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Polks Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918/1919

Published by R.L. Polk & Co.

Allamakee county gazetteer & directory data extracted and transcribed by S. Ferrall, September 14, 2021
(source of images: https://babel.hathitrust.org)


Church (pg 271)
Population, 50. In Lansing township, Allamakee county, 11 miles northeast of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 7 from Lansing, it's banking and shipping point. Benj. Decker, postmaster.

Bechtel, Isaac - vet surgeon
Calhoun Creamery Co.
Decker, Benjamin - General Store and Postmaster

Connor (pg 300)
A discontinued postoffice in Union Prairie township, Allamakee county, 8 miles northwest of Waukon, the judicial seat, banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

Dorchester (pg 466)
Population, 150. In Waterloo township, Allamakee county, 18 1/2 miles n. of Waukon, the judicial seat, 15 from New Abin and 11 from Spring Grove, Minn., both of which places afford shipping facilities. Has Catholic and German Methodist churches. Telephone connection. T.A. Danaher, postmaster.

Brust, Rudolph - tinner
Coppersmith, Lewis - general store
Danaher, T.A. - Postmaster
Danaher & Schwarzhoff - autos
Dorchester Savings Bank (capital $10,000) - Wm. Kumpf pres., J.H. Larkin cashier
Dorchester Telephone Co.
Kelly, Mathew - hotel
Kumpf, Mrs. G.P. - milliner
Kumpf, Joseph - garage
Lyric Orchesra
Murphy, D.J. - cheese mnfr
Princess Theatre - C. Plambeck, propr.
Schwartzhoff, H.T. - implements
Sires, Thomas - blacksmith
Standard Telephone Co.
Teff, Max J. - harness

Egan (pg 496)
A discontinued postoffice in Allamakee county, 20 miles southeast of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 4 from Waukon Junction, the shipping point. Has rural delivery from Waterville.

Eldergrove (pg 497)
A discontinued postoffice, in Taylor township, Allamakee county, 17 miles east of Waukon, the county seat, 6 from Harper's Ferry, its shipping point, and 10 from Lansing, the nearest banking point. Has rural delivery from Harper's Ferry.

Elon (pg 504)
In Center township, Allamakee county, 9 miles east of Waukon, the judicial seat, usual banking and shipping point. Has rural delivery from Watervile (Route No. 2).

Roe Bros - general store

French Creek (pg 544)
A discontinued postoffice in Allamakee county. Has rural free delivery from Lansing.

Harpers Ferry (pg 580)
Population, 325. On the C., M. & St. P. Ry., and the Mississippi river, in Taylor township, Allamakee county, 22 miles southeast of Waukon, the judicial seat. Has a Catholic church, saw mill and a bank. Tel., W.U. Exp., W., F. & Co., Telephone connection. M.D. Kelley, postmaster.

Bassler, B.G. - physician
Boardman Bros. - fish
Bank of Harpers Ferry, Thomas Cavanaugh cashr.
Brannan, John - live stock
Byrnes, Frank - hotel
Cavanaugh, Thomas - cashr Bank of Harpers Ferry
Collins, W.H. - hardware
Cota, D. - dray
Cota, George - meats
Damen, A.E. - blacksmith
Erickson, O. - saw mill
Houlihan, T.A. - genl store, live stock and furniture
Kelly, Michael D. - Postmaster
McClellan, Mrs. Nellie - hotel
Melaven, T.W. - general store
Menser Lumber Co.
Mullaly, Robert - harnessmaker
Oestern, T.A. - automobiles
Pease, F.H. - apiarist
Quillin, John - confectionery
Rellihan, J.J. - R.R. exp and tel. agt
Robinson, F.H. - fish
Wiedner, E. & Son - fish
Williams, Bert - billiards and soft drinks

Ion (pg 604)
On the Yellow River, in Fairview township, Allamakee county, 20 miles southeast of Waukon, the judicial seat. 9 from Monona, the nearest banking point, and 7 from Waukon Junction the nearest shipping point. Has rural delivery from Waterville.

Hulse, Geo. M. - shoemaker

Lansing (pg 649-650)
Population 1,600. Settled in 1850. An incorporated city located on the Mississippi river and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Lansing township, Allamakee county, 18 miles northeast of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 80 north of Dubuque. It is supported by a rich agricultural district, and has 1 Catholic, 2 Methodist, 1 Lutheran and 2 Presbyterian churches; good schools; electric lights; an excellent system of water works; an efficient and well equipped fire department; first-class hotels; 3 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the Allamakee Journal and the Lansing Mirror. Tel., W.U. Exp. W., F. & Co. John J. Dunlevy, postmaster.

Allamakee Journal - Dunlevy Bros. publrs.
Andrews, Wm. - restaurant
Boeck, J. - cashr State Bank of Lansing
Bradley, S.P. - physician
Brouillet, Henry A. - hardware
Cameron, James O. - dentist
Capoli Button Works - Nielander & Co. proprs
Casey & Hanley - live stock
Casey & Kilgariff - meats
Cavers, R.A. - grocer and dry goods
Dudley House - G.A. Ladd, mngr
Dunlevy Bros (John J. and Thomas), proprs Allamakee Journal
Dunlevy, John J. - Postmaster
Fellows, Albert M. - lumber
Fitzpatrick, George - drayage
Gaunitz, Anna C. - meats
Germania Hotel - Bernard C. Johnson - propr
Gilbertson & Lenz (H.H. Gilbertson, Wm. Lenz) - automobiles
Hefty Bros (Henry and Albert) - meats
Hirth, JOhn - well borer
Hobbs, Burl - jeweler
Holmes, Devillo A. - harnessmaker
Hufschmidt, Robert - farm implements
Johnson, Bernard C. - propr Germania Hotel
Johnson, J.D. - notions
Kerndt Bros Savings Bank - G.M. Kerndt pres., C.M. Kerndt cashr
Kerndt, G. & Bros (G.M., C.M. & W.M. Moritz and Moritz jr) - general store
Lansing Button Co. - J.M. Turner pres.
Lansing Mirror - G.W. Metcalf propr.
Lansing Produce Co - Nielander & Co. proprs
Lansing Water Works (city owner) - C. Rick supt.
Lechtenberry, Joseph A. - real estate
Lund & Rundle (Gus Lund, Floyd Rundle) - restaurant
Lytle, Carl C. - physician
Manning, James - livery
May & Dempsey (F.L. May, J.W. Dempsey) - lawyers
Metcalf, George W. - propr Lansing Mirror
Metcalf, Mrs. G.W. - milliner
Miller, R.G. - cashr People State Bank
Nachtwey & Co. (F.J. Natchtwey) - drugs
Nelson, O.W. - saw mill and box mnfr
Nielander & Co. (Harry Nielander, Theodore Kerndt) - proprs Capoli Button Works and general store
Peoples State Bank (capital $40,000) - A.M. Fellows pres, R.G. Miller cashr
Pohlmann, A.A. - shoes
Reims, Samuel - tailor
Richie, Wm. H. - restaurant
Rieth, Julius - hardware
Riser, G.W. - real estate
Rud, C.O. - wagonmaker
Saam, Thomas - furniture
Schach, Mary - milliner
Schach, Wm. - jeweler
Schafer Bros & Co. (Fred and John Schafer, H.H. Gilbertson) - grocers and clothing
Severson, Wm. O. - billiards
Spinner Bros (F.J. and F.P.) - wagonmakers
Spinner, Frank J. - garage
Standard Telephone Co. - Carl Rogensack mngr
State Bank of Lansing (capital $33,000) - B.F. Thomas pres., J. Boeck cashr
Strong, Henry - restaurant and grocer
Thornton, John H. - physician
Towle, B.A. - R.R. exp and tel agt
Tully, Frank - billiards
Upper Iowa Light & Power Co. - Frank Dolphin mngr
Wagner, Henry & Co. (Henry Wagner) - grocers
Wittbecker, L.L. - moving pictures
Wolf, B.F. - restaurant
Yeoman, M.B. - dentist

Ludlow (pg 673)
A discontinued postoffice in Allamakee county. Has rural delivery from Waukon, Route No. 1

Kruger, Fred W. - general store
Ludlow Co-operative Creamery Co.

Lycurgus (pg 674)
In Allamakee county, 8 miles northeast of Waukon, the county seat, shipping and banking point. Has rural delivery from Church (Route 1).

Ness, Meletta - general store

Lyndale (pg 674)
A discontinued postoffice in Center township, Allamakee county, 12 miles northeast of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 7 from Lansing, its nearest banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

Maud (pg 715)
On the C.M. & St. P. Ry., in Paint Creek township, Allamakee county, 9 miles s.E. of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 6 from Waterville, both of which places afford banking facilities. Rural delivery from Waukon.

Larson, H.H. - general store

New Albin (pg 754)
Population 600. Located on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Iowa township, Allamakee county, 25 miles n.e. of Waukon, the judicial seat. Was originally settled in 1872. Has Catholic, German Reformed and Methodist churches, good schools, a newspaper, the News, and 2 banks. Exp., W., F. & Co. Tel., W.U. H.H. Holmes postmaster.

Bacon, John - general store
Bock, Edward - R.R., exp and tel agent
Brenner Hardware Co. - J.F. Brenner
Dolan, J.B. - Lumber Co.
Easton, Frank - well driller
Eischied, Rudolph - physician
Erickson, G. Alfred - general store
Farmers' Savings Bank (capital $20,000) - J.C. Coleman pres, A.H. Freiberg cashr
Farmers' Stock & Produce Co. - A.A. Rudnick mngr
Farmers' Telephone Co. - H. Weineke mngr
Freuchte, Henry C. - live stock, 6 miles west
Freiberg, A.H. - cashr Farmers' Savings Bank
Fritz, Conrad - wagonmaker
Gaarder, L.H. - cashr New Albin Savings Bank
Hanafin, T.F. - dentist
Hartley, Joseph - county supervisor
Hays, George - livery
Holmes, H.H. - Drugs and Postmaster
Holz, August - drayman
Jordan, R.J. - hotel
Korzbeitke, H. - saw mill
Lager, William - agrl implts
Larkin, L.W. - furniture and undertaker
Lenz, Frederick - drayage
Lonergan, F.P. - physician
Meyer, Frederick C. - meats
New Albin Co-operative Co. - C.M. Steele mngr
New Albin Creamery Co. - E. Rice mngr
New Albin House - James Crowley propr
New Albin News - Ludwig Schubbert publr
New Albin Savings Bank (capital $15,000) - A.T. Nierling pres, L.H. Gaarder cashr
Petrehn Hardware Co.
Reeves Elevator Co. - A.J. Kuehn mngr
Robinson, John S. - grain
Ryan, John T. - grocer and live stock
Schubbert, Ludwig - publr New Albin News
Siegfried, Joseph - restaurant
Spelling, Frederick J. - jeweler
Star Theatre - H. Timmerman propr
Timmerman, H. - shoes
Tippery, Henry - wagonmaker
Travis & Kumpf - general store
Weymiller, Frank - live stock
Woods, W. - sand and gravel
Yoeman, B. - planing mill

Postville (pg 823-824)
Population 1,200. An incorporated town located on the C.R. I. & P. and C. M. & St. P. Rys. (depots 40 rods apart), in Post township, Allamakee county, 18 miles south of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 17 from Calmar. Has Catholic, Congregational, Lutheran and Methodist churches, 2 banks, electric light and power plant, 2 weekly rewspapers, The Herald and The Review, Tel., W.U. Exp., Am. and W., F. & Co., Emma Nicolay, postmaster.

Allen, Ivin - livery
Beucher, L.O. - cashr Citizens State Bank
Beucher, Otto J. - dray
Beyer, August - shoes
Bulman, Wm. - photographer
Burdick, A.E. & A.S. (Mrs. Amy E. and Art S.) - proprs Postville Review
Burling & Burling (F.S. and W.H.) - lawyers
Campbell, J.W. - insurance
Citizens State Bank (capital $100,000) - H.L. Luhman pres, L.O. Beucher cashr
Cole, Harry D. - dentist
Commercial Hotel - J.M. Boehm propr
Consumers Independent Lumber - F.C. Constock mngr
Dannenbrink, John H. - notions
Dolomite Stone Quarries - Wilkes Williams mngr
Douglass, Reuben N. - drugs
Durno, E.P. - hardware
Ellis, John P. - machine shop
Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co. - C.C. Sander sec.
Fleming, B.C. - agrl implements
Kehrke Bros - threshers, 4 miles ne
Gregg Bros - lumber
Hanks, W.J. - jewelery
Harris, James M. - undertaker
Hastings, M.C. - restaurant
Hawkeye Oil Co. (Waterloo, Ia)
Hecker, R.F. & Sons (R.M., J.C. and Joseph) - wagonmakers
The Hub - Keith Gray mngr, clothing
Iowa Telephone Co. - J.M. Thoma mngr
Kiesau & Kelleher - physicians
Kleckner, Mabel - milliner
Klingbiel Wm - publr Postville Herald
Kohlman Bros (George Kohlman) - clothing
Kohrs, Carl - livery
Kozelka, William - shoes
Kramer, F.J. - meats
Luhman & Sanders (Fred Luhman, Gilbert Sanders) - general store
McNeil, Daniel - billiards
McNeil, J.P. - garage
Meier, C.F. - live stock
Meier, George J. - grocer
Meier & Meiske - poultry and eggs
Meier & Phillips - dry goods
Miller, Henry - agt C.M. & St. P. Ry and Wells Fargo & Co. Exp
Nicolay, Emma - postmaster
Ohloff, C. - fruit grower
Perry, James E. - agt C., RI & P Ry
Peterson, A.L. - cashr Postville State Bank
Pettit Bros (R.L. and P.L.) - jewelers
Pixler, George W. - county supervisor
Postville Clay Products - brick, tile and hollow block mnfrs
Postville Farmers Co-operative Society - John Waters mngr, grocers and coal
Postville Herald - Wm Klingbiel publr
Postville Hospital - A.A. Schmidt MD propr
Postville Review - A.E. and A.S. Burdick proprs
Postville State Bank (capital $50,000) - Wm. Leui pres, A.L. Peterson cashr
Postville Theatre - G.S. Tuttle propr, Moving Pictures
Postville Water Works
Prior, Edmund H. - marble works
Roberts, Hall and Son - elevator and coal
Roggensack, H.F. - harness
ruckdaschel, Fred - garage
Schmidt, A.A. - physician
Schroeder & Brenner (Louis Schroeder, E.E. Brenner) - hardware
Schuette, Louis - furniture
Schuette & Schultz - pianos
Schuler, A.J. - real estate and ins
Schute, Delia - milliner
Shepherd, Wm. - lawyer
Sleijack, Harry - junk
Spaugy, J.A. - meats
Staadt, Godfrey - drugs and stationery
Standard Telephone Co. - J.M. Thoma mngr
Steel, J.W. - restaurant
Thoma Bros - restaurant
Thoma, E.F. - dray
Thoma, John M. - drugs
Thomas Bros (Wm C. and Fred J.) - grocers and restaurant
Topliff, R.L. - dentist
Tuller, Frank W. - horse dealer
Turner Hall - Frank Sebastian mngr
Tuttle, George S. - propr The Postville Theatre
Upper Iowa Power Co. - F.W. Gates mngr
Webster, Winfield S. - insurance
Wetzel, Fred H. - insurance
Williams, Fred H. - sheep and horse breeder

Quandahl (pg 827)
In Allamakee county, 18 miles northwest of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 9 south of Spring Grove, Minn., the nearest railroad station and banking point. Has rural delivery from Spring Grove, Minn.

Erickson, Nels B. - shoes
Overhaug, Gerhard - blacksmith
Quandahl, Jacob S. - general store

Rossville (pg 850)
In Jefferson township, Allamakee county, 9 miles southeast of Waukon, the judicial seat and banking point, 5 from Waterville, the nearest shipping point. Has a bank. Has rural delivery from Waukon.

Bank of Rossville
Frederick, J.M. & Son - general store
Freyer, J.N. - blacksmith
Leas, Alburtus - pumps
Woodmansee, Mrs. Almira - milliner

Village Creek (pg 948)
In Lafayette township, Allamakee county, 14 miles northeast of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 4 1/2 south of Lansing, the nearest railroad station and banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

Doehler, A.C. - general store

Volney (pg 952)
On the Yellow river, in Franklin township, Allamakee county, 12 miles southeast of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 6 mortheast of Monona, the nearest railroad station and banking point, whence mail is delivered by rural delivery.

Hoffman, Isaac - general store
Ross, Charles - blacksmith

Waterville (pg 982)
Population, 250. A village on the C.M. & St. P. Ry., in Paint Creek township, Allamakee county, 14 miles southeast of Waukon, thejudicial seat. Has a bank. Exp., Am., G. Pederson, postmaster

Arneson, Peter - cashr Waterville Savings Bank
Asleson & Anderson - agrl implts and seed mill
Cole, A.J. - restaurant
Dillon, B.J. - physician
Dumbere, Mr. - furniture
Dunham, L.H. - restaurant
Ellerson, A.J. - hardware
Fellows, A.M. - lumber
Glynn, Samuel - R.R. and Exp agt
Grimsgard, A.C. - grocer
Hart, M.J. - meats and grain
Hart & Grimsgard - grain
Kolsrud, Clarence - feed mill
Megordan, H.C - county supervisor
Mortenson, F. - moving pictures
Pederson, G. - clothing and Shoes
Spinner Bros. - general store
Terry & Terry - general store
Waterville Bottling Works
Waterville Savings Bank (capital $25,000) - O.J. Hager pres., Peter Arneson cashr.

Waukon - county seat (pg 983-985)
Population, 2,300. The judicial seat of Allamakee county, is located on Paint Creek and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., 18 miles east of Decorah, 32 northwest of McGregor, and 145 northeast of Des Moines. Has Adventist, Baptist, Catholic, German Reformed, Methodist, Norwegian Lutheran and Presbyterian churches, public and Catholic schools, a normal school, a new $50,000 opera house, water works, electric light, a city hall costing $15,000, 4 banks, first class hotels, hospital, and 3 weekly newspapers: the Democrat, Waukon Republican and Waukon Standard. Waukon is surrounded by a rich farming and stock raising section and large quantities of grain, produce and live stock are shipped. Exp., W. F. & Co., Tel., W.U.

Alexander, Robert J. - clothing
Allamakee County Insane Asylum - Oliver Dixon, steward
Allamakee Hotel - A.J. Cleaves propr
Anderson & Straate (Peter Anderson and Fred J. Straate) - shoes
Beddow, W.E. - cashr Citizens State Bank
Beeler, Nelson - contractor
Beeman, Fred L. - dry goods and furniture
Beeman, Irving E. - hardware
Bieber, R.H. - clothing
Bowen, David H. - physician
Burt & King - blacksmiths
Carter & Herman - drugs and jewelery
Chickering, E.J. - photographer
Citizens State Bank (capital and profits $75,000) - W.H. Niehaus pres, W.E. Beddow cashr
Clarke, A.B. & Co. - blacksmiths
Collins, John M. - grocer
Crawford, J. Cliff - physician
Cummings, Arthur L. - restaurant
Cummings, Eva - millinery
Cunningham, A.M. - meats
Dayton, Henry - county attorney
Delaney, Thomas - general store
Dotseth, John - baker
Dravis, Charles H. - implements
Dravis, Henry - music
Dravis, Paul F. - general store
Eaton & Jones - grain and coal
Ebendorf, Wm. H. - tailor
Errison, Fred W. - lighting plant
Farmers Waukon Cramery Co.
Feldstein, D. - coal
First National Bank (capital $120,000) - O.J. Hager pres., A.T. Nierling cashr
Fitzgerald, W.F. - tinner
Frederick, John M. - harnessmaker
Fullerton, Thomas - billiards
Garrow, Frank - hotel
Goodykkoontz, E.W. - insurance
Grimm Bros (Wm. H. and Albert L) - drugs
Groezinger, Theo G. - cabinetmaker
Gundacker & Straate - shoes
Hager, John T. - agrl implements
Hale & Sons (J.H., C.J. and W.H.) - general store
Hall, Emmett J. - real estate
Hall, T.L. - livery
Hall, W.S - restaurant
Hancock, Ellery M. - abstracts
Hansmeier, A.H. - baker
Hanson, Olaf - restaurant
Hart, Wm. S. - lawyer
Hartley, Thomas - cigar mnfr
Heitman, E.L. - harness
Hellikson, Lewis C. - drayage
Hendrick, Burt - lawyer and insurance
Hirth, Edgar A. - photographer
Hoag, Clem - confectioner
House Hospital - Drs Svebakken & Rhominger proprs
Huecker, John - physician and county coroner
Johnson, George M. - vet surgeon
Johnson, Hans G. - repair shop
Johnson, John H. - dentist
Johnson, J.S. & Son (John S. and Charles G.) - machinists
Josephson, E. - general store
Kaveny, T. & Co. (Thomas Kaveny) - agrl implements
Kiees, F.H. - county recorder
Knight, Eb L. - vet surgeon
Kvernum, O.P. - contractor
Lane, C.W. - billiards
Larson, A.C. - real estate
Lee Bros Co. - general store
Leer & Mason - garage
Letourneau, Philip H. - physician
Ludeking, S.W. - cashir Waukon State Bank
Ludeking, Fred A. - livery
McCullough, Joseph - physician
McDonnell & Duggan - millinery
McGeough & Urell - grocers
Markley, J.A.& Son - autos and garage
Martin Bros. - furniture and undertakers
May, H.B. - vet surgeon
Medary, Edgar F. - publr The Democrat
Minert, J.G. - automobiles
Minert & Nagle (W.J. Minert, F.H. Nagle) - feed mill
Molumby, Frank H. - furniture and undertaker
Mooney, Wm. H. - 5 and 10 cent store
Morehouse, C.G. - physician
Morstad, Edgar - clerk of court
Murphy, Dennis J. - lawyer
Nagel, F.H. - grain and coal
Nierling, A.T. - cashier First Nat'l Bank
O'Brien Bros (James and Warren) - cattle breeders
O'Brien, John E. - lawyer and real estate
O'Brien, Thomas F. - harnessmaker
O'Donnell, P.E. - cashier Peoples' Nat'l Bank
Opfer, Benjamin C. - hardware
Opfer, John C. - drugs and stationery
Opfer, S.H. - county supervisor
Orr, Harry - county engineer
Palmer, Owen D. - jeweler
Peck, W.L. - county supt of schools
Peoples' National Bank (capital $50,000) - T.B. Stock pres, P.E. O'Donnell cashier)
Peterson, Adolph - blacksmith
Peterson Bros (Paul, Wm. and Carl) - hardware
Peterson Bros & Larson - L.B. Larson mngr, general store
Peterson, H.A. - dentist
Peterson, Wm - wagonmaker
Phillips, C.W. - musical instruments
Pratt, Arthur E. - drugs
Presentation Convent School - in charge of Presentation Nuns
Purdy, Edward E. - abstracts
Ronayne, James P. - jeweler
Rood & Co. - blacksmiths
Rumpf, Theodore - sheriff
Shafer, Wm F. - county auditor
Standard Telephone Co. - M.W. Eaton pres, Ellison Orr sec., Otto J. Hager treas.
Steele, R.I. - photographer
Stillman, Arthur T. - dentist
Stilwell & Stilwell (Cornelius S. and Calvin S.) - lawyers
Stout, Clare - dentist
Stout C.A. - confectioner
Strock, David - physician
Strumpel, A.W. - musical instruments
Svebakken, Otto C. - physician
Taylor, H.E. - county attorney
Terry, Louis - general store
Thomas, Frank - billiards
Thompson, Samuel R. - justice and real estate
Thorson, Theodore B. - county treasurer
Todd, George B. - grocer
Townsend, Ada - millinery
Turrentine, H. - printer
Vold, Hans E. - plumber
Waukon Lumber Co.
Waukon Meat Co.
Waukon Milling Co. - F.A. Ludeking propr, flour mill
Waukon Plumbing Co. - Davis & O'Leary proprs
Waukon Republican - A.P. Bock propr
Waukon Standard
Waukon State Bank (capital $40,000) - L.A. Howe pres, S.W. Ludeking cashier
Westby, John - grocer
White, G. - cigars and soft drinks
Whittlinger, Max - hotel and restaurant
Williams, Daniel - restaurant
Woodmansee, I.E. - auto repairing
Worm & Langhein - plumbers

Waukon Junction (page 985)
Population, 75. On the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Taylor township, Allamakee county, 22 miles southeast of Waukon, the judicial seat, and 4 from Harpers Ferry, the nearest banking point. Tel., W.U. Exp. W.F. & Co.

Atall, N.J. - general store
Blackwell, R.E. - general store
Cahalan, A.B. - drugs
Chapin, Catherine - grocer
Gyrion, Mrs. Fannie - general store and hotel
Gyrion, Fred - restaurant

Wexford (pg 1000)
In Allamakee county. Mail to Harper's Ferry.

Marley, Frank - general store

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