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Male Surname 'L'

Note: this page lists only marriage announcements, or licenses & permits issued at the Allamakee co. courthouse. It is not proof that the marriage actually occurred!

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Only records dated before 1960 will be included on this page.

LAMBORN, E.B. McCLINTOCK, Gertrude E. obtained marriage license June 1894
LANE, Delbert O. GRANT, Clara B. obtained marriage license August 1896
LANE, Frank C. HAWORTH, Edda marriage license January 1896
LANEY, S.C. HANNAH, Nellie E. marriage license issued Dec 1889
LANG, Peter ROSIER, Verank obtained marriage license July 1894
LARSON, John E. STEVENSON, Johanna J. marriage license issued in August 1885
LARSON, David MANDERSCHIED, Sophia obtained marriage license in January 1898
LARSON, Peter F. DEHLI, Ellen S. obtained marriage license March 1899
LaTRANCH, John FARRELL, Mary obtained marriage license May 1891
LAVELT, Wm. RUSSELL, Celia M. obtained marriage license March 1895
LAYAR / LAVER, Ernst P. / Ernst ROTH, Elizabeth E. obtained marriage license October 1895; the Postville Review gave surnames as Layar & Roth, the Lansing Mirror gave surnames as Laver & Roth
LEHN, Henry CLAUSON, Sarah obtained marriage license January 1915
LEITHOLD, Henry CLARK, Amanda obtained marriage license October 1897
LERAN, E.O. JOHNSON, Heida obtained marriage license April 1895
LETCHFORD, Carl SEBASTIAN, Caroline Mrs. W.L. Meyer entertained a group of friends at the Frank Sebastian home at a shower complimentary to her sister, Caroline Sebastian, who is to be married soon to Carl Letchford. ~Iowa Volksblatt, Friday, October 26, 1917
LIBBY, Edgar H. BELDEN, Cora M. marriage license issued January 1891
LINERMAN, Frank KUHLMAN, Mary Marriage license issued by deputy county clerk J. K. Haines in September 1895
LINSLEY, Edwin LARSON, Caroline L. obtained marriage license June 1898
LIVINGOOD, L.E. LIVINGOOD, Mary obtained marriage license March 1899
LLOYD, Wiliam T. HART, Kate obtained marriage license June 1899
LOKKEN, Andrew A. (Lakken ?) THOMPSON, Christena obtained marriage license June 1894
LOUGHLIN, Andrew DOUGHERTY, Ellen Marriage license issued by county clerk Bock in February 1895
LUCAS, Victor H. LAUGHLIN, Lizzie Next Tuesday evening Miss Lizzie Laughlin and Mr. Victor H. Lucas will be joined in wedlock at Toledo, the home of the bride. ~Postville Review, June 6, 1885. Toledo is in Tama co. Iowa
LUTTCHEN, Armin SCHILDT, Helen -obtained marriage license Oct. 13, 1932
-both parties from Houston, MN
LUDEKING, Fred A. HAGER, Lydia obtained marriage license June 1898
LUDIKING, Henry H. BAURCAMPER, Martha obtained marriage license Jan. 1899
LUSK, Elmer ROBERTSON, Viola obtained marriage license in March 1893

~source: Allamakee county newspapers, unless otherwise indicated

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