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Waterville School Records & Photos

1925 Waterville or Lansing girls basketball team
1925 Waterville* girls basketball

~photo contributed by Janet Koozer
~Janet's notes: Lansing played at Waterville for this event. I believe this is the Waterville team, but it *could be the Lansing team. Hopefully someone will know for sure. On the basketball is written 1925. Can anyone ID the children in this photo?


Waterville school & school children ca1926-1928
Waterville school & school children ca1926-1928

~photo contributed by Janet Koozer
~Janet's notes: This photo is of the Waterville school back in the twenties... about 1926-28. I can't narrow it down more. Can anyone ID the children in this photo?


Waterville school notes
October 22, 1930

The following pupils received a grade of 100 during the first six weeks: Helen McGeough, Anna Jacobson, Arlene Gjefle, Alta Gilbertson, and Florence Duffy.

In the spelling contest the past week the third grade gained first place. We helped our grade win: Lloyd Johnson, Earl Iverson, Helen Larson, Hazel Halvorson, Everett Ellefson, *na Jacobson, Arthur Hillesheim, Betty Sorenson and Bernice Jo**. Grade seven and three are now tied for first place, each having earned two points.

Bernice Grangaard and Ruth Swain are the only beginners who have had the work on their teeth completed.

The Freshmen who received high marks in the intelligence tests are: Winston Laughlin, Laurayne Ellefson and Orval Gunderson.

The following grade pupils were neither absent nor tardy during the first six weeks of school: Ordell Iverson, Mary McCormick, Wilmur Monserud, Warren Pederson, Emmet Slattery, Norma Sorenson, Ruth Swain, Clarice Tysland, Earl Erickson, Dorothy Swain, Lillian Gjefle, John Johnson, Mae Lorentzon, Helen McGeough, Clarice Molitor, Alfred Puls, Dorothy Gronna, LeRoy Young, Elva Sorenson, Marjorie Peters, Theodore Spinner, Everett Ellefson, Lloyd Johnson, Hazel Young, Arlene Grangaard, Mervin Hillisheim, Amos Peterson, Erna Svebakken, Arlene Gjefle, Norma Lieran, Ernest Bjerke, Donald Johnson, Gordon Hillisheim, Verdell Greeny, Esther Fredendahl, Clara Ella Gronna, Norma Gronna, Floyd Kolsrud, Lila , Raymond McGeough, Francis Molitor, Dorothy Monserud, Anita Peters, Robert Puls, Paschal Slattery, Roy Spinner, Helen Gilbertson, Raymond Glynn, Alton Hanson, Irene Hermanson, Lloyd Kolsrud, Vernon Larson, Gertrude McGeough, Mary Molitor, Norman Monserud, Jean Puls, Hubert Cooper, Florence Duffy, Vera Fredendahl, Ruth Hanson, Vivian Hermanson, Joyce Wareberg, Cletus Kelly, Joseph McGeough, Jean Moellerman, Lester Steele and Ruth Spinner.

~Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, October 22, 1930
~transcribed by Ann Krumme


1937 Girls Basketball

Waterville High School Girls Basketball, 1937
Waterville High School Girls Basketball, 1937 State Runner-Ups

L-R: Ruth Hanson, Norma Gronna, Jean Puls, Arlene Grangaard, Harriet Hanson, Clare Ellen Gronna

~photo contributed by Errin Wilker


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