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Early Allamakee County Physicians

1876 Medical Register

Ambler, R. C. New Albin, +R
Barnes, Thomas H., Waukon, Medical Department Iowa State University, Iowa City, 1871, R. Honorary Degree
Bowen, David H., Waukon; Rush, Chicago, Illinois, 1876 R
Brown, Luther, Jr., Postville, Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill., 1866 R
Clough, A. E., Harper’s Ferry, *R
Craig, Norman S., Lansing, Rush Memorial College, Chicago, Ill., 1871; Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1875, R
Craig, Joseph H., Lansing, Rush Memorial College, Chicago, Ill., 1871; U. S. Examining Surgeon for Pensions
Crawford, J. Cliff, Waukon; Chicago Medical College, 1882 R
Davis, J. W., Lansing, *H
Drake, S. H., Rossville, Chicago Medical College, Chicago., Ill., 1869, R.
Earl, Willard C., Waukon, Bellevue Hospital Medical College, Jefferson, Philadelphia, 1867, R
Erp, Brockhausen B., Lansing; Humbolt, St. Louis, Mo., 1869 R
Gilchrist, W. T., Waukon; Rush, Chicago, Illinois, 1884 R

Green, John S., Postville, Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1871, **R
Hayer, John, New Albin, * R
Hedge, I. H., Waukon, Castleton Medical College, Vermont, 1847, R, U.S. Examining Surgeon for Pensions. Not in Practice.
Lentz, N., Waukon, ** E
Lewis, W. C., Dorchester, ** R
MacDonald, Edward, New Albin; Rush, Chicago, Illinois, 1879 R
Matton, J. B., Waukon, * R

Nye, George, New Albin++
O'Brien, D. F., Rossville, ** E
Riser, F. L., Lansing; Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri, 1884 H
Sheperd, John, Postville; University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1875 R
Strock, D. Waukon; University of Missouri, Columbus, 1875 H
Thorton, J. H., Lansing; Rush, Chicago, 1879 R

R = Regular in practice
H = Homeopathic
E = Eclectic
** = Graduation undocumented
* = No record of being a Graduate

North Iowa Medical Society

Organized, 1859
Includes the Counties of Allamakee, Clayton, Winneshiek, Fayette, and Howard.
Meets semi-annually.

Allamakee county members:
Luther Brown, Postville
Thomas H. Barnes, Waukon
N. S. Craig, Lansing
S. H. Drake, Rossville
W. C. Earl, Waukon
J. S. Green, Postville


-source: The Medical and Sugrgical Directory of the State of Iowa, by Charles H. Lothrop, M.D.; Published by J.C. Hopkins, Printer, Lyons, Iowa, 1876; pg. 117
-contributed by Constance Diamond, May 2004 & updated with additional names Dec. 2004



1883/1884 Medical Register

Barnes, Thomas H., Waukon, grad. State Univ., Iowa City, 1871; R Hon.
Bowen, David H., Waukon, grad. Rush, Chicago, Ill., 1876; R
Brown, Luther, Postville, grad. Rush, Chicago, Ill., 1866; R
Christensen, A.G., Lansing, St. Louis, Med. Coll, Mo., 1872; R
Crawford, J. Cliff., Waukon, Chicago Med., 1882; R
Davis, J.W., Lansing, Georgetown Med. Col., D.C., 1860; H
Earl, Willard C., Waukon, Jefferson, Philadelphia, 1867; R
Brockhausen B. Erp, Lansing, Humboldt, St. Louis Mo., 1869;R
Green, John S., Postville, Humboldt, St. Louis, Mo., 1869; + R
Hayer, John, New Albin, Humboldt, St. Louis, Mo., 1869; * R
Mattoon, J.B., Waukon, Humboldt, St. Louis, Mo., 1869; * R
Morse, M.C., Postville, Chicago Homoepathic, 1878; H
Nesmith, M.W., Waukon, Rush, Chicago, 1865; R
Nolan, W.J., Harpers Ferry, #
Shepherd, J.L., Postville, State University, Iowa City, 1875; R
Skinner, H.S., Rossville, + E
Taylor, J.I., Lansing, + R
Thornton, J.H., Lansing, Rush Chicago, 1879; R

R = Regular in practice
H = Homeopathic
E = Eclectic
* = Graduation doubtful
+ = Not a Graduate
# = Nothing known as to standing or qualifications

If any errors exist in reference to the application of the above symbols, those who have neglected to respond to circulars sent them are alone responsible.


-source: Medical and Surgical Directory of the State of Iowa for 1883 and 1884; by Charles H. Lothrop, M.D.; Clinton, Iowa: Allen, Steam Printing & Binding, 1883.
-contributed by Roseanna Zehner

1887 Registered Physicians

According to law every practicing physician in the county is required to register. There are two kinds of certificates granted by the state board. 1st, to those having diplomas from medical colleges and approved by the board. 2nd, to those having practiced five years in the state just prior to the passage of the law.

The following are those entitled to practice in Allamakee county:

D.H. Bowen, Waukon
J.C. Crawford, Waukon
W.T. Gilchrist, Waukon
T.H. Barnes, Waukon
J.B. Mattson, Waukon
David Strock, Waukon
B. Erp Brockhausen, Lansing
Theo Nachtwey, Lansing
F.L. Riser, Lansing
Thos. Jensen, Spring Grove, Minn.

John Shepherd, Postville
L. Brown, Postville
J.S. Green, Postville
Ira J. Amsdell, Postville
W.C. Lewis, Dorchester
D.F. O'Brien, Rossville
S.C. Meyers, Rossville
John Hoyer, New Albin
O. Deremo, Elon

-source: Postville Review, Feb. 12, 1887
-transcribed by S. Ferrall


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