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Ray L. Tillinghast's Birthday Book

Ray Tillinghast's birthday book cover

Ray L. Tillinghast was the husband of Delores (Gruber) Tillinghast. The Harpers Ferry Public Library (Deloras Tillinghast Memorial Library) is named for her. Ray was born February 16, 1909. Delores was born March 14, 1911 in Union Prairie twp. They married in 1940 & lived in Harpers Ferry for many years. The Tillinghast's are buried in Oakland cemetery.

Inside cover of the birthday book.
Inside cover

The book was presented to Ray by his parents on his confirmation day at the First Lutheran Church in Decorah on May 27th 1923. In the book are the birthdays of Ray's siblings & other family members.

Clark G. Tillinghast, born Jan 8, 1970
Clark G. Tillinghast, born Jan 8, 1970

Top left: Ray L. Tillinghast, born February 16, 1909
Top right: Jennie E. Tillinghast, born February 17, 1915
Bottom left: George C. Tillinghast, born February 24, 1917
Bottom right: Bessie Tillinghast, born February 24, 1874

Edith Benita Tillinghast, born March 12, 1919

Knut Thornon, born August 18, 1850, in Norway

Maybelle E. Tillinghast, born November 18, 1913

Top: Swen Wegsland, born December 29, 1979
Bottom: Syrille J. Tillinghast, born December 18, 1911


~The birthday book is in the possession of Angie Buchhop. Found in a flea market or antique shop, it was given to her daughter as a gift. Angie wrote: "In an effort to show my daughter how genealogy can be used to find out someone's family history, I collected information about Ray's family and would happily share. I also thought it would be a nice resource for the Allamakee county website." Angie has put the info. she's found about the Tillinghast family on World Connect and has found and posted the obits of some of Ray's sisters.


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