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Postville Fire Department

Postville Fire Department, 1897
Postville Fire Department, 1897

The Postville Fire Department is shown in the white duck trousers, red sweaters and blue military caps they wore at that time when on dress parade. At that time firemen in Iowa towns met regularly for field days and they included contests, feats, and dances.

Back row L-R:

Dr. L. P. Coleman (dentist)
John Fangmeier (salesman for Gregg Lumber Co.)
F. J. Thoma (restaurant and grocery proprietor)
John Hecker (wagon manufacturer and later an auto dealer)
Ray Schuler (contractor)
Henry Poesch (saloon owner)
Fred Sutherland (machine shop owner)
James Gregg (owner of Gregg Lumber)
Elmer Gray (jeweler)

Front row L-R:

James Horgan (bartender))
Hilmer Nazette (machinist)
Fred Schroeder (clerk at Gray Clothing Co.
George Thoma (hardware store clerk)
Bert Tuttle (editor, Postville Review)

Middle row L-R:

William Oehring (farmer)
Patrick McGreevey (elevator owner at Fonda)
Arthur Burdick (postmaster)
J.M. Thoma (druggist)
Fritz Wilke (grocery store clerk)
Fred Schara (meat market owner)

This picture and identification of the firemen first appeared in the Cedar Rapids Gazette on January 28, 1940. Everett Cook provided the picture to the Postville Herald. Everett Cook and his brother Burr Cook, joined the Postville Fire Department in 1935 and on their 50th year with the Department, they were honored for their total of 100 years of service to the Postville Department.

~source: original photograph, now in the Postville Public Library; names of firemen, their occupations & other text is from a ca1991 issue of the Postville Herald.
~contributed by Connie Ellis



The Postville Fire Department held their annual meeting for the election of officers last Monday evening. There was practically no opposition to the old officers, all of whom were re-elected. Following is the official roster:

Chief - Chas. Sonnkalb
Assistant Chief - P. J. Beucher
Sec'y and Treas. - Bert E. Tuttle
Foreman H. & L. - H. Nazett
Foreman Hose Co. No. 1 - J. Gregg
Foreman Hose Co. No. 2 - John M. Thoma

The department is now in excellent condition and the members all take a great interest in the meetings and practices.

~Postville Review, Friday, April 8, 1898
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



At the fire department's annual election Monday evening the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Chief - Charles Sonnkalb
Asst. Chief - P. J. Beucher
Foreman H & L Co. - John Fangmeier
Foreman Hose Co. #1 - J. Hecker
Foreman hose Co. #2 - J. M. Thoma
Sec'y & Treas. - Bert E. Tuttle  
~Postville Review, Friday, 10 April 1903
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



The Postville Fire Department held its annual election Monday evening when the old rascals were all turned out and the following new officers were elected for the ensuing year.

Chief - Lonnie Phillips
Asst. Chief - John Fangmeier
Sec. and Treas. - Fred J. Thoma
Foreman Hook and Ladder Co. - Andrew J. Schuler
Foreman Hose Co. No. 1 - John Hecker
Foreman Hose Co. No. 2 - C. Sonnkalb

~Postville Review, Friday, April 7, 1905
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



At the annual meeting of the Postville Volunteer Fire Department held on Monday evening at the fire house the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

Chief - Geo. W. Hein
Asst. Chief - John A. Palas
Sec. & Treas. - Wm. J. Klingbeil
Foreman Hook & Ladder Co. - Geo. Kohlmann
Asst. Foreman Hook & Ladder Co. - Otto Beucher
Foreman Hose Cart No. 1 - August Miller
Asst. Foreman Hose Cart No. 1 - Carl C. Sander
Foreman Hose Cart No. 2 - J. E. Welsh
Asst. Foreman Hose Cart No. 2 - Earl Abernethy
Auditing Committee: C. C. Sander and R. L. Pettit
Entertainment Committee: George Kohlmann, R. L. Pettit and C. C. Sander

~Postville Herald, Fri., April 11, 1919
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



Firemen Hold Annual Meeting

The Postville Volunteer Fire Department held their annual meeting at the city fire station on last Monday evening. After the usual routine business the following officers were elected for the coming year.

Chief - Harry N. Hanke
Asst. Chief - Lloyd Putnam
Secretary & Treasurer - Adolph Koevenig
Foreman Hook & Ladder Co. - B.F. Schultz
Assistant Foreman - Eldo Kluss

Foreman Hose Co. No. 1 - C.C. Sander
Assistant Foreman - Henry Lange

Foreman Hose Co. No. 2 - Earl Abernethy
Assistant Foreman - J.E. Welsch

Foreman Chemical Engine - Geo. W. Hein
Assistant Foreman - Adolph Koevenig

There are still a few vacancies in the fire department and anyone wishing to join the organization is asked to present his person either to the secretary or to any present members.

~Postville Herald, Friday, April 09, 1920
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



Fire Department Election

The Postville Volunteer Fire Department held its annual meeting on Monday evening and elected the following officers:

Chief - L.F. Putnam
Asst. Chief - Wm. J. Klingbeil
Secretary & Treasurer - Adolph Koevenig
Hook & Ladder Company
Foreman - F.C. Ruckdaschel
Asst. Foreman - Eldo Kluss

Hose Co. No. 1
Foreman - Paul Sonnkalb
Asst. Foreman - Henry A. Lange

Hose Co. No. 2
Foreman - Robt. Gordon
Asst. Foreman - Ed Poesch

Chemical Engine Company
Foreman - John A. Palas
Asst. Foreman - Geo. W. Hein

~Postville Herald, April 07, 1921
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



Annual Meeting of Postville Fire Dept.

The annual meeting of the Postville Fire department was held at the fire house on Monday evening. Wm. J. Klingbeil and Luver C. Schultz having served ten years as members of the department were each voted an honorable discharge. There are now ten vacancies in the membership of the department, and it is the first time in history of the department that the number of vacancies has not been exceeded by applications for membership.

Following is a complete roster of the department and elected officers for the ensuing year:

Chief - John Powell
Asst. Chief - A.W. Bush
Secretary & Treasurer - J.T. Melvold
Hook & Ladder Company
Foreman - Otto C. Sanders
Assistant - F.C. Ruckdaschel
Members - Cloy Schultz, LeRoy Wagner, Roy Welzel

Hose Cart No. 1
Foreman - Paul Sonnkalb
Assistant Foreman - Henry Lange
Plugman - Robert Gordon
Nozzleman - Earl Abernthy & Ed Pooesch
Line Foreman - Chas. Wegner
Linemen - Dr. A. Folsom & Adolph Koevenig

Hose Cart No. 2
Foreman - Lloyd Putnam
Plugman - Louis Koevenig
Nozzlemen - Peter Meland & Verni Schultz
Line Foreman - John Sawvell
Linemen - Chas Ohloff, Leonard Casten, B.C. Farrington

Chemical Engine Company
Foreman Chemical Truck - Jack Casten
Assistant Foreman - Herman Schutta
Members - E.E. Kluss, Ed F. Schroeder, Lorence Wilke, Gerhardt Renken.

~Postville Herald, April 07, 1927
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



Annual Meeting of Postville Fire Dept.

At the annual meeting of the Postville Volunteer Fire Department the officers were elected and assignments of members as follows:

Chief, J. W. Powell
Asst. Chief, Elbe Christofferson
Secretary & Treasurer, A. E. Ellis

Squad No. 1
Foreman, F. C. Ruckdaschel
Driver, Keith Gray
Nozzlemen, Harvey Christofferson and Elmer Meyer
Linemen, Emmett Schroeder and Phillip Schmitz
Hook and Ladder, Elmer Sander and A. E. Ellis

Squad No. 2
Foreman, L. F. Putnam
Driver, Ed Poesch
Nozzlemen, E. K. Ruckdaschel and Roy Wagner
Linemen, Erwin Klingbeil and Arno Schutte
Hook and Ladder, Cloy Schultz, Leonard Casten and J. T. Melvold

~Postville Herald, Thur., May 7,1931
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


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