Thomasson - Wright Cemetery

Vermillion Township, Section 11
South of Centerville on 200th Ave, East on 533rd St.

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Starting at gate in the northwest corner, rows are north to south

Row Surname First Name Birth Death Age Comments
1 Shanks James 25-Nov-1803 29-Mar-1899
Shanks Elizabeth 21-Jan-1821 4-May-1898
? James F. son of ? Remainder of stone unreadable
Bradley A.F. 1860 1947
Bradley Anna 63 Y 6 M 13 D
Bradley Robert H. 29-June-1894 1-July-1894
Bradley Barbara E. 16-Sep-1904 22-Aug-1905
Bradley Forrest A. 4-Apr-1896 25-Apr-1972
King A.C. 5-Apr-1896 27 Y 2 D
Moore Eska 4-Mar-1898 13-Aug-1899 Sons of Elias & Anna Moore
Moore Lester 19-Aug-1907 14-Sep-1907 Sons of Elias & Anna Moore
Moore Elias H. 1863 1923
2 Smith L.B. 9-Oct-1886 unreadable
Smith Elizabeth 11-Mar-1885 23 Y 2 M 4 D Dau of L.B. & J.A. Smith
Smith Louis B. 11-Oct-1885 10 M 12 D Son of L.B. & J. Smith
Smith Brooks 13-Mar-1882 26 Y 1 Mo 12 D
Clark Oliver E. 30-Aug-1888 18-May-1944
Clark Susan M. 1870 1962
Clark Andrew J. 1862 1922
3 Thomasson Elsie E. 1-May-1922 26-Sep-2006
Thomasson William F. 10-Nov-1902 4-Sep-1980
Ware William M. 15-Jan-1815 23-Dec-1898 (G.A.R. marker)
Ware Pauline 3-Oct-1809 4-Mar-1886
True J.M. 8-Sep-1900 78 Y 5 M 29 D
True Nancy A. 15-Sep-1883 ? Wife Of J.M. True
True Melinda ?-Mar-18?? 42 Y 2nd Wife of J.M. True (top of stone "Farewell")
Ware V. Thornton 1835 1893 G.A.R. marker
Ware V.T. Co D 6th Iowa Inf. (second stone behind main stone)
Ware Martha Ann 1843 1915
Yount George R. 27-Sep-1883 22-Nov-1971
True Martin L. 13-Nov-1905 58 Y 1 M 9 D "He giveth his beloved sleep"
True Sarah Alice 1857 1930 "Mother"
Yount Belle 3-Feb-1879 31-May-1962
True Lula Pearl 3-Mar-1881 29-Jul-1908 wife of C.E. True "So loved in life, lamented in death"
Holz John L. 31-Oct-1949 19-Oct-2005 Sgt. US Air Force - Vietnam
4 Thomasson Benjamin F. 21-Jan-1839 5-Oct-1918 (G.A.R. marker)
Thomasson Eliza Ellen 16-Mar-1843 28-Jan-1934 his wife
Thomasson Ed O. 1880 1918
Thomasson J.L. 1846 1924 "Father" (G.A.R. marker)
Thomasson Celia C. 1856 1892 "Mother"
Thomasson Joel 19-Aug-1864 39 Y 9 D
Thomasson Elizabeth 1892 wife of Joel Thomasson
Thomasson Arnold H. 21-Dec-1861 19 Y son of ?E. Thomasson
unreadable stone
Thomasson Robertson C. 18-?-1890 ? son of ?E. Thomasson
Thomasson Joel F. ? ? son of E.G. & S.E. Thomasson
Thomasson Henry F. 8-Sep-1882 1 Y 3 M 12 D son of E.F. & E.E. Thomasson
Thomasson Infant Jan 1878 dau of E.G. & S.E. Thomasson
Bartlett Murrel C. 16-May-1910 16-Aug-1912 dau of E.B. & M. E. Bartlett
Bartlett John F. ? ?
Bartlett Line 1874 1929 "Mother"
Bartlett Elijah 1874 1953 "Father"
Bartlett Glen 1916 1973 "Son"
5 Van Ness Mary 5-May-1899 76 Y 4 M 2 D wife of S.C. Van Ness
Van Ness S.C. 26-Apr-1897 77 Y 10 M 28 D
Richardson H.C. 11-Aug-1861 2 Y 10 M 11 D son of J.J. & A.M. Richardson
Patterson Mark 4-Feb-1899 78 years
6 Wright Belle 21-Sep-1894 27 Y 7 M 1 D wife of W.E. Wright
Riggs Eliza 7-Feb-1816 19-Jun-1893
Thomasson William P. ? ? baby of R? Thomasson
Thomasson Thos. S. 19-Sep-1859 60 Y 8 M 11 D
Thomasson Jenny ?-Jun-1866 wife of Thos. S. Thomasson
unreadable stone
McClard Frank P. 7-Nov-1872 24 Y 7 M 14 D son of W.T. & E.R. McClard
McClard Joel F. 1842 1910
Tock Fred 16-Mar-1876 19-Oct-1941
Tock Barbara 28-May-1920 14-Sep-1924
Tock Lucy 2-Jul-1903
Stewart Walter L. 1877 1957
Stewart Edna V. 1884 1970
Stewart Tommy H. 2-Aug-1905 12-Nov-1979
Stewart Papee
Stewart Paul S. 1919 1989 PFC US Army World War II (WW II service marker)
Stewart Ella 1886 1925
Hughes Mallie C. 1874 1946 wife of J.D. Wolfe
7 Banta Francis Marion 18-Jul-1857 7-Apr-1942 "Father" footstone behind main stone
Banta Marie Lucille Hunter 1900 1982 footstone behind main stone
Banta Mary Jane 4-Nov-1860 11-Jan-1930 "Mother" footstone behind main stone
Fuller Eliza A. 23-Mar-1891 60 Y 1 M 1 D wife of J.W. Fuller
Pace John F. 5-Sep-1890 9-Jul-1915
Wright Edith 12-Feb-1891 2 Mos dau of E.C. & Minnie Wright
Dukes Mary J. 8-Oct-1857 dau of A.M. & M. Dukes
Dukes Alvarine M.
Dukes Mary 5-Oct-1881 42 Y 10 M 26 D wife of Alvarine Dukes
Ware Willie ? son of W.F. & L. Ware
Ware Lucinda 28-Dec-1896 57 Y 7 M 24 D wife of W.F. Ware
Ware W.F. 3-Mar-1905 64 Y 3 M 24 D
Elliott Jessie 24-May-1878 22-Feb-1879 dau of A.M. & A.E. Elliott
8 Wright David R. Co L. 50 IA Inf. Sp Am War (Spanish/American war service marker)
Wright J.R. 19-Jan-1906 79 Y 5 M & 2 D (G.A.R. marker)
Wright Melissa 26-May-1890 54 Y 9 M 26 D
Wright John Asher 10-Oct-1883 20 Y 7 M son of J.R. & M. Wright
Wright Walter 16-Oct-1862 4 M 1 D son of J.R. & M. Wright
unreadable stone
Wright James O. 13-Apr-1866 9 Mos son of J.R. & M. Wright
Wright Crispin ? son of J.R. & M. Wright
Wright Infant 12-Jan-1857 dau of E.R. & J.F. Wright
Wright Edward R. 30-Aug-1873 47 Y 7 Ds
Wright Jane F. 19-Aug-1901 74 Y 8 M 6 D wife of E.R. Wright
Wright J.R. 1859 1924
Wright Phebe J. 1850 1937
Wright Evaline 5-Sep-1805 1-Jan-1880 wife of W. Wright
Wright Jennie Evelyn 24-Apr-1893 31-Dec-1894 dau of A.W. & M.E. Wright (Jennie on one side of marker, Zora on the other)
Wright Zora Gladys 15-Dec-1880 30- Apr-1881 dau of A.W. & M.E. Wright (Jennie on one side of marker, Zora on the other)
Addis Maud Infant dau of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Addis
Addis Melvin & Earl Infant sons of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Addis
Addis W.E. Co D 14th Iowa Inf. (G.A.R. marker)
9 unreadable stone
? Lucy E.
Fuller Infant 14-Apr-1855 Infant dau of I & L Fuller
Fuller Isaac
Fuller Lucy
Fuller Chloe dau of ? Fuller
Fuller Laura ? 24 Y 3 Mo 27 days dau of ? Fuller
Harris Eliza E. ? dau of J & L Harris
Wright Alfred W. 1844 1901
Wright Mary E. 1848 1925
Wright Amy R. 1-Oct-1885 24-Jun-1954
Wright E. Blanche 15-Apr-1888 16-Dec-1966 Stone shared with Amy R. Wright and directly next to Shutts stone
Shutts E. Blanche 15-Apr-1888 16-Dec-1966
Shutts Edward L. 21-Sep-1890 7-Feb-1966
Broshar Ossie Wright 28-Jan-1897 28-Nov-1945
Broshar Lewis L. 1-Oct-1869 23-Feb-1906
Wright Basil C. 1882 1953
Horn Mary Ellen 1-Oct-1925 31-Mar-1990
Thomas Nicky Lee 1942 1943 Infant son of Marjorie & Yvon Thomas
Wright William L. 11-May-1855 22-Feb-20 (OddFellows chain engraved on marker)
Wright Ida M. 10-May-1876 5-Sep-68 (P.E.O. marker)
10 Parker Lucinda 11-Nov-1901 64 yrs
? Cora M
McClard Perry W. ? son of J.F. & M.A. McClard
McClard James M. ? son of J.F. & M.A. McClard
Thomasson Phebe 26-Sep-1881 38 Y 11 M 1 D wife of ? Thomasson
McClard Mary F. Sep ? ? Y 11 M ? D dau of J & N McClard
unreadable stone
? Elizabeth
Fuller Zebuiam ?-Jan-1868 16 Y 5 M 2 D son of ?
broken stone, top with information missing
Fox F.E. 1862 1890
Fox Loyd B. May 1890
Fox Isaac W. ? son of ? Fox
Clark Isaac ? (G.A.R. marker)
Burgess A.J. 24-Feb-1896 53 Y 1 M 1 D 18th Ohio Vol. battery (G.A.R. marker)
Roby Eve 15-Jun-1827 13-Jan-1903 "Mother"
Roby Hannah 3-Oct-1847 18-Jan-1895 wife of I.O. Roby "Mother's gone but not forgotten"
Peters Eliza A. 1877 1945
Peters Charles H. 1877 1934
Pace Ada R. 1874 1930
* Pace Ada R. 3-Mar-1874 19-Jan-1930 * Footstone
Pace Emmett R. 1869 1936
* Pace Emmett R. 14-Feb-1869 8-Jan-1936 *Footstone
Finks Davied F. 1861 1940

List from walking the cemetery, transcribed by Renee Rimmert