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Politics in Allamakee Co.


The data presented on this page likely does not include every political position or politician from Allamakee Co. during the time period indicated, and the dates given may not reflect all years that a specific person held that office. If you can add to this list, please submit your information to the county coordinator.

W.E. Albert - State Fish & Game Warden - Superintentendent, Mississippi River, Lansing,
Allamakee Co.; 1913-1916. State Fish & Game Department. Fish Commissioner State of Iowa; assumed office April 11, 1919 upon the resignation of Elmer C. Hinshaw, continues to head the department in 1927, with his term expiring March 1, 1929; yearly salary: $3,000. 1927 job description: The state game warden is appointed by the governor for a term of four years.He has charge of the state fish hatcheries, the game farm and the enforcement of the fish and game laws. He has authority to appoint not to exceed 40 deputy wardens. Compensation ranging from $3.00-$5.00 per diem, with actual expenses while away from their homes in the performance of their duties. The state game warden makes a report biennially to the governor covering the entire work of the department.
Elias B. Bascom, Waukon; Vicksburg Commission; commissioner at large; appointed by the Governor, no compensation. Rank & regiment of Elias B. Bascom on July 4th, 1863 was Captain Co. B, 5th infantry. The Vicksburg Commission was created by an act of the 28th General Assembly, charged with the duty to work with the National Park Commission to ascertain and exactly determine the positions of each Iowa organization in the siege of Vicksburg.
Elias B. Bascom, Lansing; Iowa Lookout Mountain & Missionary Ridge Monument Commission; regiment, 5th Iowa Infantry; commission member 1902-1904.
History of the commission: The 29th General Assembly provided for a commission to erect monuments on the Chattanooga, Tenn., battle fields where Iowa soldiers engaged in the battles of Nov. 24, 25 & 27, 1863. Three state monuments were erected, one on Lookout Mt. and one on each end of Missionary Ridge; to express the appreciation on the part of the people of Iowa; the patriotism & courage of their fellow citizens who took part in the battles. The commission visited the battlefields in Nov. 1902, and selected the 3 sites. The monuments are to be completed March 1, 1904 and dedicated early in the year if found practicable.
L.E. Corlett, of Waukon, Clerk in 30th General Assembly (convened Jan. 11, 1904); Assistant Clerk, House of Rep.
N.N. Crawford, Waukon, assistant State veterinary surgeon; 1914-1917
Hon. Douglas Deremore, Waukon; democrat; Permanent chairman State Democratic convention meeting in Des Moines on May 3, 1900 to nominate delegates to represent Iowa in the National convention at Kansas City
E.F. Dougherty, Waukon; Court Reporter, District 13 court, 1915 & 1927
Fellows, Liberty E., Lansing, 1872-1878, member of the Board of Trustees of the Iowa Hospital for the Insane at Mount Pleasant, Henry co. Iowa. Term expires July 3, 1878. Also shown to be a Trustee of this intitution in 1881 & 1882, with a term expiring in 1882. Trustees were elected by the Iowa General Assembly for a term of 6 years. Judge of the District Court Allamakee Co. District 13, 1889, 1895 -1913
Granger, Charles T., Waukon; District Attorney, 10th District, elected Oct. 12, 1869 and re-elected Oct. 11, 1870. Judge of the Circuit Court; Allamakee Co., Dist. 10, Circuit 1; 1873-1886. Judge of the District Court Allamakee Co. District 13, 1887 - 1888. Supreme Court of Iowa; from Allamakee Co., Nov. 6, 1888-1900. Served as Chief Justice, 1894-1900.
Martha Hemenway, librarian, Association & Subscription Library; Lansing Public Library, 1915
E.M. Hancock, librarian, Waukon Public Library (founded 1860), Subscription Library, 1893
P.J. Huber, of Waukon, Clerk in 30th General Assembly (convened Jan. 11, 1904); House Military committee clerk
Jennie M. Jones, librarian, Free Public Library; Waukon Library, 1927
E.L. Knight, Waukon, assistant State veterinary surgeon; 1914-1919
John B. Knoepfler - State Superintendant of Public Instruction 1892-1894, from Allamakee Co.; date of 1st election/appointment, November 3,1891
L.B. Larson, of Waukon, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Fourty-fifth General Assembly, Senate, 1933/34
James H. McGhee, Waukon, State Fish & Game Deputy Warden; term expires March 21, 1900; salary $1,500
Amy Meier, librarian, Association & Subscription Library; Postville, 1927
Serene, John H., of Allamakee co. (no town given); 28th General Assembly, State of Iowa; Chief Doorkeeper
Anna Stilwel, Waukon; Officer House of Representatives, Assistant Enrolling Clerk, 1927-1928
D. Strock, Waukon, assistant State Oil Inspector; 1913-1915
Taylor, H.E., Waukon, Judge of the District Court Allamakee Co. District 13, 1918 - (still seated in 1927)
Will Thill, of Waukon, Clerk in 30th General Assembly (convened Jan. 11, 1904); Senate Pharmacy committee clerk.
Florence Wattles, Waukon, Enrolling Clerk of the Forty-Ninth General Assembly, Iowa State Senate, 1941/42
W.C. Wilkinson, librarian, Free Public Library; Waukon Library, 1915


Members State of Iowa General Assembly
Senators & Representatives 1846-1928

The sessions were held biennially in odd numbered years. Senators (sen) were elected for terms of 4 years and Representatives (rep) for terms of 2 years. Allamakee Co. was not represented in sessions 1-5. Session 6 convened December 1, 1856 and adjourned January 29, 1857.

Dates of Iowa General Assemblies 1846-1928
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Bryson, James, no town, rep. session 6

Gray, George W.B, Lansing, rep. session 7, sen. session 8, 8EX, 9, 9EX & 10. In 1860 (8th Gen. Assembly) his occupation was listed as merchant, age 39, nativity Penn., yrs in Iowa: 14, married, weight 135 lbs., democrat. In 1862 (9th Gen. Assembly) his occupation was listed as merchant, age 41, nativity Penn., yrs in Iowa: 17, married.

Paulk, Charles, Waukon, rep. session 8, 8EX & 10, sen. session 11. In 1860 (8th Gen. Assembly) his occupation was listed as farmer, age 50, nativity Vermont, yrs in Iowa: 7, married and weight 150 lbs., democrat

Burton, Joseph, Makee, rep. session 9-9EX. In 1862 (9th Gen. Assembly) his occupation was listed as farmer, age 44, nativity Rhode Island, yrs in Iowa: 8, married.

Wright, Pierce G., Ludlow, rep. session 11, 12 &13. (lived in Waukon during session 11)

Fellows, L.E., Lansing, rep. session 11, sen. session 12-13.

Miller, George, Rossville, rep. session 12.

Dickerson, David, Hardin, rep. session 13.

Sandry, Andrew, Lansing, rep. session 14.

Dayton, Henry, Waukon, rep. session 14-15

Kinne, Samuel H., Lansing, Allamakee Co., sen. session 14, 15, 16 &17.

Brown, Luther, Postville, rep. session 16.

Ratcliff, Benjamin, Clear Creek, rep. session 17 (note: the 1927 issue gives residence as Cedar Creek)

Barnes, Thomas H., Waukon, rep. session 18.

Earle, Willard C., Waukon, rep. session 19-32-32EX and sen session 21. 1882- represented House District 64, Post office - Waukon, occupation - merchant, nativity - Pennsylvania, 26 yrs in Iowa, age 48, weight - 148 lbs., married.

Nielander, Henry, Lansing, sen. session 18-19. 1882- represented Senate district 41, from Lansing, merchant, nativity Germany, 27 years in Iowa, age 48, weight 148 lbs., married

Nachtwey, Theo., Lansing, rep session 20-21.

Dayton, John F., Waukon, rep. session 22,23 &; 24.

Trewin, James H., Lansing, rep. session 25, sen. session 26, 26EX, 27, 28 & 29; occupation Lawyer; nativity Illinois; years in Iowa 28; age 40 (as of 1901)

Bowen, Daniel H., Waukon, rep. session 26, 26-EX, 27 & 28EX, served as Speaker of the House in session 28, occupation Physician & Surgeon, nativity Wisconsin, years in Iowa 23, age 49 (as of 1901)

Hufschmidt, Robert, Lansing, rep. session 29.

Hart, William S., Waukon, rep. session 30-31.

Fourt, Edwin H., Waukon, rep. session 33-34.

Fellows, Albert M., Lansing, sen. session 35, 36, 37 & 38; occupation lumber dealer, born in IA, republican, attended college, married.

Helming, Otto A., Waukon, rep. session 35, 36 & 37, republican, occupation farmer, born in IA, education- academy, married. Committees in the 36th session: Dairy; Food, chairman; Roads & Highways; Animal Industry; Military; Telegraph & Express; Public Charities; Ways & Means & Agricultural College.

Beeman, I.E., Waukon, rep. session 38-39

Stock, Theodore B., Waukon, rep. session 40-40EX

Hager, J.H., Waukon, Impl. and Auto Dealer, dist. 90; rep. session 41-42

Election Statistics 1903
Vote for Representative, District 87, Allamakee Co. November 3, 1903
W.S. Hart
, republican, 2,269 votes
Robt. Hufschmidt, democrat, 1,1797 votes
State House of Representatives Election -1914
Allamakee Co. District 90
Otto A. Helming, republican, 2,398 votes
Nicholas Colsch, Jr., democrat, 1,382 votes
State Judicial Election -1914
Allamakee & Clayton Co., 13th judicial district
William J. Springer 4,799 votes.
A.N. Hobson 4,928 votes

-The Iowa Official Register - years: 1860, 1862, 1882, 1893, 1901, 1904, 1915/16, 1927/28, 1933/34, 1941/42
-Executive & Judicial Officers of the State of Iowa, for the year A.D. 1873; also Trustees of State Institutions
-Executive & Judicial Officers of the State of Iowa, for the year A.D. 1879; also Trustees of State Institutions

-Iowa Legislative Manual, 1882

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