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Background information about the Kiwanis Club - from Wikipedia

The Kiwanis organization was founded on January 21, 1915, in Detroit, Michigan, by Joseph G. Prance and Allen S. Browne (a professional fraternity organizer). In August 1914, Browne suggested to Prance the idea of a business and professional men's club with social and commercial benefits. In 1919 when Kiwanis adopted a service-focused mission. The organization was for men only until 1987 and since then female membership has grown to be 22% of total members. The name “Kiwanis” means “we trade” or “we share our talents” and was coined from an American Indian expression, Nunc Kee-wanis.


Organize Kiwanis Club in Lansing 1931

Mr. John E. Van Berschot Field Service Representative, Region III, Kiwanis International, was here from Chicago this week for the purpose of organizing a Kiwanis Club in this city. He met about thirty-five of our business men at a turkey dinner at the Wolfe Café Monday evening. Three Kiwanians from Waukon, Messrs. Dudley Hale, Herman Haehlen and C. C. Little were also present.

After a sumptuous meal the crowd adjourned to the Princess Theatre, across the street, where the matter of organizing a club was informally discussed. A motion was finally carried to organize and twenty signatures were secured for membership. Temporary officers as follows were chosen: G. C. Aschom, President; Warren Hayes, Secretary; L. T. Hufschmidt, Treasurer.

P. R. Rethwisch, who has been a prime mover in the matter, and Mr. Van Berschot made a canvass of the city next day and secured several additional members. A permanent organization is to be effected Friday evening of this week following a 6 o’clock free dinner at some place not decided on at this writing.

“We Build!” is the slogan of the Kiwanis International, which has some 1900 clubs and a membership of 102,000 in the United States and Canada. The members meet at a dinner every Monday and afterwards discuss problems of social and civic interest.

Community clubs here have not been a howling success in the past, but as the Kiwanis is said to be something entirely different, it is hoped that its accomplishments may be noteworthy.

Following is a list of the charter membership of the club: G. C. Aschom; Warren Hayes; L. T. Hufschmidt; A. M. Fellows; W. T. Piers; R. G. Miller; P. E. Rethwisch; Cyril Murphy; A. R. Fredrickson; Ralph Thorsten; J. H. Thompson; O. J. Koch; Fred Schafer; N. C. Martinson; Carl F. Bechtel; A. M. Duty; C. M. Kerndt; Moritz Kerndt; William E. Albert, Jr.; Wayne Robertson; W. H. Aschom; Cy Ehrlich; J. W. Dempsey; B. H. Wellendorf; D. F. Wolfe; R. A. Dunlevy; and Thomas Bakewell.

~Allamakee Journal and Lansing Mirror, February 11, 1931 ~contributed by Ann Krumme


Lansing Kiwanis Meeting 1965

At the regular Monday night meeting of the Lansing Kiwanis Club, president Milton Wild was leader and the only guest was Richard Spinner, traveling salesman for Armor Industries. The group heard a substantial and accurate report of a meeting in Cedar Rapids Friday from Mayor elect George Trayer. The meeting covered a vast and wide range of problems along rural and urban development lines with governmental aid from the many different bureaus in Washington administration policies. A question is to find the exact bureau in which to seek aid as many overlap and the red tape is passed from one to another. Immense projects such as hospitals, the handicapped. retraining the workers, water and sewer community projects and the beautification of parks and open spaces. All have some leeway to get aid up to a percentage of costs. The meeting was to try and coordinate the bureaus so that local applicants will know how and where to set their cases. All present agreed to its objective but the results of the meeting will take time to develop. The Christmas show and treats for children are set for next Saturday, December 11th, when Santa appears with treats after the FREE SHOW for children 12 years and under. Jack Grant is again in charge of the sacks and other volunteers include Dr. Wilson, Charles Smith, Norbert Spinner, Leo Stirn, Milton Wild and Howard Gaunitz and his truck. The "Happy Birthday" song was sung for Leo Willbrand, Norbert Spinner, Orville Hosksch and Bill Underwood. The names drawn for next week's serving committee include Marlan Hogan, Jerry Hanley, Howard Gaunitz and Frank Randall, the latter our only member from DeSoto.  A general discussion of local interest closed the meeting.

~Allamakee Journal, December 8, 1965 ~ contributed by Errin Wilker

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