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BOARDMAN - CASSITY Tuesday afternoon Omer D.G. Boardman and Miss Nellie Cassity were married by Justice of the Peace Frank Watson. The groom is from Waukon Junction, Iowa, and the bride is from Placerville, Colorado. Following the ceremony the young couple left for Eureka, where they will make their future home. ~Daily Journal, Telluride, San Miguel co. Colorado, December 14, 1921 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BOARDMAN - GARLOW July 17, 1951 - Rose Garlow and Joseph Boardman. Minister: Rev. R.L. Palen. ~Allamakee Journal, July 18, 1951 - contributor: Errin Wilker
BOARDMAN - O'BRIEN Waukon, Ia. - The marriage of Miss Betty O'Brien, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Brien of Harpers Ferry, and Mark Boardman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Boardman, also of Harpers Ferry, took place at St. Anne's church Monday morning. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. John J. Costello. The attendants were Mrs. Don Easley, sister of the bride, and Duane Cassidy, nephew of the bridegroom. The bride is a graduate of the Waukon High School, and the bridegroom was graduated from the Harpers Ferry High School. He is employed as a commercial fisherman at Harpers Ferry, where the couple will live. ~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Thursday evening edition, June 15, 1944 - from S. Ferrall
BOCK - TARTT William Bock & Cora Tartt, married April 27, 1881 at home of Bride's parents in New Albin. ~source: 'The First 100 Years of New Albin' - contributor: Errin Wilker
BODBERG - BERG Married. At Waukon, July 31st, 1869, by Rev. R. Ricker, Mr. Yens J. Bodberg to Miss Christine M. Berg. ~Waukon Standard, August 12, 1869 - contributor: Jan Miller
BOESE - FREEMAN Judge Gives Life Sentence. Yesterday (Tuesday) noon, immediately after adjournment of the court session, Robert Boese, 56, of Postville, and Miss Dorothy Freeman, 18, of the same place, appeared before Judge Taylor in the court room, where the Judge, using the double ring ceremony, sentenced them to life companionship. - Waukon Republican & Standard ~reprinted in the Postville Herald, Thursday, March 30, 1922 - contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BOHRER - STACK John Bohrer, a former Lafayette boy, was married last Tuesday in Chicago to Miss Katherine Stack. They are spending their honeymoon with Lansing relatives. ~Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, June 26, 1929, from the Looking Backward Twenty-five Years Ago (1904) column - contributor: Ann Krumme
BOLLER - STAADE Rev. Schumann united in marriage yesterday Mrs. Staade and Charles Boller. ~Iowa Volksblatt, Jan. 7, 1898 - contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BOLLMAN - BEEDLE Oberton Bollman and Rosa Beedle were married last week. ~Iowa Volksblatt, Friday, August 3, 1917 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BOLLMAN - FRENCH Married - at the parsonage of the M. E. church, Luana, Clayton County, Iowa Tuesday December 7th, 1875 by Rev. Chas. Cressy, Mr. Geo. W. Bollman of Frankville and Mrs. Martha French of Postville. ~Postville Review, December 8, 1875 - contributor: Mary Durr
BOLLMAN - MINERT MARRIED - Nov. 10th, near Ly Brand, Iowa, by Rev. J.R. Cameron, Mr. Henry Bollman and Miss Adaline V. Minert, all of Allamakee county, Iowa. ~Weekly North Iowa Times, Wednesday, November 30, 1859; pg 2 ~contributed by S. Ferrall
BOLLMAN - RICHARDS At the Congregational parsonage in Decorah on Friday, Nov. 14, 1913, Rev. N. Willett united in marriage Mr. V. G. Bollman and Miss Sada Richards. The groom is a son of Mrs. M. A. Bollman of Postville and the bride is a daughter of W. L. Richards of Castalia. The contracting parties are well and favorably known throughout this section, being young people of sterling worth and character, and with their many friends the Review joins in the wish that their wedded life may be a long and happy one. They are now settling down to housekeeping in the Mrs. J. W. Ward residence in Postville. ~Postville Review, Fri., 21 Nov. 1913 -contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BOLLMAN - SPHAR Married. At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. SPHAR, Mr. Willard BOLLMAN to Miss Lizzie SPHAR. A beautiful wedding march was rendered by Mrs. SCHELL and the bride and groom having taken their places formally took upon them the vows which made them husband and wife. After congratulations a sumptuous repast was served. Altogether a pleasant time was enjoyed by all present who will long remember the pleasant day and the happy event. The groom is well known in Castalia and vicinity as the son of Moses BOLLMAN [note: remainder cut off] ~Postville Review, March 11, 1893 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BOOOMER - MAUCH Waukon Democrat:—The marriage of Miss Amelia C. Mauch and B. F. Boomer is the topic or the hour as we go to press. The event took place this afternoon at the Mauch homestead. Rev. Vannice officiating, after which the newly married couple took the east bound passenger. The marriage has its sensational features, owing to the prominence of both parties in the business transactions of the defunct Boomer bank, the affairs of which are still legally entangled. Miss Mauch at the time of the failure was a preferred creditor to the extent of $6,000, and the groom enjoys the destinction of having his sentence of five years for fraudulent banking now on the supreme court calendar for revision. ~Decorah Republican Feb. 11, 1897 P 3 C 2 ~contributed by Joy Moore
BOOTH - ROBINSON Married. At the residence of Mrs. Viola ENOS, Cedar Rapids, Io, on Tuesday, Aug 24th, by Rev. ABBOTT, congregationalist, Mr. Hiram E. BOOTH, of Carson, Io. to Miss Carrie M. ROBINSON of this place. We congratulate Mr. BOOTH in winning one of Iowa's truest and fairest women. We remember Mr. BOOTH only as a bright and rue'dy youth of twelve or thirteen summers ago. He is now a successful attorney at Carson and also editor of the Carson Critic. The parties will visit this place for a short time when they will return to their future home. ~extracted from the lengthly writeup in the Postville Review, August 28, 1888 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BOOTH - REDHEAD Married. At the home of the bride's parents, May 29th, 1889, Mr. Hiram K. BOOTH, of Salt Lake City, Utah, to Miss Lilian B. REDHEAD of this village. The will leave for their home in Salt Lake City next week. ~Postville Review, June 1, 1889 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BORMAN - STOCKMAN Katherine STOCKMAN was married to Rudolph BORMAN at Charles City on June 12. They will live in Appleton, Wisconsin. ~Iowa Volksblatt, June 25, 1915 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BOWEN - STEELE Married, Tuesday, at St. Patrick’s church, Waukon, Father Walsh officiating, James Bowen and Nell Steele, both of Union Prairie township. ~Allamakee Journal and Lansing Mirror, April 24, 1929, in the 'Looking Back 35 years column (1894) - contributor: Ann Krumme
BOWMAN - DRESSER Married. At the residence of the bride's parents, adjoining Postville, by Rev. Barton, on Thursday evening, Dec. 23rd, 1997 (sic), Mr. Frank L. Bowman and Miss Mabel E. Dresser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Dresser. The Review extends congratulations to the happy couple and wishes them not only the compliments of the season but joy and happiness through all their coming lives. We have not space for more extended comment this week. ~Postville Review, December 24, 1897 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BOWMAN - WOLTHROP T B BOWMAN and Addie Eliza WOLTHROP marriage certificate. ~Waukon Standard, April 8, 1869 - contributor: Bob Hoy
BRAINARD - MCWILLIAMS Married. At Forest Mills, Iowa, Sept. 24th, 1882 by Wm. WERHAN, J.P., Mr. A.M.L. BRAINARD and Miss Jennie McWILLIAMS. All of Post twp. ~Postville Review, September 30, 1882 - contributor: S. Ferrall ~note: double wedding, the other couple was Sickles-York.
BRAINARD - SCHROEDER R. J. J. Brainard and Minnie Schroeder were united in marriage by Rev. E. Harper of Castalia on last Thursday. The ceremony took place at the David Meyer home. ~Iowa Volksblatt, December 18, 1896 - contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BRANDT - DOW Getting married on the sly is becoming a popular pasttime. After thirty days of wedded life, Melvin Brandt and his wife, the former Mabel Dow of Decorah, announce they were married at Farmersburg on April 10, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Walter. ~Postville Herald, May 14, 1920 ~contributor: S. Ferrall
BRANDT - FOELS At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Foels in this city at six o'clock on Wednesday evening, April 9th, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Miss Louise, to Chief Yeoman Walter C. Brandt of the U.S.S. von Steuben, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. E. Schmidt, only the members of the immediate families of the contracting parties being present. Miss Luella Casten officiated as maid to the bride and Otto Foels was best man to the groom. Following the ceremony an elaborate wedding supper was served. The contracting parties are both well and favorably known Postville young people, and the Herald joins their myriad friends in extending well wishes for a long and happy wedded life. The happy couple left on the eastbound Milwaukee passenger the same night for Chicago and Philadelphia, at which last named city they will be "at home" at 2131 Opal street. Walter will remain in the Naval service. ~Postville Herald, Fri., 11 April 1919. ~contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BRANDT - HARNACK Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Brandt and Maria Albertine Harnack, married February 12, 1889 by Pastor John Gass. ~St. Paul Lutheran Church records - contributor: Steven W. Bareis. Submitter's note: Maria subsequently married Johann Joachim Heinrich Schroeder on December 18, 1906
Married this week: Mr. Henry BRANDT and Miss Mary HARNACK. ~Postville Review, February 16, 1889 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BRANDT - KLUSS At the residence of the bride's mother, in Postville, Iowa, Tuesday, June 13, 1899, by Rev. E. Bockelman, Charles W. Brandt and Miss Matilda K. Kluss. The parties to the above event have sincere congratulations of this office. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Lizzie Kluss, and is thoroughly versed in the arts and mysteries of home-making. The groom is the son of Gottlieb Brandt, a wide awake young farmer of Clayton county. May the best in life be their's to enjoy.
~Postville Graphic, 15 June 1899 -contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BRANDT - SCHROEDER On last Tuesday occurred the marriage of John Brandt and Miss Emma Schroeder. About 90 people were present. ~Iowa Volksblatt, Jan. 18, 1895 - contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BRANDT - URELL Waukon - The marriage of Miss Mary Urell, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Urell of West Ridge, and Ralph Brandt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brandt, farmers of this vicinity, took place here April 1, in St. Patrick's rectory with the Rev. E.J. McDonald officiating. The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Davis. The bride was educated in St. Patrick's School and her husband attended the Allamakee County rural schools. The new home will be made on a farm in this vicinity. ~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, April 5, 1943 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BRANNON - QUIRK Record #1326 THE STATE OF IOWA, Delaware County, ss:
I, Robert Quirk do solemnly swear that I am acquainted with P. H. Brannon, of Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa, and that he is at least 31 years of age; and that I am acquainted with Katie I. Quirk, she is at least 33 years of age... Robert Quirk
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 20th day of February A. D. 1889. F. H. Paul, Clerk of the Court.
License Issued for the Marriage of P. H. Brannon and Katie I. Quirk on the testimony of Robert Quirk.

To The Circuit Court of Delaware County:
This certifies, That on the 20th day of February A.D. 1889, at Manchester in said county of Delaware, according to laws and by authority, I duly Joined in Marriage P. H. Brannon and Katie I. Quirk. Given under my hand, the 26th day of February A. D. 1889 ... Rev. M.Z. Quirk, Catholic Priest.
Returned and filed on the 26th day of February. A. D. 1889.
~source: Marriage Records 1844-1930,Clerk of the District Court, Book D, Page 278, Record #1326 LDS microfilm #1065153 ~contributor: Constance Diamond
BRAUN - KUHSE Lillian Kuhse, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kuhse of Grand Meadow township, and Joseph J. Braun, local businessman, were married Monday evening (Oct. 30) at St. Bridget's Catholic parsonage. the Rev. P. Hogan officiating. ~Postville Herald, Thurs. November 2, 1939 - contributor: Reid Johnson
BRAY - BROOKS Oct. 22, 1930, Harry Bray and Jane Brooks, both of Lansing, were united in marriage, Rev. Van Nice performing the ceremony at his home. They were attended by Harry Brooks, a brother of the bride, and his wife. The young couple will live on a farm near Lansing. ~Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, Waukon City Chit-Chat column, Oct 29, 1930 ~contributor: Ann Krumme
BRAY - FULLER Carolyn Fuller, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Clarence Fuller of McGregor and Harlan Bray, son of Mr. And Mrs. Lawrence Bray of Postville, were married Saturday Oct. 28 in the Methodist church at McGregor. The Rev. Leon Wallace, pastor officiated. Mrs. W.H. Martin sang “ I love you truly” accompanied by Mrs. Nettie Coon, organist. Their attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz, the latter a sister of the bride. Brenda Dundee of Waterville was flower girl and Greg Schultz was ring bearer. Sherman Dundee and Norman Powers were the ushers. A reception was held in the church parlors following the ceremony. Assisting with the serving were Mrs. H.H. Henkes and Mrs. Earl Lepker of Harpers Ferry, Beverly Starkey of Postville and Nancy Mead, Judy Siegele and Janie Rubendall of McGregor. Bernadine Jensen had charge of the guest book and gifts. ~McGregor North Iowa Times, Nov. 10, 1955 - contributor: their daughter, Cindy Bray Lovell


Mr. and Mrs. Walt Breeser wedding photo

Phyllis Meyer and Walt Breeser. Married July 20, 1946 at St. Peter's Evangelical and Reformed Church in New Albin. Minister: Rev. Paul Franzmeier ~from a local newspaper - contributor: Errin Wilker
BREITSPRECHER - PEYER Postville, Ia., Nov. 28 - Miss Vivian Peyer and William Breitsprecher were united in marriage by Rev. Father P. Hogan of St. Bridget's Catholic church in Postville on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Breitsprecher are now on a wedding trip to Clear Lake, Minn., and Minneapolis, and after their return will make their home in Ossian. ~Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, Dubuque, Iowa, Friday evening edition, November 28, 1930 - from S. Ferrall
BRESNAHAN - BUSNESS Neil Virgil Bresnahan born Waukon, IA (son of Raymond & Fern Bresnahan) to Busness, Sandra Jean Busness born Allamakee County, IA (daughter of Lester & Frances Busness) on August 8, 1964 at St. Mary's Hanover by Rev. Vincent Simon. ~Bresnahan Family Bible - contributor: Lori Bresnahan
Hanover – St. Mary’s Catholic Church was the scene of the wedding at 11 Saturday of Miss Sandra Busness and Neil V. Bresnahan. The Rev. Vincent Simon performed the ceremony which was followed by a dinner for 150 guests at the Farm Bureau building. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Lester Busness of Waterville, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bresnahan. The bride wore a lace grown and carried pink mums and carnations. Her veil was held by a pearl tiara. Light blue satin brocade dresses were worn by the bridal attendants, Miss Sheryl Bresnahan of Ames, sister of the bridegroom maid of honor, and DiAnn Tolander of Waterville. Their flowers were pink and white carnations. Richard Hermanson of Dorchester served as best man and Dennis Bresnahan of Waukon with his brother’s groomsman, Ray O’Hare and Rodney Kelly ushered. Ricky Larson was ringbearer and Misses Lori Bresnahan and Miss Cheryl Busness, sisters of the couple were flower girls. The couple will make their home on a farm north of Waukon. ~Cedar Rapids Gazette; August 9, 1964 - contributor: Diana Henry Diedrich
BRESNAHAN - O'CONNOR Timothy Bresnahan, Jr (son of Timothy & Ellen Bresnahan) of Hanover, Iowa to Bridget Frances O'Connor (born County Cook, Ireland; daughter of Joseph O'Connor) November 25, 1909 at the Nativity Church, 37th St Southside, Chicago IL. witnesses - Leo Bresnahan, Nora O'Connor, Hannah O'Connor and MJ Flynn officiated by Rev. Father Rice. ~Bresnahan Family Bible - contributor: Lori Bresnahan
BRESNAHAN - TEFF Dennis Michael Bresnahan (son of Raymond & Fern Bresnahan) born Waukon, IA to Suzanne Katherine Teff (daughter of Mr & Mrs. Chris Teff) on May 20, 1967 at St. Mary's Dorchester, IA by Rev. William O'Brian ~Bresnahan Family Bible - contributor: Lori Bresnahan
Dorchester – Miss Suzanne Kay Teff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Teff, exchanged marriage vows Saturday with Dennis Bresnahan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bresnahan. The wedding took place at 10 in St. Mary’s Catholic church with the Rev. William O’Brien officiating. The bride wore a Chantilly lace gown and an elbow-length bouffant veil held by a pearl crown. She carried red roses. The bride’s sister, Miss Janet Teff and Miss Barbara Teff were her maid of honor and bridesmaid respectively. Their Empire gowns were of turquoise chiffon and lace. They wore matching headpieces with bouffant veils and carried turquoise and white carnations. Alan Bresnahan served as his brother’s best man and Michael O’Hare was groomsman. Robert Teff, brother of the bride, and Gary Ward ushered. A reception for 250 guests took place in the church fellowship hall. The bridal couple, now on a trip to Wisconsin Dells, will live in Waukon where the bridegroom farms. The bride is employed by Control Data, Spring Grove, Minn. ~Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 22, 1967 – contributor: Diana Henry Diedrich
BREWER - PIXLER MARRIED-- At the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Pixler, near Postville, Iowa, on Tuesday, Nov. 9th, 1886, their youngest daughter, Miss Emma, to Mr. Alonzo Brewer, of Lehigh, Iowa. Their new home will be in Lehigh. ~Postville Review, Sat., Nov. 13, 1886 - contributor: Reid Johnson
BRIGGS - EULEY Married. At the residence of the bride's father, near Castalia, by Rev. J. THORNTON, Mr. Chas. BRIGGS and Miss Annie EULEY.~Postville Review, September 15, 1883 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BRIGHAM - WHOLLEY Married. At the residence of the bride, at Postville, Iowa, by the Rev. SMITH, assisted by Rev. GARRISON, Mr. [F.or E.] BRIGHAM, of Decorah, and Miss Annie WHOLLEY of this place. The Review office, and scores of their friends, both at this place and Decorah, join in wishing them a long and prosperous life. ~Postville Review, March 19, 1873 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BRINK - BULMAN Waukon – The marriage of Miss Linda Bulman daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bulman, to Gayle Brink, son of R. and Mrs. Lee Brink, took place Saturday at 8 in the First Presbyterian church. The Rev. William Tjaden officiated. The bride’s street-length satin gown was trimmed with lace and pearls. Her shoulder-length veil was held by a pearl crown and she carried a Bible and roses. The couple was attended by Miss Gloria Brink, sister of the bridegroom, and Leonard Bulman, brother of the bride. Gary Brink and Ronald Ebner ushered. A reception for 100 was given in the church fellowship room. The couple will reside in Waukon where the bridegroom is employed by the IGA grocery store. ~Cedar Rapids Gazette, October 5, 1965 - contributor: Diana Henry Diedrich
BROCKHAUSEN - NICOLAUS Dr. B. Brockhausen married Louise Nicolaus from Elgin, Iowa on December 22, 1874 in the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Postville. Witnesses were Anthony Staadt and Max Conrad. ~St. Paul Lutheran Church Records, Register of Copulations 1874 - contributor: Steven W. Bareis
BROOKMEIER - MEYER At four o'clock Tuesday afternoon, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Meyer, in this city, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Miss Anna Meyer, to Mr. Wm. Brookmeier, Rev. M.O. Puhl tying the nuptial knot. An elegant wedding supper was served and about 50 invited guests participated in the festivities of the occasion. The couple will settle down to housekeeping on the old Paul Willman farm north of Postville with the best wishes of a host of friends. ~Postville Review, Dec 1, 1905 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BROOKS - BANGTSON Darlene Louise Bangtson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Algodt Bangtson, Rockwell City, became the bride of Wendel D. Brooks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brooks, Waukon, at the Skaraborg Lutheran Church near Rockwell City. Rev. Ralph E. Hanson performed the double-ring ceremony at 3 p.m. Sunday, July 19. Standing baskets of white gladiola and asters and twin candelabra decorated with fern and white satin bows, stood beside the altar. Edward Bangtson, Manson, brother of the bride, sang "O Perfect Love" before the ceremony and Wedding Prayer" and "Today O Lord" during the ceremony. He was accompanied by Lucille Johnson, Lohrville, cousin of the bride, who also played the nuptial music. Acolytes were Dennis Bangtson, Rockwell City, brother of the bride, and Steve Heim, Manson, nephew of the bride. The bride, escorted to the altar by her father, wore a white gown of imported rose point lace and nylon net over taffeta. The fitted bodice of lace featured a bateau neckline trimmed with iridescent sequins and pearls and had tiny cap sleeves. It buttoned down the back with self-covered lace buttons. The bodice joined the skirt in an escalloped effect in front. The full skirt of net had a front insert of lace and the back insert of lace ended in a chapel train. Tiny lace and sequin appliqués decorated the side net panels. Her jewelry was tiny pearl earrings and a single strand of pearls, a gift of the bridegroom. Her fingertip veil of illusion net was held in place by a pointed tiara of sequins and pearls which matched the trim on her gown. She carried a bouquet of pink roses and white carnations tied with white lace ribbon and streamers. Carolyn Anderson, Rockwell City, cousin of the bride, served as maid of honor. Linda Meusberger, Rockwell City, cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid. Becky Bangtson, Ft. Dodge, niece of the bride, was junior bridesmaid. Flower girls was Debra Palmer, Maynard, niece of the bridegroom. Cynthia Heim and David Bangtson both of Manson, niece and nephew of the bride, were ringbearers. They carried the rings in the hearts of majestic daisies. D. Barkley Pace, Richmond, Va., was bestman. Lyle Bechtel, Cedar Rapids, was groomsman. Kenneth Heim, Manson, nephew of the bride, was junior groomsman. Ushers were Art Bangtson, Ft. Dodge, brother of the bride, and Dale Heim, Manson, brother-in-law of the bride. Mrs. Algodt Bangtson, mother of the bride, wore a green chiffon print dress with white accessories and Mrs. Kenneth Brooks, mother of the bridegroom, wore a blue lace dress with white accessories. They both wore pink rose corsages. A reception was held in the church parlors. Ed Bangtson sang "Day of Golden Promise" and he and Lucille Johnson sang a duet "I Love You Truly". Julia E. McClure, Rockwell City, poured the coffee and Mrs. Dale Heim, the bride's sister, served the punch. Dining room hostesses were Mrs. Ed Bangtson and Mrs. Art Bangtson sisters-in-law of the bride. Mrs. Tom Meusberger served the four-tier wedding cake which she also had baked and decorated. Waitresses were Gloria and Arlene Taylor, Moorland; Sharon Nelson, Fonda; Lois Johnson, Lohrville; and Barbara Johnson, Rockwell City, all cousins of the bride. Mrs. Eldon Johnson, Mrs. Arnold Nelson, Sharon and Shirlee Anderson, Rockwell City, assisted at the serving table. Kitchen hostesses were aunts and cousins of the bride: Mrs. Ernest Anderson, Mrs. Orville Anderson, Rockwell City; Mrs. Clarence Bangtson, Mrs. Leonard Peterson, Mrs. Otto Johnson, Mrs. Nettie Persons, Lohrville; Mrs. Malte Johnson, Mrs. Herbert Johnson, Manson; Mrs. Conrad Taylor, Moorland; and Mrs. Earl Nelson, Fonda. Jean Folden, Rockwell City, had charge of the guest book. Sonja Berquist, Lohrville, and Carolyn Swenson, Jolley, took care of the gifts. The bride attended the Rockwell City schools and was employed in the office of Dr. P. W. Van Metre, Rockwell City until her marriage. The bridegroom attended the Waukon School and served 3 years in the army including in Japan for 2 years. He entered a school in Chicago, Ill. upon his discharge from the service. He graduated from there on June 5, 1959. After a short wedding trip the couple left to make their home in Philadelphia, Pa. ~newspaper clipping, July 1959 - contributor: Jim Fowler
BROOKS - LAUGHLIN Married. At the residence of A.J. PATTERSON, in Des Moines, April 19, Mr. W.W. BROOKS, of Sibley, Iowa and Miss Emma LAUGHLIN, formerly of Postville. ~Postville Review, April 23, 1892 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BRORBY - SHAVER Married. On Jan. 22nd, at the residence of J.E. GARMEN in this town, Paul BRORBY to Miss Lovie SHAVER ~Postville Review, February 1, 1890 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BROWN - BENEKE Miss Dorothy Beneke, daughter of Mrs. Caroline Beneke, and Donald Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Brown, were married by Rev. Emil Roth Tuesday afternoon at Wheatland. Dinner was served at 5:30 in the home of the bride's parents in Union city township, and in the evening a reception and shower was held at the Blue Moon cafe in Eitzen, Minn. They will live at Browerville, Minn. ~The Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, Sunday, October 19, 1941, Page 15 - contributed by Sarah Thorson Little
BROWN - COLLINS Lansing, Ia., Feb 12 - The marriage of Miss Adorine Collins, daughter of Mrs. Sara Collins, former residents of Harpers Ferry, but now residing in St. Paul, and Arthur Brown, of Waterloo, was a nuptial event of Saturday last in St. Mary's of Mt. Carmel church in St. Paul, the Rev. Edward Bendiage performing the ceremony. Mrs. Brown, who is a graduate of the Mercy hospital training school in Dubuque, has been practicing her profession in St. Paul the past three years, while Mr. Brown is the resident manager of the Billings-Prouty-Tompkins, accountants, at Waterloo, where the new home will be made. ~Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, Dubuque, Iowa, Friday evening edition, February 12, 1932 - contributed by S. Ferrall
BROWN - HART The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hart, of this city, was the scene of a very pretty wedding Sept 1, when their daughter, Miss Nellie, was united in marriage with Mr. Roscoe L. Brown, of Philadelphia, Pa. Rev. F. W. Pease, pastor of the First Congregational church performing the service in the presence of the immediate families. The couple will spend a few days in Chicago and then proceed to their home at Philadelphia. The bride was born and raised in Postville. The groom is one of the mangers of the Bowser Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia. ~Postville Review, Fri. Sep 2, 1910 (condensed from full article) - contributed by Reid Johnson
BROWN - MORIARTY HYMENEAL. Mr. Maurice BROWN, of Amber, Jones Co., Iowa, led to the altar on last Tuesday, one of the fairest daughters of Allamakee Co., Miss Helen MORIARTY. The bride is known in Postville as a most estimable young lady, whose beauty is only equalled by her virtues. Of Mr. BROWN it is enough to say, that in judgment of those who know him well, he is worthy of his fair partner. Some of us would like to know, perhaps, why he came here to woo and win the pride of Postville. The officiating clergyman on the occasion was the Rev. Father HOGAN. He sang High Mass, and was assisted by an efficient choir, the chief singers being Miss Mamie SHEEHY of Postville and Miss Helen SLATTERY, of Chicago. The wedding breakfast, prepared at the home of the bride, was a most enjoyable one, a real imitation of the marriage feast of Cana. After the cloth was removed the Rev. Father McELHINNEY, of Chicago, read the following beautiful poem:
As gentle spring with rosy breath
Revives each plant and flower
And draws their leaves from mystic death
To deck the lover's bower.

In whispers sweet and clear and low,
Love tells a charming story.
Of what he does on earth below,
To gain unfading glory.

His voice is sweet, his armor bright,
But rough the road and dreary,
O'er which he leads to Hymen's height
The true, the leal, the weary.

And when at last his captives fair
Place hand in hand demurely,
And plight their troth his yoke to bear.
He binds their bonds securely.
He came, he says, to make his home
With the married pair forever.
On land or sea, where'r they roam,
Their bonds no man can sever.

This world were full of care and woe
Were it not for lov's invention,
To make but one of two, who know
Each other's good intention.

At marriage feasts like this today,
When all are happy, bright and gay,
When flowers bloom as in the May,
And song-birds sing their sweetest lay,
Love speaks to man and wife,
And tells them walk the narrow way,
That leads to endless life.

~Postville Review, June 4, 1897 - contributor: S. Ferrall

BROWNELL - HALL Miss Florence Hall, one of Waukon’s best known and popular young ladies, was married Tuesday morning to Lincoln Brownel1, a former Waukonite who now lives at Gladstone Mich. Miss Hall has numerous friends in Decorah who will be pleased to learn of her marriage and wish her all happiness. ~Decorah Republican Aug. 25, 1904 Page 2 ~contributed by Joy Moore
BRUHORN - WILSE At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wilse, Wednesday afternoon, their daughter Miss Ella Was married to Mr. George Bruhorn, Rev. Schmidt officiating. ~Postville Review, January 26, 1917 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BRUNS - PEARSON Miss Hilda Pearson Is Wed To Fred B. Bruns.
A pretty wedding took place in the Little Brown Church, near Nashua, at high noon on Wednesday, May 03, when Hilda L. Pearson, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Pearson of Postville, became the bride of Fred B. Bruns of Monona. The Rev. William Kent performed the ceremony. Mrs. Bruns was graduated from the Postville High School with the class of 1931 and later attended Upper Iowa University at Fayette. The bridegroom is the son of Henry Bruns of Monona and attended school there and later graduated from the Bennet Airways School, Inc., of Kansas City, Mo. The couple were attended by Josephine Peters of Delhi and Harold Reineke of Monona. The bride wore a net gown of pale yellow, and the bridesmaid a light blue flat crepe. The groom and best man wore brown and blue, respectively. After the ceremony the bridal party went to the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Sidney Larson of Elkader, where a wedding supper was given. The Herald joins with many friends in extending its well wishes.~Postville Herald, Thursday, May 11, 1933 - contributor: Reid R. Johnson (note: Hilda Pearson was a graduate of the Postville High School class of 1931)
BUCHOLTZ - WIEMERSLAGE Louis Bucholtz of the Eitzen hotel, and Miss Selma Wiemerslage were married Feb. 24, with Anna Wiemerslage and Wm. Bucholtz as attendants. ~Allamakee Journal, Lansing, IA, March 1, 1916 - contributed by Errin Wilke
BUCKENDAL - MEYER J. Buckendal & Miss Meyer. Married February 15, 1885 at German Lutheran Church in New Albin. ~source: 'The First 100 Years of New Albin' - contributor: Errin Wilker
BUCKNUM - BATES At the residence of Mrs. M. J. Hanks, in Postville, on Tuesday, 12 July 1898, by Rev. S. W. Pollard, Mr. Charles E. Bucknum and Miss Hattie Bates. Mr. Bucknum formerly resided near Castalia but is now located at Riceville, in the hardware business. Miss Bates is well known here as both a student and a teacher. They will make their home in Riceville. ~Postville Review, Fri., 15 July 1898 - contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BUEGE - DENNIS Miss Theresa Dennis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Dennis of Caledonia, Minnesota, and Stanley Buege, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Buege of New Albin, were married Tuesday morning, September 18, 1928, at 8 o'clock at the Church of St. John the Baptist, Rev. John M. Kieley officiating. The attendants were Miss Stacia Dennis, sister of the bride, and Elmer Buege, brother of the groom. The bride wore a gown of powder blue satin and velvet with a hat to match. Sbe carried an arm bouquet of pink and white asters. Miss Dennis was gowned in blue silk crepe and velvet wth hat to match. Her bouquet was of pink and lavendar asters. A wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride's parents to immediate relatives. The home was decorated in blue and pink and the season's flowers were used in profusion. After an extended wedding trip to points in Iowa and Minnesota, Mr. and Mrs. Buege will make their home at Winona, Minnesota, where the groom holds a position with the Barnard Road Construction Company. The many friends of the groom and members of his family tendered to the bridal couple a reception at Kelly Hall in New Albin, on Tuesday evening, September 25, which was largely attended. New Albin folks join in wishing the young couple a long and happy life together. ~The New Albin Post, New Albin, Iowa, September 27, 1928 ~contributor: Errin Wilker
BULMAN - KEHR POSTVILLE—Miss Eva Kehr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kehr of Lansing, and Private First Class Howard Bulman, son or Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bulman of Postville, were married Tuesday in the Community Presbyterian church by the Rev. Lehr H. Newhouse, pastor. The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Milo Gericke of Postville. Mrs. A. C. Webster was the vocal soloist. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the Gerteke home. Mrs. Bulman is a graduate of Lansing high school and of the Waterloo School of Beauty Culture and at present is managing a beauty shop in Lansing. Private First Class Bulman is a graduate of Postville high school and attended Cornell College at Mount Vernon before entering the army. At present he is stationed in British Columbia with the army engineers on the Alcan highway. The couple will spend the balance or his furlough with relatives and friends in Lansing and Postville.
~Mason City Globe-Gazette (Mason City, Iowa), April 1, 1943 ~contributor: Cindy Bray Lovell
BULMAN - JOHNSON Waukon - At noon Wednesday occurred the marriage of Mr. Frank Bulman, deputy treasurer and son of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Bulman, and Miss Millie Johnson, the ceremony taking place at the home of the Bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Johnson.  Rev. Johnston of Mount Hope officiated in the presence of only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties.  The young couple will reside with the bride’s parents for the present.  ~La Cross Tribune (News of Nearby Villages and Towns, Waukon column), January 30, 1909 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BULMAN - JOHNSON Waukon, Ia. - Special: The marriage of Miss Edna Johnson and Eldon Bulman, both of this vicinity, was announced this week. The ceremony took place at the Lutheran parsonage at Freeport, Ill., on June 22. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Anna Johnson of near Thompson's Corner in Taylor township. Since her graduation from Waukon high school, she has been a rural school teacher. The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. James Bulman, farmers living in Taylor township. He received his education in the rural schools. The new home is being made on the farm owned by the bride's mother. ~Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 4 Sept. 1936, P 9 C 8 - contributed by 'LA'
BULMAN - SEILLING Dorchester, Ia., Dec. 31. – Special: Miss Clara Seilling of Bee and John Bulman of Dorchester were married at Winona last week. They were attended by Miss Cecil Hartley and Howard Bulman. They will live on a farm near here. ~Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 31 Dec. 1924 P 9 C 2 - contributed by 'LA'
BULMAN - SCHWARTZHOFF WAUKON, Iowa – St. Mary's Catholic Church, Dorchester, Iowa, provided the setting for the marriage of Delores Schwartzhoff and Anthony Bulman Monday, June 30. The Rev. Lewis Kalb officiated in the ceremony uniting the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Schwartzhoff and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bulman, Harpers Ferry, Iowa. The bride wore white chantilly lace and net over satin. Her attendants were Aileen and Carol Schwartzhoff. Gerald Hawes, Lansing, Iowa, and Charles Berns, Harpers Ferry were the bridegroom's attendants. Ushers were Donald Schwartzhoff and John Hawes. The couple will reside on the Bulman farm near Harpers Ferry. ~La Crosse Sunday Tribune, 5 July 1959 P 7 C 8,9 - contributed by 'LA'
BULMAN - VANNOI Waukon, Ia.--On Dec. 20 at the First Congregational church in Columbus, Mont. George Bulman, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Bulman, Harpers Ferry, and Miss Florence Vannoi, Columbus, were married. They will live in Columbus.~Waterloo Daily Courier 2 Jan. 1942 P 6 C 7 - from 'LA'
BULMAN - VERTHEIN Emma Frederika Verthein & Daniel Albert "Bert" Bulman, Married 20 September 1906 in Union City Township, Allamakee County, Iowa by F.W. Grossman, Minister. ~Marriage Certificate - contributor: Errin Wilker
BULMAN - WEYMILLER NEW ALBIN – Wedding vows were exchanged Sunday evening in the Mt. Hope Presbyterian church in Waukon by Shirley Weymiller and Robert Bulman of Dorchester. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weymiller and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Bulman of Dorchester. The bride wore a gown of white rose lace over satin, fashioned with a fitted bodice, bolero jacket and long sleeves. A pearl cap held her net veil and she carried a white Bible, topped with an orchid. The bride's sister, Mrs. George Smerud, was matron of honor. She was gowned in coral. Bridesmaids were Mrs. Loren Bulman and Nancy Weymiller. They wore blue and carried sunburst bouquets. Katheryne Wiedenmann and Sheryl Smerud were flower girls and Richard Wild was ringbearer. Delbert Bulman served his brother as best man. Groomsmen were Loren Bulman and Edwin Waymiller[sic]. Leland Weymiller and Gary Bulman ushered. Mrs. Leon Schoh was organist and Loren Hartley, soloist. A reception for 100 guests was given in the church parlors. The groom, who is serving with the air force, will be stationed at Kansas City, where the couple will make their home. ~Cedar Rapids Gazette, 22 Sept. 1953 P 16 C 5 - contributed by 'LA'
BURDICK - BATTERMAN Lee Burdick Marries Young Vermont Lady
This happened so long ago it is no longer news, but nevertheless the suprise of it makes it worth while at any rate. Town Clerk, Wm. Sheperd, is just in receipt of a letter stating that Lee Burdick of Chicago, a former Postville boy, was united in marriage on August 29, 1932, at Barre, Vermont, to a Miss. Leona M. Batterman of that city, a Rev. Blackburn tieing the nuptual knot at the parsonage. They make their home in Chicago, where Lee has a lucrative position with the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. The Herald joins with Postville friends of the groom in extending him and his best wishes throughout a long and happy wedded life. ~Postville Herald, Thursday, October 20, 1932 - contributor: Reid Johnson
BURDICK - MINNICK At Prairie du Chien, Wis., Saturday, July 28, 1894, Will Burdick and Miss Nora Minnick, of this city. The announcement of this marriage was the occasion of considerable surprise among the friends of both parties to the contract. The groom is employed in the railway mail service, having his run between McGregor and Chicago. The bride is one of Postville's favorite daughters, and in taking this step, the most important one of their lives, the young couple have the earnest wishes of hosts of friends for a happy and prosperous matrimonial career. ~Postville Graphic, Thur., August 2, 1894 -contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BURDICK - RILEY On Wednesday of last week, Arthur S. Burdick, son of Nels Burdick of the Postville Review, was married to Miss Lillian E. Riley at Postville. The REPUBLICAN extends congratulations and good wishes. ~Decorah Republican May 18, 1899 P 3 C 2 - contributor: Joy Moore
BURDICK - TAYLOR HYMEN'S BONDS. At the residence of the bride's parents, in Postville, Iowa, on Wednesday evening Nov. 25th, 1891, by Rev. N.L. BURTON, Mr. Elbert E. BURDICK and Miss Luella A. TAYLOR. The groom is the eldest son of the editor of the Review. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. TAYLOR. ~extracted from the lengthly writeup in the Postville Review, November 28, 1891 - contributor: S. Ferrall
BURKE - BERNS Waukon – The marriage of Mary Ann Berns, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Verni Berns, to Ray J. Burke, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Burke of Dorchester, took place Tuesday at 8 a.m. in St. John the Baptist Catholic church in Hanover Township. The Rev. John Fagan officiated before an alter decorated with white gladiolus. Genevieve Bakewell was organist. Gerald Burke, brother of the bridegroom, and Richard Delaney were soloists. The bride’s gown of white lace and net over taffeta was fashioned with tapered sleeves and a scalloped neckline. Her lace trimmed veil was attached to a seed pearl crown, and she carried a white prayer book with streamers of lilies of the valley and rosebuds. Betty Lou Berns, the bride’s sister was maid of honor. She wore a matching headdress with her gown of of peacock blue net over taffeta, and carried yellow chrysanthemums. Thomas Burke served his brother as best man. Arthur Berns and James McCormick ushered. Verdine and Francis Berns, brothers of the bride were neolytes. Dinner for the immediate families was served at the home of the bride’s parents, followed by a reception in the afternoon. A wedding dance was given at Rainbow Gardens at Waterville in the evening. For traveling the bride wore a dust rose knit dress with white accessories. She has been employed by the Allamakee county extension service. The bridegroom is employed by the Allamakee County Dairy Breeders Association. They will live in Postville. ~Cedar Rapids Gazette, August 23, 1955- contributor: Diana Henry Diedrich

Raymond E. Burke and Elizabeth 'Betty' Mauss were married at St. Mary's catholic church, Lycurgus on October 21, 1952. The photo appeared in a newspaper article when they celebrated one of their wedding anniversaries, but the clipping itself has been lost, so it is unknown which anniversary. ~contributed by Errin Wilker
BURLING - KETCHUM Married. This Wednesday morning Mr. F. Burling and Miss Flora Ketchum. ~Postville Review, June 10, 1874 - contributor: Mary Durr
BURNS - LYONS Married- At the Congregational Church in Postville, Iowa, on Tuesday evening, Jan. 18th, 1881, by Rev. C. S. Newhall, Mr. J. Haydon Burns, of Des Moines, and Miss Carrie Belle Lyons, of Postville. Their future home is to be at Des Moines, whither they go, with the congratulations and best wishes of all our people. May Happiness and long lives of usefulness be accorded to them. ~Postville Review, Saturday, January 22, 1881 -contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BURROUGHS - SHEFELBINE Ephriam Stephen Burroughs & Emma Johanna Shefelbine. Married 26 Nov 1900 in Waukon by C.S. Stilwell, Justice of the Peace. ~Marriage certificate - contributor: Errin Wilker
BURSELL - REINHART At the Methodist church in West Union at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7, 1917, occurred the marriage of Mr. Geo. W. Bursell of Postville to a Miss Rose Reinhart of Postville. George is an industrious and well known resident of this city which has been his home for years, but his bride is not acquainted here. They are now "at home" in northwest Postville, and the Review joins many friends in wishing them health, happiness and prosperity.- Postville Review, Friday, Nov. 16, 1917 ~submitter: Reid R. Johnson
BUTTOLPH - HOMUTH At the home of the groom, near Hardin, Iowa, March 18th, by Rev. J. R. Cameron, Mr. Loren E. Buttolph and Miss Emma Homuth. ~Postville Review, Sat., 21 March 1885. -contributor: Reid R. Johnson
BYRNE - WHALEN John H. Byrne married Frances Whalen (daughter of Kerns Whalen & Caroline Hurm) on 5 May 1896 in Lafayette Twp. Witness: Gertrude Whalen. ~Marriage Record - Allamakee Co: 1893-1903, pg 39 -contributor: CJ Bowden; note: Frances' father's name is spelled Kieran in marriage record.
BYRNES - BLAKE Waukon, Ia., Jan 6 - The marriage of Miss Patricia Blake, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Blake of near Dorchester, Ia., and Francis Byrnes, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Byrnes of Hanover township took place at St. Mary's Catholic church at Dorchester Tuesday morning. The Rev. J. Kreimer, pastor, performed the ceremony before a nuptial mass. The bride is a graduate of the Waukon high school and has been engaged in teaching in the rural schools of this county, at present teaching the new Galena school. The new home will be made on a farm in that vicinity. ~Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, Dubuque, Iowa, Wednesday evening edition, January 6, 1932 - from S. Ferrall
BYRNES - O'MALLEY Waukon, Ia. - Miss Helen M. O'Malley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Malley, became the bride of Mark Byrnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Byrnes of Hanover township, Tuesday morning at St. Patrick's church. The Rev. Ernest J. McDonald ceelebrated the nuptial mass. The attendants were the bride's sister, Miss Bonnie O'Malley, and Joseph Byrnes, cousin of the bridegroom. The bride wore a street length brown dress with gold colored accessories, and her attendant was attired in a green dress with brown accessories. Mrs. Byrnes is a graduate of the Waukon high school and has been employed in Madison for some time. Her husband is at present assisting his father on the farm, where the couple will live. ~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Wednesday evening edition, August 23, 1944 - from S. Ferrall
BYRNES - PALMER Waukon – Marriage vows were repeated Sept. 27 by Miss Patricia Ann Palmer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Palmer of Waukon, and James Lawrence Byrnes. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clem Byrnes of Dorchester. The one o’clock ceremony was performed at St. Mary’s Catholic Church by the Rev. R. F. McEnany. Following a reception for 150 guests was given at the Waukon’s Veteran club. The new Mr. and Mrs. Byrnes are at home near Dorchester where the bridegroom farms. The bride, a former student at Upper Iowa university, is employed by Palmer Abstract Co. ~Cedar Rapids Gazette, October 12, 1975 -contributor: Diana Henry Diedrich
BYRNES - REGAN At Lycurgus church June 5 took place the marriage of Eugene Byrnes, Waukon grocer, and Maggie Regan, daughter of Thomas Regan of French Creek township. ~Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, June 5, 1929 in the 35 Years Ago Column (1894) - contributor: Ann Krumme

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