Allamakee co. WPA Records

The Works Project Administration (WPA) was a relief program created during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1930s. The program provided employment for millions of people during the Great Depression.

Notes! Please read!
These records were transcribed from copies of typed and handwritten transcriptions created by the Works Progress Administration. Because my copy is one of multi-generational copies scanned from microfilm, some names or dates were hard to decipher and some of the words or letters on the right side or bottom of the pages were cut off. As with any genealogical transcription, errors do exist. It is the responsibility of each researcher to verify the data.

-many cemeteries were missed during the inventory
-there are errors, typos & omissions
-the cemetery is not always given
-the naming & location of cemeteries is inconsistant
-WPA didn't always give the source for the info.
-the listings are not always alphabetical and there are duplicate entries
-any comments [in brackets] are notes added by the transcriber, all others are from the WPA records


Grouping #1

The first grouping of records do not always give a source for the data and frequently lot numbers are given, but not the cemetery:
A - F * G - J * K - P * R - W

Grouping #2

The second grouping of records cite various newspapers as the source for the information. Frequently the cemetery is given, wife & childrens names and some other information. The naming & locations of cemeteries is inconsistant and may not 'match' the names commonly used in Allamakee county today.
A - G * H - M * N - Z

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