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Letters published in
The True Latter Day Saints Herald

Buckland, Allamakee Co., Iowa,
March 22, 1870

Bro. Joseph:
I feel it my duty to let the brethren know what I am doing in this wicked and cold part of Iowa. I am at work for God with my one talent all I can. The Lord has blessed and added thereto, for which I feel to praise his holy name. Prejudice has been great here against the church, on account of the name given by the world, "Mormon;" yet the truth is gaining and triumphing over error in this place by the help of the Herald, with what little I can preach. Through God's blessing there are four more convinced of the truth of the gospel, and are ready to obey. We want an Elder to come and set things in order, for I am old and feeble in body. If there is an Elder coming to Prairie Du Chien, tell him to come over in Iowa, on Yellow River, fifteen miles from Prairie Du Chien, to Allamakee Co., and call on me.


~source: Semi-monthly magazine "The True Latter Days Saints Herald"  Vol. XVII , 1870; page 280
~transcribed by Cindy Lovell

I feel amongst the saints, the feeblest of the weak, yet always willing to bear a faithful testimony to the knowledge I have received. Some few have believed and obeyed the faith since my return from conference. I was visited by Br. McGoon, wanting me to go to Buckland, Iowa, which I gladly responded to, and had the joy of immersing four persons, the fruits of Br. McGoon's labor.    Being desirous to organize a branch I did so. He was ordained an elder by Br. D. M. Garnet. I ordained Br. G. E. Rose to the office of a priest, and Br. Clements a teacher, believing them worthy to fill that office. The branch is to be known as Yellow River branch, situated in Buckland, Allamakee County, Iowa. Br. McGoon president, and Br. Ross was chosen as clerk.


~source: Semi-monthly magazine "The True Latter Days Saints Herald"  Vol. XVII , 1870; page 403
~transcribed by Cindy Lovell
~Note: Mr. Ackerly's letter was written from Prairie Du Chien and began..."Bro. Joseph", the above transcription is not the complete letter

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