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EADIE - SUNDERMAN The marriage of Miss Gladys Sunderman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Sunderman, residing east of Waukon, and Gilbert Eadie, foster son of Dan Kelly, Paint Creek township, took place Tuesday morning at Zion Reformed church. The Rev. F.E. Stucki officiated, assisted by the Rev. R.L. Van Nice. Attendants were the bride's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sunderman. Following a wedding trip to northern Minnesota the couple will reside on the bridegroom's farm south of Waukon. ~LaCrosse Tribune & Leader, July 1, 1936 - contributed by S. Ferrall - note: they were married June 30, 1936
EATON - BELLOWS Married. At the residence of the bride, in Hardin, Iowa, on Sunday evening, Oct. 16th, by Rev. W.D. HARTSOUGH, of Castalia, Iowa, Mr. Aseal EATON and Mrs. Polly S. BELLOWS, both of Hardin, Iowa. ~Postville Review, October 29, 1887 - contributed by S. Ferrall
EATON - HALL Married. In Postville, May 12th, by Rev. S. F. SMITH, Mr. W. W. EATON and Miss Ella HALL, both of Postville. ~Postville Review, June 2, 1875 - contributed by Mary Durr
EATON - MEIER Married. At the home of the bride's parents, Jan 24th, Mr. Frank L. EATON and Miss Louisa MEIER, daughter of Wm. MEIER. They took a short wedding tour and now have charge of the city bakery and confectionery, on Green street, of which Mr. EATON is the proprietor. ~Postville Review, February 1, 1890 - contributed by S. Ferrall
EASTON - SPARKS Married. At the residence of Wm. MOTT, Postville on Tuesday May 20th, 1884, by Rev. H.E. WARNER, Mr. T.B. EASTON and Miss Addie SPARKS, all of Postville. the couple will go to housekeeping next week in their newly fitted up and furnished residence on Tilden street. ~Postville Review, May 24, 1884 - contributed by S. Ferrall
EBERHARDT - LUNDT Johann Martin Eberhardt and Wilhelmina Caroline Lundt [Landt], married September 18, 1887 by Pastor John Gass. ~St. Paul Lutheran Church records - contributed by Steven W. Bareis
EBERLING - EGGERT Friedrich Conrad Eberling and Sophia Eggert, married June 26, 1890 by Pastor John Gass. ~St. Paul Lutheran Church records - contributed by Steven W. Bareis
EBERLING - HARNACK MARRIED- At the German Lutheran parsonage, Thursday afternoon, March 16th, 1899, Rev. E. Bockelman officiating, William Eberling and Miss Emma Harnack, both of Grand Meadow. With a large circle of friends of both bride and groom The Graphic joins in congratulations over this event. May prosperity and happiness ever attend them. They have already settled down to housekeeping in one of A. W. Lange's cottages on the west side. ~Postville Graphic, Thur., 23 March 1899. ~contributor: Reid R. Johnson
EBERLING - HEINS Postville, Ia., Jan. 19 - Miss Esther Heins and Eli Eberling were married Thursday morning, Jan. 14, at the Lutheran parsonage by the Rev. R.B. Garten. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heins, just north of town, and the bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Eberling in town. ~Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, Dubuque, Iowa, Tuesday evening edition, January 19, 1932 - from S. Ferrall
EBNER - SMEDSRUD Waukon - The marriage of Miss Clarice Smedsrud, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smedsrud of Waukon, and Charles Ebner of Orlando, Fla. son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ebner, farmers of this vicinity, too place here Thursday afternoon at St. John's Lutheran Church with the Rev. P.F. Korlaug, pastor, officiating. The attendants were: Arden Smedsrud and Arla Ebner, sister and brother of the contracting parties. Mrs. W.C. Grangaard played the wedding marches and Marie Prestemoen sang several selections. A dinner was served later at the bride's home. The bride is a graduate of Waukon High School and next month will be graduated from the Junior College. Her husband is a graduate of Waukon High School and since last November has been stationed at Orlando with the Army Air Corps. The bride will remain with her parents for the duration. ~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Thursday, April 8, 1943 - contributor: S. Ferrall
ECKBERG - LARSON Rev. Paul Krebs of the Waukon Presbyterian church performed the ceremony Tuesday afternoon, June 4 at Landmark inn, which united in marriage Miss Mildred Larson of Church, and William Eckberg of Tracy, Minn. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Larson, and has been engaged as a teacher in Allamakee county since finishing her education, while the groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eckberg of Village Creek, but has been employed at Tracy. Following the ceremony the couple, with the immediate relatives, had a wedding dinner at Landmark, after which they left by car for a trip through Minnesota and the Dakotas. Mr. and Mrs. Eckberg will make their home at Tracy, Minn. ~no date or source was included with this marriage article -contributed by Janet Koozer & transcribed by Diana Henry Diedrich
EDDEY - HEUSTIS At the residence of the brides father in Waukon, Nov. 19, 1868, by Rev. Benj Hall, Mr John N. Eddy formerly of Waukon, now of Chicago, Ill., to Miss Emily G Heustis. ~Waukon Standard, Nov. 25, 1868 - contributed by Bob Hoy
EGGERT - SCHROEDER Married. At the residence of the bride's parents on June 16th, 1891, by the Rev. J. GASS, Mr. Henry EGGERT and Miss Lizzie SCHROEDER. ~Postville Review, June 20, 1891 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ELLINGSON - HANSON Married last week, Oscar Hanson to Lena Jacobson; and Tomas Ellingson to Etta M. Hanson. All are from Hanover. ~Allamakee Journal and Lansing Mirror, April 24, 1929, in the 'Looking Back 35 years column (1894) - contributed by Ann Krumme
ELLIS - KELLY Married. At his residence on the 28th ult. by Rev. S.F. SMITH, Mr. J. ELLIS to Miss L.A. KELLY, all of Postville. ~Postville Review, August 12, 1874 - contributed by S. Ferrall. Note from Connie Ellis, Feb 2014: Jonathan Ellis & Lydia Angeline Dow Kelly
ELLIS - OLSON On Saturday, May 12th, Kenneth Ellis of this city and Miss Agnes Olson of Clermont hied away to Charles City and were joined in wedlock. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Ellis of this city and the bride a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Olson. The Herald joins their numerous friends in the wish that health, happiness and prosperity may be theirs abundantly. ~Postville Herald, May 24, 1928 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ELLIS - TAYLOR At the residence of the bride's parents in Postville, Tuesday, July 3, 1900, at high noon, Mr. John Pearl Ellis and Miss Carrie J. Taylor, Rev. Barton officiating. The ceremony was performed in the presence of relatives and a few friends. The young couple will live with the groom's parents. The Review extends congratulations.
~Postville Review, July 6, 1900 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ELSEY - SEGRIST Married, at the residence of Chas. Burnham, 2 miles northeast of Hardin, Dec. 22nd, 1881, Mr. T. N. Elsey of Sioux Falls and Miss Lizzie Segrist of Hardin. ~Postville Review, December 31, 1881 - contributed by Mary Durr
ENKE - PUTNAM Married. At the Congregational parsonage, Prairie du Chien, March 27th, 1884, by Rev. A. McMASTER, Mr. Julius A. ENKE of Dubuque and Miss Nellie L. PUTNAM of Postville, Iowa. ~Postville Review, April 5, 1884 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ENO - FAY Miss Mary L. Fay, of Postville, and Mr. John L. Eno, of Clayton county, were married at the home of the bride at high noon, Sept. 2. After a short wedding trip to Minneapolis they will be "at home" on a farm in Wagner township. ~Elgin Echo, Thur., Sept. 10, 1903 - contributor: Reid R. Johnson
ENOS - HUNTER Married. From the Cedar Rapids Republican, May 6- In this city,at the Congregational parsonage, by Rev. E.E.P. ABBOTT, Mr. Henry B. ENOS, of this city, and Mrs. Viola HUNT, of Postville. Ed. note: It is said that it should be Viola HUNTER, instead of "Mrs. Hunt" as it appears. ~Postville Review, May 9, 1885 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ENYART - SMITH Waukon, Ia., Feb. 3 - Miss Adeline Smith and Russel Enyart, both well known young people of Post township were united in marriage here Monday at the residence of the Rev. R.L. Van Nice who performed the ceremony. The new home will be made on a farm near Postville. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Smith and the bridegroom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wright Enyart, well known residents of Post township. ~Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, Dubuque, Iowa, Wednesday evening edition, February 3, 1932 - from S. Ferrall
ENYART - VERTHEIN Leo Enyart, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Enyart, and Miss Katherine Verthein of Waukon, were married Wednesday at
Decorah. They will live in La Crosse where he is employed by the Gateway Transfer Co. ~Allamakee Journal,
February 19, 1941, Postville news column ~contributed by Ann Krumme
ERICKSON - CLARK Married -- At the residence of Thomas Clark, near Milton, on New Year's day, by Rev. James Frothingham, Karl Erickson to Mary E. Clark. ~North Iowa Journal, Tuesday, January 7 1873; pg 3 ~contributed by S. Ferrall
ERICKSON - STAFFORD At the residence of the bride's parents on May 20th, 1891, Mr. Lewis ERICKSON, of St. Ansgar, Iowa, to Miss Nettie STAFFORD, of Postville. Mr. ERICKSON is a pushing young business man who has but recently left Postville. Miss STAFFORD is an accomplished musician and a successful teacher. ~Postville Review, May 23, 1891 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ERNST - PEARSON Married. In Prairie du Chien, Wis., August 28, 1890 by Rev. James SIMS, Mr. Fred ERNST, of Mason City, and Miss Jessie PEARSON, of Hardin, Iowa. ~Postville Review, September 6, 1890 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ERVIN - STILES Frank Ervin and Miss Blanch Stiles were married at Prairie du Chien on Tuesday evening. ~Postville Review, November 30, 1889 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ESPERANCE - KNIGHT At Postville, July 26th, 1885, Mr. Napoleon L. ESPERANCE, of Waukon, to Mrs. Jane KNIGHT, of Fayette. Ceremony at the Burlington Hotel. ~Postville Review, August 1, 1885 - contributed by S. Ferrall
ESTEY - DAWSON At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. William H. DAWSON, near Postville, on Jan 30th, by Rev. J.O. THRUSH, Miss Zelma DAWSON to Mr. George W. ESTEY, of Frankville. ~Postville Review, February 2, 1889 - contributed by S. Ferrall
EVANSON - OLESON At the city Hotel in Waukon, on the 5th day of July inst., by MV Burdick, circuit judge, Mr. OG Evanson to Miss Betsey Oleson. ~Waukon Standard, July 8, 1869 - contributed by Bob Hoy
EVERMAN - MIENE A pretty wedding was solemnized at noon Wednesday, May 25th, 1927, at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miene, when their daughter, Miss Florence H. Miene, was united in marriage with Walter Everman, son of Mrs. Fritz Everman, both of the contracting parties of this locality. Florence has taught school for the past two years, Walter is farming. They will go to housekeeping on the Everman farm. ~Postville Herald, Thurs. May 26, 1927 - contributed by Reid R. Johnson
EVERT - KELLY MARRIED- At the residence of the bride's father, J. Ellis, Oct. 4th, 1877, by Rev. I. W. Drew, Mr. Fred H. Evert and Miss Flaven E. Kelly.- Postville Review, Saturday, October 6, 1877. [transcribers notes: Flaven could be Flaveu. The bride and her father's surnames typed as originally published] -contributor: Reid R. Johnson
EWING - MCCLANTACK Marriage. At Forst Mills, Allamakee Co., Iowa, June 25, 1878, by Wm. WERHAN, J.P., Mr. Jas. M. EWING and Miss Mary McCLANTACK, all of Post township. ~Postville Review, June 29, 1878 - contributed by S. Ferrall
EWING - WEBSTER Mr. Charles EWING and Miss Missouri WEBSTER were married on New Years day, by H.B. ALLEN, J.P. ~Postville Review, Frankville news column, January 12, 1884 - contributed by S. Ferrall

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