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Allamakee co. Board of Supervisors
January session, 1879

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Proceedings of The Board of Supervisors at the January session, 1879

The board met at the Court room in Waukon on Monday, January 6th, 1879. Members present, Joseph Schwartzhoff and G. Satrang. N.J. Beedy being present and having qualified, took his seat as a member of the Board.

Joseph Schwartzhoff was elected chairman for the ensuing year.

Official bonds of E.D. Purdy, Recorder and H.O. Dayton, Clerk of Courts, were examined and approved.

Official bonds of the following named Justices of the Peace were examined and approved:

H.P. Lane
Fred Bartheld
M.V. Burdick
E.W. Robey
C.A. Robey
Henry Clausen
John Ward
J.K. Gile
Theodore Nachtwey
W.J. Nolan
T. Stiles
N.A. Nelson
A.B. Cook
Patrick Grady
Wm Gilbert
Jerimiah Loas
Michael Barry
G.W. Pearson
Joseph Burton
Michael Gearon
John Gilchrist
Jno. K. Haines Jr
James Griffin
Nathan Dennison
W. Werhan
A.E. Goodykoontz
Jeptha Beebe
F.S. Burling
W.J. Mitchell
W.N. Brown
D.E. Stall
Ole Auderson

Official bonds of the following named constables were examined and approved:

L.A. Bellows
R.G. Edwards
Evan Swenson
Michael J. Tierny
M.A. Bailey
John J. Beedy
Robert A. Angel
L.D. Flack
Daniel McCloud
Owen D. Palmer
Peter Peterson
Michael Grady
Jerome W. Donavon
John G. Jacobson
Jacob Oehler
E.F. Douglsss
Wm Young
W.F. Sanner
G.W. Robertson
J.M. Lishner
Carl Erickson

Official Bonds of the following named township clerks were examined and approved:

John Ward
H.A. Burnham
Neil McAffrey
Michael E. Ronan
John Drake
Jacob Wenig
C. Cronin
George W. Bollman
S.D. Torry
A.P. Abbot
Wm McNaughton
Simon Opfer
J.P. Emmerson
Wm J. Mitchell
C. Jacqout
T.P. McManus
A.T. Anderson
E.M. Hancock

Name or other entity or business Item acted on by Board of Supervisors Amount of Warrant or payment
Dayton, Henry Paid service as Attorney for the Board, year 1879 $50.00
Lagerson, John Taxes on Lot 3 Block 17 Lansing due to loss by fire. Yrs 1876, 1877 & 1878 All taxes abated except $25
Shuttleworth, Henry Tax & penalty on personal prop. Yr. 1877 All abated except $4.00
Frock, M.A. Paid full judgement rendered him at Nov. 1878 term Dist. Ct. $15,00.00
Beaumer Mill, Taylor twp. Tax for year 1878 1/3 of the tax abated
Dennison, Nathan Tax for year 1878, SW quarter, NE quarter, S-22 T-100 R-5N 1/3 of the tax abated
Clark, Luther Tax on real estate abated due to loss by fire. Yr 1878 2/3 of the tax abated
Farnsworth, J.P. Taxes abated due to loss by fire. Yr 1878 2/3 of tax abated except railroad tax
Nesmith & Gilchrist Personal tax abated due to loss by fire. Yr 1878 2/3 of the tax abated
Oleson, Peter Personal property tax on valuation of $1200. be abated. Yr 1878 Tax abated
Murphy, Patrick Tax refund, for tax erroneously pd, on incorrect land assessment, 1875 $4.64
Murphy, Patrick Taxed for corrected land assessment. Yr. 1875 $4.64
Lynch, Michael Tax abated on personal property, 1878 1/3 of the tax abated
Van Velzer, B. Tax exemption on valuation of $200 on account of fruit trees Certificate of exemption granted
Spring Brook Mill, Taylor twp. Tax abatement 1/3 of the tax abated
Kerberg, H.J. Petition for tax abatement Rejected
Kerberg, William Petition for tax abatement Rejected
Goettle, G. Petition for tax abatement Rejected
Lane, H.P. Petition for tax abatement Rejected
Oleson, A.G. Petition for tax abatement Rejected
Morgan, Patrick Penalty on taxes for 1876 & 1877 be abated Penalty abated upon pyment of principal & 10% interest
George Sherman Tax refund to Sherman as tax collector, receipt No. 131, 1877 Refunded [amount not given]
Elliot, Mrs. C. Petition to abate railroad tax Rejected
Bateson, Mrs. R. [possible Mrs. B.] Tax abatement on property, year 1878 Granted
Berry, John Petition for poll tax abatement, year 1877 Deferred
Taylor, Edward Tax abated against house & lot village of Village Creek, for 1878 Granted
Schwartzhoff, Joseph Beedy, N.J. Appointed to committee to contract for building bridge across French Creek at the Porter Bellows place Ordered auditor draw warrant for payment upon committee order
Satrang, G. Beedy, N.J. Appointed to committee re: building bridge across mouth of Paint Creek & bridge across Waterloo [?creek] on road No. 204 Committee ordered to investigate the matters
Crawford, Robert Report for improvement of road No. 175 Appropriation approved but action deferred
Crawford, Robert Report on appropriation for road improvement in Suttle Hollow, Linton twp. Sections let & completed, $74.50 pd on contracts
Satrand, G. Chosen as poor farm visiting committee  
Barnes, T.H. Medical treatment of John Ackerman $85.00
Poor Fund Appropriation for transportation of Mrs. Reynolds, a pauper, to Chicago Auditor to draw warrant for $1.00
Knudtson, Ole Payment of wolf bounty $5.00
Grefstford, O.K.
Drake, John
Sherman, G.W.
Jacquot, C.
Fahey, Joseph
Denning, J.W.
Smethurst, D.T.
Fees due these tax collectors, on certificates of Treasurer Auditor to draw warrants for fees
Brickley, James Additional appropriation for support of Brickley Ordered appropriation increased by $1.00/month
Winneslaga, Mary Additional appropriation for support of Winneslaga Ordered appropriation increased by $1.00/month
Dobbs, family Asking allowance to the family be continued Granted
Peterson, Albert & family Asking appropriation for support Granted $6.00/month commencing Jan 1, 1879
Lapoint, Platt Asking appropriation for support Granted $4.00/month commencing Jan 1, 1879
Horn, Margarette Asking appropriation for support Granted $5.00/month commencing Jan 1, 1879
Bateson, Lavina Asking allowance for support Granted [either $3 or $8] per month commencing Jan 1, 1879
Sullivan, James Asking procurement of abstract of title to land owned & occupied by him as a homestead County Auditor ordered to procure the abstract
Dayton, H.O. Salary & fees for ensuing year for Clerk of Court Fixed at $800
Ryan, John Appointment as Deputy Cleark of Courts Approved
Stevens, Peter Official bond having been withdrawn was again presented Approval refused
Burgess, Mrs. John Additional appropriation for support of Mrs. Burgess Ordered appropriation increased by $1.00/month
Shew, Jacob N.J. Beedy to contract with Shew as Steward of poor house & farm for 1879 and to take Shew's bond Salary fixed at $460.00 and warrant to be drawn in payment unless Shew refuses this salary

~Printed in the Postville Review, February 1, 1879 and February 8, 1879
~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb


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