Allamakee co. IAGenWeb Land Records

Franklin twp. Land-owners

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6

Peter Bush
E. Hancock
Dan'l Lukenbill
Jas Palmer
T.B. Ware
I. Roderick *
James Palmer
David Powel
William Rush
W.B. Smith
Wm Stull
Pat Keenan B.D. Clark
R.C. Clark
C. Faulk
J.P. [?Pitt]
J.R. Clark
Reuben Smith
M. Topliff
W. Werhan (Mill)
Alex Dawson (Mill)
Caroline Dawson
J.D. Dawson
? Ewing
P.M. Gilson (Mill)
G.S. Soles
Village of Manchester

*Note: The spelling on the deed record in the Allamakee County Courthouse is "Rodrick".  The record shows that Isaac Rodrick purchased land in Sections 2 and 11 from John M. Barthel and wife.  The deed was filed March 29, 1871.  He sold the property in 1892 to Julius Nagle.  Isaac was my great grandfather. Gilbert L. Roderick; Oshkosh, WI (contributed Jan. 2005)

Section 7

Section 8

Section 9

Section 10

Section 11

Section 12

Chas Bowman
John Laughlin
V.F. [Bet??]
John Jones
N. Mages [?Mager]
N. Mount
Reuben Smith
A.J. [?Buits]
B.C. Clark
B.D. Clark
D. Clark
E. Crawford
Hannah Jackson
Seldon Candee
B.D. Clark
E. Crawford
J. Helfer
T. Luny
Hannah Jackson
I. Boderick
John G. Clark
J.W. Emerson
Wm. Endwhite
J. Helfer
James Palmer
R.M. Slitor
M. Williams
Robert Crawford
Wm. Endwhite
James Palmer
Jas Palmer
R.M. Slitor

Section 13

Section 14

Section 15

Section 16

Section 17

Section 18

Wash. Barnes
C. Crawford
L. Judd
E. Maynard
G. Peglow
W. Rose
J.E. Stafford
B. Tangeman
Village of Volney
B.C. [? D.C.] Clark
Mary Clark
C. McShane
R. Smith
S. Smith
S.S. Smith
W.B. Smith
Seldon Candee
Jesse Heller (Mill)
W.B. Smith
D.D. Bowls
N.D. Bowls
Jenny Casefield
? Copey
A. Young
Chas. Bloxham
Jenny Casefield
N. Copey
Cordella Dunning
V. Dunning
P.P. Walker
Azel Eaton
A. Thornton
P.P. Walker

Section 19

Section 20

Section 21

Section 22

Section 23

Section 24

A.B. Cayton
R. Elsworth
J. Kelley
J.S. Killian
R. Kiser
C. [?]
L. Leete
D.W. Lyons
John Dickson
Robert Dickson
C. [?Dunning]
Estate of Vine Dunning
F.A. Dunning
Mary E. Hall
John Jackson
S. Perkins
N.D. Bowls
Oscar Collins
Robert Dickson
William Fuell
Mary E. Hall
W.B. Sawyer
O.B. Vanduser
W.B. Sawyer
Moses Williams
W. Wilson
J.D. Halsey
P.P. Olmstead
Reuben Sencebough
C.S. Stafford
Wm. Ferguson
John Fenny [?Ferry]
Robert Killen
C. Koontz (Mill)
Village of Smithfield

Section 25

Section 26

Section 27

Section 28

Section 29

Section 30

Robert Killen
H. Lindeman
P. McGuire
P.P. Olmstead
L. Smith
Saul Boyce
E. Ingalls
John White Est.
W.B. Sawyer
A. Winckley
G. Hall
Wm. Lang
Van val Kenburg
R. Montgomery
W.B. Sawyer
Chas Burnham
W.H.H. Dunning
G. Hall
Nathan Lamborn
C.C. Sawyer
E.R. Wheeler Est.
John Asher
E.C. Ballard
R. Elsworth
David W. Lyons
Truman Stoddard

Section 31

Section 32

Section 33

Section 34

Section 35

Section 36

W.J. Bellows
A. Carpenter
W. Fuller
David W. Lyons
N. Mager
G.W. Pearson
George Riley
? Smith
Village of Hardin (part)
John Land
S. Raymond
S. Sams
John Shaw
B. Smith
R. Smith
Geo. Crawford
A. Walch
James Boyce
William Gummell
E.D. Plumbe
Robt. Anderson
B. Boyce
Robt Boyce
J. Hall
Charles Lord
J. Power
E. Rowland
A. White
John White Est.
J. Anderson
H.B. Churchill
Patrick Cunnuny
S.B.J. Dull
Wm. Ferngon
A. Winkley

- Note: every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy in this extraction, but there likely are errors due to the difficulty in reading this old plat map. Use it only as a guide in your research.

- Extracted by Sharyl Ferrall from a "Map of Allamakee County Iowa"; drawn, compiled and published by John G. Ratcliffe, Civil Engineer, Late County surveyor & Draughtsman; Waukon, Iowa.  From Government & Personal Surveys, A.D. 1872.

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