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Royal Arch Masons
Allamakee Co. Iowa

Royal Arch Masons Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa
Chapter #30 Markwell
Lansing & Waukon, Allamakee Co. Iowa

The original charter was granted on June 14, 1866.
On May 6, 1882 Markwell asked to move to Waukon, Makee twp. Dispensation was granted and the chapter moved to Waukon.

No. of listed as members yr. ending Sept. 1882: 20
No. listed as members yr. ending Oct. 1890: 26

Armstrong, Levi Treasurer-90
Baker, J.B. listed as member -82
Bearce, L.M. Principle Sojourner -90
Beesford, W.H. Grand Master Second Vail -82
Bently, H.J. Grand Master First Vail -90
Boomer, J.H. Royal Arch Captain -90
Conner, A.B. listed as member -90
Eddy, J.N. listed as member -90
Erickson, James Scribe -82/ listed as member -90
Fleming, T.E. listed as member -90
Goibbs, E.B. Grand Master Second Vail -90
Gilbert, Gilbert *dimitted -82 (also listed as Gustav Gilbert)
Goodykoontz, F.W. listed as member -82
Granger, C.T. listed as member -82,90
Greer, E.A. listed as member -90
Hankey, Wm. listed as member -82
Hazleton, F.H. Treasurer -82
Hemenway, H.H. High Priest -80,82
Hersey, L.W. King -90
Irvin, L.W. listed as member -90
Kinne, S.H. King -82
Leithold, C.A. listed as member -90
Manning, G.R. listed as member -90
Medary, T.C. Grand Master Third Vail -90
Mauch, G.J. listed as member -90
Nelson, O.M. listed as member -90
Pollard, John listed as member -82,90
Pratt, J.W. Grand Master Third Vail -82/ listed as member -90
Purdy, E.D. Secretary -78,80,82,90
Purdy, Geo. D. listed as member -82
Ranney, W.W. *dimitted -82
Reed, D.W. listed as member -82/ High Priest & attended Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa -90
Robbins, A.E. listed as member -82/ Scribe -90
Ruth, James Sentinel -82
Shriber, L.M. Grand Master Third Vail -82
Smith, S.O. *dimitted -82
Stewart, A.G. Chaplain/Captain of the Host -90
Stilwell, C.S. listed as member -90
Stilwell, H.H. listed as member -82/ Sentinel -90
Taylor, J.I. *dimitted -82
Thompson, J.C. *dimitted -82
Thomas, J.W. Chaplain/Captain of the Host -82
Woodruff, C.H. listed as member -82

*dimitted = left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated

Key to years:
78 - 1878 annual report (10/1/1877-9/30/1878)
79 - 1879 annual report (10/1/1878-9/30/1879)
80 - 1880 annual report (10/1/1879-9/30/1880)
81 - 1881 annual report (10/1/1880-9/30/1881)
82 - 1882 annual report (10/1/1881-9/30/1882)
90 - 1890 annual report (10/1/1889-9/30/1890)

1. Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, for the Years 1878 to 1882, Inclusive, Vol. IV, Original Edition; Muscatine, Iowa; published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1883.
2. Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, at its Thirty-Seventh Grand Annual Convocation, Convened at Cedar Rapids, Thursday October 9th, A.D. 1890, Original Edition; Des Moines; published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1890. Original Edition.

Compilers Notes: Only names appearing in the sourced books are on this list, it is very likely does not represent all men affiliated with the Royal Arch Masons in Allamakee co. for these years. Markwell #30 did not ‘report in’ or send 'returns' each year.

Extracted by Sharyl Ferrall 2003 (The entire state-wide database is in the USGenWeb Iowa Archives)


1914 - Unity Chapter No 62 R.A.M.

On Friday evening last Bro. Wilbraham of Cresco came to Postville and accompanied a number of the local Chapter brethren to Elgin, where he as a representative of the supreme body of that order completed the formalities whereby the charter of Unity Chapter No. 62, R.A.M., was transferred to Postville. The time of holding the regular meetings here has not yet been decided upon, but probably will be at the meeting to be held here on Tuesday evening, Oct. 6th. The following officers will preside until the regular annual election:

High Priest, A. C. Webster
King, A. S. Burdick
Scribe, F. H. Luhman
Secretary, R. W. Tuller
Treasurer, L. S. McEwen
C. of H., A. L. Peterson

~Postville Review, Fri., Sept. 11, 1914
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


1915 - Unity Chapter No 62 R.A.M.


High Priest, A. C. Webster
King, F. H. Luhman
Scribe, A. S. Burdick
Principal Sojourner, Elmer McMartin
Captain of Host, A. L. Peterson
Royal Arch Captain, H. Miller
Secretary, Ralph Tuller
Treasurer, John McEwen

~Postville Review, Fri., Jan. 29, 1915
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


1920 - Unity Chapter No 62 R.A.M.

At its regular meeting last Thursday evening the Royal Arch Masons elected the following officers for the ensuing year:

High Priest, Dr. O. A. Kinzel
King, Rudolph Hein
Scribe, Carl C. Sander
Captain of the Host, H. H. Douglass
Principal Sojourner, F. H. Luhman
Royal Arch Captain, Gilbert Sanders
1st Vale, John Palas
2nd Vale, Peter Caldow
3rd Vale, Dr. R. F. Topliff
Tyler, Geo. Kohlmann
Secretary, A. C. Webster
Treasurer, A. L. Peterson

~Postville Herald, Fri., December 12, 1919
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


1923 - Unity Chapter No 62 R.A.M.


High Priest - E. E. McMartin
Mag - Henry Miller
Scribe - A. L. Peterson
Secretary - A. C. Webster
Treasurer - A. L. Peterson
P.S. - J. P. Every
?. H. - W. G. Bulman
R.A.C. - R. Huebner
First Vail - F. J. Miller
Second Vail - Jno. Palas
Sentinel - Chas. H. Krumm

~Postville Herald, Fri., Thur., Jan. 18, 1923
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


1925 - Unity Chapter No 62 R.A.M.

The following officers of Unity Chapter No. 62, R.A.M., will be installed at the regular meeting tonight.

High Priest, Wm. G. Bulman
King, Fred J. Miller
Scribe, R. M. Hecker
Treasurer, A. L. Peterson
Secretary, A. C. Webster
Capt. of Host, Henry Miller
Prin. Sojourner, E. E. McMartin
R.A. Captain, R. C. Huebner
First Vail, J. P. Ellis
Second Vail, John F. Palas
Third Vail, Keith Gray
Chaplain, Bert McMartin
Tyler, Chas. Krumm

~Postville Herald, Thur., Jan. 15, 1925
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


1926 - Unity Chapter No 62 R.A.M.


High Priest - R.F. Topliff
King - Fred J. Miller
Scribe - R.M. Hecker
Captain of Host - R.C. Huebner
Principal Sojourner - H. Miller
Third Vail - W.G. Bulman
Second Vail - Arbe Behrens
First Vail - John F. Palas
Sentinel - A.S. Burdick
Treasurer - A.L. Peterson
Secretary - A.C. Webster
Meets - 1st Thursday each month


1928 - Unity Chapter No 62 R.A.M.


High Priest - R.C. Huebner
King - F.J. Miller
Scribe - J.L. Gregg
Captain of Host - A. Behrens
Principal Sojourner - H. Miller
Third Vail - Jno. Palas
Second Vail - G.W. Fay
First Vail - H.A. Neff
R.A.C. - W.G. Bulman


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