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This page lists only marriage announcements, licenses or permits issued, it is not proof that the marriage actually occurred!

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FAEGRE, Thorvold G. THORSENSEN, Sarah obtained marriage license October 1897
FAILZ, John C. NESS, Emily N. permit to wed issued May 1899
FAIRFIELD, William DYMOND, Emma obtained marriage license May 1895
FANGMEIER, John H. EVART, Erna M. obtained marriage license June 1898
FERRING, Peter GANDER, Mary obtained marriage license March 1894
FEUERHELM, Julius STEGER, Hermenia obtained marriage license October 1897
FIET, Albert BLUM, Lenora Albert Fiet and Lenora Blum will be married in Ludlow this afternoon. ~Iowa Volksblatt, Friday, April 20, 1917
FISCHER, August KUSE, Bertha obtained marriage license Jan. 1899
FISCHER, Peter RISER, Matilda marriage permit issued September 1894
FITZGERALD, David D. RYAN, Maggie A. obtained marriage license June 1894
FITZGERALD, T. LLOYD, Katie obtained marriage license April 1895
FITZSIMMONS, James F. BAKER, Kate James F. Fitzsimmons of Harpers Ferry and Miss Kate Baker of LaCrosse will be married on Nov. 8th. ~Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, Oct 29, 1930 in the Looking Backward Twenty-Five Years Ago column (1905)
FLAGE, Albert BAUMGARTNER, Marietta obtained marriage license, both of Waukon ~Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 9/7/1941
FLAGE, D.J. HAGER, Sophia E. obtained marriage license June 1897
FLYNN, John McKENNA, Mrs. Maggie obtained marriage license June 1894
FLYNN, Matthew MORGAN, Mary obtained marriage license August 1897
FLYNN, Stephen BRENNAN, Marguerite Marriage license issued by county clerk Bock in February 1895
FOLKEDAHL, Nels N. GAARE, Maria H. marriage permit issued September 1894
FOSSUM, Albert H. FROSLIE, Louisa obtained marriage license in Jan or Feb. 1890
FRITZ, Arthur FING, Ethel obtained marriage license October 15, 1932; Fritz from Church, Allamakeee co. IA & Fing from Lansing
FRITZ, Lee WANDEL, Agness obtained marriage license Jan or Feb. 1890, Waukon Standard, see also Lewis Fritz
FRITZ, Lewis MANDEL, Agnes obtained marriage license February 1890, Postville Review, see also Lee Fritz
FROHWEIN, George TIMMERMAN, Lena obtained marriage license December 1897
FROELICH, Chas. P. STEIBER, Mary C. obtained marriage license May 1900
FULLERTON, C.A. GRIFFIN, Hannah obtained marriage license June 1897

~source: Allamakee county newspapers, unless otherwise indicated

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