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Allamakee co. Board of Supervisors
April session, 1899

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Proceedings of The Board of Supervisors at the general April session, 1899

Members present: M.W. Eaton, chairman; J.A. Drogset and J.W. Hartley. County Auditor: Otto Hagen

Name Petition & action taken - Other
Bollman, W.A. Bridge petition: referred to M.W. Eaton
Dillobough, Mrs. (Makee twp.) Allowance discontinued
Waterman, Mrs. Jerry (Makee twp.) Allowance discontinued
Gutch, Herman (Makee twp.) Allowance discontinued
Peterson, Mary (Union Prairie twp.) Allowance discontinued
Larson, Nels (Union Prairie twp.) Allowance discontinued
Swain, Mrs. H.A. (Union Prairie twp.) Allowance discontinued
Johnson, Charles (Center twp.) Allowance of $3/mo granted
Johnson, Otis (Fairview twp.) Allowance of $4/mo granted
Duff, Mrs. (Waterloo twp.) Allowance of $4/mo granted
Peacock, Alzada N. (Waterloo twp.) Allowance of $4/mo granted
Townsell, Patrick (Linton twp.) Allowance of $4/mo granted
Linds, Frederick (Waterloo twp.) Allowance of $7/mo granted
Gordon, Minnie (Iowa twp.) Allowance of $8/mo granted
Donovan, Mrs. (Makee twp.) Allowance reduced to $4.00/mo
Baker, John (Fairview twp.) Allowance reduced to $4.00/mo
Byrne, Patrick (Makee twp.) Allowance reduced to $6.00/mo
Neye, Mrs. Bertha (Makee twp.) Allowance reduced to $6.00/mo
Christopherson, Hans Bridge petition: referred to M.W. Eaton
Mitchell, S.N. Bridge petition: referred to M.W. Eaton
Bergh, H.O. Bridge petition: referred to M.W. Eaton
Biglow, Harmon Bridge petition: referred to M.W. Eaton
Walker, D.R. Constable, Makee twp., mbr Examining committee for 1898: report accepted
Hewitt, H.A. Constable, Makee twp., mbr Examining committee for 1898: report accepted
Thompson, S.R. J.P., Makee twp., mbr Examining committee for 1898: report accepted
Stilwell, C.S. J.P., Makee twp., mbr Examining committee for 1898: report accepted
Meyners, Gerhard Official Bond, J.P., Union City twp.: approved
Gunderson, John (Waterloo twp.) Petition to abate $3.45 of taxes due to assessment in error: granted, provided balance pd within 10 days
Buckley, M.J. Petition to abate dog tax assessed in error: granted
Kuhm, Marion B. Petition to cancel a School fund mortage pd in 1858: granted
Connor Bros. Petition to construct a cattle-way across public hwy: granted
Monion, John Petition to refund interest on School fund mortgage overchg'd from 1880-1889: granted
Finnegan, Ellen Petition to relocate portion of Paint Creek & Ft. Atkinson road: granted
Larson, Iver Road petition: referred to J.A. Drogset
Grinsgard, A.C. Road petition: referred to J.A. Drogset
Nielander, H. Road petition: referred to J.A. Drogset
Murphy, John J. Road petition: referred to J.A. Drogset
Haberkern, Robinson Road petition: referred to J.W. Hartley
Howes, Wm. Jr. Road petition: referred to J.W. Hartley

Name Reason for Claim $ Amt. Claimed & paid
Acres, Blackmar & Co. Stationery for court house 58.00
American Specialty Co. Stationery for court house 2.75
Anderson & Stock Shoes for poor farm 5.85
Bentley, H.J. Board of review 4.00
Beeman, C.M. Supplies for poor 16.09
Bates, Wm. Witness, justice court 1.80
Bowen, D.H. Medical attendance on poor 84.50
Burling, F.S. Mayor's fee 7.00
Bentley, A.H. Witness, justice court 5.00
Burdick, W.N. Publishing proceedings 35.64
Brockhausen, B. Erp Medical attendance on poor 20.15
Burnham, H.A. Trustee fee 5.00
Bayless & Murray Medicine for poor 2.75
Bowen, Thos. Trustee fee 3.00
Bearce, C.L. Board of review 4.00
Cofteen & Bock Publishing proceedings 89.95
Crawford, J.C. Medical attendance on poor 108.30
Carter, Henry Board of review 4.00
Carter & Co. Shoes for poor farm 11.15
Curran, James Balance assessor's fee 1898 8.00
Clayton County Care for insane 185.65 - defer'd
Dixon & Son Supplies for poor 12.55
Dougherty, Geo Meals for tramps 8.84
Dillenberg, E. Board of review 4.00
Dunlevy Bros. Publishing proceedings 75.18
Drogset, J.A. Committee work 13.60
Ellengson, Hans Witness, insane committee 2.65
Egbert, Fiddlar & Chambers Stationery for court house 21.05
Eaton, M.W. Committee work 2.75
Earle, W.C. Supplies for poor farm, etc 168.90
Frock, Peter C. Constable fee 7.50
Feit, C.F. Assessor's fee 74.54
Faraasen, Hans Trustee fee 2.10
Faegre, F.G. Trustee fee 10.00
Fisher, H.G. Supplies for poor, etc 25.14
Finnegan, B.J. Balance assessor's fee 1898 7.50
Grimm Bros. Supplies for poor, etc 14.30
Goodykoontz, Ed Bailiff district court 8.00
Gaunitz, H.F. Constable fees 28.95
Groetzinger, Theo. Filing saws 2.40
Harris, J.M. Supplies for poor 57.77
Hunt, Fred Witness, district court 4.10
Hawkins, H.G. Constable fees 4.95
Hendrickson, H.A. Justice fees 3.50
Ham & Carver Supplies for court house 27.00
Hagen, H.G. Dehorning cattle for poor farm 0.72
Halsey, Martha Witness, justice court 1.50
Hexter, David Supplies for poor farm 2.00
Hagen, Otto Railroad fare pauper, freight, express, etc 27.40
Hendrick, M.B. Commissioner of insanity 12.00
Hirth, Adam Boarding poor 12.00
Hale & Jenkins Supplies for poor, etc 6.45
Hartley, J.W. Committee work 18.00
Hewitt, H.A. Bailiff district court 20.00
Hancock, E.M. Freight, etc 3.37
Holter, Carl Board of review 2.00
Helming & Dougherty Clothing for poor, etc 20.68
Johnson, Chas. Trustee fee 2.00
Jones, J.B. Trustee fee 12.00
Krieger, Henry Hardware for jail, courthouse, etc 122.63
Kennedy, Mrs. J.A. Boarding poor 8.00
Koveny, T. Repairs poor farm 4.00
Kemble, J.A. Supplies for poor 37.70
Kerndt, Herman Fence posts for poor farm 10.00
Kelly, J.H. Hall rent 4.00
Ludeking, H.R. Witness, district court 1.35
Leefeldt, Geo R. Repairs at jail 180.75
Larson, A.J. (initials may be A.I.) Trustee fee 3.00
Moore, Michael Board of review 12.00
Murray, J.M. Board of review 4.00
Meier, John Board of review 2.00
Minert, J.B. Board of review 4.00
Meyer, Jacob Board of review 2.00
Mooney, John Board of review 4.00
Molumby, F.H. Supplies for court house, etc 20.70
McGhee, J.H. Fees and boarding prisoners 267.91
May, A.M. & Son Publishing proceedings, etc 143.33
Metcalf, Geo W. Publishing proceedings 73.18
McGinness, J.J. Examining committee 96.00
Nachtway, Theo. Justice fee 5.00
Nelson, N.A. Justice fees 9.70
Narum, P.S. Hardware for jail, etc 5.73
Nicholson, Mike Witness justice court 1.90
Nielander & Co. Supplies for poor 39.90
National Publishing Co. Supplies for court house 36.25
Nelson, Mrs. Ann Boarding tramps 5.75
Nagle, Lewis Clerk of election 5.00
Nelson, N.K. Beef for poor farm 35.10
Nelson, O.L. Board of review 3.00
Orr, Ellison Team hire for commissioners of insanity 1.50
Parrot, M. & Son Supplies for court house 94.25
Palmer, A.V. Conveyance of pauper 2.00
Pratt, A.E. Supplies for court house, etc 20.45
Robbins, F.H. Postage 38.06
Ralston, Geo Witness grand jury 1.85
Rumph, Chas Trustee fees 12.00
Roderick, W.T. Balance assessor's fees for 1898 8.00
Stanton, J.H. Medical attendance on poor 2.50
Sanders, John Board of review 2.00
Shepherd, Wm Board of review 2.00
Simonson, H. Board of review 3.00
Stilwell, C.S. Justice fees 8.50
Smith, J.F. County supt. fees 308.00
Schellsmidt, M.R. Meat for poor farm 11.64
Schellsmidt, Wm. Syrup for poor farm 1.55
Schultz, W.F. Boarding tramps 31.05
Serene, J.H. Assessing saloons 2.00
Sognesand, K. Hauling wood 4.00
Simonsen, H. Supplies for poor 15.00
Thompson, J.R. Repairing and painting at jail 85.19
Travis, C.J. Board of review, etc 12.00
Travis, W.A. Balance assessor's fee, 1898 6.00
Thompson, S.R. Examining committee 96.00
Wampler, Robert Balance assessor's bill, 1898 20.00
White, John Balance assessor's bill, 1898 14.00
Weir, J.F. Balance assessor's bill, 1898 28.00
Wittbecker, W.A. Filing envelopes 5.00
Walton, Philip Painting, etc for poor farm 4.70
Walker, D.R. Constable fees 38.60
Waters, John Board of review 2.00
Wachter, James Witness justice court 1.80 - defer'd
Welzel, F.H. Assessor's fees 5.00
Wilcox, E.T. Medical attendance on poor 19.75
Whaley, Dick Witness justice court 0.60
Williams, Dan Night watch 9.75
Waukon Electric Light Co. Light for court house & jail 21.12
Worth, David Witness grand jury 5.30
Wallis, W.J. & Son Publishing proceedings 33.64

~Printed in The Graphic, Postville, Thursday, April 20, 1899
~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb


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