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Benton Township
Elwood, E.Z., far., Sec. 18; P.O. Vinton.

Elson, Daniel, farmer S. 36; P.O. Shellsburg; born in Coshocton Co., Ohio, Jan 15, 1834; came to this county in 1852; has 160 acres of land, valued at $3,200. Politics, Republican. Married Catherine Swallum, who was born in Merrill Co., Ohio, Oct. 26, 1837; mother of ten children-Sylvester H., Albert A., Mary A., James E, Roxa I., Phebe L., Cora A., Rebecca J., Sarah E. D., and Oliver Thomas. Emigrated from Ohio, direct to Benton Co., where he has resided since; was amongst the first who come to the county; had to rough it, and knows what it is to lead a pioneer life; when he first came here he worked for $13 per month, and by hard work has made a good home.

Elson, S.H., far., S. 36; P.O. Shellsburg.

Freeman, George, farmer and fruit grower, S. 27; P.O. Shellsburg; born in Broome Co., N.Y., Feb. 8, 1820; came to this county in 1857, in the Spring; has 180 acres of land, valued at $3,600. Politics, Republican. Held the offices of Town Trustee, Town Clerk and Treasurer; belongs to the Christian church. Married Mary E. Keeler in 1848; mother of five living children-Ella H., born Aug. 20, 1850; Mary B., born Aug. 24, 1852; Stacey H., born Aug. 22, 1856; Ida F., born March 2, 1863; Alice E., born March 5, 1870. Emigrated to Bradford Co., Penn., where he lived for three years, thence to Luzerne Co.; taught school three years; run a canal boat at the time of the epidemic in the Wyoming Valley in 1844; thence to Bradford Co., where he was married; thence to Burlington, N.J.; lived there two years; thence to Broome Co., N.Y.; bought a farm and built a saw-mill, stayed there three years and lost $500 in the undertaking; thence to Bradford Co., Penn., to Mrs. Freeman's old home; lived there three years, and then came to Linn Co., Iowa, and from there to Benton Co. Mr. F. has one orchard of 450 trees of the choicest fruit. Mr. Freeman takes a great interest in the township, and is one of its leading spirits.

Glimes, W.N., far., P.O. Shellsburg.

Grubb, Jacob, farmer and stock raiser, S. 33; P.O. Shellsburg; born in Huntingdon Co., Penn., Nov. 30, 1825; has 197 acres of land, valued at $5,000; also ten acres in Canton Tp., valued at $800. Politics, Republican. Married Elizabeth Acker, who was born in Blair Co., Penn.; mother of two children-Henry L., born Aug. 25, 1853; Mary C., born May 18, 1861. Emigrated from Pennsylvania to Benton Co., direct; located on eighty acres of land; bought the balance second handed; came here in limited circumstances, but has made himself a good and comfortable home. Was at the first election in Benton Tp.; there were only three families between here and Parker's Grove; the most of the prairie where he now lives was covered with hazel brush, where now you can find groves from fifteen to twenty-five feet high; at the time he came, there were plenty of Indians and wild game; built a shanty the first year he came here; lumber was scarce and hard to get; was amongst the pioneers, and knows what a pioneer life is.

Grubb, U.L., far., S. 33; P.O. Shellsburg.
Transcribed by Kate Connerth.
Copyright © 1997.


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