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A.T. Andreas
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
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Linton & Paint Creek townships


Linton twp.

Bell, Watson Section 30 U. S. Mail Contractor Indiana Co. Pa 1855 Watson
Dull, Daniel J. Section 30 Farmer Preston Co. W. Va. 1864 Volney
Degel, William Section 19 Farmer Saxony, Germany 1850 Volney
Emerson, J. A. Section 19 Farmer Preston Co. W. Va. 1853 Volney
Hulse, Silas C. Ion Dry Goods Y Grocer's Orange Co. N. Y. 1856 Ion
Marble, Moses Section 16 Farmer Wayne Co.
N. Y.
1849 Volney
McGoon, Joseph Section 16 Farmer Sheboygan Co. Wis. 1856 Volney
Miner, H. B. Section 26 Farmer Jefferson Co. Ohio 1856 Ion
Schad, William Section 22 Farmer Sececa Co. N. Y 1865 Monona
Standinger, Wm. Section 31 Farmer and Miller Bavaria, Germany 1852 Watson
Titus, Riley & Titus Section 16 Saw Mill Organized 1870 Volney
Wingate, J. A. Section 23 Farmer Berks Co. Pa 1854 Ion

Paint Creek twp.

Anderson, Thomas (Grona) Sec. 12 Farmer Norway 1850 Dalby
Anderson, Martin (Bekkesven) Sec. 4 Farmer Norway 1859 Elon
Arneson, I. (Grandgaard) Sec. 7 Farmer Norway 1850 Elon
Bryson, John S. Sec. 17 Farmer Dundee, Scotland 1850 Rossville
Christenson, Ole (Grimsgaard) Sec. 15 Farmer Norway 1850 Waterville
Christenson, Gulbrand (Lyse) Sec. 3 Farmer Norway 1854 Dalby
Dunn, William Sec. 31 Farmer Monongalia Co. W. Va. 1851 Rossville
Endresen, Sven (Hesla) Sec. 10 Farmer Norway 1850 Waterville
Engelbretson, Jacob (Ostern) Sec. 1 Farmer Norway 1851 Dalby
Fultz, John Sec. 30 Farmer Hesse Darmstadt, Ger. 1854 Rossville
Falde, Niels Sec 5 Farmer Norway 1854 Elon
Fossum, Hans T. Sec. 7 Farmer Norway 1857 Elon
Gulbrandsen, G (Froslie) Sec 5 Farmer Norway 1867 Elon
Halvorsen, Eliff (Torkop) Sec. 2 Farmer Norway 1850 Dalby
Halvorsen, Gulbrand (Hagen) Sec. 8 Farmer Norway 1854 Waterville
Halvorsen, Paul (Rime) Sec. 18 Farmer Norway 1854 Rossville
Hendriksen, Askaj (Espeset) Sec. 14 Farmer Norway 1850 Waterville
Hendriksen, Salve (Espeset) Sec. 14 Farmer Norway 1850 Waterville
Haftorsen, Bersven Sec. 4 Farmer Norway 1865 Waterville
Holgersen, Ellif (Djonne) Sec. 22 Farmer Norway 1865 Waterville
Iverson, Lars (Dake) Sec. 25 Farmer Norway 1853 Waterville
Jacobson, Johan (Boringrud) Sec. 12 Farmer Norway 1851 Dalby
Knudsen, John (Jeglum) Sec. 10 Farmer Norway 1850 Dalby
Knudsen, Erik (Jeglum) Sec. 3 Farmer Norway 1850 Dalby
Knutsen, Sivert (Stake) Sec, 18 Farmer Norway 1851 Waterville
Larsen, Christian (Gorder) Sec. 8 Farmer Norway 1858 Elon
Nilsen, Ole (Hagh) Sec. 24 Farmer Norway 1860 Waterville
Olsen, Ole (Storia) Sec. 11 Farmer Norway 1849 Dalby
Olsen, Hans (Smeby) Sec 8 Farmer Norway 1851 Waterville
Olsen, Sven (Narum) Sec. 9 Farmer Norway 1850 Waterville
Olsen, Ole (Busness) Sec. 24 Farmer Norway 1859 Waterville
Ostensen, Gulbrand (Haugen) Sec. 5 Farmer Norway 1854 Elon
Robey, C. A. Sec. 32 Farmer Monongalia Co. W. Va. 1855 Rossville
Svenson, Bjorn (Loken) Sec. 10 Farmer Norway 1856 Waterville
Satrang, G. Sec. 11 Farmer Norway 1867 Dalby
Siverson, Helge (Legvold) Sec. 15 Farmer Norway 1851 Waterville
Siverson, Ole (Legvold) Sec. 5 Farmer Norway 1850 Dalby
Solveson, Sivert, (Kilserud) Sec. 16 Farmer Norway 1857 Waterville
Tollefsen, Andread (Drogset) Sec. 16 Farmer Norway 1861 Waterville

~transcribed by Patrick Wahl

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