOFIELD, Cynthia m.Moses She is the dau of Sylvenous b. in France PARKER, Harrietta Amelia "Hattie" m.Norman She is the dau of George J. of New York HOWARD,Martha m. George J. 1826 in Kane Co. Ill HALSTAD,Sarah m.Jacob Frederick She is from England ROGERS,Ursala or Usley m. Sylvenous She is from England ------- NAME: Carla Ritchie SURNAMES: REMINGTON, WALKER DATE: Saturday, May 10, 1997 QRYTEXT:I'm looking for any info on the name REMINGTON. My great grandfather was born in Benton, Iowa, his name was Clifford REMINGTON B.1886, his brother was Roy B.1884 his parents were Jacob REMINGTON and Sarah WALKER. If anyone can help me please let me know. ------- NAME: Carla Ritchie SURNAMES: REMINGTON DATE: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 QRYTEXT:REMINGTON ------- NAME: Jim Ritchie SURNAMES: RITCHIE DATE: Thursday, April 25, 2002 QRYTEXT:Looking for any info on Thomas Hope RITCHIE b. 1847 in Blenheim Township, Oxford County, Ontario and came to Iowa in the late 1860's or early 70's. He was in Vinton in 1873. Have lost track of him here. I'm hoping to find marriage or death dates. Thanks ------- NAME: Kathleen Rizer SURNAMES: CORE, HIBBEN, MITCHELL, SPRINGER DATE: Thursday, January 22, 1998 QRYTEXT:Samuel SPRINGER was born Feb 1831 in Fayette Co., Penn. the son of Aaron SPRINGER and Mary HIBBEN. Samuel SPRINGER married Sarah A. CORE 13 Apr 1852. This family is in the Benton Co., Iowa census of 1860. Samuel SPRINGER died 23 Sep 1899 possibly in Marengo, Iowa. Where did this wife Sarah Core Springer die?? They had at least three children: James T. Springer b. 1854 who married Parmethe MITCHELL in Benton Co., Iowa; Isabella Springer b. 1857, and William Springer b. 1859. Did these latter children marry?? When and where did the children die?? ------- NAME: Kathleen Rizer SURNAMES: BOWER, SPRINGER DATE: Friday, February 19, 1999 QRYTEXT:Jabez BOWER married Mary Hester SPRINGER in Benton Co., Iowa on 11 March 1869. I would like corresponding with someone researching this family. (I have earlier generations of the SPRINGER family to exchange.) Their children were: Hattee, Jane, William Annie, Alice, Emma and Belle Bower. ------- NAME: Kathleen Rizer SURNAMES: JUNK, SPRINGER DATE: Thursday, February 25, 1999 QRYTEXT:Thomas SPRINGER is in the 1860 Benton Co., Iowa census, still single. He died 24 Sept 1887 in Linn Co., Iowa. Would like to know the fist name of his wife, whose surname was JUNK. When and where did they marry? Were there any children? (Thomas SPRINGER was born 25 Sep 1837 in Fayette Co., Penn.) ------- NAME: Kathleen Rizer SURNAMES: HAYDEN, SKILES, TULLY DATE: Saturday, May 4, 2002 QRYTEXT:Capitola SKILES married Charles H. TULLY about 1892. She was the dau. of Archibald SKILES and Emily HAYDEN and was born Dec 1869 in Benton Co, Iowa. Charles TULLY was b. May 1867 in Penn. Charles and Capitola are found in the 1900 Pine Creek precinct, Sheridan Co, Neb. along with a son Lloyd TULLY. I’m looking for complete dates for Charles and Capitola SKILES TULLY, and names of other children. You may email me directly at ------- NAME: Kathleen Rizer SURNAMES: BOWER, SPRINGER DATE: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 QRYTEXT:John BOWER and Elizabeth SPRINGER were married 5 Oct 1858 in Benton Co., Iowa. But I have that Elizabeth SPRINGER BOWER died 15 April 1901 in Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Iowa. Did John BOWER die in Linn Co., also?? This couple had the following children: Martha Jane, John A., and Ada. I have information on Martha who married Allen Doolittle. Looking for spouses and burial dates for John A. and Ada Bowers. ------- NAME: Eleanor Robb SURNAMES: MEEKS DATE: Saturday, October 26, 2002 QRYTEXT:I am looking for info about Will and Ida MEEKS who lived in or near Shellsburg in the early 1900's. I believe they had at least 1 dau named Mary. I am esp looking for the parents and siblings of Will. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can send. ------- NAME: Eleanor Robb SURNAMES: MCCARL DATE: Monday, May 3, 2004 QRYTEXT:I am researching George and Rebecca MCCARL, and found Rebecca living in Belle Plaine in 1900 census with her son George born 1872 and daughter born 1888,the writing is not clear. I think the name is Katie, but is hard to read. Can anyone help with the dau's name? Thanks for any help. Gene ------- NAME: April Robbins SURNAMES: BARTHOLOMEW, BROWN DATE: Friday, April 17, 1998 QRYTEXT:Kindly advise if you have any info on the ancestry of Frank Carl BARTHOLOMEW b 2-1-1861/Vinton, Benton, IA. His parents were William Winnen BARTHOLOMEW and Emily Jane BROWN. ------- NAME: Ed Rock SURNAMES: ROCK DATE: Sunday, July 9, 2006 QRYTEXT:Looking for the full name of A.H. ROCK. Believe the A stands for Augustus. Also where he was born? ------- NAME: Darren M. Rockhold SURNAMES: ROCKHOLD, WYCKOFF DATE: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 QRYTEXT:I have heard that my ggg grandmother, Sarah (WYCKOFF) ROCKHOLD is buried in the Kisling Cemetery. Does anyone have a record of this, or is it possible to have an image of her headstone? Thanks! ------- NAME: Edie Rodriguez SURNAMES: COATES, INMAN, LEAVELL DATE: Friday, March 6, 1998 QRYTEXT:COATES, George W. and LEAVELL, Martha were married in 1854 in Miami County, Ohio. Sometime after that, they moved to Belle Plain, Benton County, Iowa and had four more children, two of which died. After George died, I don't know when, Martha Coates moved to California between 1895 and 1900. The two Coates children that survived were Ranalden Lycurgus Coates, b. 3-4-1855 and Alvin Esta Coates, b. 3-31-1860. I am not sure if these two were b. in Iowa, but I suspect they were, because I have not found the graves of the other two in Miami County, which has good records of graves. I would also be interested in any information on Martha's daughter, Rachel Jane LEAVELL and her m. to William INMAN, possibly Benton or Marshall County, Iowa on Feb. 13, 1864. Any information on this family would be appreciated greatly. Thank you. ------- NAME: Pat Roggs EMAIL:W72ADIE32RIGGS@AOL.COM SURNAMES: BRIGGS, BRUNCH DATE: Monday, February 23, 2004 QRYTEXT:Need help in obtaining death date for Nancy D. BRUNCH BRIGGS. We know the year is 1880 but don't know month or day or where she is buried. She was born in 1849. ------- NAME: Edna Rolston SURNAMES: MAXSON DATE: Sunday, June 4, 2000 QRYTEXT:MAXSON Am looking for any information on William Maxson born 1844 Ohio (?)....First trail I find of him is Civil War enlistment 1862 Vinton, Ia. next is in 1880 Benton county census. Wife Charlotte (?) shows up on 1900 census in Sac County as widow........children are: Clarence, Thomas Clayton,Ada,Emory and Mary ------- NAME: Leniegh Schrinar for Irene Root SURNAMES: HEIDEN, HOPPER, ZIMMERMANN DATE: Wednesday, November 7, 2001 QRYTEXT:Need descendants of: Stephen HOPPER b. ca 1860 m. March 20, 1889 to Catherine HEIDEN by Pastor Studt of St. Martin's Church, Benton Co. IA. Witnesses: Heinrich HEIDEN & L. ZIMMERMANN ------- NAME: Leniegh Schrinar for Irene Root SURNAMES: HEIDEN, HOPPER, MILVERSTADT, ZIMMERMANN DATE: Wednesday, November 7, 2001 QRYTEXT:Need descendants of: Heinrich HEIDEN b. ca 1863 m. March 28, 1890 to Lizzie ZIMMERMANN by Pastor George Bayer of St. Martin's Church, Benton Co. IA. Witnesses: Steve HOPPER and W. MILVERSTADT ------- NAME: Leniegh Schrinar/Irene Heiden Root SURNAMES: HEIDEN, KARSTEN DATE: Thursday, September 21, 2000 QRYTEXT:1880 & 1900 Benton Co. Iowa census St. Clair Twp. HEIDEN, Henrich b. Oct 1828 Melchenburg, Germany married 42 years on 1900 census wife, Sophia KARSTEN b. April 1840 Melchenburg Germany had 8 children CHILDREN: Henry b. ca 1862 Iowa Catherine b. ca 1864 Iowa Sophia b. ca 1865 Iowa Albina b. ca 1872 Iowa Louis b. ca 1874 Iowa John Henry b. Aug. 14, 1876 Benton Co. IA I have info about the son John Henry. Where are the parents buried? Leniegh Schrinar for Irene Heiden Root. ------- NAME: Leniegh Schrinar/Irene Heiden Root SURNAMES: DAHNKE, GRAFF, HAMPEL, HEIDEN, TEICHMANN DATE: Thursday, September 21, 2000 QRYTEXT:John HAMPEL d.March 09, 1894 buried: Mound Cemetery, Watkins, Benton Co. IA. m. Emily TEICHMANN March 29, 1876. Emily lived in St. Clair township 42 years. Her funeral was held at the Community Church in Watkins. Burial in Mound Cemetery, Watkins, IA. Children: 1. Bertha m. (1) _____ GRAFF died in flu epidemic m. (2) John DAHNKE. 2. Carl bur. Mound Cemetery, Watkins, Benton Co. IA. 3. child that died before 1928 4. George Frederick d. September 27, 1955, Ocean View Memory Gardens, Empire, CA m. Mabel ____. 5. Emma Amelia b. March 10, 1881 d. December 19, 1968 buried Mound Cem. Watkins, IA. 6. Anna Albertina Bertha b. March 22, 1883, Cullman Cullman Co., Alabama d. September 30, 1968 m. John Henry HEIDEN March 12, 1902 St. Martins Evangelical Lutheran Church on present day Kenneth Karsten's farm 7975 Road 23, Marengo, IA 52301 7. William J. "Bill" b. December 20, 1885 d. March 1975, last place of residence Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo Co. IA where buried?. 8. Harry b. December 14, 1892 d. July 07, 1975 bur. Allison Cem., Allison, Butler Co. IA m. Christina _____. Timeline for John HAMPEL & Emma TEICHMAN: 1876 March 29 John and Emma married 1881 March 10 daugher Emma born (not in US) 1882 John & Emily came to America & lived near Cullman, Alabama for 5 years. 1883 March 22 daughter Anna born in Cullman, Culluman Co. AL. 1885 Dec. 20 son William J. born (Cullman, AL?) 1887 March John, Emily and Emma arrive in Watkins, Benton Co. IA. 1892 Dec. 14 son Harry born Watkins, Benton Co. IA 1894 March 9, John dies and is buried in Mount Cem., Watkins, Benton Co. IA. Emma is now a widow ------- NAME: Roger Root EMAIL:W7LZ@ARRL.NET SURNAMES: FLATTERS DATE: Thursday, May 6, 1999 QRYTEXT:FLATTERS. I would like to contact any descendant or find additional information about Lulu FLATTERS and her family. Lulu lived in Vinton, Benton, Iowa in 1912. Any help would be appreciated. Roger Root, Tucson, AZ ------- NAME: Betty Ropelewski SURNAMES: SNYDER DATE: Thursday, June 30, 2005 QRYTEXT:I would like to know how I can obtain land records and any other information you might have for the family of my great-grandparents Charles and Charlotte SNYDER. He was a furniture dealer in Belle Plain from around 1865-1885. He had about five children. I would appreciate any information you could give me. Thank you. ------- NAME: Darlene Connelley Rose SURNAMES: BOSWORTH DATE: Tuesday, February 2, 1999 QRYTEXT:BOSWORTH, Ira Grow lived in Shellsburg, Iowa 1872 wife: Marietta Heath, children: Ina Marietta, Louis, Braydon ------- NAME: RoseMary SURNAMES: ROSENBERG, STAMY DATE: Sunday, August 14, 2005 QRYTEXT:I have recently begun a Genealogical tree and according to the 1895 Census the ancestor I am currently researching lived in Iowa (Linn and Benton Counties). The gentleman's name Is David ROSENBERG (from Pennsylvania?) and he probably had 2 children born in Benton County in the late 1880's and early 1890's. Records idicate that he was in Linn County (and possibly had another child there by 1895) He was married to a woman called Margaret STAMY (or STAMY). I would appreciate any information you might be able to provide about him. I appreciate your time. ------- NAME: Madolyn Rossier SURNAMES: BOYER, CROSS, HOFFMAN DATE: Sunday, January 25, 2004 QRYTEXT:CROSS HOFFMAN Searching for info - including parents of Asberry CROSS. He was born in Indiana abt.1855. Married Henrietta (Etta) - daughter of Elias and Hannah HOFFMAN - in Benton Co. abt 1879. The 1880 census shows them in Polk. They had 2 children - William A. born 1882 and Lillian (Lettie) Pearl - born 1883. The 1895 census shows the 2 children living with their HOFFMAN grandparents in Taylor. Don't know what happened to Asberry but Etta is in the Iowa Hospital for the Insane in 1900. Lillian Pearl CROSS is shown in the Tilford Collegiate Academy in 1900. Wondering who she married? William A CROSS moved to California and married Edna BOYER. Appreciate any help. Thanks so much. ------- NAME: Shelby Roth SURNAMES: ANDREWS, BAILEY, BOYLES, VARNER DATE: Sunday, November 2, 1997 QRYTEXT:George BAILEY married Barbara VARNER on 21 November 1850 in Belmont County, Ohio. They later moved to Benton County, Iowa where he died on 13 March 1871. Barbara was daughter of John and Irena (ANDREWS) VARNER. Their daughter, Anna Maria BAILEY married Isaac Newton BOYLES. Looking for information on George BAILEY such as parents, siblings, etc. When and where was he born? ------- NAME: Marcia Rottinghaus SURNAMES: BROSS, DETLEFSEN, KARG, KNAACK DATE: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 QRYTEXT:KNAACK, KARG, DETLEFSEN, BROSS ------- NAME: Marcia Rottinghaus SURNAMES: BAUMAN, BROSS, DETLEFESON, HANSEN, KARG, KNAACK, KNACK DATE: Friday, March 12, 1999 QRYTEXT:BROSS, DETLEFESON, KARG, KNAACK, KNACK, HANSEN, BAUMAN. Lived in Big Grove Township near Van Horne, Keystone, and Garrison. Orginally came from Germany. The lived in Crystal Lake IL and other IL. towns. ------- NAME: Marcia Rottinghaus SURNAMES: COOMER, HOKE, JACOBS, LARUE, SHAFFER, SMITH, THOMPSON, VARNEY DATE: Sunday, April 4, 1999 QRYTEXT:Larue Cemetery: Big Grove Township near Van Horne, Keystone, and Garrison, IA. These are the names in this cemetery: Aaron, John J., Asenath, Isaac, Hannah, Chambers C. LARUE. Stella VARNEY, Charles THOMPSON, Chancie E SHAFFER, Alice COOMER, Sarah HOKE, Naomi JACOBS, Annie SMITH, Infants of Wm & H.B. THOMPSON, there are four other stones I can not read. I do have a little more info on some of these people listed. ------- NAME: Marcia Rottinghaus SURNAMES: BAUMAN, BROSS, DAU, DETLEFSEN, FICK, HANSEN, HARTZ, KARG, KNAACK, KNOCK, KOPPING DATE: Sunday, January 28, 2001 QRYTEXT:DETLEFSEN, KNAACK, KARG, BROSS, BAUMAN, HANSEN, KOPPING, HARTZ, KNOCK, DAU, FICK, ------- NAME: Marcia Rottinghaus SURNAMES: BASSETT, KNAACK DATE: Thursday, June 18, 2009 QRYTEXT:looking for Michelle BASSETT-KNAACK ------- NAME: Marcia Rottinghaus SURNAMES: BROSS DATE: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 QRYTEXT:Does anyone have pictures of Kozy Korner near Van Horne and Blairstown. BROSS ------- NAME: Margo Rouette SURNAMES: LEONHARDT, ROSS DATE: Wednesday, May 9, 2001 QRYTEXT:ROSS, Syria Sid b. 5 Mar 1897 in Walford, Benton Cty. He had 2 sisters: Lucille & Beatrice. He m. Hedwig (Hattie) Auguste LEONHARDT 24 Dec 1935 in Vinton. They lived nearly all their married lives in Cedar Rapids. Sid ROSS d. 1971 & is buried Linwood Cemetery near Walford. Is anyone researching the ROSS family? Would someone tell me where Linwood Cemetery is? I will be travelling to Iowa in June and would like to visit the cemetery, as that is where both Sid ROSS and Hattie Leonhardt ROSS are buried. ------- NAME: Jack Rowray SURNAMES: EDMONDS DATE: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 QRYTEXT:William L. EDMONDS Benton county 1900-1920 ------- NAME: Jack Rowray SURNAMES: MCBRIDE DATE: Thursday, February 28, 2002 QRYTEXT:Garrison Looking for the parents of Rose MCBRIDE born in Garrison, Benton County ------- NAME: Marie Ruby SURNAMES: MARTIN DATE: Saturday, February 27, 2010 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information re: Daniel Galer MARTIN. The last information I have is he was living with his son, John E. MARTIN in 1870 in Benton County. He was not on the 1880 census that I could find.

I would appreciate any assistance in finding information re: Daniel. ------- NAME: Nancy Rudolph SURNAMES: ARY, AUSTIN, BROWN DATE: Wednesday, September 10, 1997 QRYTEXT:Would like to exchange information regarding following families in Benton County. ARY, AUSTIN and BROWN settled there by 1860. Descendants probably still in the county. ------- NAME: Louise Rustad SURNAMES: BROOKS, LEDGER, MARTIN, WICKHAM DATE: Sunday, November 30, 1997 QRYTEXT:BROOKS, Mary Rebecca, might be MARTIN, married William Francis WICKHAM, 18 Feb 1888. Their daughter Edith May married Frank Allan LEDGER, 17 Sept 1906. -------