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NAME                            CEMETERY                         PAGE

Yates, Clarence F               Oakland - 1920 Addition           352
Yates, Esther Hager             Oakland - 1920 Addition           352
Yearous, Clifton Sr             Oakland - Main                    335
Yearous, Louise E Schmidt       Oakland - Main                    335
Yeldhuizer, Ray, J              Oak Hill                          199
Yeoman, ?                       New Albin                          60
Yeoman, Charles E               New Albin                          60
Yeoman, Elizabeth Edgard        New Albin                          60
Yeoman, Emma J McMillen         New Albin                          60
Yeoman, Hiram H                 New Albin                          60
Yeoman, James Mason             Oak Hill                          199
Yeoman, Lyle Mitchell           Oak Hill                          199
Yeoman, M M                     New Albin                          60
Yeoman, Mitchell M              Oak Hill                          199
Yeoman, William                 New Albin                          60
Yeon, Eric                      Oak Hill                          199
Youglow, Ezekiel                County Care Facility              254
Young, ?                        Mt Hope                            35
Young, ?                        Oak Hill                          199
Young, Alexander                County Care Facility              254
Young, Arthur C                 Oak Hill                          199
Young, Beulah C                 Oak Hill                          199
Young, Charlotte                Rossville                         523
Young, Elizabeth                Mt Hope                            35
Young, Eva                      Cherry Mound                      698
Young, Florence                 Mt Hope                            35
Young, James E                  Oakland - Alleys                  382
Young, Lizzie M                 Oak Hill                          199
Young, Nancy                    Rossville                         523
Young, Nancy                    Mt Hope                            35
Young, Prudence                 Mt Hope                            35
Young, S Linton                 Oakland - Main                    335
Young, Sarah A                  Makee                             279
Young, William D                Mt Hope                            35
Young, William Henry            Oak Hill                          199
Youngberk, ?                    Old East Paint Creek              421
Younglove, Lucretia             Cleveland                         578
Youst, Margaret                 May’s Prairie                     142
Yust, Jacob                     Old Oak Hill                      204
Yust, Peter                     May’s Prairie                     143
Copyrightę 1989 Dale P. Woodmansee, Waukon, Iowa 52172
Recorded:  Dec 31 1988. With permission of Eleen Woodmansee.  

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