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Lansing Stone School - undated
Lansing Stone School

Lansing, Iowa

Lansing High School graduation will be held June 15, 1894.The class roll is as follows:

John Kemble, Leonard Rud, Illyria Turner, Jennie Fellows, Mattie Gobell, Belle Duffy, Gena Haug, and Mamie Torrey.

~contributed by Ann Krumme
~source: Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, June 5, 1929 in the 35 Years Ago Column (1894)

Lansing, Iowa

Lansing high school commencement exercises will be held at Germania Hall June 10. Following is the largest class so far in the history of the school:

Clara Koehm
Laura Hammarstrom
Albert Saam
Albert Nelson
Will Glynn

Harva Otis
Will Kratka
Herman Magnusson
Webb Otis
Kathryn Knoepfler
Art Torrey

Mabel Wier
Harry Moellerman
Annie Thomas
Ben Ruprecht
Gus Beck
Charlotte Thompson

Fred Schafer
Klara Koehm
Odin Rud
Minnie Redo
Richard Dunlevy

Will Kratka had to be carried to the hall, having been accidentally shot by a .22 rifle in the hands of Will Kemble a few days previous.
~contributed by Errin Wilker
~source: Lansing Journal, June, 1898

Lansing, Iowa

Lansing High School graduated a class of 15 on May 27 as follows:

Susan Scholtes
Wilma Rud
Cleveland Kerndt
Mae Brophy
Leonard Nelson
Anga Aschom
Olaf Olson
Maud Piers
Ernest Gaunitz
Leo Hufschmidt
Mabel Johnson
Sadie Leppert
Carl Wiecking
Alfred Trayers
Adah Albert

~contributed by Ann Krumme
~source: Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, June 5, 1929 in the 25 Years Ago Column (1904)


Lansing, Iowa

Following are the names of what appears to be the graduates of Lansing High School Class of 1911 from a photograph of the class members. The photographer is G. E. Robertson. He has printed Lansing, Iowa after his name. There are two ribbons tied in a "sailor's" knot at the bottom of the picture. The ribbons appear to be one white or a very light color, and the other is a darker color.

B. Vera Ahlstrom
Clyffe E. Bakewell
Neva D. Bakewell
Martha L. Boeckh
Raymond G. Hirth
Robert H. Kerndt
Myrtle M. Ladd
Norbert Thorton
Martha M. Wagner
Clarence M. Young
Lloyd A. Young

At the very top of the picture is a small plaque that states "Labor Conquers All". It appears to have been printed by the photographer. Apologies for any misspellings in the names. They were hand printed and in some cases are a little hard to read.
~contributed by Mary Rae Hirth
~source: photograph of the class of 1911

New Albin, Iowa

Class Motto: Not evening, but dawn
Class Colors: Blue & Gold
Class Flower: Yellow Rose
May 21, 1922
Song - Choir
Invocation - Rev. Piper
Song - Vivian Barry
Music - Ora Schulze & Anna Meyer
Song - Choir

May 24, 1922
Song (America) - Audience
Invocation - Rev. Piper
March - Lillian McMaster
Presentation of Speaker - Superintendent Gemmill
Address - Ex. Governor Harding
Presentation of Class - Superintendent Gemmill
Presentation of Diplomas - School Board President
Class Song - Senior Class
  J.D. Gemmill, Superintendent
  Alice J. White, Principal
  Rita Thornton

1922 Class Roll:

Myrl B. Kester
Esther L. Reiser
Paul H. Meyer

Nita A. May
Minnie K. Brenner
Franklin H. Middendorf

Dorothy G. Weymiller
Florence E. Kubitz
Alvin L. Jordan

~contributed by Errin Wilker
~source: 1922 Commencement Invitation Booklet

Lansing, Iowa

L. H. S. COMMENCEMENT MAY 23rd, 1929
The Senior Class of the Lansing High school will hold its graduating exercises at the High School Auditorium Wednesday evening, May 23.

Following will be the program for the evening:
Processional…Miss Hasley;
Class Song…Seniors;
Cornet Solo…Willard Thompson;
Address…Dr. D. I. Berger;
Solo…George Aschom;
Presentation of Diplomas…Harold Gaunitz;
That Old Gang of Mine…Seniors;
Benediction…Rev. L. T. Olson;
Class Roll — George R. Alexander, Frank F. Asay, Helen Bieber, Mildred Bulman, Emmet Gaunitz, Clarence Gruber, Delbert J. Mathis, Esther Saam, Evelyn Severson, Ferne Steiber, Vera Steiber, Elsie Wendel.
Class Day May 17.
Baccalaureate May 19.
Commencement May 23.
Class Motto—“Tonight we Launch, Where Do We Anchor?”
Colors—Orchid and Silver.
Flower—White Rose

~source: Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, May 15, 1929
~contributed by Ann Krumme

New Albin, Iowa

Graduates — Harold Bellows, Zeta Crowley, Ina Gantenbein, Belva Higgins, Merlin Higgins, Harold Jordan, Gretta Lager, John McCormick, Elizabeth Rouster, Earl Ryan, Mae Sires, Arthur Stevens, Florence Waters, Louise Weymiller and Milton Zielinski.
~source: Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, May 15, 1929
~contributed by Ann Krumme

New Albin, Iowa

Gladys L. Thimmesch
Earl C. Morgan
Loretta C. Waters

Marjorie J. Kumpf
Sara K. Smerud
Verda M. Kelly

Mary T. Bakewell
Bernice Meyer
Gladys M. McCormick
Helen A. Jordan

Principal: Louise Divoky
Superintendant: Merle Sandy

~contributed by Errin Wilker

Lansing, Iowa

The commencement exercises of Lansing High School class of 1933 will be held at the gymon Thursday evening, May 25, at 8 o'clock. The class consists of four boys and seventeen girls, as follows:

Richard Gee
Harris Gruber
Peter Osborne
Alice Bailey
Norene Batteen
Margaret Ferring
Edith Feuerhelm

Edna Goodell
Lucille Greiser
Hazel Gruber
Marjorie Guider
Eleanore Larson
Martina Peterson
Margaret Rippe

Cleone Roeder
Cleta Scholtes
Delores Weipert
Lauretta Wild
Esther Wiemerslage
LaVina Smith
Truman Aldrich

~contributed by Errin Wilker
~source: Lansing Journal, May 24, 1933

New Albin, Iowa

1935 New Albin graduates

L-R: James Morgan, Ralph Steele, Martha Jordan, Superintendent E.R.C. Jordan, Class Sponsor Veronica Cull, Ben Irons, Forrest Sires, Evelyn Weymiller, John Colsch, Kenneth Kelly, Vivian Krzbietke

~contributed by Errin Wilker
~source: Waukon Republican and Standard, May 29, 1935

1936 LANSING CLASS of 1936
Lansing, Iowa

Dorothy L. Bauman
Lorna G. Cavers
Ruth Elsie Duty
Charlotte Mae Ferris
John H. Feuerhelm
Mabel Janet Gee
R. Genevieve Guider
Alberta M. Hammell
C. Leonette Johnson
Crace Estelle Larson
Alyce E. Layer
Horace Magnussen
William Carl Munchoff
John W. Noble

Ruth M. Noeding
Dorothy L. O'Donnell
Alton M. Olson
Sylvia Margaret Pottratz
Gerald D. ReVoir
Genevieve A. Scholtes
Evelyn E. Syverson
George R. Thompson
Arta Jean Wilde
Russell S. Williams
Donald F. Wolfe
Esther W. Zimmerman
Wesley Bangs
Lila Sandry

Class Flower
Red Rose
Class Colors
French Blue and Silver
Class Motto
Rowing, Not Drifting

~contributed by Debbie Johnson Odell
~source: 1936 Commencement Booklet

New Albin, Iowa

New Albin High School will graduate the following seniors:
Betty Gantenbein, Lorraine Hammel, Monica K. Hurley, Robert E. Imhoff, Betty Irons, Maria Jordan, Leander Loeffler, Glenn Meyer, Robert Meyer, Margaret Reburn, Philananie Rouster, Lucille Schulte, Cleon Sires, John Smerud, Rita Smerud and Stephen Vilach.
~source: Allamakee Journal, Lansing, Iowa, May 1942
~contributed by Errin Wilker

1949 / 1950 New Albin 2nd & 3rd Grades
New Albin, Iowa

ca1949 2nd grade class, New Albin ca1949 2nd grade
Front L-R: Unknown, Unknown, Ann Strub, Phyllis Mendenhall, Unknown, Mary Darling, Karen Meyer

Middle L-R: John Colsch, John May, Gerald Colsch, Milo Mendenhall, Kenneth Mauss, Gary Sommermeyer, Joel Sires

Back L-R: Unknown, "Fritz" Meyer, Barton King, James Hosch, James Grahlman, James May, Bernadette Larkin (teacher)

~contributed by Errin Wilker

ca1950 3rd grade class, New Albin ca1950 3rd grade
Front L-R: Mary Darling, Unknown, Sandra Dresselhaus, Gary Sommermeyer, Angela Bakewell, Joel Sires, "Fritz" Meyer

Middle L-R: Ruth Ann Weymiller, Evelyn May, Milo Mendenhall, Janice Wohlers OR Halverson, Leroy Meyer, Gerald Colsch, June Grahlman

Back L-R: Miss Strong (teacher), Donald Fink, Brent Darling, Phyllis Mendenhall, Richard Mauss, Doris Mauss, Timothy Spinner, Merlin Welper

~contributed by Errin Wilker

New Albin, Iowa

Baccalaureate services were held in the high school auditorium Sunday evening, May 14, at 8 o'clock. Program was as follows:
Call to Worship
Invocation — Rev. Lynn King
Song, "Fairest Lord Jesus" — Mixed Chorus
Prayer — Prayer Response, Minister
Scripture Lesson — Luke 18:18-30
Song, "Now The Day Is Over" — Mixed Chorus
Hymn, "Savior, Again To Thy Dear Name"
Commission and Benediction — Rev. P.H. Franzmeier

Commencement exercises were held in the high school auditorium on Wednesday, May 17th, at 2 p.m. Following is the program:
Recessional — Angela Pottratz
Invocation — Rev. Franzmeier
Presentation of Eighth Grade Diplomas — M.J. Corrigan
Song, "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes" — Mixed Chorus
Salutatory — Joilene Dollar
Address, "Horizons: 1950" — R.A. Haatveldt, Registrar, Luther College, Decorah
Song, "America The Beautiful" — Mixed Chorus
Presentation of the Class of 1950 — C.H. Hageman
Presentation of Diplomas — Dr. F.S. Wilson
Valedictory — Richard Franzmeier
Recessional — Angela Pottratz
Class Motto — "Opportunity Never Comes; It's Here."
Class Flower — Pink Carnation
Class Colors — Mallow Pink and Calomine Blue

New Albin High School Class of 1950 — Carl Joseph Colsch, Joilene Beryl Dollar, Richard Allen Franzmeier, Dorothea Gade, Donald Dale Weymiller, Leo Joseph Whalen

8th Grade Graduates — Belva Burroughs, Edward Bina, Eleanor Hueg[illegible], Earl Crowley, Rita Darling, Dolores Moldenhauer, Jim Noel, Ralph Meyer, Leo Timmesch, Betty Ward, Donald Loeffler, David Steele, Marvis Wuennecke

School closed here Friday with a picnic dinner in the school gymnasium. The following teachers are leaving over the weekend for their respective homes: Michael Corrigan and Miss Bernadette Larkin, Waterville, Ia., Miss Jean Greenfield, Belmont, Ia., and Miss Rosella Strong, Elgin, Ia., Mrs. Fred Schaffer, Lansing, Supt. of Schools, C. Hageman and coaches, Carl Dresselhaus and Dale Haugen remaining at their homes.
~contributed by Errin Wilker
~source: newspaper clipping, hand-dated 1950


Lansing, Iowa

Lois Anundson
Aldin A. Asp
Shirley L. Baumbach
Marie Brooks
Beverly K. Clancy
William C. Curti
Dorothy A. Dee
Donna Dennison
Garnet Dennison
Robert E. Dyer

Elmer O. Ellefson
Elinor J. Englehorn
Ronald G. Feuerhelm
Geneva G. Fink
Jeanette E. Fink
Kathryn Furland
Lois Ann Gruber
John L. Guanella
Anna Hammel
Geneva J. Hammond

Henry G. Hayden
Barbara A. Irons
Melvin L. Johnson
Georgia Lawrence
Donald D. Leppert
Elizabeth L. Loomis
Laila K. McKee
Elizabeth Ann Moe
John W. Moller
Bernice Steiber

Supt. E. P. Reher
Oleda M. Sallander
Oma F. Sallander
Orville R. Sallander
Frieda K. Schellhammer
Edith L. Verdon
Ruth L. Wendel
Roy L. Yeoman

Included here is Gaylord E. Riley, who was also presented with his diploma from Lansing High School at graduation ceremonies with this class. He had previously dropped out of high school, and the superintendent at LHS accepted his credits from Navy educational classes he had taken, to make him qualified to received a high school diploma.
~contributed by Gayle Little
~source: 1945 class graduation photo


Lansing/New Albin, Iowa

Roger D Bennet
Barbara F Breeser
Lila B Breeser
William D Gordon
Thomas A Gramlich
Carolyn B Grant
Karel K Kurth

Kathryn M Luth
Robert A Meyer
Frederick M Meyer
Joyce M Meyer
Sharon K Neuman
Linda L Peterson
Lorraine M Renk

Mary A ReVoir
Carole L Sampson
Roland C Schmidt
Francis O Schobert
Douglas D Sires
James G Sires
Scott K Smith

Rosie M Snitker
Dorothy L Staggmeyer
Lynn E Strong
Gary L Wendel
Bonita J Weymiller
Richard W Zarwell
William E Zezulka

~contributed by Roxanne Barth
~source: School year book


Lansing/New Albin Iowa

Bruce Beneke
Brenda Burmester
Michael Cavers
Cheryl Dee
Lynn Ewing
Keith Garrett
Gary McKee
Orville Meyer
Robert Nelson
Verna Peters
Norbert Protsman
Robert Protsman
Tom Richards
James Sanchez
Richard Schellsmidt
Bradely Schmidt
Pamela Schultz
Lance Sires
Patti Snitker
Alan Steiber
Monte Steiber
Phyllis Strong
Shirley Strong
Ruby Wendel
Ruth Wendel
Lynette Weymiller
Roger Weymiller
Celia Wintrick
Betty Yeoman
Ronald Zarwell
Joseph Zeimet
Donald Zoll

~contributed by Roxanne Barth
~source: School year book


Lansing/New Albin Iowa

Steven Bartels
Roxanne Barth
James Beck
Robert Beneke
James Bieber
Bonnie Bina
Steven Breeser
Debra Carroll
Clark Ellenbolt

Cheryl Fink
Donna Fitzpatrick
Wayne Goodell
Wayne Gelo
David Gramlich
Tom Gruber
Ronald Halverson
Stanley Larson
Virginia Luth

Dean Meyer
Sharon McKee
Ken Magnusson
Gwendlynn Meyer
Jackie Meyer
Jerry Plagge
Joan Protsman
Stephen Prtosman
Tim Riehm

Ann Rogers
Judy Sandry
Jane Sires
Don Somermeyer
Ray Weymiller
Leroy Wiegrefe
Patty Yoeman

~contributed by Roxanne Barth
~source: School year book


Lansing/New Albin, Iowa

Nancy Bina
Arlis Breeser
Murvel Cole
Arletta Dawson
Richard Elefson
Dana Fink
Lynette Garrett
Mary Halverson

Richard Hanson
Richard Hill
John Kelly
Gerald Kernan
Dixie Knickerbocker
Rita Kurth
June Larson
Craig Lee

Lvonne Luth
Donnie Manning
Linda Meiners
Ronald Meyer
John Nelson
Marcia Norskog
Ronnie Protsman
Roger Reed

Gerald Seitz
Byron Steiber
Neale Steiber
Roger Strong
Patricia Strub
James Wilde
Walter Wood

~contributed by Roxanne Barth
~source: School year book


New Albin/Lansing Iowa

Vallei Jo Amundson
Suzanne Bartels
Bobby Becker
Daryl Beneke
Kenny Buege
Claire Burmester
Vicki Capper
Scott Carroll
Karen Cavers
Linda Colsch
Ellen Conway

William Curran
Marie Gantenbein
Keith Gelo
Joan Hammell
Linus Hammell
Margaret Hammell
Donna Heim
Debby Imhoff
Jerry Irons
Elizabeth Jordan
Diane Kasten

Roy Magnusson
Vincent Mannin
Victor Mauss
Leon Mohn
Donald Moore
Vern McKee
Vicki McKee
Mary Nelson
Roger Protsman
Carolyn Renk
Marilyn Renk

Bruce ReVoir
Scott Richards
Donald Russell
Joy Sandry
Marty Seeley
Edith Sickles
Lee Strub
Bonnie Zeimet

~contributed by Roxanne Barth
~source: School year book


New Albin/Lansing, Iowa

Debbie Bina
Micheal Collins
Kathy Curran
Danny Cole
Shirley Dyb
Sandra Ellefson
Mike Fink
Kathy Fitzpatrick
Gary Gordon
Laughn Gordon
Anna Hammell
Joyce Hammell
Angela Imhoff

Nancy Jacobson
Kimberlie Johnson
Roxanne Knickerbocker
Larry Knight
Danny Larson
Linda Magnusson
Sandra Manning
Alan Mauss
Francis Mauss
Danny Maust
Dennis Meyer
Kenton Norskog
Bob Roeder

Benny Rogers
Mary Schulte
Kay Schultz
Robert Seeley
Roger Seitz
Cheryl Steiber
Carver Smerud
Timothy Stevens
Debra Strong
Rita Strong
Ronald Strong
Steven Thorsten
William Troendle

Gregory Wagner
Sheila Wagner
Monica Wallaser
Terry Wallaser
Tim Wallaser
Jean Webb
Eileen Whittle
Linda Wilde
Alan Yoeman
Carolyn Zeimet

~contributed by Roxanne Barth
~source: School year book


New Albin/Lansing Iowa.

Marla Bechtel
Donna Becker
Mary Bradshaw
Linda Buege
James Callahan
Jack Capper
Jerome Colsch
Kerry Darling
Kenneth Donovan
Raymond Ellefson
Robert Fink

Bernard Hammell
Mary Heiderscheit
Steven Imhoff
Vicky Jacobson
Karla Johnson
Janice Leppert
Cindy Luth
Linda Luttchens
Laurie Magnusson
Daniel Mauss
David Mauss

Leonita Mohn
Kyle Moore
Constance Mullarkey
Rose Nelson
Terry Norskog
Dennis Pottratz
Richard Protsman
Gregory Sawson
Terry Schellsmidt
Arthur Schobert
Elmer Schobert

Samuel Smerud
Dennis Strub
Janelle Thorson
Patty Thorsten
Donald Troendle
Alan Wagner
Judy Welch
LaVonne Whittle
Judith Weymiller
Michael Zeimet

~contributed by Roxanne Barth
~source: School year book

Eastern Allamakee Community School District
Lansing and New Albin, Iowa
May 19, 1972 - 8:00 p.m. - Kee High Auditorium

Processional - “Pomp and Circumstance” .. Mr. James Welander, Director
Invocation - The Reverend Clyde Lee
Farewell Address - Frederick Wiemerslage
Presentation of Honors - Mr. Cyril Barnes, Principal
Commencement Address - “It Is No Winter Now” .. Mr. John F. Burhorn, Jr., Assistant Dean, University of Dubuque
Mixed Chorus - “We Shall Overcome” .. Miss Patricia Staupe, Director
Presentation of Class of 1972 - Mr. Duane Furman, Superintendent
Presentation of Diplomas - Mr. Roy Renk, President, Board of Education
Benediction - The Reverend Clyde Lee
Recessional - “Ceremonial Recessional” .. Mr. James Welander, Director

Frederick Wiemerslage - President
Kathleen Meyer - Vice-President
Beverly Koch - Secretary
Anita Carroll - Treasurer
Superintendent - Mr. Duane Fuhrman
Principal - Mr. Cyril Barnes
Class Advisors - Miss Nancy Walrod & Mr. Merlin Welper
Roy Renk, President
Hugh Conway, Vice-President
Robert Dresselhaus
James Mettille
Lawrence Protsman
CLASS MOTTO - Live in peace, for only in peace shall things live!
CLASS FLOWER - Yellow Rose
CLASS COLORS - Powder Baby Blue and Blue
CLASS SONG - Imagine, by John Lennon


Sandra Ann Batley *
Allen Lawrence Belverud
Steven Michael Betsinger
Beverly Jeanne Breeser *
Stuart Clyde Burmester
Anita Ann Carroll
Patricia Jean Dyb
James Robert Ensley
Paul Wiliam Gade, Jr.
Thomas Edward Gage
Esther Lynn Gordon
Sandra Ellen Kasten
Beverly Kay Koch *
David Allan Larson
Victoria Ann Lee *
Maria-Lily Luz Hidalgo
Dean Cletus McKee
Kathleen Signe Meyer *
Manley Michael Monroe
Lloyd Joseph Nelson
Darrell Dean Peters
Richard Paul Reinke *
Patricia Jean Rotor
Debra Kay Russell
Kenneth James Ryan
Timothy Charles Smith
Robert Dale Staggemeier *
Nancy Kay Steiber
Patricia Ann Strong
Thomas James Strong
Noeline Ann Strub
Rose Marie Strub *
Patricia Ann Troendle
Rebecca Ann Troendle
Roger John Troendle
Steven Richard Troendle
Linda Marie Visger
Linda Lou Walleser *
Susan Faye Wiegrefe
Frederick James Wiemerslage *
Ruth Ann Yeoman *
William John Zoll

*National Honor Society Members
~source: Commencement Program
~contributed by Errin Wilker


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