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Rossville, Jefferson twp.
Vintage Photos

Rossville, Iowa - undated
Rossville, Iowa - undated

Hancock house Rossville, Allamakee co. - undated
Hancock house Rossville - undated
This building can be seen on the left in the above photo


Robee's Hall, Rossville, Iowa - Payne photo, undated
Robee's Hall, Rossville, Iowa
Payne photo - undated
-contributed by S. Ferrall


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Rossville store - Click to enlarge the photo
Rossville store - undated
Same building as in
photos to the right & below
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Rossville, N. Walnut street
Payne photo
View of Rossville, Iowa - undated
View of Rossville, Iowa
Rossville Hardware store - undated
Rossville Hardware store - undated
Photo appears to be later than the
one above, no evidence of the pump
Rossville from the east
Rossville from the east
Payne photo
Rossville,  Iowa - undated
Rossville - undated
A celebration? Funeral?
Hancock house on the left.
Sledding in Rossville
Sledding in Rossville
Sidney Koontz is 4th from left
Rossville winter
Winter in Rossville - undated
Rossville bank, undated
Rossville Bank - undated


Rossville, Iowa - Nov. 20, 1917 - looking north
Rossville, Iowa - Nov. 20, 1917. View looking north

Koontz Residence - undated, Payne photo
The new Koontz Residence, Rossville Iowa
Payne Photo
Koontz home, Rossville, Allamakee co. - undated
Koontz home - undated

Koontz home, Rossville, Allamakee co. - undated
Koontz home Rossville - undated

The photos on this page were contributed by Keith Koontz
from his personal collection, unless otherwise indicated


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