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1862 Annual Assessments, Allamakee Co.

Persons in Division No. 12 of Collection District No. 3 of the State of Iowa


- Deciphering the old handwriting was at times nearly impossible. The assessor's 'fancy' handwriting makes it difficult to tell the difference between an uppercase 'O' & 'D' , 'I' & 'J' and a 'C' & 'G'. I have done the best I can, but there are most certainly errors.
- The 'notes' section gives other possible spellings when I was completely unsure.
- The assessor's name is given as John J. Taylor, but the entries are clearly 3 different styles of handwriting.
- The assessments appear to have been done Sept. - Dec. 1862 but this is very unclear on the microfilm.
- This likely is not a complete tax assessment for 1862

Source: Microfilm, 1862 Annual Assessments, film # unknown
Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall

Assessor: John J. Taylor
A Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Antusar, S. Lansing Hotel 8th Class unsure of surname
B Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Bates, C.C. Lansing Hotel Keeper  
Bates, C.C. Lansing 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
Bates, C.C. Lansing Livery Stable  
Bates, C.C. Lansing 1 - 2 Horse Carriage  
Bently, Wm. P. Lansing Lawyer  
Burgess, E. Lansing Retail Dealer  
Bury, John Lansing Wholesale Dealer  
Bequette, Israel Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Bartlett, E.K. Waukon Retail Dealer  
Barnes, T.H. Waukon 1 - 2 Horse Carriage  
Bernan D. Carlile Jefferson 1 - 2 Horse Carriage  
Beal, W. Waukon 1 - 2 Horse Carriage  
Bartheldt, F. Milton Retail Liquor Dealer  
Boardman, George Johnsons Port Retail Liquor Dealer  
Butler, L. Harpers Ferry Hotel 8th Class  
Beebe, N.A. Waterville 1 - 2 Horse Carriage  
Bocklinger & Bockman Lansing Manufacturers  
Bush & Boyle Lansing Retail Dealers  
Bearce & Earle Waukon Retail Dealers ? Earll
C Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Cartright & Edmund Waukon Physician  
Catkins, L.G. Waukon Lawyer  
Conover, D. & M. Waukon Retail Dealers  
Camp, G.W. Lansing Lawyer  
Colgrove, H.T. Ion Hotel 8th Class  
D Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Doe, D.D. Waukon Retail Dealer  
Doe, D.D. Waukon 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
Dunlap, V. Waukon Retail Liquor Dealer  
Dunlap, V. Waukon Hotel 7th Class  
E Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Elmendorf, L.M. Lansing Retail Dealer  
F Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Friend & Eisen Lansing Retail Dealers  
Fleming, W. & J. Lansing Retail Dealers  
Fellows, L.E. Lansing Lawyer  
Farrell, John Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Farrell, John Lansing Hotel 7th Class  
Flint, J.W. Waukon Physician  
Ford, Francis Waukon Retail Liquor Dealer  
G Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Gray, G.W. & C. Lansing Bankers  
Gray, G.W. & C. Lansing Brokers  
Gray, G.W. & C. Lansing 1 - 2 Horse Carriage  
Gilbert, James T. Lansing Retail Dealer  
Giddings, David Lansing Retail Dealer  
Guthrick & Co. Harpers Ferry Retail Liquor Dealers ? Guthneck
Goodykoontz, F. Waterville Retail Liquor Dealer  
Green, John S. Hardin Physician  
Goodykoontz & Raymond Waukon Retail Dealers  
Gabbett & Bro. Lansing Retail Liquor Dealers  
Gabbett & Bro. Lansing Retail Dealers  

Assessor: John J. Taylor
H Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Hersey & Bro Lansing Retail Dealers  
Heinhold, Henry Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Hartbauer, John Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Hays, Lewis Lansing Retail Dealer  
Hemmingway H.H. & Co. Lansing Manufacturers  
Hartbane, John Lansing Hotel 8th Class  
Hemmingway H.H. & Co. Lansing Wholesale Dealers  
Houghton, A.H. Lansing Physician  
Huffsmith, Charles Lansing Hotel, Keeper of  
Huffsmith, Charles Lansing Com'l Broker  
Huffsmith, Charles Lansing 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
Heays, G.W. Lansing Wholesale Dealer  
Hass & Kerndt Lansing Brewers  
Hass & Kerndt Lansing 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
Hersey, A.H. Waukon Retail Dealer  
Hedger, I.W. Waukon Physician  
Hatch, L.O. Waukon Lawyer  
Hancock, M. Waukon 7 - Slaughtered cattle/ Sept. 30  
Hancock, M. Waukon 2 - Slaughtered sheep/ Sept. 30  
Hancock, M. Waukon 2 - Slaughtered calves/ Sept. 30  
Hancock, M. Waukon 7 - Slaughtered cattle/ Oct. 31  
Hancock, M. Waukon 2 - Slaughterd calves/ Oct. 31  
Hancock, M. Waukon 1 - Slaughtered sheep/ Oct. 31  
Harper, David Harpers Ferry Wholesale Dealer  
Howard, Asael Makee Hotel 8th Class  
Heoyer, Jacob Postville Hotel 7th Class  
Harris, Elisha Lybrand Hotel 8th Class  
Harris, Elisha Lybrand Retail Liquir Dealer  
Hartly, William Union City Hotel 8th Class  
Hunter & Scott Lansing Wholesale Dealers  
Hartbane, John Lansing Billiard Room  
I Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Irle, Jacob Lansing Manufacturer  
J Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Jennings, John Waukon 6 - Slaughtered Cattle/ Sept. 30  
Jennings, John Waukon 2 - Slaughtered Calves/ Sept. 30  
Jennings, John Waukon 5 - Slaughtered Cattle/ Oct. 31  
Jennings, John Waukon 1 - Slaughtered Hog/ Oct. 31  
Jackson, R.R. Harpers Ferry Retail Dealer  
K Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Kimble, George Lansing Retail Dealer  
Kinne, S.H. Lansing Lawyer  
Kane, Thomas Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Kane, Thomas Lansing Boarding House  
Kerndt & Bros G. Lansing Wholesale Liquor Dealer  
Kerndt & Bros G. Lansing Wholesale Dealers  
Kuck, Jno. Lansing Manufacturer  
King, Mathew Makee Retail Liquor Dealer  
Kellen, Thos. A. Ion Retail Dealer ? Kellin
Kenyan, O.A. Waukon Photographer ? A.A.
Kuppinger, I.A. Dorchester Retail Liquor Dealer  
L Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Low, Hosea Waukon Retail Dealer  
M Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Morgan, Saml Lansing Retail Dealer ? Mergan
Morgan, W.D. Lansing Wholesale Dealer  
Miles, George Lansing Retail Dealer  
Marti, Jacob Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Marti, Jacob Lansing Billiard Saloon  
Monro, Mary Lafayette Retail Liquor Dealer ? Monroe
Monro, Mary Lafayette Hotel 7th Class ? Monroe
Mank, Geo Makee Brewer ? Manck
Miller, D.P. Rossville Retail Dealer ? O.P.
Marsden, Mathew Makee Hotel 8th Class  
Marsden, Mathew Makee Retail Liquor Dealer  
Mathewson, Jas. Lansing Tp Retail Liquor Dealer  
MacBay, W.E. Lansing Retail Dealer  
MacBay, W.E. Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
McFarland & Shew Waukon Retail Dealer ? Shaw
McEwing, Michael Harpers Ferry Retail Liquor Dealer ? McErig
McCabe, Peter Johnsons Port Retail Luquor Dealer  
Mc C.N.S. O'Connor, John Union Prairie Physician ?
McCafferty, Anthony Lansing Tp Retail Liquor Dealer  
McCafferty, Anthony Lansing Tp Hotel 8th Class  

Assessor: John J. Taylor
N Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Nielander & Schierholz & Co. Lansing Wholesale Dealers  
Nielander & Schierholz & Co. Lansing Wholesale Liquor Dealers  
Nachtway, Theodore Lansing Wholesale Dealer  
Nachtway, Theodore Lansing Physician  
Nachtway, Theodore Lansing 1 - 1- Horse Carriage  
Nichols, Sylvester Rossville Retail Liquor Dealer  
Nichols, Sylvester Rossville Hotel 8th Class  
O Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Olney, I. Lansing Hotel 7th Class  
Orr, I.G. Volney Retail Dealer  
O'Neal, Charles Makee Retail Liquor Dealer  
O'Neal, Charles Makee Hotel 8th Class  
P Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Purdy, G.D. Lansing Retail Dealer  
Place, L.O. Lansing Wholesale Dealer  
Place, L.O. Lansing 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
Place, L.O. Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Perkins, W.C. Lansing Physician  
Pape, J.W. Lansing Retail Dealer ? Pope
Pape, J.W. Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer ? Pope
Page, I. W. Lansing Manufacturer  
Pennington, I.W. Waukon Lawyer  
Pearrill, Thomas Harpers Ferry Retail Dealer in Liquors ? Pearcell
Palmer, James ? 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
R Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Ruprecht, Edwd Lansing Hotel 7th Class  
Ruprecht, Edwd Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Ruth, John Lansing Retail Dealer  
Ruth, John Lansing Manufacturer  
Rose, Wm. E. Waukon Lawyer  
Rowe, James French Creek Hotel 8th Class  
Roof, Raphael Dorchester Hotel 8th Class ? Rouf
Roof, Raphael Dorchester Retail Liquor Dealer ? Rouf
S Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
St Clair, J.L. Lansing Photographer  
Stofer, Peter Lansing Tp Retail Liquor Dealer  
Shem & Guthsuck Harpers Ferry Wholesale Dealer  
Spencer, R.P. Lansing Retail Dealer  
Spencer, R.P. Lansing 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
Shaw, Jno. J. Lansing Lawyer  
Startz, Jos Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Short,, Patt'k Lansing Hotel 8th Class  
Shaw, D.L. & S.V. Lansing Manufacturers  
Spencer, R.P. Lansing Manufacturer  
Schiller, Wm. Lansing Physician  
Smith, James Volney Hotel 8th Class  
Schriess, Frederick Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Small, Robt Rossville Physician  
Shaw, Darwin L. Lansing 1 - 2 Horse Carriage  
Schwartzoff, Adolph Dorchester Hotel 8th Class ? Schwartzolf
Smith & Tait Dorchester Retail Liquor Dealers  
Smith & Tait Dorchester Retail Dealers  
Sidney, David Milton Retail Dealer  
Smith, Henry Lansing Retail Liquor Dealer  
Smith, Henry Lansing Hotel Keeper  
Schenzel, Jno Lansing Cattle Broker ? Schinzel
Schenzel, Jno Lansing Retail Dealer ? Schinzel
T Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Thomas, J.W. Lansing 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
Taylor, J.I. Lansing Physician  
Travis, H.M. Lansing Manufacturers  
Tierney, John H. Layfayette Retail Liquor Dealer  
Tierney, John H. Layfayette Retail Dealer  
V Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Vallie, Anthony Lansing Wholesale Dealer  
Vallie, Anthony Lansing Auctioneer  
Van Winter, ? Lansing Wholesale Dealer  
Van Winter, M. Lansing 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
W Place Quantity/Article/ Occupation Notes
Watts, Cyrus Lansing Lawyer  
Wirth, John Lansing Retail Dealer in Liquor  
Weingart & Bro Lansing Manufacturers  
Webster, M.M. Lansing Lawyer  
Weist & Ummenback Lansing Billiard Table ? Wuest
Weist & Ummenback Lansing Retail Liquor Dealers ? Wuest
Woodruff, I. & A.W. Lansing Retail Dealer  
Whitaker, B.G. Capoli Retail Liquor Dealer  
Wilbur, R. Waukon Lawyer  
Webster, Henry Rossville Retail Liquor Dealer  
Welch, Martin Lansing Tp Retail Liquor Dealer  
Wood, S. Lansing Tp 1 - 1 Horse Carriage  
Wirsh, John Lansing Tp Bagasele ? Winh


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