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Postville's Famous First 9
baseball team

This old-time baseball club made history. The Postville baseball nine was called Postville's Famous First Nine by Bert Tuttle (editor of the Postville Review). The team was promoted by Bert and gained the remarkable reputation by recording a record of 182 wins and only 38 losses between 1900 and 1909....... read more about the team (link opens in a new window)

The Famous First Nine, 1907
The Famous First Nine, 1907
-contributed by Errin Wilker

Postville's Famous First Nine, 1900-1909
Postville's Famous First Nine, 1900-1909.

Henry "Hank" Koevenig, pitcher; Geo. "Cap'n Gawg" Schultz, catcher; Joe "Pokey" Hecker, 3rd base; Art "Cassie" Harrington, short stop; Fred "Little Fritzie" Thoma, 2nd base; Andrew "Circus Solly" Shuler, pitcher, 1st base, outfield; Frank "Farmer" Hangartner, left field; John "Jack" Chizek, center field; Joe "Peaslee" Klein, right field; Geo. "Loppy" Meier, outfield.

source of photo: Citizen's State Bank 100th Year Anniversary calendar, 1891-1991

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