Allamakee co. Mortality Schedule 1860
Schedule 3 - Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1860

Name Age Sex Mar. Status Place of birth Month of Death Profession, Occupation
or Trade
Disease or Cause of Death Number of Days ill Township
Benjamin Halse 78 M W N.Y. June Farmer Old Age 7 Fairview
Eliza Kelly 1 F   Iowa Feb   Fits 28 Fairview
Mary Hart 1 F   Iowa Dec   Burned accidental   Linton
Dureia Blakey illeg F   Iowa Sept   Child Birth   Linton
Harriet Moody 39 F M K.Y. August   Unknown   Linton
Andrew Thomas 24 M   Indiana Sept Farmer Fits 9 Franklin
Henaretta Schwartz 7m F   Iowa Apr   Sore Throat 42 Post
Rebecca Mallary 72 F W N.Y. Feb Housekeeper Old Age 28 Post
Edward Holman 5 M   Iowa Sept   Cancer in intestine 28 Post
Catharine Beaman 1 F   Iowa Jany   Lung Fever 14 Post
John F. Elsy 4 M   Iowa illeg   Inflamation of bowels 9 Post
Harriet McGee 2 F   Iowa May   Drownd   Post
Mary McGhee 22 F   Connecticut June Housekeeper Snake Bite 1 Post
Cristena A. Noble 1 F   Iowa August   Liver Complaint 4 Post
E.R. Tanner 5 F   N.Y. August   Putrid sore Throat 11 Union Prairie
C.V. Tanner 9 F   N.Y. Sept   Putrid sore Throat 7 Union Prairie
M.E. Tanner 7 F   N.Y. Sept   Putrid sore Throat 10 Union Prairie
Almira McWilliams 11 F   Ohio May Housekeeper Consumption 1 mo Union Prairie
Wm H. Harris 6m M   Iowa Jany   Fits 2 Union Prairie
Egbert R. Bush 26 M M N.Y. Nov Farmer Consumption 60 Union Prairie
Mary A. Burns 65 F M Ireland June   Consumption 25 Union Prairie
Daniel McCenter 1 M   Iowa illeg   Burned accidental   Union Prairie
Catharin Galsser 60 F M Ireland May Housekeeper Consumption 1 yr Union Prairie
Mary  Byson 1 F   Iowa Oct   Teething 28 Union Prairie
Emma Isted 3 F   Iowa Sept   Putrid sore Throat 8 Ludlow
Franklin Williams 9m M   Iowa August   Diarrhea 10 Ludlow
Maria Mason 3 F   Vermont August   Diarrhea 21 Ludlow
Fanny Dunn 35 F M Ireland Sept   Child Bed 3 Ludlow
Jane L. Seant 3 F   Iowa Jany   Croup 1 Ludlow
C.H. Freeman illeg M   Iowa Feby   Inflamation of lungs 14 Ludlow
Patrick Dalsy 75 M M Ireland August Farmer Old Age 1 Lafayette
John Shungleton 66 M W V.A. Nov Farmer Lung Fever 10 Lafayette
Margaret Moden 8m F   Iowa Sept   Dropsy on Brain 4 Lafayette
Nancy Hanson 23 F M Mass August   Fever 9 Lafayette
John Robertson 6 M   Iowa June   Fever 10 Lafayette
Thos Binkley 27 M M Ireland June Farmer Dropsey 1 yr Lafayette
John Knuteson 2 M   Iowa June   Worms 6 Lafayette
Francis Bord 3 F   Iowa Sept   Croup 4 Lafayette
Mary Brophy 7 F   Canada Jany   Unknown 28 Lafayette
Hance Lawson 1 M   Iowa July   Diarha 30 Lafayette
Ann Glaher 5 F   Illinois May   Burnned accident   Lafayette
Charles Denhart 18 M   Prussia Sept Farmer Nevous disease 5 Lafayette
Augustus Gulickson 1m M   Iowa Feb   Fits 21 Lafayette
Catharine Hamond 2m F   Iowa Sept   Fits 30 Lafayette
[Ledinks?] Kerndt 1 M   Iowa Dec   Fits 1 French Creek
Lucinda Kerndt 3m F   Iowa Oct   Congestive Chills 1 French Creek
Peter Hart 24 M   Baden March   Drownd accidental   French Creek
Mary Ralom 64 F W Ireland June Housekeeper Consumption 6 Union City
J. Ralom 1m M   Iowa Sept   Unknown 1 Union City
John Bohan 1 M   Iowa Oct   Ague 2 Union City
Philip Dundee 35 M W Pa Sept Blacksmith Consumption 50 Jefferson
Sarah Ogg 4m F   Iowa July   Disentary 7 Jefferson
Catharine Ogg 4m F   Iowa July   Disentary 7 Jefferson
Margaret Baldwin 72 F M Pa Feb Housekeeper Dropsy  2 yrs Jefferson
Joseph H. Schuner 4m M   Iowa Nov   Liver Complaint 14 Jefferson
Mary J. Deal 2 F   Iowa May   Lung Fever 14 Jefferson
Wm. L. Read
[middle initial may be S]
28 M M Pa Sept Miller Typhoid Fever 14 Jefferson
Catherin Doug 30 F M Ireland Oct Housekeeper Child Birth 7 Jefferson
B.F. Ferrel 2 M   Iowa May   Inflamation of Brain 1 Jefferson
Samuel Cragg 3m M   Iowa Feb   Unknown 6 Paint Creek
Margaret Conway 7 F   Ohio August   Hooping Cough 14 Paint Creek
Thomas Cosgron 10m M   Iowa Jany   Teething 21 Paint Creek
Martha J. McGoon 4 F   Wisconsin May     1 yr Paint Creek
Mary J. Grovin 1m F   Iowa Jany   unknown sudden Paint Creek
Oliver peterson 2 F   Iowa March   Billious Fever 21 Paint Creek
Julia Hanson 2m F   Iowa August   unknown 20 Paint Creek
Mary Gilberson 6m F   Iowa May   unknown 30 Paint Creek
Johanah Ryan 21 F M Ireland Sept Housekeeper Congestion Chills 7 Taylor
John Duer 60 M M Ireland March Farmer Fall 30 Taylor
Wm Potter ?m M   Iowa Jany   Fits 50 Waterloo
Mary Dodra 3m F   Iowa June   Fits 30 Waterloo
Peter McGinnis 23 M   Ireland April Farmer Consumption 20 Waterloo
Betsey Neils 6 F   Iowa June   Consumption 14 Hanover
Cristena Nelson 17 F   Wisconsin March Housekeeper Consumption 150 Hanover
Adeline G. Lisher 6 F   Iowa Decr   Disease of hart 9 Hanover
Catheren Burnham 16 F   Ireland August   Billious Fever 15 Hanover
John Riley 1 M   Iowa April   Lung Fever 45 Makee
John Ring 1 M   Iowa Sept   Diarha 14 Makee
Bridget Ward 15 F   Ireland Nov   Cold 7 Makee
A.D. Engleby 1 M   Iowa Oct   Diarha 30 Makee
Joseph Gillette 89 M W Connecticut Jany Farmer Disease of heart 14 Makee
Saml Russell 58 M M N.H. Sept Cooper Palsy 21 Makee
Tearny Fisher 10m M   Iowa Sept   Cold 21 Makee
William Lathrop 75 M W N.Y. Sept Farmer Colera Morbus 3 Makee
Frank Barnes 10m M   Iowa Sept   Sore Throat 26 Makee
Sarah C. Cox 1 F   Iowa May   Drowned accidental   Iowa
Sineag Sewall 57 M M Vermont Sept Farmer Fever 7 Iowa
William Mayer 27 M M Ireland April Farmer Lung Feaver 10 Iowa
Ann Harly 2 F   Iowa Sept   Fever 9 Iowa
Anthony Hobson 23 M   Wisconsin August Farmer Dilermin treamims 7 Iowa
Catharine Weaver 4m F   Iowa Dec   Fits 3 Lansing
Emma Hunt 1 F   Iowa Nov   Fits   Lansing
Mary Helpner 1 F   Iowa May   Lung Fever 28 Lansing
William Martin 42 M   Ireland Oct Farmer Liver Complaint 420 Lansing
George Pike 3m M   Iowa Sept   Fever 6 Lansing
Inlia A. Omarar 4m F   Iowa March   Consumption 90 Lansing
Roseana Legler 4m F   Iowa July   Diahrrea 3 Lansing
Anna Fulkhart 1m F   Iowa April   Fits 2 Lansing
Mary M. Riley 1 F   Iowa May   Lung fever 24 Lansing
Henry Hefz 1 M   Iowa July   Fits   Lansing
James Vanamberg 57 M M New York March Blacksmith Dropsey 162 Lansing
J. Clark 1m F   Iowa July   Fits 32 Lansing
John Lawhonway 1m M   Iowa August   Diarrhea 2 Lansing
James Haney 5m M   Iowa April   Inflamation of Brain 6 Lansing
Catherine Bahall 74 F W N.Y. January   Old Age 5 Lansing
C.A. Hays 28 F M N.Y. March Housekeeper Disease of Liver 50 Lansing
Rockwell Wilson 1 M   Illinois April   Measels 21 Lansing

Transcription Notes:
Column 4 - Color - was omitted on this transcription, if the deceased was of a color other than white, it will appear in the notes
Column 5 - Free or Slave - was omitted on this transcription

Transcribed by S. Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb.
Care has been taken to produce an accurate record, but errors are certain to exist because reading the handwritten records is at times very difficult. The researcher should personally verify the information.

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