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Allamakee Co. Death Records

Volume 2, pg 81

No. Date of Report 1.Name                 2.Sex & color 1.Age
Date & Time
of Death
Marital Status 1.Nationality           2.Where born How long resident of Iowa 1.Place of  Death
2.Cause of Death
2.Duration of
1.Place of Burial
2.Date of burial
Name & Residence
of Physician
949 10/6/1894 Ella Clarise Flynn
female white
4y -m -d 9/24/1894 am single Decorah, Ia. 4 Postville, Iowa   Decorah, Iowa C.H. Flynn
Postville, Ia
950 10/9/1894 George Gainger
male white
62y 7m 12d laborer 9/25/1894
6 pm
married German Germany 10 Lansing, Ia pressure on brain several months Catholic Cemetery 9/27/1894 B. Erp
951 10/9/1894 Robt Emmett Dunlevy
male white
-y 1m 10d 9/5/1894     9:20 am single American City of Lansing   Lansing, Iowa Cholera Infantum 4 days Catholic Cemetery 9/6/1894 Jno. H. Thornton Lansing Iowa
952 11/9/1894 Joseph Henry male white 67y -m -d  farmer 9/2/1893
9 am
married American 17 Lansing, Iowa Suicide by Drowning   Oak Hill Cemetery 9/4/1893 Theo Nachtway J. R.
Acting coroner Lansing, Iowa
953 11/9/1894 Wm Hanry 69y -m -d   miller 9/2/1893
9 am
widower Ohio 41 Lansing Twp Murder   Oak Hill Cemetery 9/5/1893 Theo Nachtway Acting coroner Lansing, Iowa
954 11/9/1894 Martha Troendle female white 63y -m -d 7/13/1887
3 am
married Germany 31 Lansing Twp Brights Disease several years Lansing Twp 7/14/1887 F. L. Riser, Lansing, Iowa
955 11/9/1894 Martha Hannah Baechtel
female white
-y 7m 21d 10/29/1886 1:15 am single German 
Center Twp
? Center Twp Summer Complaint Hydrapalind (?)
7 days
Lansing Ridge Cemetery F. L. Riser, Lansing, Iowa
956 11/10/1894 Lewis Gilbertson
male white
32y 3m -d farmer 2/6/1892     10:? pm married Norwegian Norway ? Lansing Twp Pneumonia La Grippe
Several weeks
2/10/1892 B. Erp. Brockhausen Lansing, Iowa
957 11/10/1894 Albert M Gilbertson
male white
2y 5m 3d 2/12/1892      10 am single Lansing Twp 2 Lansing Twp La Grippe Bronchitis Pneumonia
2 weeks
  B. Erp. Brockhausen Lansing, Iowa
958 11/10/1894 Chas Webber male white 28y 10m -d farmer 8/2/1891   10:45 am married German Allamakee County Iowa 28 Lansing Iowa Typhoid Fever About 8 days Catholic Cemetery8/4/1891 J. H. Thornton Lansing, Iowa
959 11/10/1894 Mary Rowe female white 82y 4m 3d Housewife 7/1/1893
10 pm
widow English England   Lansing Iowa Heart Disease Dropsey
Several years
Oak Hill Cemetery 7/2/1893 Jno. H. Thornton Lansing Iowa
960 11/10/1894 Paul Weipert male white 73y -m -d  farmer 2/4/1894
8 pm
married German Germany   Lansing Twp Influenza and Old Age Constipation
2 weeks
Methodist Cem Lansing Ia 2/6/1894 Jno. H. Thornton Lansing Iowa

~source: Allamakee county Iowa, Record of deaths v. 1 1880-1897
1480946 Item 1

~transcribed for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb by LA

~Important note: Every effort has been taken to transcribe the record accurately, but errors are possible. Any notes in [brackets] or question marks (?) were added by the transcriber. Please use this transcription as a guide only & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

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