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Volume I, pg 3

No. Date of Report 1.Name                 2.Sex & color 1.Age
Date & Time
of Death
Marital Status 1.Nationality           2.Where born How long resident of Iowa 1.Place of  Death
2.Cause of Death
2.Duration of
1.Place of Burial
2.Date of burial
Name & Residence
of Physician
13 9/13/1880 Mathilda Kerberg
5y 6m -d 8/6/1880         8 PM   American Allamakee Co ? ?
Center Township  Asphysia Mernbo bromp Brought to my office in dieing condition to late for treatment Several days Center Township   8/8/1880 B Erp Brockhausen Lansing Ia
14 9/15/1880 Haris
Female White
-y -m 3d 8/24/1880        3 ? PM       Franklin Town Allamakee Co       Spinal Minegitis 5 days Don't know H S Sk???
15 9/15/1880 Foster
Female White
-y 2 1/2m -d 8/8/1880         3 PM   American Paint Creek Twp   Fathers house Paint Creek                 Cholera Infantum 7 days Paint Creek           8/9/1880 H S Sk???
16 9/24/1880 Mikael Rouey Male White 65y -m -d Farmer 9/21/1880       4 AM Married Irish             Ireland 24 Lansing Ridge Makee Tp   Cholera Morbus None                         36 hours Lansing Ridge Church 9/23/1880 Thoms H Barnas
17 10/2/1880 Sherman S Blanchard
Male White
47y 7m 14d Carpenter 9/14 Married American Chatagua NY 30yrs Henderson Prairie Clermont    Heart Disease Found dead in the Morning in bed Several years Postville                  9/15 John Shepherd
18 10/2/1880 Henry C Meyer Male White 60y 1m 8d Farmer 9/8/1880      3:30 PM Married German     Hamburg 36 Springfield Grandmeadow twp Congestive Apoplexy About 10 hours Postville                    9/10 John Shepherd
19   Mary McGough Female White 1y 4m -d 8/27/1880        1 AM Single American life time Allamakee Co Ia  Infantile convulsions Vomiting & Diarrhea
Six hours
Waukon Catholic Cemetery
F J Shuell
20 10/12/1880 Robert McMichael
Male White
40y 4m -d  Merchant 9/30/1880        8 AM Widower Scotch          Kack Cowal (?) Scotland 2 months Lansing Ia     Exhaustion Two years Lansing
B Erp Brockhausen Lansing Ia
21 10/12/1880 Geo W Camp Male White 50y 0m 14d Attorney and Surve??t 10/6/1880         12 Married American Connecticut 28y Lansing Ia           Chronic nephritis terminating in disorganization of the kidneys, complicated with hepatis 3 to 4 months Oak Hill Cemetery 10/8/1880 A J Christinsen   Lansing
22 10/29/1880 Charles Dunn Male White 2y -m -d  Farmers Hand 10/13/1880       1 AM Single Irish               New York City 2 yrs S Morgans Iowa Township       Typhus Abdommalis Ten days Catholic Graveyard Iowa Twp
10/15  AD1880
Paul Bewig MD        New Albin                 Dated 10/29/1880
23 11/3/1880 Henry Klorke Male White 18y 6m -d     Farmer 10/4/1880        11 PM Single German         Iowa 18 yrs 6 mos. Ludlow Twp Ia     Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Four days Ludlow Township      10/6/1880 J B Mattoon MD   Waukon Ia             Dated Waukon 11/3/1880
24 11/17/1880 John Rankin Male White 77y 1m 8d  Merchant 11/8/1880        9 PM Widower Scotch          Aire--- Scotland 25 Waukon Iowa     Inflammation chronic enlargement of the prostrate gland 10 Days Waukon Ia             11/10/1880 J B Mattoon
Waukon Iowa


~source: Allamakee county Iowa, Record of deaths v. 1 1880-1897
1480946 Item 1

~transcribed for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb by LA

~Important note: Every effort has been taken to transcribe the record accurately, but errors are possible. Any notes in [brackets] or question marks (?) were added by the transcriber. Please use this transcription as a guide only & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

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