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Sand Cove Residents

Unless otherwise credited, all of the photos on this page were contributed by Audrey (Colsch) Berger. The "notes" were added by Audrey or by S. Ferrall (sf)

Locally known as Sand Cove, the area is located in the south-central portion of a small valley about four miles southwest of New Albin. The people & places shown on this page more than likely lived in the Sand Cove vicinity. Many are buried in Lansing, New Albin & the Sand Cove cemeteries.

At the bottom of the page are photos of unknown people who likely lived in the area ... ID's would be appreciated!


Alvah Ferris

Alvah Ferris

Birdie Thompson & Daiby McDonald

L-Birdie Thompson, R-Daiby McDonald

Alvah Ferris (1808-1887) came from New York. He was married to Phoebe Delaney. Leander Ferris (1831-1904), son of Alvah & Phoebe, was the father of Alice who married Will Thompson. Alvah was also father of Ann McDonald who was the mother of Daiby McDonald, pictured with Birdie (photos above & below right).

Will & Alice (Ferris) Thompson, wedding photo

Will & Alice (Ferris) Thompson, wedding photo
Birdie Thompson

Birdie Thompson
Daughter of Will Thompson & Alice Ferris

Mrs. Leander Ferris

Note: The brief 1882 biography of L. Ferris (Leander Ferris) states his 2nd wife was Annie Callahan. The above photo is most likely of her. His 1st wife, Caroline McDonald, died in 1869 & is buried in the Sand Cove cemetery...(sf)

Thomas O'Donnell

Note: this is likely Thomas R. O'Donnell, 1882-1958, s/o Richard & Mary (Ferris) O'Donnell. There was at least one other (much older) Thomas O'Donnell living in Sand Cove. He died in 1904...(sf)

O'Donnell sorghum mill, Sand Cove
O'Donnell sorghum mill

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Donnell

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Donnell
The name of Mrs. O'Donnell is unknown.
Photographer: C.W. Purrier, Inkster, N. Dak.

Lawrence 'Larry' Winge

Lawrence 'Larry' Winge

Son of Andrew Winge & Carrie O'Donnell, he was born in 1913. Enumerated on the 1915 Iowa State census as a 2 y/o living with his parents. In 1920 he a 7 y/o in the household of his grandmother Mary O'Donnell. In 1940 he's living with his uncles Thomas O'Donnell and Harry O'Donnell...(sf)

Tom & John O'Donnell

Tom & John O'Donnell

Caughlin home

Unknown boys playing at the old Caughlin place. Do you recognize them?

The Caughlin place may have been the home of Maurice & Maria (Deegan) Caughlin, Bill's parents.

William 'Bill' Caughlin & daughter Gladys

Bill Caughlin & dtr Gladys
Photo is ca1911/1912.
Gladys is an 8 y/o on the 1920 census, enumerated 1/5/1920. Her mother was Mary nee Kelley...(sf)

close-up of Bill & baby Gladys

Peter Boltz Jr.

Peter Boltz, Jr.
Peter was the son of Peter & Mary (Temple) Boltz.
Mary Boltz & her daughter Louise 'Lou'

Mary Boltz & Louise 'Lou' Boltz
Louise Boltz, daughter of Fred Boltz & Mary / Minnie Zuchow, born 12/3/1897. Photographed by Hawkeye Studio, Marion, Iowa

Jake Boltz & Bill McKee

Jake Boltz and Bill McKee
Jacob 'Jake' Boltz was the son of Peter & Mary (Temple) Boltz.

Freeman & Caroline (Ferris) Doolittle

Caroline (Ferris) Doolittle

Freeman Doolittle was the son of Hiram E. & Betsy Briggs. Freeman and Caroline were married at Sand Cove on July 13, 1885...(sf)

Simon 'Simm' Sadd

Simon R. Sadd

Simon Rockwell Sadd, husband of Phoebe Elizabeth Purrington ...(sf)

John & Frank Sadd

John & Frank Sadd

Jerushra E. Sadd

Jerushra Sadd
Jerusha Elizabeth Sadd, born 06/05/1881, was the daughter of Simon R. & Phoebe (Purrington) Sadd ...(sf)

Ed Gordon, Sr.

Ed Gordon, Sr.

Minnie Jarvis & sister

The 1895 Iowa State census, New Albin town enumerates 17 y/o Minnie Agusta Jarvis in the household of John & Jane Jarvis. Another daughter, Alley, is an infant in the household. Perhaps 'sister' is baby Alley... (sf)

World War I soldier

The name on this photo appears to be Miles or Mike McMarmac, but the surname may be incorrect. A search of Ancestry. com and FamilySearch. org does not show anyone with the McMarmac surname in the United States. The soldier appears to be dressed in a WWI uniform, or possibly a Spanish-American war uniform.

Rouster farm, Irish Hollow

Rouster farm


The people in the following photos are not identified, but are thought to be Sand Cove and vicinity residents
...... if you can give an ID, please email the website coordinator, include the title of the photo and explain how you identified them.

unknown family in front of log home

unknown family on porch of 2 story house

unknown elderly man

unknown family in winter

unknown men standing by a car

unknown threshers & children

unknown location next to river


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