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Hanover twp. Land-owners

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6

(?) Walstrom?
Levi Green
Levi Green
E. G. McLain
M. Danaher
Wm McLaughlin
P. Fitz
James Delaney
J. Brushnahan
N. N.
M. Danaher
M. McKna *
Wm. McLaughlin
N. N.
O. C. (?) Severson
Marlin Ammonson (?)
M. Anderson
John Johnson
Erick Johnson
Nels Nelson

Section 7

Section 8

Section 9

Section 10

Section 11

Section 12

Iver Munson (?)
Lars Nelson
S. Johnson
Iver Munson?
Andrew Jacobson
(?) Severson
Mattheus (?) Iverson
(over Upper Iowa River)
Wm. McLaughlin
Michael McLaughlin
H. Johnson
A. Amondson
Andrew Jacobson
(?) Anderson
M. Brushnahan
P & T Byrnes
K. J.
M. Martin
Michael McLaughlin
John Stack
Jos. Stack
J. Brushnahan
Wm. Dixon
W. Burke
John Carroll

Section 13

Section 14

Section 15

Section 16

Section 17

Section 18

Peter Fitzgerald
Timothy Moroney
Jas. M. May (?)
(?) Jacobson (?)
Peter Russell
M. Brushnahan
Thos. Brynes
Patrick Byrnes
Wm. Fitzgerald
H. J
F. Anderson
Hans J. Hanson
J. M. B.
G. N Finch
Frick (?) Elleffson
(?) Amondson
Hans J. M__son
Frick (?) Elleffson
E. Nelson
(?) O.
N. Oleson
O. C. B. Oleson
George Hanson
L. Peterson (?)

Section 19

Section 20

Section 21

Section 22

Section 23

Section 24

Ole (?) Hendrickson
(cannot read if
there are others)
Cannot read K. Jacobson
J. U(?) M.
W. Reed
H. (?) H.
O. C. Simonsonr
Karen Jacobson
James Delaney
John C. Barr
Chris Larson
John Brushnahan
M. Stack
Tim Brushnahan
James Delaney
Maurice Brushnahan
Michael Brushnahan
T. Brushnahan
Timothy Moroney
J. D.
Michael Stack

Section 25

Section 26

Section 27

Section 28

Section 29

Section 30

Jas. Devitt
Jerry Brushnahan
Chas. Tierney
James McCourty
Maurice Brushnahan
James McCourtney
William (?) Reed(?)
James M. Barr (?)
John C. Barr
John C. Barr
? ?
? ?
J.A. Hern (?)
Michael Powers
Gram (?)
J. Ker(?)
? ?
Patrrick Gallaher
M. O.
Hans A. Hanson
Hans A. Hanson
H. Schroeder (?)
John (?)son
John Ward
M.C. Ferris
J. Griffin
O. Farra
O. C. Oleson

Section 31

Section 32

Section 33

Section 34

Section 35

Section 36

P. McBride
Larry Griffin
Wm. Anderson
Manson H. R.
Thos Herman
M. Delany
Village of Hanover
Scott Shattok?
J. O. M.
Peter Dorsey
Patrick Galaher
Wm. Reed
M. Quillin
Thos. O'Brien
John cunningham
Wm. Reed
Patrick O'Brien
John Cunningham
M. Regan
Thos. O'Brien
Chas. Tierney


Extracted by Kathy Maurer from a "Map of Allamakee County Iowa"; drawn, compiled and published by John G. Ratcliffe, Civil Engineer, Late County surveyor & Draughtsman; Waukon, Iowa. From Government & Personal Surveys, A.D. 1872.

-Note: Every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy in these extractions, but there may be errors & or omissions due to the difficulty in reading the old plat maps. Please use only as a guide in your research.

Transcribers notes:
-Portions of Sections 25 to 30 and all of Sections 31 to 36 were written in by hand
-Although the some names in the plat maps may have been misspelled or may have changed over the years (such as Quillin and Quillan), they have been transcribed as they were written.
- * McKenna - Section 3

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