1930 List of Taxpayers
Franklin twp., Allamakee Co.



The following list is a list of taxes due from each of the tax payers as shown opposite their names in the amount of the total tax. The first and second payments are equal unless otherwise stated.

- source: Postville Herald, February issues, 1930
- extracted & transcribed by S. Ferrall
- note: the names are not necessarily alphabetical & they were typed as they appeared in the paper
- note: the amount of tax was cut off from some of the names at the end of the alphabet

Nagel, A.W. 314.42   Schave, Mrs. Louie  
Needham, Pat 15.74   Schmiederkamp, Fred  
Nelson, Elliott 62.98   Stafford, Floyd  
      Stafford, Seth Est  
Oelberg, A.J. 275.34   Strelow, Fred  
Otto, Ernestine 22.06   Strelow, Gustave  
      Smith, Ora  
Powell, Wm. 6.68   Snitker, Henry  
Powell, Al 150.62   Seitz, Rufus  
Pettit, Wm. & Lucy 18.40   Seitz, Frank  
Pettit, Lucy 11.58   Stafford, D.E.  
Pettit, Alonzo 29.66   Schroeder, Henry  
Pahlas, H.C. 76.88   Schroeder, R.J.  
Pufahl, Gustave 4.30   Schroeder, Ed. C.  
Possehl, F.J. M. 1.08   Schultz, W.J.  
Perkins, P.L. 56.92   Schierholz, Henry  
      Sebastian, John & Frank D.  
Ralston, John D. 7.12   Sebastian, Wm. H.  
Ralston, Earl J. 181.06   Sebastian, C.W.  
Ralston, G.B. 45.28   Sander, George F.  
Robertson, George 9.50   Scherlin, J.A.  
Roffman, Earl L. .50   Sanders, Jessie et al  
Roffman, Wm. 73.96   Smith, Merton  
Rush, J.E. 166.72      
Rush, Ray 15.18   Thornton, Vern  
Reincke, Delmer .50   Thornton, R.E.  
Ricker, Arthur 9.32   Thoma, J.C.  
Rose, Dell 208.20   Thomson, Clarence  
Rich, Fred 13.96   Thomson, A.B.  
Roderick, E.L. & W. G. 41.04   Thomas, John J.  
Roderick Cora & Cecil 82.96      
Roderick, Emery 14.50   VanGorder, Henry  
Roderick, Cynthia Est 11.68   VanGorder, Jennie  
Rowland, Roy E. 6.46      
Ryan, Ed 13.90   Wintrick, Christ  
Rose, Chas 25.38   Wintrick, F.A.  
      Walby, Ole A.  
Smith, Ernie 20.14   Webster, Sherman  
Smith, Ira M. 112.80   Walters, Vandoren  
Smith, Stephen S. 183.28   Walters, Edith & F.M.  
Smith, Leonard B. .50   Willis, Geo Est  
Smith, Wm. 17.64   Waterman, W.J.  
Smith, George 22.22   Waterman, Annie  
Smith, E.K. et al 37.68   Wirkler, O.H.  
Smith, Norman Est 144.38   Wittenberger, Ida  
Swenson, Mrs. Andrew 46.22   Witt, Chas E.  
Swenson, Lloyd 19.70   White, John W.  
Swenson, A.W. 586.42   Walch, Andrew Est  
Swenson, S.L. 166.72   White, Elmer  
Swenson, Hall Jr 30.40   Wagner, Leonard C.  
Sieg, Vida        
Segrist, Fred     Young, Nellie  

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