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Male Surname 'P'

This page lists only marriage announcements, licenses or permits issued - it is not proof that the marriage actually occurred!

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Only records dated before 1960 will be included on this page.

PAPE, Phillip H. LAPE, Anna obtained marriage license March 1895
PATTERSON, F.M. ROBBINS, Mabel marriage license issued in March 1898
PAUCH, Henry H. STOCK, Martha obtained marriage license March 1899
PAUSCH, Charles T. STOCK, Mary obtained marriage license in March 1893
PAULSON, Martin PRATT, Clara obtained marriage license June 1899
PAUSZLAN, Rev August SCHMIDT, Lydia obtained marriage license December 1897
PEDERSON, G.A. BRYSON, Tilda Ida E marriage license issued Aug. 1895
PEIFFER, Francis FRENG, Farold obtained marriage license October 1933; both from Lacrosse, WI
PERKINS, O.R. LANG, Mary E. marriage license issued in March 1898
PERKINS, W.E. BRINK, Lydia obtained marriage license January 1897
PETERS, Emil KANT, Mary marriage license May 1897
PETERSON, Joshua A. RECKWARD, Mary S. obtained marriage license in March 1893
PETREHU, Afred MARTI, Anna obtained marriage license January 1908
PETTITT, Frank E. HALSEY, Rosa marriage permit issued Mar. 1882
PHALEN, John WILLMAN, Paulina marriage license issued in August 1885
PHILLIPS, Alonzo J. MEIER, Amanda marriage permit issued September 1894
PING, Elmer RUGENMEIER, Sophia marriage license issued in June 1900
POWELL, Lewis C. HOWARD, Ella May marriage license issued inDec 1889
PRATT, N.H. GIBBS, Mrs. B. obtained marriage license May 1891

~source: Allamakee county newspapers, unless otherwise indicated

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