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Luther College
Decorah, Winneshiek co. Iowa

Students who gave an Allamakee co. residence at the time of matriculation and other Allamakee co. people who were affiliated with the college.

view of Luther College in May 1875
Luther College, May 1875

Name of Student Postoffice at Matriculation
Years at Luther College
Year of Graduation & degree
Anderson, Leonard Waterville 1912-13  
Arntson, Ole A. Lansing 1869-71  
Bjerke, Theodore Dorchester 1919-21  
Busness, Clarence Melvin Waterville 1918  
Busness, Holger John Waterville 1918  
Busness, Otinus M. Waterville 1909-12, 1913-14, 1915-16  
Dahl, Melvin E. Paint Creek 1872-75  
Dehli, Palmer O. Harpers Ferry 1912-13  
Espeland, Nels Christopher Waterville 1907-10  
Faegre, Hans Paint Creek 1865-67  
Faegre, Kaspar G. Paint Creek 1870-77, A.B. degree 1877  
Faegre, Martin Paint Creek 1864-65  
Fossum, Andreas A. (Andrew) Paint Creek 1876-82 Faculty member at St. Olaf College (Northfield, Minn.), 1892-1905 & 1906-10, at Park Region Luther College (Fergus Falls, Minn.), 1910-17 and Concordia College, 1918-
Fossum, Anthon A. Paint Creek 1871-74 Faculty member at Parochial school (place not given) 1875 & 1883
Fossum, Christian A. Elon 1873-75  
Fossum, Torgrim A. Elon 1873-75  
Funrue, Kittil Paint Creek 1869-70  
Gjeglum, Halvor O.K. Paint Creek 1874-75  
Grangaard, Endre A. Paint Creek 1874-77  
Grangaard, Ole P. Paint Creek 1874-77  
Gronlid, Carl Johan Magnus
Kewaunee, Wisconsin 1871-77, A.B. degree 1877 Entered ministry: Norwegian Synod, Ordained 07/21/1881 from the Concordia Seminary. Deceased; at time of death was a Clergyman in Waterville, Iowa
Gronlid, Isaac Rudolph Waterville 1917-20, A.B. degree 1920  
Gronna, Thomas A.F. Waterville 1905-06, 1907-12  
Gronne, Knut Th. A. (Grønne) Paint Creek 1873-74, 1875-76  
Gronne, O. Theodore (Grønne) Waterville 1895-96, 1901-02  
Hagen, Edward Waterville 1885-86  
Hagen, Grant Marcus Waterville 1917-18, 1919-  
Hagen, Otto G. Waterville 1883-86  
Hanson, Hans M. Elon 1873-74  
Helgeson, Henry Alfred Waukon 1910-14, 1915-17  
Hesla, Albert Waterville 1888-90 Faculty member at Aaberg Academy (Devils Lake, N.D.), 1895-97
Hesla, Endre L. Paint Creek 1867-68  
Hjort, Jacob L. Dalby 1878-80 Faculty member at St. Olaf College (Northfield, Minn.), 1900-01 & Lutheran Ladies' Seminary (Red Wing, Minn.), 1900-04
Hjort, Otto Christian O. Dalby 1870-73, 1874-75  
Holm, Thorvald Paint Creek 1871-74  
Hustvedt, Laurents Round Prairie 1868-69  
Jacobsen, Martin Paint Creek 1868  
Jacobson, Theodore G. Waterville 1911-12, 1913-15  
Jacobson, Waldemar Albert Waterville 1907-11  
Jacobson, Wilhelm Paint Creek 1867  
Johnson, Albert Village Creek 1890-91  
Johnson, Engebret Paint Creek 1865-66  
Johnson, Joseph Severin Waukon 1915-16  
Leikvold, Albert Waterville 1902-03, 1904-05  
Leikvold, Olvin G. Waterville 1904-05  
Leikvold, Theodore Waterville 1907-08  
Lien, John Laurence Postville 1918  
Lind, Joseph Oliver Postville 1919-21  
Loven, Carl Alfred Waukon 1910-14  
Lyngaas, Ingeman M.

Ingeman M. Lyngaas

Frankville, Winneshiek co. 1890-97 / A.B. 1897 Luther faculty 1906-1907; Student, Valparaiso University, 1897-1898; Teacher, Glenwood Academy (Glenwood, Minn.), 1899-1902; Student, University of Minnesota, 1902-1904; Teacher, Lutheran Ladies' Seminary, Red Wing, Minn., 1904-1906; Teacher of Latin, English, and Gymnastics, Luther College, 1906-1907; Teacher, Lutheran Ladies' Seminary, 1907-1918; Superintendent of Schools, Battle Lake, Minn., 1918-1919; Dairy farmer, Winneconne, Wis., 1919-present.

Born August 23, 1874 in Waukon, Iowa. Parents, Erick E. Lyngaas and Trine Nilsen. Married Jennie Heinsen, 1907. Residence (1921) Winneconne, Wis.
Markegaard, Knut Th Paint Creek 1872-73  
Mathieson, Oscar Paint Creek 1874-75  
Megorden, Tennis Herbert Waterville 1917-20, A.B. degree 1920 Student of Theology, Junior class at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, Minn.), (1921)
Moen, Gerald Berthold Waukon 1911-12  
Monserud, Martin Paint Creek 1878-79  
Monserud, Olaus Paint Creek 1869-72  
Monserud, Oliver Harpers Ferry 1894-95  
Narum, Edwin Waterville 1888-89  
Narum, Hartvig Karensius Waterville 1908-10, 1911-17
A.B. degree 1917
Entered ministry: Norwegian Lutheran Church of America, Ordained 06/19/1921 from the Luther Theological Seminary; Faculty member at Luther Academy (Albert Lea, Minn.), 1919-20
Narum, Selmer H. Waterville 1907-13  
Nash, Albert Waukon 1916-17  
Nelson, Bendolph Melvin Waterville 1918  
Nelson, Martin Postville 1914-15  
Norvold, Sivert Paint Creek 1869-70  
Okre, Lars J. (Økre) Paint Creek 1874-75  
Olsen, Ellef (Eilif)

Ellef Olsen

Painted Creek Jan. 1862-66, A.B. degree 1866 Norwegian Synod, Concordia Seminary, Ordained Sept. 2, 1869. Farming in Kirley, S.D. (1921)
Osmundson, Bernt F. Quandahl 1889-93  
Pederson, Christofer Waterville 1874-78  
Petersen, Wilhelm Magnus Herman Paint Creek 1869-75, A.B. degree 1875 Entered ministry: Norwegian Synod, Ordained 08/31/1878 from the Concordia Seminary. Faculty member Luther Seminary (St. Paul, Minn.), 1894-99. Deceased. At time of death was Theological Professor in Robbinsdale, Minn.
Peterson, Magnus Elon 1880-83  
Reierson, Knut Root Prairie
[Round Prairie?]
Rickansrud, Torleif M. Waukon 1914-22, A.B. degree 1922  
Rikansrud, Olaus Thorleifson Elon 1881-88, A.B. degree 1888 Entered ministry: Norwegian Synod, Ordained 05/10/1896 from the Luther Seminary. Member of faculty at Clifton Lutheran College (Clifton, Texas), 1897-1900
Rikansrud, Ole T. Elon 1877-80  
Rood, Paul Gerhard Waukon 1911-12  
Ruen, Olger Cornelius Waukon 1921-  
Rydning, John Paint Creek 1872-74  
Saetrang, Ingeman J. (Sætrang) Waterville 1894-97  
Saetrang, Oluf G. (Sætrang) Waterville 1874-79  
Seim, Viking L. Paint Creek 1869-73  
Sevatson, William Waukon 1917-  
Shefloe, Joseph S. Waukon 1879-85, A.B. degree 1885 Awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree at Johns Hopkins University, 1899
Smeby, Oluf Hansen Paint Creek 1865-71, A.B. degree 1871 Entered ministry: Norwegian Synod, Ordained 07/14/1874 from the Concordia Seminary. Faculty member at Luther Academy (Albert Lea, Minn.), 1888-1904, Emeritus (1921)
Sollien, Andrew J. Quandahl 1888-89, 1891  
Sorum, Gillman Oscar A. Waukon 1904-05, 1910-11  
Sorum, Hans (Sørum) Elon 1879-83  
Storla, Olaus Paint Creek 1867-68  
Storla, Ole H. Paint Creek 1863-65  
Storla, Sevat Paint Creek 1873-75  
Storla, Thore Paint Creek 1874-77  
Takle, Leonard Knut Dorchester 1919-21  
Thomassen, Kristian Paint Creek 1867  
Thomasson, Anders (Grønne) Paint Creek 1866-69, 1871-72  
Turkop, Olaus O. Paint Creek 1878-80  
Unseth, Joseph Bernard Westby, Wisconsin 1891-97, A.B. degree 1897 Entered ministry: Norwegian Synod, Ordained 06/26/1900 from the Luther Seminary; address in 1921: Waterville, Iowa
Valhovd, Kristian E.
(C.E. Erickson)
Paint Creek 1876-78  
Walhus, Alfred Leander Dorchester 1920-21  
Westby, Julius Waukon 1890-91  


Other Allamakee co. people who were affiliated with Luther College:

Rev. Ove Jakob Hjort, Dalby; Luther College Board of Trustees 1865-1878. Rev. Hjort was for a time in the late 1870's, minister at Painted Creek, Allamakee county. His eldest daughter Louise Augusta Hjort, was married to Prof. Christian Keyser Preus in 1877. Prof. Preus earned a B.A. at Luther college in 1873 and went on to become a professor at the college. He was elected Luther college president in 1902 and served until his death in 1921.
Gulbrand Saetrang, Waterville; Luther College Board of Trustees 1884-1887


~source: "Luther College through sixty years, 1861-1921", by Luther College (Decorah, Iowa), Olaf Morgan Norlie, 1922.

~names extracted & transcribed by S. Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb. The full database containing over 1,000 names of students giving an Iowa residence has been contributed to the Winneshiek co. IAGenWeb. Click here to browse all of the names (new window opens)

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