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PALAS - ORR It used to be said of a certain Senator years ago that he could walk over a tin roof with six inch spikes in his boots and make less noise than a pussy-cat would walking over a brussels carpet, but Postville has a young couple that have the Senator backed way off the map. We refer to Lieut. John A. Palas and Miss Edith Orr of this city, who a week ago Saturday, at 9:30 p.m., walked over to the Congregational parsonage in this city and had Rev. L. W. Wiltberger link 'em up for life, and kept the blooming fact from their friends for nigh on to a week without their even becoming suspicious, and the entire community has been waiting and watching for the event for a long time as they knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. It was a slick job of slipping one over on a suspecting public, but as they are both just the finest young people ever we will forgive them this time, and join with friends innumerable in wishing them all the happiness, health and prosperity this old world affords. For the present Mr. and Mrs. Palas will make their home with the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Darius Orr. ~Postville Herald, Fri. December 26, 1919 - contributed by Reid R. Johnson
PALMER - BROOKS The marriage of Shirley Brooks daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brooks, and Neal Palmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Palmer of Waterville, was solemnized Saturday, Dec. 18, at 2 p.m. at St. Paul’s Methodist church. A double ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Ray Orr. The attendants were Janet Brooks, sister of the bride, who was maid of honor, Joann Palmer, sister of the bridegroom, was bridesmaid. The bridegroom’s attendants were Tom Palmer, brother of the bridegroom, who was best man and Glen Wendel of Lansing, cousin of the bridegroom was groomsman. The bride was attired in a white gown of nylon tulle over taffeta with Chantilly lace top and jacket of Chantilly lace with pointed sleeves. She wore a finger tip veil with crown of leaves outlined with seed pearls and also wore a string of pearls which were a gift from the bridegroom. David Lau of Waterville, sang the nuptial songs, “Because” and “The Lord’s Prayer”, accompanied by Mrs. Bernard Pellymounter. Her flowers were a spray of white poinsettias and holy. The attendants wore identical gowns of holly red over taffeta and carried white satin muffs trimmed with red poinsettias and holly. The bride is a graduate of Waukon high school and has been employed at the Veterans Memorial hospital. The bridegroom is a graduate of Waterville high school and received his discharge from the navy a few months ago He is now employed in Waterloo. Following the ceremony a reception was served in the church parlors for 225 guests. Mrs. John O’Daniels of Clinton, aunt of the bride poured, Mrs. Delmar Brooks of Decorah, cut the cake, Mrs. Clara Feit was in charge of the guest register. Guests from away attending the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. John O’Daniels of Clinton; Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson and Allan of Elmore, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wendel, Spring Grove, Minn.; Mrs. Mary Werhan, Foster, Woodlake, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Palmer and Mr. and Mrs. Stan Palmer, of Wellman; Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. William Brooks, Mrs. Gladys Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Rohn, all of Decorah. ~no source given, - contributed by Janet Koozer & transcribed by Diana Henry Diedrich -note: the wedding was December 18, 1954 in Waukon
PALMER - HENDERSON Charles Palmer, republican candidate for county auditor, was married at Clermont last Wednesday morning. The bride was Miss Cora Henderson of Clermont. The young couple will make their home for the present on the Palmer farm in Jefferson township. ~Waukon Journal as printed in the Postville Herald, July 2, 1920 -contributed by S. Ferrall
PALMER - STAHL At the U.B. church, Forest Mills, Iowa, Thursday, Jan 8, 1903, at eleven o'clock, was solemnized the marriage of John H Palmer of Jefferson township and Miss Della Mae Stahl of  Franklin township. Rev. Ross officiating.  Mr. Elmer and Miss Clara Bender were the attendants, and Hayes Vangorder played the wedding march to the alter where Mr. Palmer and Miss Stahl were united in Marriage, the ring ceremony being used. After the ceremony a bountiful dinner was served at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Stahl.  All join in wishing this couple a happy wedded life. ~no source given, January 1903 - contributed by Janet Koozer
PALMER - THOMA Married. Last week Tuesday occurred the marriage of Miss Bertha THOMA of Postville and Mr. Lloyd PALMER of Anoka, Minn., the ceremony taking place at Cheyenne, Wyoming and they were married by Rev. TEMPLETON at the M.E. parsonage. Miss Hazel ROSS and Mr. Warren RICHARDS attended them. The bride wore a dark blue georgette gown with a corsage of small white carnations and sweet peas. After the ceremony a dinner was served by the Misses Esther, Hazel, and Alice ROSS at their home, they being intimate friends of the bride. The groom is the son of Mrs. R. V. PALMER of Anoka and has many friends in this vicinity as he was formerly a trombone player with one of the best orchestras that made his territory. The bride is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. THOMA of this city and is a very talented musician and at the time of her marriage was conducting an orchestra. Bertha was one of Postville’s finest ladies and grew to womanhood in our midst and it is a pleasure for us to extend the kindliest wishes of her friends at this time. We understand they will make their home in Cheyenne for the present. ~Postville Review, July 30, 1920

as spelled in the paper: POEHLER - BULMAN
A very pretty wedding took place at Cando, N.D., Tuesday, Dec. 8th, in which Mr. Will Poehler (sic) and Miss Emma Bulman were joined together in the holy bond of wedlock. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. G. W. Bulman of this neighborhood, a handsome young lady and a beautiful musician, while the groom is a young man of excellent character, owning a fine farm near Minot. Mr. and Mrs. Poehler will make their home this winter on the late George W. Bulman's farm near Leeds. In the spring they will move to their own farm further north. The writer, with hosts of others in this section, extend very best wishes, also wish to return thanks for a goodly supply of wedding cake received and a box of the best 1-cent cigars for the boys. ~Allamakee Journal Jan. 16, 1903 P 4 C 2 -contributed by LA
PANNKE - unknown Mr. PANNKE was married Tuesday at Manly, Iowa. ~Postville Review, June 4, 1909 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PARKER - ALTENKIRCH On Tuesday, May 4th, 1886, at 9 a.m., by Rev. S. T. McKim, Mr. J. F. Parker and Miss E. M. Altenkirch. Mr. and Mrs. Parker took the morning train west on their wedding tour. ~Postville Review, May 1886 - contributor: Reid Johnson
PARKER - MITCHELL MARRIED. At the residence of J.T. PARKER, on Jan 14th, by Rev. J.O. THRUSH, Mr. J.A. PARKER and Miss Anna MITCHELL. ~Postville Review, January 19, 1889 - contributed by S. Ferrall
- note: in the previous weeks paper the following notice appeared:
Notice: Our daughter Hannah MITCHELL, called Anna, having left home Jan. 2nd, without our consent, all person's are warned not to harbor or trust her on our account, as we will pay no debts of her contracting. Wm. MITCHELL, Mrs. Hannah MITCHELL. ~Postville Review, January 12, 1889
PARKERSON - RUSHMAN Aged Couple Make Fast Work of Marriage. (Special to the Times-Journal.) Waukon, Ia., Jan. 2. -The marriage of Newton Hector Parkinson of Kent, Ill., and Mrs. Rose Rushman of Hardin, this county, took place in the recorders' office at the court house in this city Thursday. Justice S. R. Thompson officiating. The bride and groom are respectively 66 and 63. They arrived in the city on the 10 o'clock train and hastened to the court house procured a license, were married and departed from the city on the 11:45 train. Recorder and Mrs. George Kelley were the witnesses. ~Dubuque Times Journal, Jan. 23, 1921 – contributor LA
PATRICK - SHERMAN Married on New Years day, by H.B. ALLEN, J.P. On the same day Mr. J.H. PATRICK and Miss Tillie SHERMAN were married by Rev. R.K. PIERCE. ~Postville Review, Frankville news column, January 12, 1884 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PATTERSON - BROWNELL Married - At the residence of M.D. Clark, by Rev. Jas. A. Hoyt, Mr. C.W. Patterson and Miss Ella Brownell, Dec 31, 1874. All of Postville. This happy couple have the best wishes of their hosts of friends in this community and hope that their journey through life may be pleasant all the way through, and that they may be blessed with many little Pattersons to make their way mirthful. The printers, everyone of them, hold up their hands, wishing Mr. and Mrs. Patterson much joy, as they are confident that they are of the liberal sort which was manifest by that large supply of chicken, pie, cake &c which was found Friday morning in the sanctum of the Review office.
~Postville Review, January 6, 1875 -contributed by S. Ferrall
PAULSON - ANDERSON Perry G., son of Gilbert Paulson, and Hulda, daughter of Carl Anderson, all of Clermont, were quietly married at the U.B. parsonage in Postville on August 16th*, at 11:30 a.m., Rev. D.F. Myers officiating. Their friends will want to meet them soon and personally express their wishes that many happy years may follow this eventful time in their lives.
~Postville Herald, Thursday, August 22, 1929 -contributed by Reid R. Johnson; *the date may be the 18th
PAULSON - PRATT Mr. and Mrs. Martin Paulson, who were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Pratt, in Waukon, last week, are now very cozily settled in their new home on the Holmes farm, and we, with numerous other friends, wish them much happiness all through their wedded life. ~Allamakee Journal, Village Creek news column, June 28, 1899 ~contributed by S. Ferrall
PEARSON - JONES The home of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Jones of Hardin, was the scene of a pretty wedding occasion on Tuesday evening, June 25th, at eight o'clock, when their daughter, Eula Lee, was united in marriage with Chester Allen Pearson, the Rev. Leonard Jones performing the ceremony in the presence of a gathering of immediate relatives only. Miss Nettie Pearson and Frank Coon officiated as bridesmaid and best man with becoming grace and dignity. After congratulations an elegant wedding feast was served, followed by an enjoyable social season. This union marks the joining of two of the best known and highly respected young people of that locality, and with their legion friends the Review joins in the wish that they may be abundantly blessed with the good things of life. They will be "at home" after July first, Hardin, Iowa, on the old Pearson homestead. ~Postville Review, June 28, 1912 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PEARSON - SMITH MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's parents, at Hardin, Feb. 22nd, by Rev. S. FISHER, Richard Victor PEARSON and Alice L. SMITH, daughter of Benjamin SMITH. ~Postville Review, February 27, 1886 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PECINOVSKY - BLAKE Waukon – Married Saturday in St. Mary’s Catholic church were Miss Connie Blake, daughter of Mrs. Patrick Blake of Dorchester, and David J. Pecinovsky, son of the William Pecinovskys of Protovin. The Rev. William O’Brien performed the 10 o’clock ceremony. A dinner was given in Veterans hall. The couple will live in New Hampton.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, February 4, 1966 - contributed by Diana Henry Diedrich
PECK - HASTINGS Justice N. Colsch, Jr., of Waukon, last Saturday married Adolph Peck and Nellie L. Hastings. ~Allamakee Journal and Lansing Mirror, May 1, 1929 in the Looking Back to 1894 column - contributed by Ann Krumme
PENNICOTT - CONLEY MARRIED. The marriage of Mr. C.H. PENNICOTT of Montana and Miss Allie CONLEY of Postville took place February 18th, 1886, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. John CONLEY, Rev. J.W. FERNER officiating. ~Postville Review, February 20, 1886 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PERKINS - HASLIP At the M.E. parsonage, on Jan 21, 1892, Mr. Henry O. PERKINS to Miss Amanda HASLIP, Rev. E.J. LOCKWOOD officiating. ~Postville Review, 1/23/1892 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PERRY - LAMBERT MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's parents, on the evening of March 3rd, by Rev. C.F. SCHELL, Mr. Eugene PERRY and Miss Libbie LAMBERT. ~Postville Review, March 12, 1892 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PERRY - MILES MARRIED. At the Wesleyan Methodist parsonage, in West Union on March 26th, Mr. Arthur D. PERRY of Bloomfield twp, Winnesheik Co. and Miss Etta L. MILES of Auburn twp, Fayette Co. Iowa. ~Postville Review, March 30, 1889 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PERRY - POPE Mrs. Peter Service of this city is in receipt of an announcement of the wedding of her brother, J.W. Perry, to a Miss Adelaide Pope, the happy event occuring August 26th in Los Angeles, Calif., where they will reside. "Bud" as he is familiarly known here, has a position as accountant in the Public Utilities department with offices in the City Hall, and with many friends in the old home town the Herald joins in extending its kindliest well wishes for a long and happy wedded life. ~Postville Herald, September 10, 1925 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PERRY - SHAW Married on the 21st of May, by Rev. John Webb, at his residence in National, Mr. Elija Perry, of Alamakee county, to Miss Ellen Shaw of this county. ~Clayton County Herald, May 29, 1856 - contributor: Audrey Haught
PETERS - MORITZ Michael Peters and Miss Emma Moritz were united in marriage at the bride's home on Tuesday, Rev. Graening performing the ceremony. ~Iowa Volksblatt 12 April 1894. ~contributor: Reid R. Johnson
PETREHU - MARTI A marriage license was issued the past month to Alfred Petrehu and Anna Marti.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Petrehu, the newly married couple, will make their future home in Austin, Minn. where the groom is a painter and decorator.
~LaCrosse Tribune (Lansing news column) -contributed by S. Ferrall
PETIT - WINGER C.F. Petit of Paint Creek township and Miss Linnea Winger were united in marriage on Monday, August 15th, 1921, at the home of Rev. R.L. VanNice in Waukon. ~Waukon Republican & Standard, August 24, 1921 - contributed by Errin Wilker
PHILIPS - SHIPTON Married. On Wednesday, March 11, 1903, at the home of the bride's father near Clermont, occurred the marriage of Mr. Jesse F. Philips and Miss Adelaide Shipton, two of Fayette county's widely known and respected young people. The bride is a sister of Mrs. W.A. Martin of this city. The happy couple will be at home to their many friends at Clermont after March 24th. ~Postville Review, March 13, 1903 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PHILLIPS - MEIER At the Presbyterian parsonage, in Waukon, on Tuesday, Sept. 25th, 1894, By Rev. R. L. Vanice, Mr. Alonzo J. Phillips and Miss Amanda Meier, all of Postville. The Review extends congradulations and wishes the young couple the full measure of prosperity and happiness. ~Postville Review, Sat., Sept. 29, 1894 -contributor: Reid R. Johnson
PIERCE - CLARK MARRIAGE. At the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. WEBSTER, Postville, Iowa, Feb'y 1st, 1887, by Rev. S.T. McKIM, Mr. Wm. B. PIERCE of Shelby, Iowa, to Miss Bertha F. CLARK, of Castalia, Iowa. Relatives from Decorah and Castalia were present to enjoy the happy occasion and the superb dinner. The bride groom and bride were schoolmates, and have known each other from early life. The wedding presents were choice and very appropriate. Mr. and Mrs. PIERCE took the evening train for a wedding tour and to visit relatives. Their home for the present will be in Shelby, Iowa. ~Postville Review, February 5, 1887 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PIGOTT - THOMSON Waukon - Miss Betty Thomson, daughter of Mrs. Will Thomson of Elon, and Curtis Pigott, only son of Mr. and Mrs. James Pigott, farmers of this vicinity, were married here Tuesday in St. Patricks parsonage by the Rev. E.J. McDonald. The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. James Houlihan of Harpers Ferry. Following a wedding dinner, the newlyweds left for Minneapolis on a short honeymoon. Upon their return they will live on the Pigott farm. The bride, since graduating from Waukon High School, has been employed in the Allamakee County AAA office here. Her husband, also a graduate of Waukon High School, has been assisting on the parental farm. ~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Wednesday, March 10, 1943 - contributor: S. Ferrall
PILGRIM - PECK Mr. Edward PILGRIM and Myra L. daughter of Mr. James PECK, both of Frankville, were married in Decorah on January 17th, 1889. ~Postville Review, Frankville column, February 2, 1889 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PITTSLEY - TAYLOR At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Taylor, in this city on Tuesday evening, May 26, 1903, in the presence of a few relatives and friends, Rev. T. M. Higginbothan united in marriage Mr. Albert Pittsley, of Mason City, and Miss Eliza Taylor, of Postville. Mr. Wm. Orrison officiated as best man and Miss Cornelia Gardner as bridesmaid. ~Postville Review, Fri. May 29, 1903 -contributed by Reid R. Johnson
PIXLER - AHLSTROM Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Pixler went to Lansing Tuesday to attend the wedding of their son Ralph to Miss Della Ahlstrom. ~Postville Review, January 26, 1917 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PIXLER - FRENCH Mr. John PIXLER and Mrs. FRENCH were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony last Monday. ~Postville Review, February 11, 1882 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PIXLER - HARMON MARRIED. At the residence of A. ABERNETHY, in Clayton county, on Wednesday, Jan. 30th, 1884, by Rev. H.E. WARNER, Mr. Geo.W. PIXLER and Miss Mary HARMON. The happy couple took the evening train East for a short bridal tour. ~Postville Review, February 2, 1884 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PIXLER - JENSEN James R. Pixler of Grand Meadow township, wended his way West Unionward yesterday, and today he will be united in marriage to a Miss Jensen [possibly Jenson], a charming young lady of that city. Jim is a mighty fine young man and has secured a splendid young lady for his bride. They will settle down to housekeeping on the W.G. Clark farm, south of Postville, where a host of friends will wish them an abundance of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. ~Postville Review, February 20, 1914 - contributed by S. Ferrall
POESCH - SCHROEDER MARRIED. At the Lutheran church in Postville, by Rev. J. GASS, Feb. 19th, 1891. Mr. Christ POESCH and Miss Anna Schroeder. ~Postville Review, 2/21/1891 - contributed by S. Ferrall
POESCH - THOMA Married. At the Lutheran church in Postville, Jan. 1st, 1892, by Rev. J. GASS, Mr. Henry POESCH and Miss Louisa THOMA. ~Postville Review, 1/9/1892 - contributed by S. Ferrall
POLI - BYRNES Waukon – St. Mary’s church was the setting Wednesday for the marriage of Mary Lou Byrnes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Byrnes, and Armand Poli, son of the John Polis of Wilmington, Del. The Rev. John Fagan officiated at the 10 a.m. ceremony. Mrs. Emmett Zoll, organist, accompanied Richard Delaney, vocalist. The bride wore a gown of white Chantilly lace over satin, with a chapel-length train. The fitted bodice featured a scoop neckline bordered with scalloped lace. A beaded crown held the Bride’s fingertip veil and she carried red roses. Jean Ann Byrnes was her sister’s maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Jean A’Hearn and Janet Spinner. They wore light blue gowns with lace headdresses and carried carnation. Pierce Crompton of Wilmington served as best man, Groomsmen were William and Frank Brynes, brothers of the bridegroom. Richard Delaney and Frank O’Regan ushered. Dinner was served at the home of the bride’s parents and a reception was given in the afternoon at the Veterans Club. For Traveling, the bride wore a rose sheath dress and duster and white accessories. She had been employed at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The bridegroom is an accountant with the duPont Company at Wilmington, where the couple will live. ~Cedar Rapids Gazette, June 6, 1956 -contributed by Diana Henry Diedrich
POLLARD - HARRIS On Sunday, Dec. 31st, at 4:30, at the residence of the bride's parents in Postville, by Rev. H. E. Warner, Walter R. Pollard of Strawberry Point, to Miss Lizzie Harris of Postville. ~Postville Review, Sat., Jan. 13, 1883 - contributor: Reid Johnson
POWELL - HARRIS Lorenzo POWELL is the name of the gentleman who was recently married to one of Elisha HARRIS' daughters. ~Postville Review, September 6, 1884 - contributed by S. Ferrall - note: bride's name was Margaret Harris
POWELL - HOWARD MARRIED. At the residence of Jas. NEWVILLE, in Post twp, December 16th by E. SWENSON, J.P.; Mr. Lewis C. POWELL, of Post and Miss Ella May HOWARD, of Jefferson twp. ~Postville Review, December 21, 1889 - contributed by S. Ferrall
POWELL - MAXWELL MARRIED. At the residence of C. POWELL in Post twp, on Sept. 10, 1891, by E. SWENSON, J.P. , Mr. Clarence POWELL of Post and Miss Pearl MAXWELL of Lansing. ~Postville Review, September 19, 1891 - contributed by S. Ferrall
POWERS - KELLY MARRIED. At the Catholic church in Clermont, By Rev. Father HACKETT, Jan. 13th, 1891, Mr. Michael POWERS and Miss Rosa KELLY. At the same time and place, Mr. Will Garvey and Miss Nora Cavanaugh. ~Postville Review, January 17, 1891 - contributed by S. Ferrall
POWERS - OGG Married. Wednesday, May, 16th, 1883, Loren M. POWERS and Annie OGG, Ottumwa. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S.S. POWERS. ~Postville Review, May 19, 1883 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PRATT - BOLLMAN At Waukon, Iowa, Sept. 19th, 1888, by Rev. J. D. Gold, Mr. Fred W. Pratt of Waukon and Miss Lucinda Bolman, of Frankville. We have only time to extend hearty congratulations this week, and wish them perennial happiness. ~Postville Review, September 20, 1888
Mr. Fred PRATT, of Waukon and Miss Louisa BOLLMAN of Frankville, were married Wednesday of last week.
~Postville Review, September 29, 1888 - contributed by S. Ferrall - note: brides name typed as in the original newspaper announcements


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Grooms name: Charles A. Pratt, age 23
Residence: Iowa, Allamakee, Waukon
Birth place: Iowa
Fathers Name: Emery Pratt
Mother: Martha Shoet
Bride's name: Ella H. Paulson,age 20
Residence: Iowa, Allamakee, Village Creek
Birth place: Iowa
Parents: Peder Paulson & Olivia Holed
Date of Marriage: July 31, 1895 Allamakee County, Center Township
Recorded November 20, 1895
~ Allamakee co. courthouse (spellings as in original info.) - contributed by Sharon Stendel Pratt, granddaughter-in-law of Charles Pratt & Ella Paulson.
PRATT - YOEMAN The following item will be of interest to Postville readers as Rev. PRATT was formerly a very popular pastor here: We learn from the Algona Courier that Rev. G.W. PRATT, a Methodist divine who a few years ago occupied the M.E. pulpit at Lansing, was married recently, to a Miss YOEMAN, of Eagle Grove. Rev. PRATT is now stationed at Algona. His first wife died about a year ago. ~Postville Review, January 15, 1887 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PRESCOTT - FELLOWS We have received the marriage announcement of Ralph Prescott and Jennie Fellows, which event occurred last Tuesday. We have not the pleasure of an acquaintance with the bride, but know that she is all that she should be as she is a daughter of Judge Fellows. We have known Ralph ever since his infancy and know him to be a steady, industrious, upright man, worthy of the jewell he has won. As one of the proprietors of the New Hampton Courier he is in a fair way to reap success, which all his friends hope he will attain. ~Postville Review, Fri., 31 May 1901 -contributed by Reid R. Johnson
PRESS - HAWKINS MARRIED. On Monday evening Dec. 1, 1884, at the M.E. parsonage in Postville, by Rev. S.T. McKIM, Mr. Justin W. PRESS and Miss Malissa M. HAWKINS, both of Postville. ~Postville Review, December 6, 1884 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PRIEST - McGREEVEY Married. At the Catholic church in Clermont on Tuesday morning, April 21, 1903, Mr. Anson J. Priest and Miss Katherine Elizabeth McGreevey, two well and favorable known young people of Clermont township, were joined in holy wedlock by the Rev. Father Smith, according to the sacred and beautiful marital ceremony of that church, Mr. William J. Rafferty acting the part of best man and Miss Celia Lavell as maid to the bride. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGreevey. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Priest. They will settle down to housekeeping at once on the Sullivan farm, a few rods distant from the bride's old home. [abstracted from a lengthly article] ~Postville Review, April 24, 1903 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PRIOR - CLARK MARRIED. At the home of the bride, in Elkader, on Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 1893, by Rev. R.C. LUSK, of the M.E. church, Mr. Edmund H. PRIOR of Postville, and Miss Hattie CLARK of Elkader. Thus another of our young bachelors passed to the "bright beyond," where we hope there will be "fullness of joy". Mr. and Mrs. PRIOR arrived in Postville yesterday and go to housekeeping at once over the postoffice. ~Postville Review, February 18, 1893 - contributed by S. Ferrall
PUTNAM - WINDELL MARRIED. At the M.E. parsonage on December 2nd by Rev. G.W. PRATT, Mr. Edwin H. PUTNAM and Miss Martha E. WINDELL. ~Postville Review, December 13, 1879 - contributed by S. Ferrall

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