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Allamakee Co. Death Records

Volume I, pg 48

No. Date of Report 1.Name                 2.Sex & color 1.Age
Date & Time
of Death
Marital Status 1.Nationality           2.Where born How long resident of Iowa 1.Place of  Death
2.Cause of Death
2.Duration of
1.Place of Burial
2.Date of burial
Name & Residence
of Physician
553 12/27/1888 Katrina Sophia Kriete          Female White 79y 3m 10d Housekeeping 11/27/1888
8 PM
Widow German
?ippe-D? Germany
14 Ludlow Township
Old Age Heart Disease
Died Suddenly Ger Pres Cem Ludlow Twp 12/1/1888 No physician attending Return made by H F Opfer Waukon Ia
554 12/31/1888 Mary A Hersey Female White 54y 8m -d Housekeeper 12/13/1888
4 AM
Married American
Crawford Co Pennsylvania
37 Waukon
Disease of the heart and stomach
About one year Waukon Cemetery
Return made by A J Hersey Husband of deceased
555 12/16/1888 John Christen
Male White
70y -m -d Farmer 12/14/1888
4 PM
Single Swiss
Tarne Switzerland
About 30 Lansing Township
Arcites brought on by Anarmia in consequence of insufficient power of the heart
Several months Catholic Cemetery Lansing Township
B Erp Brockhausen MD Lansing Iowa
556 12/31/1888 Abigail Metcalf
Female White
74y 5m 17d 12/31/1888
Widow American
About 25 Lansing
Erysipelas of the throat and face and membranes of the brain
About 12 days Oak Hill Cemetery
B Erp Brockhausen MD Lansing Iowa
557 1/24/1889 Lorma E Brennan Female White 1y 8m 14d 1/23/1889
4 PM
  Irish American Village Creek Iowa always Village Creek
Dentition and Acute inflammatory sore throat
One Week Wexford Cemetery 1/24/1889 J H Thornton MD
Lansing Iowa
558 3/7/1889 Carrie W Eikly Female White

[*note below]
55y 7m 20d Retired from farm labor 9/24/1889
11 PM
Single Norwegian
Gol Hallingdal Norway
23 Waterville
Nervous exhaustion resulting from asthma
  Dalby Cemetery Allamakee Co
J C Crawford MD Waukon Iowa
559 2/18/1889 Mrs. Aagot Heildegarde Hartmann Female White 33y 1m -d Pastor's wife 2/16/1889
9:30 AM
Married Norwegian
33 Lansing
Said to be Cancer of the Stomach
  East Paint Creek Cem 2/19/1889 R C Ambler MD
Lansing Iowa
560 3/30/1889 Sarah Gilchrist Heartley       Female White 41y 2m 15d Farmer's Wife 3/20/1889
9:45 AM
Married American Wheeling West Virginia 33 French Creek
Puerperal Fever
12 Days Mount Hope Cemetery 3/30/1889 R C Ambler MD
Lansing Iowa
561 4/6/1889 Gilbert Johnson
Male White
32y -m 6d Clerk 4/3/1889
1 PM
Single American
Center Twp Allamakee Co
life time Makee Township
Tubercular Consumption
About 18 months West Paint Creek Cem 4/6/1889 J C Crawford MD Waukon Iowa
562 3/26/1889 John J Buck
Male White
25y -m -d Telegraph Operator 3/24/1889
9 AM
Single American
Lansing Twp
Many Years Lansing
Phthisis Pulmonalis
  Oak Hill Cemetery 3/26/1889 B Erp Brockhausen MD Health Officer Lansing Iowa
563 3/30/1889 S O Narum
Male White
58y 2m 17d Farmer 3/27/1889
3 AM
Married Scandinavian Norway 40 Paint Creek Township Diabetes Several months East Paint Creek Cem 3/30/1889 D H Bowen MD
Waukon Iowa
564 4/8/1889 Barbro Grimsgard Female White 64y 2m -d Farmer's wife 3/17/1889
9 AM
Married Scandinavian Volders Norway 38 Paint Creek Township Chronic Disease of the Heart About 2 years East Paint Creek Cem 3/20/1889 A C Grimsgard (son) Waukon Iowa

*Note: Number 558, Carrie Eikly. Her death date and burial dates are transcribed as is written in the record.

~source: Allamakee county Iowa, Record of deaths v. 1 1880-1897
1480946 Item 1

~transcribed for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb by LA

~Important note: Every effort has been taken to transcribe the record accurately, but errors are possible. Any notes in [brackets] or question marks (?) were added by the transcriber. Please use this transcription as a guide only & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

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