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Allamakee Teachers Institute
List of students in 1903

Institute for 1903

The Institute for 1903 closes tomorrow night and from all reports has been a most satisfactory session. Allamakee county is improving each year in the quality of teachers and the showing made this year is most encouraging in the instructors. The following were in attendance:


Harriet Hancock
Thos. McNeal
Vern Watermann
Ethel Smith
Okley [Hebeftarn]
Sadie Fahey
Hannah Nelson
Lizzie G. Byrne
Mary Hawes
Miss Gerke
Kathryn Hawes
Hattie G. Fuller
Angie N. [Teeple]
Florence S. Jackson
Inga Granguard
Elissabeth O'Neil
Kathryn Duggan
Kittie Ryan
Neil Cummens
Ruth McDonald
Mabel Duslevy
Grace Purdy
Vesta Spencer
Clara D. Mitchell
Kathryne M. Byrne
Marras Hansen
Blanche Deal
May Ratcliffe
Edna M. Hanson
Jas. F. Farley
Ruby E. Kerney
Anna McGourty
Mattie Sickmeier
Mollie Hayes

  Jennie [Law]
J.C. Murphy
Maye Ryan
Hanna Riley
C.A.V. Pederson
Emma [?] Nelson
Teresa Maroney
[Eloise] M. Dewiney
Anna Gerke
Alice Fitzgerald
Nora [Galager]
Emily Steele
Cecilia M. Rowen
Agnes Waldron
Mary Tierney
Mary Fafhey
Mame Duggan
Lefe Cummens
Clara L. Hancock
Esther Williams
Ruth Bentley
Florence E. Deal
Mabel E. Johnson
Mary Maloney
Margaret [Gough]
Lena Tweet
Marie Westby
Jennie Hanson
W.H. Ryan
Mattie McMillan [McMittan]
Katie McGeurty
Ida Thompson
Mamie McCreavy
Mayme McDermott

Anna Koehm
Genette Schaler
Mae Gleason
Karma A. Anderson
Martha Intisgofer
Klara Thorstenson
Klara Koehm
Pearl E. Towle
Nellie R. Coyle
Anna Bakewell
George Hammert
Anna Curran
Genette Thomie
Auga Aachom
Mary Bakewell
Joan Casey
Anna Smith

  Fannie Guider
Sadie Manning
Lora Aird
Florence Hedar
Esther Aird
Alice E. Hegg
Alma Markwardt
Gevevieve Collins
Rosa Warner
Jeabelle Duffy
Agnes Carran
[Kiara Redin]
Kathryn Casey
Kathryn Sullivan
Margaret Guider
Gertrude Guider
Monona   Waterville

Jessie Mitchell
Orson Adams


Rhoda Bryson
Clemence M. Kelly
M.D. Kelly

Rossville   Quandahl

Katie MeGonga
Emma Deremore
Maude Ridgeway
Helmer Larson
Rose Deremore

  Anna Larson
Martin Iverson
Bensletta Osmondson
Elia Quandahl
Waukon Junction   New Albin

Minnie Cahalan
Martin Cahalan

  Margaret Gabbett
Minnie Konimeyer
Margarite Cox
Julia Moore
Mayme Moore
Agnes [Coughlin]

Stella Sams
Ethel McWilliams
Coral Pearson
Josephine M. Hecker
Mary Mickelson
Geo C. Marsh

  [?] Leithold
Louise Meyer
Fred H. Steele
Etta Dresser
Jenetta Jackson
Cora B. Darling
Harpers Ferry   Dorchester

Margaret Froley
Mary C. O'Neill
Mary Powers
Elizabeth Ryan
Mary F. O'Neill
Anna Powers
Agnes Hostley
Eva Clarse

  Harold Beardmore
Tesa Wanig
Thos Cavanaugh
Celia McLaughlin
Katie Waters
Wm. G. Holmes
Luana   Ion

Grace Dickson
Alta Beil
Addie Smith
Ida Stafford

  Catherine Grady
Rose McNeill
Bessie ? Brady
Fannie Bywater
Village Creek   Elon

Mildred Phipps
Theo B. Thorann
Barbara Pladson
Mabel Doehler
Gertrude Doehler

  Arthur Jacobson
Augusta Gilbertson
Other towns    

Emma Ebner, Church
Jennie Curtin, Connor
Alma Fossum, Maude
Jennie Barnes, Watson
Lovina Johnson, North McGregor
Sarah Gowel, Volney
Emma Richardson, Hopkinton
J.S. Whalen, Lycurgus


-source - Waukon Standard, Thursday, August 6, 1903
-transcribed by S. Ferrall
-transcribers note - the copy was very difficult to read & errors may exist, researchers should consult the original copy to verify the names. Those in [brackets] are a best-guess


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