1930 List of Taxpayers
Post twp., Allamakee Co.



The following list is a list of taxes due from each of the tax payers as shown opposite their names in the amount of the total tax. The first and second payments are equal unless otherwise stated.

- source:
Postville Herald, February issues, 1930
- extracted & transcribed by S. Ferrall
- note: the names are not necessarily alphabetical & they were typed as they appeared in the paper
- note: the amount of tax was cut off from some of the names at the end of the alphabet

Neuhring, Herman 114.76   Smith, Clinton  
      Smith, C.P.  
Oehring, Wm. 281.88   Smith, E.R.  
Oehring, Mrs. Edna 182.28   Smith, H. & Witt, Chas.  
Oestman, Fritz 9.24   Smith, Ida E.  
Oldag, Mrs. George 15.98   Smith, Ira  
Olson, Martin 118. 58   Smith, Jennie M.  
Olson, Ole 43.42   Smith, Lester  
Orr, Mrs. Bertha 182.20   Smith, L.B.  
Owen, A. Est. 42.00   Smith, Ora  
Orr, Darius 595.56   Steele, Henry  
Owen, E.E. 114.90   Steele, Joseph  
Owen, Mrs. Louisa 40.00   Stockman, Gilbert  
      Stockman, John  
Paulsen, Ernest 311.74   Stopperan, Fred  
Postville Mfg. Co. 336.14   Swenson, Sander  
Pearson, C.A. 240.52   Swenson, Seward Est.  
Postville State Bank 254.88      
      Thoma, F.H.J.  
Roberts, Harvey 93.75   Thoma, George  
Ruckdaschel, Mrs. Catherine 2.30   Tindell, Glen  
Ruckdaschel, John 1.70   Topel, Paul  
Ruckdaschel, Walter 87.24      
Ryan, James Est. 16.78   Uhl, Jess  
Sander, Christ 170.96   VanGorder, Henry  
Sander, Walter F. 228.26   Vickery, Martin  
Sander, Eldo 16.20   Vickery, Mrs. Melva  
Sanders, Gilbert, Kenneth &     Vickery, Mrs. Millie  
Jessie 622.04   Vickery, Willard  
Schnelle, Simon 187.68   VanGorder, Si  
Schnelle, Willie .50      
Schroeder, Arthur 259.10   Wagner, Charles  
Schroeder, Ed. C. 106.48   Waters, Eaton  
Schroeder, Miss Minnie 24.00   Waters, Geo.  
Schultz, Alfred .50   Waters, Geo. A.  
Schultz, Arthur 306.30   Waters, Geo. & Ed. Est.  
Schultz, August 489.69   Waters, John  
Schultz, Elvin 15.36   Waters, Mrs. Mabel  
Schultz, F.H. 16.96   Waters, Mrs. Millie  
Schultz, George 292.36   Waters, R.H.  
Schultz, Pauline 7.36   Waters, R.J.  
Schutte, John .84   Waters, Thomas Est.  
Schultz, W.J.H.     Webb, Herman  
Schultz, Harvey     Webb, Rozilla  
Sebastian, John     Webster, Beucher & Ch??  
Shephard, Elva     Webster, La Rue  
      Welzel, Carl  
      Welzel, Carl  
      Walzel, Orville  
      Wilke, Henry  
      Wilke, Wilbert  
      Willis, Mrs. George  
      Willman, Paul  
      Willman, Rudy  
      Wirkler, Mrs. E.C.  
      Wullner, Ernst  
      Wullner, Otto  

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