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Autograph Book
Katherine Evaline
'Eva' Clark

Cover of Eva Clark's autograph book

Eva Clark Hart photo
Eva Clark Hart

Katherine Evaline Clark was the daughter of Michael Clark. She was a school teacher in Allamakee county for a while.  She married a Hart.  She was known as Eva to friends and as Evvy to family.  Her photo, on the Allamakee Album, was taken when she was teaching before marriage. She was my great-aunt.
Jody Howard, 2005

Click to enlarge photo of Eva & her students
Eva Clark & some of her students


Jody has scanned the photos in Eva's autograph book for the Allamakee co. IAGenWeb. The autographs span two decades, dating from the mid-1880's until after the turn of the century. Click the link to each page group in the index to view the scanned images. Some of the pages also have related photos from Jody's collection.

Index to the Autograph Album

Pages 1-5

Page 1 -Cover
Page 2 -Lena Reed
Page 3 -Eva Clark
Page 4 -Irene Fitzpatrick, Amos Steelsmith
Page 5 -Dan Heffern


Pages 31-35

Page 31 -Clara Roen, Jno. N. McCoy
Page 32 -Nellie A. Walsh
Page 33 -Josie
Page 34 -Louisa Revrin [?], Lizzie Corrigan
Page 35 -Mary A. Ryan

Pages 6-10

Page 6 -Wm Merrell
Page 7 -Katie Heffern
Page 8 -Nellie Casey
Page 9 -M. Cary [?], John Heffern
Page 10 -Mamie Haskins


Pages 36-40

Page 36 -Fred Jenings, Louis Cherrier
Page 37 -P. J. Houlihan, Owen
Page 38 -F. J. McMahon
Page 39 -Mamie L. B.
Page 40 -Edward Burrell, Thomas Offern

Pages 11-15

Page 11 -Katie Rafter
Page 12 -Ellie L. Moor
Page 13 -Nellie Reilly, Amos Steelsmith
Page 14 -Katie McMahon
Page 15 -Eliza


Pages 41-45

Page 41 -J. B. Collins
Page 42 -Agnes Garin
Page 43 -Lana Read, M. M.
Page 44 -Mary V. Koscki, Alice Guthwick
Page 45 -Leo O'Neill, Mary Walsh

Pages 16-20

Page 16 -Maggie Berry
Page 17 -Mac Sullivan, Minnie Matthews
Page 18 -Anna Clarke, Annie Casey
Page 19 -Hannah McDermott
Page 20 -Nelly McEvoy


Pages 46-50

Page 46 -Mayme A. Garin
Page 47 -Lena Baker, Nellie Wright
Page 48 -Mary Finnegan, Rose Burke
Page 49 -Maggie [Po?], Annie V. Cavanagh
Page 50 -M. D. Kelly, M. Heaton

Pages 21-25

Page 21 -Mrs. J.M. Collins, Jas J. Finnegan
Page 22 -Michael Collins
Page 23 -Rose A. Heffern
Page 24 -Mrs. W. L. Klett, Will Klett Jr.
Page 25 -F.M.G. Esq [?]


Pages 51-55

Page 51 -Anthony Lechtenberg, Eva Finegan
Page 52 -M. L. Crowe, [Jes?] Braidy
Page 53 -Gabriel Merrell, Lizzie Barragy
Page 54 -Wm J. Merrell, Angie Beach
Page 55 -Fred J. Evans

Pages 26-30

Page 26 -[W.W. ?] Fitzgerald
Page 27 -Mark Ingle
Page 28 -Mamie, Minnie M. [?]
Page 29 -Mary E. Heffern
Page 30 -Selma Roen, SMH


Thanks Jody!

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