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Note: this page lists only marriage announcements, licenses or permits issued - it is not proof that the marriage actually occurred!

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TANNER, Gordon R. BRATSBERG, Chryss obtained marriage license September 1897
TAYLOR, Sylvan SCHUTTE, Arlene

Arlene Schutte

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Schutte announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Arlene, to Sylvan Taylor, son of Mr. & Mrs. James Taylor of Clermont. The ceremony will take place on July 12 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Postville. ~Postville Herald, Wed., June 10,1959
TEELING, Thomas HASS, Mary obtained marriage license August 1894
THIBODO, William P. HARRIS, Grace P. obtained marriage license December 1897
THOMAS, B.F. KEMBLE, Fanny obtained marriage license October 1897
THOMAS, D.L. RUPEE, Ona obtained marriage license March 1895
THOMPSON, Alexander WEMERSLAGER, Emma marriage license issued in March 1898
THOMPSON, Frank ASHBACHER, Emma obtained marriage license March 1895
THORNTON, Orlando GORDANIER, Jane obtained marriage license in March 1893
TILMONEY, P.H. NEARLING, Louisa T. obtained marriage license April 1895
TITUS, L.J. WELCH, Clara obtained marriage license February 1898
TOWSLEY, J.H. WIDMEIER, Anna A. obtained marriage license in January 1900
TRACY, Michael KAVANAUGH, Kate marriage license issued January 1891
TYGESON, Christine PETERSON, Recca Emile marriage permit issued September 1894

~source - Allamakee co. newspapers unless otherwise noted

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