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Volume I, pg 14

No. Date of Report 1.Name                 2.Sex & color 1.Age
Date & Time
of Death
Marital Status 1.Nationality           2.Where born How long resident of Iowa 1.Place of  Death
2.Cause of Death
1.Complication 2.Duration of Disease 1.Place of Burial
2.Date of burial
Name & Residence
of Physician
145 5/10/1882 Levi Haines      Male White 80y 11m 3d   Farmer 5/8/1882         8 Pm Married American      New Jersey 29 Postville                Senile Decay Years but worsened during last six months Postville Cemetery
John Shepherd
MD Postville,
146 6/15/1882 Mary Celia Ryan
Female White
6y 3m 29d 5/25/1882        7 PM   American    Union Prairie Twp Allamakee Co   Union Prairie Township Pnuemonia following measles double variety and diptheretic Membrane forming in the throat Measles followed by Pneumona
12 days
Union Prairie Township

J Cliff Crawford MD Waukon Iowa
147 6/14/1882 John H. Durant   Male White -y 8m 5d 5/29/1882        6 AM   American    Allamakee Co Iowa   Jefferson Twp Pneumonia of a double character and the formation of diptheretic membrane in throat  Pneumonia following measles
21 days
Jefferson Township 
J Cliff Crawford MD Waukon Iowa
148 6/12/1882 Simon Ludeking 
Male White
8y 8m 28d 6/3/1882         8 PM   American   Ludlow Twp Allamakee Co   Ludlow Township Measles 12 hours Ludlow Cemetery
Mrs. Louisa Goeke Ludlow Township
149 6/19/1882 Metta S. Helming  Female White 10y 2m 20d 6/7/1882         4 AM   American  Allamakee County Since Birth Ludlow Township Convulsions resulting from measles 8 days Germ Pres Cem Ludlow Twp          
Mrs. Louisa Goeke Ludlow Township
150 6/20/1882 Christie M Dayton
Female White
7y 11m 38d 6/181882        2:30 AM   American  Allamakee County   Waukon
15 days Waukon Cemetery
J S Nettterauer MD Waukon Iowa
151 6/19/1882 John Rowe        Male White 77y 1m 18d   
6/18/1882        7 AM Married English    England 25 3rd Ward Lansing  Capillary Bronchitis Several years Old Lansing Cemetery
A J Christianson
Lansing Iowa
152 1/30/1882 Jessie M Dunn  Female White 41y -m -d Housewife 1/21/1882       6 AM Married Irish Since Birth Village Creek     Chronic Enlargement of Liver Gastralgia Probable internal Hemorrhage        Chronic 5 years    Severe pain for 3 days Lycurgus Cemetery
J H Thornton MD Lansing Iowa 
153 5/24/1882 Juliet Conway Female White 2y 10m -d 5/24/1882        4 PM   American  Lansing Iowa Since Birth Lansing Township Malignant Scarlet Fever Vomiting and Diarrhea Vomiting and Diarrhea, Convulsions               48 hours Lycurgus Cemetery
J H Thornton MD Lansing Iowa 
154 7/10/1882 Wm James Banks
Male White
6y 6m 5d 6/11/1882        4 AM   American Allamakee County Since Birth Life Time Lansing              Pseudo Membranous Croup 8 days Thompsons Corners
J H Thornton MD Lansing Iowa
155 7/12/1882 Margareth Youst
Female White
16y 3m 4d     Worked for her stepfather 7/4/1882         6:20 AM Single American Allamakee County   Lansing Township  Cerebro Spinal Meningitis 3 weeks Methodist Cemetery
Lansing Twp
A J Christianson
Lansing Iowa
156 4/14/1882 Richard Cassidy
Male White
67y -m -d    Farmer 3/14/1882     9 ? PM Married Irish           Ireland 25 Lafayette Township Typhoid Pneumonia Diarrhea                      8 days Wexford Cath Cemetery J H Thornton MD Lansing Iowa 

~source: Allamakee county Iowa, Record of deaths v. 1 1880-1897
1480946 Item 1

~transcribed for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb by LA

~Important note: Every effort has been taken to transcribe the record accurately, but errors are possible. Any notes in [brackets] or question marks (?) were added by the transcriber. Please use this transcription as a guide only & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

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