Allamakee co. Mortality Schedule 1880

Schedule 5
Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
(the census year was June 1, 1879-May 31, 1880)

Page 1
Center, Fairview, Franklin, French Creek, Hanover, Iowa, Jefferson & Lafayette townships

Name Age Sex Marital Status
Place of
Fathers birth-
Mothers birth-
or Trade
Cause of
long a resident
of the county
Jacob Kjort 56 M W Norway Norway Norway Preacher Dec Kidney Complaint 18 Dr. Christinson Center
65 Kaeden Logenson 34 F M Norway Norway Norway Keeping house Apr Child Bed 10 None Center
Erick Nelson 48 M M Sweden Sweden Sweden Farmer June Hung himself 7 Coroner Edward Roese Center
188 May Moen 54 F M Norway Norway Norway Keeping house Feby Consumption 10 Dr. Craig Center
44 Agda Peterson 5 F S Iowa Sweden Sweden   Feby Croup 5 Dr. Deremo Center
2 Cahalan, Julia A. 2 F S Iowa Ireland Iowa   Feb Diptheria 1 Clark, H.H. MD Fairview
6 Conley, Mary Jane 19 F S Ilinois Iowa Ireland lived at home April Consumption 15 Andros,
F. Dr
16 Clark, Hugh M. 3m M S Iowa Ireland New York   Dec Convulsions 3m no physician Fairview
16 Clark, Mary Ette 4m F S Iowa Ireland New York   July Dysentery 4m no physician Fairview
21 Clark, Sarah E. 8m F S Iowa New Vermont   July Stofula 8m Hamilton Fairview
27 Black, James 68 M W Ohio Penn Virginia Farmer Feb Congestion of brain 10 no physician Fairview
78 McNeal, Antony 9 M S Iowa Ireland Ireland   Dec Inflamation of bowels 9 Hamilton Fairview
78 McNeal, Mary 79 F M Ireland Ireland Ireland   April General Debility 23 no physician Fairview
84 Dickens, Sirius A. 9m M S Iowa Wisconsin Canada   Dec Congestion of brain 9m no physician Fairview
88 Phillips, Emily J. 27 F M Ohio Ohio Ohio Keeping house Nov Heart disease 6 no physician Fairview
[*sn] Hays, Sister W. 75 M W New York Conn Conn   Dec Privation 30 no physician Fairview
99 Worth, John 27 M S Ohio Wirtem-
Farmer Feb killed by team running away 22 Clark, H.H. MD & Hamilton Fairview
107 Tierney, William 1d M S Iowa Ireland Ireland   Sept Colic 1 blank Fairview
21 Miller, Micheal 61 M M Penn Ireland Ireland Farmer April Cancer in [illeg] 21 Bowen, Hampton Franklin
139 Burnham, Elizabeth 44 F M Ohio Ohio Ohio Keeping house May Childbirth fever 23 Hamilton, C.H. Franklin
[B] [B], Edna 4m F S Iowa Ohio Ohio   Sept Cholera Infantum 4m Hamilton, C.H. Franklin
181 Clark, Lillias 15 F S Iowa N.Y. N.Y. At school Sept Typhoid fever 15 Cameron, W. Franklin
PR Hash, G. H. 1m M           Aug Cyanosis   Altise Franklin
PR Sawson, 2 M           Aug Cholera Infantum   Thos H. Barnes Franklin
[B] Lohart, Patrick 72 M M Ireland Ireland Ireland Farmer July Billiar [I] [I] [B] French Creek
[B] Lofet, Michael 24 M S Ireland Ireland Ireland Farm laborer August [I] 27 [B] French Creek
[B] Chain, Charles 78 M S Ireland Ireland Ireland Farmer Aug Heart [I] disease 24 [B] French Creek
6 Iverson, Knud 13 M S Iowa Norway Norway Farming October Scarlet Fever 13 T.C. Smith Hanover
13 Peterson, Martin 1 M S Iowa Norway Norway   May Scarlet Fever 1 none Hanover
22 Harrison,
9m M S Iowa Norway Norway   March Scarlet Fever 9m none Hanover
49 Andson, Alick 11 M S Norway Norway Norway   June Consumption 12 Dr. Christianson Hanover
49 Andson, Isabel 1m F S Iowa Norway Norway   July don't know 1m None Hanover
[B] Olson, Julia 61 F M Norway Norway Norway Keeping house Jan Lung disease 7 Dr. McTire Hanover
73 Holverson, Heans 16 M S Norway Norway Norway   October Consumption 12 Dr. Smith Hanover
73 Holverson, [I] 7m M S Iowa Norway Norway   May Brain fever 7m none Hanover
79 Hanson, W. Mary 4 F S Iowa Norway Norway   April Scarlet Fever 4 Dr. Johnston Hanover
Luther, Jacob 35 M M Swit-
Blacksmith May Killed in Cyclone 7 [B] Iowa
[B] Lawrence, Peter 66 M W Sweden Sweden Sweden Boot & Shoe maker Nov Parralysis 25 Dr. Paul Benig Iowa
Harris, Nellie ? F   Iowa Mass Wis   Feb Spasm [B] G.O. Dockhouse Iowa
PR Cranson, S. 75 F   [B] [B] [B] [B] Jan Erysepilas [B] G.A. Pagorn Iowa
31 Gussy, Frank 1y 4m M   Iowa N.Y. N.Y.   August Diptheria 1y 4m J.B. Mattoon Jefferson
36 Ryan, Kate Ester 4 M   Iowa N.Y. N.Y.   May Gastritis 4 J.B. Mattoon Jefferson
54 Smith, William 14 M S Iowa England England Farm hand Sept Inflamation of bowels 14 T.H. Barnes Jefferson
65 Wightman, Sarah 27 F M N.Y. N.Y. N.Y.   July Consumption 5m T.H. Barnes Jefferson
67 Gyle, Orison 28 M S Iowa Scotland Scotland laboror October Fell from a horse 28 T.H. Barnes Jefferson
79 Barham, Winford 1m M   Iowa Illinois N.Y.   August Fits 1m Mrs. H.S. Cooper Jefferson
86 Nabor, Amelia 80 F W Prussia Prussia Prussia   April Consumption 10 T.H. Barnes Jefferson
88 Limmkamper, Charles 57 M M Prussia Prussia Prussia Minister November Chronic Disease 7 [B] Jefferson
97 Adams, Ida 1 F   Iowa Ireland Penn   August Inflamation of bowels 1 T.H. Barnes Jefferson
104 Mallenary, Patrick 45 M M Ireland Ireland Ireland Farmer August Dropsey 6 T.H. Barnes Jefferson
156 Wheeler, Florance 37 F S Penn Canada Canada Dress Maker November Typhoid Feaver
Disease contracted
at Lansing Iowa
26 D.H. Bowen Jefferson
160 Dial, Screstha M. 9 F   Iowa Penn Penn   May Membrous Croup Disease contracted at Sumner, Iowa 9 A.W. Wilson Jefferson
195 Henderson, Andrew 68 M M Ireland Ireland Ireland Farmer November Consumption 12 D.H. Bowen Jefferson
PR Smith, Chas 30 M   [B] [B] [B] Farmer Sept Diarrhoea [B] Thos H. Barnes Jefferson
PR Ivers, Ellen 5 F   [B] [B] [B]   Dec Infl bowels [B] Thos H. Barnes Jefferson
27 Joyce, John 38 M W Ireland Ireland Ireland Clerk in Dept Store Feb Dropsey
Disease contracted at Emmettsburg Iowa
3m C.J. Christianson Lafayette
37 Cross, -- 0 M   Iowa Ireland Canada   Apr Stillborn 0 Mrs. Mary McCaffig Lafayette
85 Conway, John 1m M   Iowa Ireland Ireland   Nov Fits 1m no physician Lafayette
110 Reevor, Mary 2d F   Iowa Wisconsin Iowa   Nov Supporat stoppage of [I] 2d J.I. Taylor Lafayette
135 Lillzeholan, 49 M M Sweden Sweden Sweden Shoemaker Sept Pulmonary consumption 5 N.S. Craig Lafayette
140 Jackson, Robt 50 M M Ohio Pa Ohio Common laborer October Ball in Right Lung causing hemorhage Shot at the Battle of South Blally [?] Apr 1864 25 J.W. Davis Lafayette
196 Quinn, Michael 60 M M Ireland Ireland Ireland Farmer Sept Heart Disease 25 N.S. Craig & Brockhauser Lafayette

*Notations at bottom of the schedules (these notes appeared on the original)

-remarks at bottom of Fairview twp.: "The Physicians are all residents of McGregor Clayton County Iowa, and the only way I could see them would be by going to McGregor. And as Doctor F. Andros is absent in Dakota I could not get the full report so I did not incur the expense of going after incomplete reports. The other cases are reported on the statements of the parents and others that were present at the time. In case 11 Sister W. Hays lived alone and was found by a neighbor W. Gilbert Hulse as he breathed his last, his name is not numbered as belonging to any family.

-remarks at bottom of Iowa twp.:
No report of attending Physicians in above reported deaths because both Doctors Berwig & Dockham had left town before the taking of the census - Harrison Smart, Enumerator

Of the deaths reported above, the following occurred out of this enumeration district, though the families to which the deceased belonged, resided June 1, 1880, in this enumeration district, as follows:
Luther, Jacob - place where death occurred, Mitchel, Davidson county, Dakota Ter
Harris, Nellie -place where death occurred, Jefferson, Houston co. Minn

Transcription Notes (these notes are written by the transcriber and don't appear on the original unless indicated that they do)
-Column 1 - Family number from schedule 1 of the 1880 census
-Column 5 - Color - was omitted on this transcription, if the deceased was of a color other than white, it will appear in the notes
-Column's 6 (S-single), 7 (M-married) & 8 (W-widowed) marital status, have been put into one column on this transcription
-[B] - blank
-[I] - illegible entry
-PR - appears on the original, I don't know what it indicates
-*family no. 22 - Jacob Kjort - this entry has a line thru it
-*family no. 103 - Erick Nelson - this entry has a line thru it and a note that says "after June 1/80"
-*Nellie Harris - this entry was crossed through with a line

Transcribed by S. Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb.
Care has been taken to produce an accurate record, but errors are certain to exist because reading the handwritten records is at times very difficult. The researcher should personally verify the information.

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