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Allamakee county Iowa
Township Formation


Linton, Taylor and Post, in 1851. 

At the April 1852, term of the County court the course of Paint creek was officially recognized as the division
line between Linton and Taylor twps; a petition for the division of Linton twp was rejected: and a petition for the separate organization of "Township 96, Range 4" was also rejected.  Linton originally included the whole tier
of twp 96, but Post voted separately at the April, 1852 , election, as perhaps Franklin did likewise.

Lansing in February, 1852.

Makee, Ludlow, Union Prairie, Union City, Lafayette, Jefferson and Paint Creek, in April 1852. 

At the December term, 1853, the boundaries of the following twps were established: Linton, Taylor, Paint Creek, Jefferson, Franklin and Post.  But all these had held separate elections previous to this date.  Franklin and Post were taken from Linton.  Jefferson and Paint Creek from Taylor.

Fairview, March 5, 1855, taken from Linton. Hanover and Iowa, March 5, 1855, taken from Union City.

French Creek and Waterloo, March 3, 1856, taken from Union City. Center (or Village Creek), March 5, 1856, taken from Lafayette.  This comprising the eighteen townships of the county.

-source: Past and Present of Allamakee County, Ellery M. Hancock, 1913; pg. 227.
-submitted by Grace Benjegerdes Keir