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Atlas & Plat Book of Allamakee County

The Kenyon Company, Map Makers,
Des Moines, Iowa

Township Plat Maps and the county, township & town officials


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Outline map of Allamakee co.
Outline map of Allamakee co. 1917

Center township
Center twp. 1917

Franklin township
Franklin twp. 1917

French Creek township
French Creek twp. 1917

Hanover township
Hanover twp. 1917

Iowa township
Iowa twp. 1917
Jefferson township
Jefferson twp. 1917
Lafayette township
Lafayette twp. 1917

Lansing township
Lansing twp. 1917

Linton township
Linton twp. 1917
Ludlow township
Ludlow twp. 1917

Makee township
Makee twp. 1917

Paint Creek township
Paint Creek twp. 1917

Post township
Post twp. 1917

Taylor township
Taylor twp. 1917
Union City township
Union City twp. 1917

Union Prairie township
Union Prairie twp. 1917
Waterloo township
Waterloo twp. 1917

The Citizen's State Bank Waukon, Iowa  

The fastest growing financial institution in Allamakee County. 

Amply competent to care for the best interest of every patron.  

Capital $50,000
Surplus $37,000  
W.H. Niehaus, President P.N. Heiser, Vice-President W.E. Beddow, Cashier
D.J. Murphy, Director
E.M. Beddow, Director


Information from the title page and first page of the book. 
The bottom corner of the first page was torn off, so some of the information is missing.


Hon. A.M. Fellows, Lansing, Iowa, Senator 40th District
Hon. Otto A. Helming, Waukon, Iowa, Representative 90th District
Wm. F. Shafer, Auditor
Theo. Leikvold, Deputy
Edgar Morstad, Clerk
B.L. Robey, Deputy
Theo. Rumph, Sheriff
Clarence R. Shogrin, Deputy
F.H. Klees, Recorder
Henry Dayton, County Attorney
W.L. Peck, Superintendent
Hugo L. Geno, Deputy
Harry Orr, County Engineer
Leslie Ludeking, Deputy
John Huecker, Coroner  

JUDGES 13th JUDICIAL DISTRICT -- Hon. W.J. Springer, New Hampton, Iowa; Hon. A.N. Hobson, West Union, Iowa  

COURT REPORTERS -- E.F. Dougherty, Waukon, Iowa; W.W. Comstock, West Union, Iowa  

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS -- Joseph Hartley, Chairman, New Albin, Iowa; Simon H. Opfer, Waukon, Iowa; H.C. Megorden, Waterville, Iowa  


CENTER TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, Lewis Drake, Waterville, Iowa; Trustees, Matt Ferring, Lansing, Iowa; J.J. Wendell, Lansing, Iowa; Oscar Roe, Lansing, Iowa; Assessor, R. C. Ahlstrom, Lansing, Iowa.  

FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, John Kielty, Monona, Iowa; Trustees, R.F. Aird, Waterville, Iowa; G.H. Schofield, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; R.E. Blackwell, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; Assessor, J.J. Broderick, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; Justice, A.M.L. Brainard, Monona, Iowa.  

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, J. H. Palmer, Luana, Iowa; Trustees, W.T. Roderick, Luana, Iowa; A.W. Swenson, Postville, Iowa; A.A. Jones, Luana, Iowa; Assessor, J.H. McShane, Luana, Iowa; Justice, A.L. Powell, Monona, Iowa.  

FRENCH CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, Andrew Laughlin, Waukon, Iowa; Trustees, E.L. Wild, Church, Iowa; Thos. Welsch, Church, Iowa; Joe Zoll, Waukon, Iowa; Assessor, Chas. Nierling, Church, Iowa; Justice, J.C. Murphy, Church, Iowa.  

HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, E.L. Cunningham, Waukon, Iowa; Trustees, W.S. Jones, Dorchester, Iowa; Pat Fitzgerald, Dorchester, Iowa; Tom Gallagher, Dorchester, Iowa; Assessor, Leo. Martin, Dorchester, Iowa; Justice, O.H. Monson, Dorchester, Iowa.  

IOWA TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, Michael Moore, New Albin, Iowa; Trustees, L.P. Weymiller, New Albin, Iowa; Nick Fink, New Albin, Iowa; D.J. Kelly, New Albin, Iowa; Assessor, C.E. Moore, New Albin, Iowa; Justices, J.W. Irons, New Albin, Iowa; G.A. Erickson, New Albin, Iowa; Constable, Eugene Kerrigan, New Albin, Iowa.

JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, Henry Grangard, Waukon, Iowa; Trustees, Simopn Hansmeier, Waukon, Iowa; J.C. Rumph, Waukon, Iowa; G.F. Ralston, Waukon, Iowa; Assessor, Ole Glemstad, Waukon, Iowa; Justice, H.H. Larson, Waukon, Iowa; Constable, Wm. McGuire.  

LAFAYETTE TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, Carl Johnson, Lansing, Iowa; Trustees, Richard Cassidy, Lansing, Iowa; Mike Kilgariff, Lansing, Iowa; J.J. Howes, Lansing, Iowa; Assessor, M.E. Mooney, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; Justices, W.R. Sullivan, Lansing, Iowa; Herman Dehli, Lansing, Iowa.



LANSING TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, H.H. Gilbertson, Lansing, Iowa; Trustees, Frank Thompson, Lansing, Iowa; Henry Gramlich, Lansing, Iowa; Julius Feuhrhelm, Lansing, Iowa; Assessor, Henry Becker, Lansing, Iowa; Justices, Ed. W. Bensch, Lansing, Iowa; John Powers, Lansing, Iowa; Constable, H.?. (ripped page) Gaunitz, Lansing, Iowa.  

LUDLOW TOWNSHIP -- Trustees, Wm. Adam, Waukon, Iowa; Julius Bauercamper, Waukon, Iowa. (remainder of Ludlow officials torn off)  

LINTON TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, Wm. Lloyd, Waterville, Iowa; Trustees, John Huffman, Waterville, Iowa; G.N. Cahoon, Waterville, Iowa; Charley Fett, Monona, Iowa; Assessor, John Campbell, Waukon Junction, Iowa; Justice, Mike Peters, Monona, Iowa.  

MAKEE TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, F.E. Kelley, Waukon, Iowa; Trustees, W.H. Ebendorf, Waukon, Iowa; John Gulrud, Waukon, Iowa; Robert Connor, Waukon, Iowa; Assessor, Chas. F. Deeney, Waukon, Iowa; Justices, T.T. Ericson, Waukon, Iowa; S.R. Thompson, Waukon, Iowa; Constable, D.R. Walker, Waukon, Iowa.  

PAINT CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, H.A. Hendrickson, Waterville, Iowa; Trustees, P.G. Hagen, Waterville, Iowa; K.T. Gronna, Waterville, Iowa; John Ryder, Waterville, Iowa; Assessor, James Barlow, Monona, Iowa; Justice, H.A. Hendrickson, Waterville, Iowa; Constable, A.G. Grimsgard, Waterville, Iowa.  

POST TOWNSHIP -- Clark, Geo. S. Tuttle, Postville, Iowa; Trustees, Arthur Behrens, Postville, Iowa; J.M. Harris, Postville, Iowa; Wm. Harris, Postville, Iowa; Assessor, H.D. Webb, Postville, Iowa; Justices, Wm. Shepherd, Postville, Iowa; A.F. Marston, Postville, Iowa; Constables, Geo. Waters, Postville, Iowa; L.A. Bellows, Postville, Iowa.  

TAYLOR TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, Partick Burke, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; Trustees, John Hogan, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; Thos. Kernan, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; N.F. Ryan, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; Assessor, B.J. Finnegan, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; Justices, Patrick Burke, Harpers Ferry, Iowa; B.J. Finnegan, Waukon Junction, Iowa.  

UNION CITY TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, Ben Hartley, New Albin, Iowa; Trustees, Fred Kumph, New Albin, Iowa; J.A. Schultze, Dorchester, Iowa; G.W. Wiemerslage, Dorchester, Iowa; Assessor, H.A. Wiemerslage, New Albin, Iowa; Justice, E.J. Sadler, Dorchester, Iowa; Constable, A.C. Bulman, New Albin, Iowa.  

UNION PRAIRIE TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, J.T. Baxter, Waukon, Iowa; Trustees, Geo. Herman, Waukon, Iowa; A.P. Onsager, Waukon, Iowa; Thos. Farley, Waukon, Iowa; Assessor, Owen Piggott, Waukon, Iowa.  

WATERLOO TOWNSHIP -- Clerk, J.H. Larkin, Dorchester, Iowa; Trustees, Martin Clausen, Dorchester, Iowa; Claus E. Eide, Locust, Iowa; H.W. Teff, Dorchester, Iowa; Assessor, H.N. Opheim, Spring Grove, Minnesota; Justice, John Fretheim, Dorchester, Iowa; Constables, J.S. Quandahl, Dorchester, Iowa; Alfred Vaughn, Dorchester, Iowa.  


All torn off except...  

NEW ALBIN -- Mayor, John B. Pohlman; Clerk, Reuben May; Assessor, Michael Moore.  

HARPERS FERRY -- Mayor, Jas. J. Finnegan; Clerk, C.A. Russell; Assessor, E.J. Valley.  

WATERVILLE -- Mayor, O.G. Kolsrud; Clerk, S.K. Kolsrud; Assessor, Adolph Asleson.

-source: Atlas and Plat Book of Allamakee County, Iowa; Published by the Waukon Standard of Waukon, Iowa; M.A. Potter, Editor;
Copyright 1917 by The Kenyon Company, Map Makers, Des Moines, Iowa
-contributed by Errin Wilker for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb; scanned pages ©Errin Wilker, 2007
-transcriptions by Errin Wilker

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