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A.T. Andreas
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
Patrons of the Iowa State Atlas

Jefferson township

Beeman, C. D. Section 21 Farmer Addison Co. Vt. 1849 Waukon
Baker, John B. B. Rossville Lawyer Defiance, Ohio 1863 Rossville
Bushnell, Lorenz Section 9 Farmer Trumbull Co. Ohio 1852 Waukon
Barhan, Marion Section 5 Farmer Coles Co. Ill. 1854 Waukon
Cooper, H. S. Section 5 Farmer Franklin Co. Vt. 1848 Waukon
Daniels, James M. Section 29 Farmer Portage Co. Ohio 1865 Waukon
Dundy, John Section 9 Farmer Crawford Co. Pa. 1852 Waukon
Evans, Chas. Section 8 Farmer Pennsylvania 1854 Waukon
Fitzgerald, James Section 10 Farmer Wexfore, Ireland 1848 Rossville
Frink, Reuben L. Section 34 Farmer Erie Co. Pa. 1855 Rossville
Holman, David Rossville Blacksmith Genesee Co. N. Y. 1854 Rossville
Henderson, John Section 35 Farmer Harrison Co. Ohio 1865 Rossville
Hastings, Harvey A. Section 5 Farmer St. Lawrence Co. N. Y. 1854 Waukon
Koontz, Andrew F. Section 30 Farmer Medina Co. Ohio 1851 Rossville
Keenan, Patrick Section 15 Farmer Dublin, Ireland 1848 Rossville
Long, Elijah W. Section 15 Farmer Logan Co. Ky. 1865 Waukon
McCabe, Hugh Section 18 Farmer Ireland 1849 Waukon
McClintock, A. Section 25 Farmer Somerset Co. Pa. 1853 Rossville
Miller, Enoch Section 6 Farmer Montgomery Co. O. 1854 Waukon
Mitchell, Nathan'l Section 26 Farmer Fayette Co. Pa. 1851 Rossville
Mosier, Jacob Section 35 Farmer Fayette Co. Pa. 1856 Waukon
Martindale, J. P. Section 16 Farmer Sullivan Co. N. H. 1862 Waukon
Nash, Ira E. Section 17 Farmer Columbianan Co. O. 1852 Rossville
Pettit, Elias Section 23 Farmer Erie Co. Pa. 1870 Waukon
Quigley, Michael Section 18 Farmer Kilkenny, Ireland 1853 Rossville
Ross, Oliver A. Section 25 Farmer Fayette Co. Pa. 1858 Rossville
Sherman, Geo. W. Section 23 Farmer Erie Co. Pa. 1857 Rossville
Taylor, Wm. Section 35 Farmer Leitrim, Ireland 1858 Rossville
Van Horn, Wm. Section 28 Farmer Indiana Co. Pa. 1857 Rossville
Wheeler, John H. Rossville Lawyer Crawford Co. Pa. 1854 Rossville
Wiley, Thomas H, Section 23 Farmer Fayette Co. Pa. 1857 Rossville

~transcribed by Patrick Wahl

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