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Note: this page lists only marriage announcements, licenses or permits issued -
it is not proof that the marriage actually occurred!

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Only records dated before 1950 will be included on this page.

EATON, D.J. NEWELL, Ella obtained marriage license May 1891
EBERLING, William HARNACK, Emma obtained marriage license March 1899
EELLS, Ezra Lorne BARTHELL, Charlotte obtained marriage permit in October 1894; Postville Review, 11/10/1894
ELLEFSON, Olaus O. JOHNSON, Mary obtained marriage license August 1894
ELLIS, John P. TAYLOR, Carrie J. obtained marriage license June 1900
EMELUT, Fritz BALTH, Martha obtained marriage license April 1895
ENGLEHORN, Gustave WENDLE, Matilda marriage license issued in March 1898
ENGLEHORN, H.F. LENZ, E.A. marriage permit issued Feb. 1882
ENTWISTLE, Chas. FLACK, Cora obtained marriage license April 1895
(not sure of surname - copy hard to read)
obtained marriage license March 1895
EWING, Egbert JONES, Minnie obtained marriage license March 1895

~source: Allamakee county newspapers, unless otherwise indicated

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