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This page lists only marriage announcements, licenses or permits issued, it is not proof that the marriage actually occurred!

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Only records dated before 1960 will be included on this page.

KANNE, Fred A. HAGER, Mary M. obtained marriage license June 1897
KEISER, Michael LISTON, Aggie obtained marriage license Nov 1899
KELLEHER, Wm. F. CASSIDY, Katie A. obtained marriage license May 1897
KELLER, Frank DUNCAN, Josephine obtained marriage license May 1900
KELLY, Daniel RYAN, Katie F. obtained marriage license May 1896
KELLY, James WARD, Maggie marriage permit issued September 1894
KEMBLE, J.M. MIX, Leona E. obtained marriage license June 1900
KERNDT, Wm. H. NIERLING, Lena obtained marriage license May 1891
KERSTEIN, Charlie KELLY, Irene obtained marriage license February 1941; both from Lansing
KIESAU, Ralph FEUERHELM, Gertrude obtained marriage license March 25, 1933; Kiesau from Waukon, Feuerhelm from Mays Prairie. ~Waukon Democrat, 3/29/1933
KIMBERLY, R.C. ASLESON, Olephine obtained marriage license August 1894
KING, Lawrence HASTINGS, Lora M. obtained marriage license September 1897
KINZER, R.W. MEDARY, Stella M. obtained marriage license May 1895
KLAMA, Henry SNITKER, Lena marriage license issued in March 1898
KLEIN, Fred SIEKMEIER, Clara obtained marriage license March 1896
KLEMME, Herman F. PETERSON, Clars M. obtained marriage license Nov 1899
KLEMME, Leslie KINSEL, Viola marriage license issued at Waukon, both parties from Postville ~Allamakee Journal and Lansing Mirror, April 9, 1941
KLINKEL, Bert TODD, Lottie E. marriage license issued in March 1898
KLOKE, Fred ADAM, Paulina obtained marriage permit in October 1894; Postville Review, 11/10/1894
KLOSTAD / KLOSTUD, Hans A. KROM / KYANN, Manida C. / Mathild obtained marriage license October 1895; the Postville Review gave surnames as Klostad & Krom, the Lansing Mirror gave names as Klostud & Mathild Kyann
KNIGHT, Charles W. O'DONNELL, Mary obtained marriage permit in October 1894; Postville Review, 11/10/1894
KNORR, William ANDERSON, Louise obtained marriage permit in October 1894; Postville Review, 11/10/1894
KOENER, Emanuel BECHEL, Katie obtained marriage license December 1897
KOSBAU, Ed NELSON, Eva obtained marriage license October 1933; Ed from Waukon & Eva from Decorah
KOSTMAN, Fredrick W.F. BLUME, Lina marriage license issued in Dec. 1889
KROGMAN, Henry PECHTOLD, Lena obtained marriage license in March 1893
KRONSTEADT, Herman HAMARSTROM, Helma H. obtained marriage license December 1897
KRUGER, John BUETTELL, Emma L. permit to wed issued May 1899
KRUSS, Herman BECKER, Ellen Marriage license issued by county clerk Bock in February 1895
KURK, August GORDON, Ida obtained marriage license March 1894

~source: Allamakee county newspapers, unless otherwise indicated

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